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Shoes To Wear With Khakis Pants

Khakis can be worn with almost anything and there is no reason why you can’t rock this outfit. However, you should be in a position to know the difference between khaki pants and chinos because you might confuse them.

Khakis are in style now days don’t be left behind however much you like jeans or any other pants, try new things you might even like them better.

Khakis are famous because of how they are designed and how great they are. Who would not like to wear pants that can be worn with any top? It’s amazing, right? Get your khaki pants and rock them well.

Shoes To Wear With Khakis Pants

Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants?

It is tough to choose the type of shoe to wear with khaki pants in the workplace because every workplace has its own rules and regulations.

But nowadays people wear khaki pants as an alternative to suit pants. Below are some of the shoes you can rock with khaki pants.

Work Shoes to Wear with Khakis

Florsheim Toe Dress Shoes

This shoe is so beautiful and can make a great combination with your pants. So far, this is the best shoe to wear with khaki pants.

Florsheim is very comfortable with thick breakable leather. You can purchase any color, but it’s recommended that you go for the brown color as it’s the best.

Derby Shoes

Are almost similar to Oxfords. The only difference is that Derby shoes have an open lacing and this is what makes the shoeless formal.

Formal Shoes to Wear with Khakis

Brogue shoes

Brogues are low heeled shoes, they can be classified into three categories. Semi-brogues, quarter brogues and full brogue.

The shoe is perfect when worn with khaki pants, they have a formal nature and can be worn to work without any problem.

Stacy Adams Wingtip Oxford

Stacy Adams shoes are available in five colors. It is up to you to pick one that you like and matches your outfit.


  • Has a beautiful leather body
  • Perfect fitting
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a stitched long-lasting synthetic sole
  • It is light in weight
  • Chukka Boots

You can as well rock khakis with chukka boots. These boots match well with khaki vibes and look perfect with a suit jacket.


  • Have an open lacing
  • Made of suede and leather
  • Has two or three eyelets

To be much formal, consider darker shades of Chukka boots. To complete the look, ensure that the khakis are well-fitting.

What Color Shoes Go Best With Khaki Pants?

Several types of shoes go best with khakis, they are available in various colors and you can wear them according to the kind of outfit you are putting on. Here are some of the best shoe matches for you.


This is perfect if you want to achieve a casual look, you can wear them with copper-colored trousers with a grey shirt.

Dark brown

Dark brown is perfect for khaki pants, it is a good option for social and business occasions.


A pair of khaki pants with burgundy shoes looks excellent, the tan will match with the brown color of the shoe spice your look by putting on a blue sport coat.

Light brown

Khakis and light brown shoes go hand in hand and can be worn with any kind of top. You can try these. It is the best.


Navy shoes would look great when worn with a khaki suit and it is much more casual than formal, though.

Acceptable shoe matches


It works best with light grey shoes even though you can rarely find this kind of shoe.

No go shoe matches


Everyone would prefer black and tan together but it is a no.


It is a shouting color and it will rarely look good when worn with any trousers, leave alone khakis.

What Color Does Not Go With Khaki?

Most colors work well with khakis except yellow, red, grey and green. Many colors blend with khakis and they look excellent if paired properly.

You need to be careful when mixing colors, you might do it wrongly and look messed up. Choosing the wrong color can ruin your impression and you should avoid that.

Make sure you style khaki pants correctly, the color of the pants should match well with the top and shoes. You need to keep the color coordination role in mind.

What Color Shoes Go Best With Khaki Pants

Can You Wear Khaki Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Khakis are fantastic but the problem comes in when it comes to the type of shoes you should wear. Don’t wear khaki shoes with khaki pants it won’t look good as it should be.

Black shoes are worn well with light to medium tan khakis, the lighter the pants, the darker the shoes. However, some people still think that black shoes should not be worn with khakis. Black shoes are great when worn with formal outfits.

You should not wear socks with khaki pants and also don’t wear khakis with black shoes if the rest of your outfit is too colorful.

Khakis are good outfits and you should know how to wear them if you wear this outfit with a wrong pair of shoes or top you might not look as good as you think.

What to Avoid When Pairing Sneakers with Khakis

  • Big logos
  • Velcro
  • Puffy styles
  • High tops

Whether man or woman, you should use the following tips to choose the right shoes to wear with khakis.

Choose earth tones

Select a laid-back style

Anything with European flair works well

Retro shoes look great with khakis

Can You Wear a Black Belt with Khaki Pants?

Leather belts for men come in two colors, black and brown. When it comes to choosing a leather belt, let the color of the pants guide your decision.

It’s preferred that you chose a black belt over a brown belt.

Choosing a black or brown belt depends on the color that matches your shoes. Wear shoes that match the color of a belt and it will give you the desired look.

Tips for picking the right belt for your trousers

  • Think of the belt as an accessory
  • Match the belt color to your shoes
  • Match the belt size to the belt loops
  • Chose tailored trousers from berle

These tips will guide you into choosing the right belt for any kind of trousers you will wear. If you are looking to buy belts, consider purchasing reversible belts because it can deliver two colors and you can turn them according to the type of trouser you are wearing.

A reversible belt should have two colors, back and brown, or a brown canvas that when reversed, turn to brown leather. Having one or two of these belts will help you get out of belt problems.

What Color Socks Go With Khaki Pants?

Matching socks with khaki pants is a bit challenging. There is a menswear rule suggesting that you should match your socks with your pants. Below are some types of socks you should wear with khaki pants.

Brown socks

They go well with khaki pants but the shoelaces must be brown. These socks serve as a great transition from colored khaki pants. Avoid tan and brown colors together with blue, red and yellow colors.

Khaki socks

Khaki socks with khaki pants but not all khaki socks, the reason why you should choose khaki socks is because khaki pants have so many shades. It is very desirable when a monochromatic khaki look is created.

Olive socks

Besides brown and khaki songs, you can pull a great look by pairing olive socks with khaki pants. This look is perfect and goes well with lighter colored khaki pants. Complete the look with a pair of brown shoes.

Black socks

You can also wear black socks with khakis but look perfect for it to consider wearing black shoes and a dark shirt.

Navy socks

Navy socks can pair well with khaki pants, depending on the color of the shirt you are putting on. Black socks would be appropriate if you wear a red, orange, yellow, or blue shirt with navy socks.

Is It Okay To Wear Khaki Pants In The Winter?

Yes, you can wear beige or white khakis during fall or winter so long as they are dark in color. Khaki pants are just trousers like other attires, in the old days of strict fashion rules, wearing light-colored khakis was awkward but nowadays, you can.

Beige or white khakis work well in winter or fall so long as they are dark, don’t wear suits at all.

Khaki chinos winter outfits

Pair a brown jacket with khaki chinos if you want to look more casual. For the shoes, go for dark brown boots, it will bring out your desired look.

For a perfect man’s wear look, choose a navy overcoat and khaki chinos, they work pretty well together. Complete the look with black leather casual boots.

It can be so easy to surrender looking stylish during winter because you need to be comfortable. You can still be comfortable and look good and stylish at the same time.

Is It Ok To Wear Black Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants can be worn with various types of shoes but for the look to come out perfectly, consider wearing matching shoes with pants and a matching belt.

Learn how to style chinos, the best shoe matches to wear with chinos are red, beige, dark brown, burgundy, navy, dark brown, purple light brown and green.

When it comes to wearing black shoes with chinos, then consider wearing darker khaki pants. Darker khaki pants match with black shoes, don’t wear light khakis with black shoes.

Black goes well with any other color but not when it comes to khaki pants. Remember that color combinations should look good, always check on yourself before leaving the house and if the colors do not go well together, then don’t do it simple.

Even though you can wear black shoes and khaki pants, you should try to avoid and try other shoe colors. But that doesn’t mean that khaki pants and black shoes cannot be worn stylishly.

For this combination to work, ensure that you pay attention to other parts of the outfit, for instance, belt and tops, which will make sure the outfit works.

Does A Light GREY Shirt Go With Khaki Pants?

If you want to look good on khakis, ensure that you know how to style them. Khaki pants are not like other trousers that can be worn with anything. Khaki pants are worn with a specific type of shoe, socks and even shirts.

About wearing Grey shirts with khaki pants, yes it is possible and the combination is good. Since grey is neutral, it can go with any color, so this can work and look good.

Khaki pants can go with any color only if they are matched well, it all depends on the shirt’s style, whether formal or casual. Khaki is a very friendly color, you can wear it formally or casually, all depending on you.

If you want to look good on khakis, you should know the type of shoes to wear with khaki pants, colors that go with khakis and those that do not, if you can wear khaki shoes with khaki pants.

You should also know the kind of belts you can wear with khaki pants, whether you can wear them in winter, the color of socks that go well with khaki pants, and wearing black shoes and whether light grey shirts go well with khaki pants.

Khakis are great outfits and you should try them, it doesn’t matter whether you want to rock them well or not. It is okay to try something new with time, you will learn and rock them well.

Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

Perms and bleach are two different things, knowing their differences, cons and pros helps you know which one you want to settle for. Before trying out anything new, you should do a great research so that you don’t regret it at the end of the day.

After understanding their differences, you can now settle for one that you think suits you best, or you can do both of them but on different days. To help you understand better, here are some pros and cons of hair perm.



  • Your hair can become dry and frizzy
  • You can’t wash hair immediately
  • Your hair can be weakened
  • You can’t change hairstyles easily

Pros and cons of bleaching hair


  • Bleaching is quick and easy
  • Grey coverage
  • Boosts confidence
  • Cheap


  • Damages hair
  • Requires high maintenance
  • The outcome might be what you didn’t expect
  • Chemicals can cause allergic reactions

Can You Perm Bleached Hair

Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

A perm is a chemical treatment used to curl hair and it is simply the short form of permanent wave. Perms use curlers and chemicals. It’s not a good idea to perm bleached hair because you might not get the expected results at the end of the day.

Pros of perming bleached hair

Your hair might be damaged

Hair starts to spare out after a few days

It is better if you don’t perm your hair, especially if it’s your first time. If you want to perm hair, seek advice from professionals. You can do a perm in bleached hair, but you should wait for two weeks to do the perm and apply dye.

The most important thing is that you should apply a deep nutrition treatment after a week since you applied dye. You should not apply the treatment 24 hours before doing the perm.

It doesn’t take long before the process is completed, it takes about 1 to two hours but it will depend on your hair’s length. When choosing perm, choose a liquidated one meant for dyed hair and the models of curlers you would want.

How to Do Perm

Elements needed

Neutral shampoo

Perm kit for dyed hair


  • Wash your hair and dry it well
  • Divide your hair into equal parts to give you uniform curls
  • Distribute perm solution on each section of the hair using gloves and paintbrush

Follow the instructions carefully and don’t leave it for more than the required time

  • Once everything is done, rinse your hair with hot water, it will leave curls behind.
  • Dry it well with a towel and apply the neutralizing liquid, leave it for ten minutes.
  • Take the curlers out, wait for five minutes and rinse well with neutral shampoos

How Long After A Perm Can I Bleach My Hair?

You should wait for at least two weeks between each procedure, you can avoid waiting only if a hairdresser is going to help you bleach your hair.

The two weeks is to give hair enough time to normalize and have some moisture before other chemicals are applied to it. It is very important to be cautious about the condition of hair you are working with.

If you are not sure that the procedure will not work, perform a strand test on the hair to prevent damaging your client’s hair.

Take a few hair strands and place them in the bleaching mixture and monitor the resulting condition, if the hair responds well, continue with the procedure.

Carefully monitor the entire process even when it is successful and ensure that you rinse out bleaching mixture if you notice any problem or if the hair has reached the perfect desired color.

If you do not wait for the right time, you will damage your hair with those chemicals. You need to be patient, visit a professional if you can’t do the bleaching process yourself.

How Long After A Perm Can I Bleach My Hair

Can You Put A Relaxer On Bleached Hair?

If you don’t want to damage your hair, never put a relaxer on bleached hair. Relaxers can fail you even if your hair is healthy, so instead of a relaxer, go for a Brazilian blowout, it does the same thing but has no harm to the hair.

Bleached hair is damaged hair and will not go well with a high PH relaxer . So if you decide to go for a relaxer on bleached hair, ensure that you get keratin treatment and that is very necessary.

Also, use sulphate free shampoos and deep condition hair with a good hair mask for about 10-15 minutes. If you happen to go for a Brazilian blowout, be ready for the costs, it is a bit costly but at least your hair will remain in a good condition.

If you have to relax your hair, do the following;

  • Use a sulphate free shampoo
  • Don’t bleach and relax on the same day
  • Do hair treatments, they help moisturize your hair since chemicals dry out hair.

The best idea is not using relaxers on bleached hair not unless you are planning to shave once the color fades, relaxers damage bleached hair a lot therefore, look for some other possible ways if you want your hair to remain healthy.

Can You Bleach and Perm Your Hair the Same Day?

You can never bleach and perm your hair the same day. You need to wait for at least two weeks before bleaching permed hair, your hair should get enough time to restore moisture before being subjected to other chemicals.

Perming and bleaching can be done at the same time only if you are in a hurry and you have good thick hair. However, it is not advisable to do both of them at the same time because some people’s hair is not in a tip-top condition.

If your hair is more than 5cm long and you do perm and bleaching at once, your hair structure will be interfered, since hair cuticles can take much at one time. Always perm your hair first and wait for two weeks before bleaching.

Bleach should be applied only if the perm is successful and you are okay with how strong your curls are. A perm should not be soft because it will require you to redo your hair.

If your hair is thin or fine, the results won’t come out as expected and you might need a hair correction.

Is It Better To Color Or Perm First?

You should perm first, perming strips color from your hair, after perming for 14 days before coloring, do not do the two procedures at once. You should also not use highlights that are over ten volumes, not unless your hair is strong.

If you want highlights, then avoid perming but if you’re going to do both, tell your stylist earlier. These will help them make adjustments where possible, do a strand test before starting the process to ensure that your hair doesn’t give unexpected results.

Pros of perms

  • They are dangerous
  • Causes problems like burning, itching, redness, headaches and nausea.
  • Leads to severe side effects
  • Can damage hair

Perms are great but not for everyone, ensure that you discuss your hair type and the girls you would like with your hairdresser before getting a perm. Your hairdresser will help you determine the kind of perm wrap and solution required.

Can I Perm And Color On The Same Day?

That’s very wrong, you should perm and then wait for 14 days before coloring. If you do them at once, you might damage your hair therefore, do the right thing and if you are not sure of what you are doing, then visit a professional hairstylist for help.

Pros of coloring and perming at once

  • Hair ends becomes too open
  • You might lose a lot of hair
  • Uncontrollable freeze
  • Hair loses its natural moisture

Know that both processes use chemicals and very strong ones in this case. In case your color permed hair immediately, the chemicals in the hair color will erase the natural pigment of the hair.

Note that when you do perm, you have to wash out the liquid uses, the neutralizing liquid and residue of the perm remain in the hair and they can interfere with the dye.

Once it interferes with the dye, there is a possibility that the color does not turn out how you expected and the dye cannot be deposited into the cuticles.

If you wait for the appropriate time, the results will be excellent. The color will be well deposited because the entire residue will have been eliminated at this particular point.

Will My Perm Get Curlier After I Wash It?

No, your curls will not get curlier after a wash, but it will take a more natural shape. If you want your curls to remain neat, ensure that you don’t wash your hair for 48 hours and don’t color it until after seven days.

If you want your perm to be curlier, know the best products to use. After a perm, you will notice that your curls are perfect and that is because of the tools and special liquids that were used.

If you want those curls to remain neat, you need to respect some basic rules and those rules are as follows.


In general, washing won’t make your hair curlier. The only thing that can keep them curly is by taking good care of them during the first few days.

Use specific products and use moisturizing treatments. Doing this improves your curls and protects hair from damage.

What’s Worse, Perm Or Bleach?

Bleach damages hair greatly, perm uses medicinal liquid, while bleach uses hair coloring agent and medicine to soften hair. Before the bleaching process is done, hair is first faded and that damages hair perm.

Bleach and perm will both damage hair at some point but bleach harms hair much more. Bleach damages hair because oxidants fade melanin and hair protein. Once this is lost the hair loses elasticity, becomes dry and difficult to comb and manage.

If you get a proper perm, your hair might remain healthy, it only damages your hair when it’s not done correctly or when you don’t take proper care of it. The chemicals used in perm are not as harsh as those in bleach.

Before you do one of these, think properly, remember that they are both harmful in a way. It would help if you did not do something that you will regret later and be careful in handling them.

The two processes can turn out well when done correctly. But some of the things you should know before making up your mind are how long after a perm can you bleach your hair, if you can perm bleached hair, know if it is okay to bleach and perm your hair the same day, whether you can put a relaxer on bleached and if it’s okay to color or perm fast.

In addition to that, know if your perms get curlier after washing it and what is the best between perm and bleach. Having these ideas in your mind helps you make a wise decision about what you want to do with your hair.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid because many people have done it before and had an excellent outcome, why not you? You need to do the right thing and you will have a great outcome without losing or damaging your hair in any way. Good luck as you try a new hairstyle.

Do You Run With Or Against Traffic?

Anyone that wants to have good health should learn to work out, run and even jog. Run at a specific time of the day that you are comfortable with and it should not be on a hot sunny day.

When running, carry with you water. Water helps in hydration after a challenging exercise. Run with your friends if possible. It’s more fun than when you run alone. You should know the benefits of running because it might motivate you to start running if you haven’t been.

To be safe, cyclists, runners and drivers must respect each other and pave way for one another when need be. These will help reduce the number of accidents occurring.

Following the road rules and sticking to them is also the best thing every person should do, even those walking by foot are on this.

Accidents would never occur if everyone was to stay on their lanes. Remember that it is your safety and you should be responsible for it.

Benefits of Running

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Running can help you lose weight
  • It improves your knees and back
  • Running raises heart rate and blood flow
  • It can as well improve your immunity
  • Reduces risk of getting cancer
  • Lowers risk of diabetes
  • Reduces depression
  • Lowers blood pressure

Now that you know how beneficial running is, you can as well go and try it. Join your friends or run alone during safe hours, it is not hard to start running. You can begin slowly and with time, you will begin enjoying and never wanting to miss out.

Do You Run With Or Against Traffic

Do You Run With Or Against Traffic?

When running outside, it is safer to run against traffic because you will see cars coming at you, which is safe than having vehicles behind you. It would be best if you always run against traffic, whether it’s dark or day time.

It is a must that you do in some places, so the law requires all runners and walkers to run and walk against traffic. Research shows that these keep pedestrians and everyone else safe.

If you do run on the road, ensure that you follow all the road safety rules. Some of the rules you should include seeking separate paths, run single file, be alert at blind curves and hills, avoid wearing headphones, run defensively and be visible (wear reflective clothing).

Running against traffic can be unsafe at a point where you are approaching a hill or sharp turn and the driver cannot see you. In case this happens, cross the road earlier and run with traffic until it is safe to cross.

You are safe when you run against traffic, you should always do so even with or without laws. Remember that it is your life and you must do what is right for you, not only the runners but also those who walk on foot.

What Is The Correct Side Of The Road To Run On?

You should run against traffic all the time, whether to run on the left or the right side depends on your direction but the most important thing is you should move in a direction that oncoming traffic is coming towards you.

Choosing the correct side of the road for your run is safe for your safety, ensure that you do the necessary things. Below are some of the things you should put in mind before going for a run.

Always face traffic

When running on the road, you must run against traffic. Whether you should run on the left or right side depends on your direction but of great importance is moving in a direction where vehicles head towards you.

When you run in this manner, you can easily monitor vehicles and easily move away if a vehicle is too close to the side of the road or if it’s moving too fast.


Make sure that you are visible when running along the road, especially in low light conditions. In order to be visible, wear reflective clothes and if you don’t have one, carry with you a flashlight.

What Is The Correct Side Of The Road To Run On

Do You Bike With Or Against The Road?

You should not bike against traffic because it is illegal, when riding, ensure that you are on the right side of the road and you must also follow the same rules as a vehicle.

New cyclists are so anxious and can fail to follow the rules and road signs. Remember that in case of an accident, a cyclist is likely going to be injured and killed.

Riding against traffic is not safe for cyclists, a study shows that cyclists who ride against traffic are at high chances of getting into accidents. Cyclists should ride in the same direction as vehicles for their own safety.

Reasons why you should cycle in the same direction as vehicles is because riding with traffic protects your fellow cyclists, you are more likely to be seen, drivers can respond quickly, you are in a position to look at road signs and it is a law in some places as well.

Cyclists should also observe all the traffic rules, including traffic lights and so many other things. In some places, if you don’t follow the rules, you can be arrested, yet it is something you should have avoided.

Should You Walk With Or Against Traffic?

You should walk against traffic because it is safe and drivers can see you. You can also view oncoming vehicles and cross the road much easier without causing accidents on the road.

Reasons why you should walk against traffic

  • A pedestrian is able to see traffic approaching and make corrections quickly.
  • It makes it hard for drivers to attempt an abduction.
  • Lowers chances of accidents occurring

There are some places where there are no sidewalks and you are forced to walk with traffic. Below are the tips to help keep you safe in case of this situation.

  • When it’s time to cross the street, only cross at intersections.
  • If you ever come across roads with no sidewalks, you should walk towards traffic.
  • Drivers need to see you so that they can avoid hitting you. Therefore, you should keep the following tips in mind whenever you are on the road.
  • Do not let your kids play near traffic or cross the roads themselves
  • Stay out of a driver’s blind spot
  • Carry a flashlight if it’s nighttime or during early morning hours
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street
  • Wear reflectors if you are going to walk near traffic

Do Runners Have The Right Of Way On The Road?

Yes, they do but accompanied by a few conditions. Runners should only cross at intersections, if an intersection has no marked crosswalks that are when pedestrians should cross the road. When a runner is in a marked crosswalk, drivers must let that runner cross.

Pedestrians should not use roadways for travel except when there are no sidewalks. Runners must use a sidewalk instead of running on the road but in case there are no sidewalks, runners are advised to keep to the edge of the road or the left side of the road.

Runners must run on the left side facing the oncoming traffic so that drivers can be able to see pedestrians.

Additional tips

  • Respect vehicles even when you have the right of way just for your own safety
  • Runners should try to be visible to drivers
  • Avoid running solo because when you run as a group, you will be more visible to drivers
  • Remember to run against traffic
  • Remain present while you run and avoid distractions.

Is Jogging At Night Dangerous?

Yes, it is, especially if you are going jogging alone. If you want to jog at night, then go out with friends but if it is okay with you, you better jog at day time to avoid anything from happening.

Things to Consider

Run with friends

Jiffy at night is dangerous and if it happens that you want to jog at night, do not do it alone, go with a group of friends because it’s much safer. Jogging alone in the dark, isolated areas are so dangerous and a lot of people have lost their lives because of these.

Alternative workout

Most people only have time at night because they have a busy schedule during the day, it is preferred that you jog in the morning rather than at night. If you want to train at a specific time, do it in your own home.

Tips for night jogging

If you prefer jogging, consider looking at the following tips.

How Can I Run At Night Safely?

Running at night is not safe, especially for girls, but some people run at night because it’s their only free time. You should not worry because there are tips that will guide you in how you can run at night safely.

Run a familiar route

Do not run on unfamiliar routes at night, use the route that you know well. Stick to the route where you have memorized everything: trees, buildings and even corners. Ensure that you switch routes every night to prevent creepers from tracking you.

Be aware

You should know the routes well to avoid getting into accidents at night, you should be able to distinguish objects in that route even when it’s dark.

Run against traffic

It’s good to face traffic while running because drivers will be able to see you and you can also be able to see vehicles directly which is safe for you.

Carry an ID on you

It is very important to carry around an id or even a driver’s license so that in case of anything happens, your loved ones can be easily reached.

Run with a buddy or join a running group

Safety comes fast, never run alone at night. Women should avoid running alone at night in dark areas.

Carry a cellphone with home

A phone is useful, it can be used to track you in case anything happens or just to ensure that you are safe. On your phone, download the Road ID app it allows emergency contact to be displayed even when your phone is locked.

Is It Better To Walk On Concrete Or Asphalt?

Asphalt is better than concrete but on bike paths, dirt path, bike path and not on slanted surfaces. Running on slanted surfaces can cause serious injuries and your shoes will wear out faster.

Any time you are going to run and you need to choose between these two types, consider running on asphalt floors if you want to be safer. Even though concrete lasts longer than asphalt, it is preferred that you chose an asphalt basement if you are a runner.

Asphalt is stronger and durable because it is very flexible and can handle human traffic than concrete. Consider running on asphalt every other time because it is recommended for all runners.

Running is important for your health and if you have been running or jogging that is great. However, you should observe all the rules required if you are running on the road, do not cause accidents out of your carelessness.

Remember to do everything required of you, wear reflectors, run on the right side of the road, do not run or jog at night and don’t run alone in unsafe places.

You should also be able to distinguish what is better between asphalt and concrete, know if runners have the right of way on the road, whether you should work with or against traffic, if you should bike with or against traffic, the correct side of the road to run on and if jogging at night is dangerous.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running?

Running is very important for your health and everyone should try it once in a while and if possible, do it always. Ensure that you jog and workout a lot if you want to have good health.

If you are not able to run due to old age or health problems, eat healthy food and take a walk, it will help you a lot. Several people who do not run or workouts are likely to experience health issues compared to those who run and exercise.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running?

You need to keep your phone safe while running because you can lose it or break it if you don’t. Holding a phone in your hand while running is not a good idea. Your phone will also get sweaty during the process but don’t worry, there are various ways you can carry your phone while running.

In your shorts pocket

Ensure that your running short has a pocket, this will be a safer way of keeping your phone. The pocket should be bigger enough to suit your phone well and avoid buying shorts with a single stash pocket.

When you are running, a lot of movement occurs and of course, you don’t want your phone to fall and break therefore, look for running shorts with zip pockets.

Disadvantages of keeping your phone in running shorts

  • You can’t see the screen when running
  • Some shorts may not have a pocket
  • Your phone can still get wet.
  • Strap it on your arm

This is another way to ensure that your phone is safe when running. The option is great and sweat resistant and it stays firm on your arm. Do not go for this option during rainy seasons, try another option like storing your phone in a plastic bag.

In the sports bra

This is only suitable for women since men do not wear bras. North Stow-N-GO bras are useful for carrying your phone as well as your keys. The only problem is finding the perfect running bra, take your time to get the best running bra for your shape.

In your race vest

This vest is pricey but it is the best way to carry your phone and even keys when running. Lightweight race vests are the best for carrying water when running as well.

Is It Bad To Hold Your Phone While Running?

You should avoid holding your phone while running because anything can happen to it. Learn the various ways to carry your phone correctly. Below are the reasons why you shouldn’t carry your phone when running.

  • You are exposing your phone to damage in case you fall.
  • It might lead to problems on the side of your body, especially where you hold your phone.
  • Repetitive strain injuries may occur
  • You might experience problems with your left leg and hip because when running, your opposite leg and arm go forward and backward hence leading to serious issues.

Is It Bad To Hold Your Phone While Running

Where Do Runners Keep Their Keys?

You could be wondering where to keep your keys safe when running. It’s not that difficult though you need to do the following things.

  • Get a water bottle that has a small pocket and store your keys in it.
  • Tie the keys to your shorts if it has a drawstring waist
  • Wear an armband phone if you have one, tuck your keys there.
  • Pin them in your pants with race bib pins
  • You can put them in your socks, that is, if you wear compression socks.
  • Women can tuck them in their sports
  • Tie them in your shoelaces
  • A wristband pocket can also work well
  • Use flipbelt or spibelt
  • Clip the keys into your dog’s collar
  • Buy running outfits with pockets they are popular nowadays.
  • Tie them on a hairband and wear it around your waist
  • Leave them somewhere safe behind a fence post or a bush
  • You can keep a single key in your glove if you happen to wear them when running
  • If you have giant keys, consider leaving them in your friend’s locked car.

These are some of the safest ways to store your keys when running without losing them.

How Do You Carry Water While Running?

Water is important and helps you stay hydrated, that is why when running or working out, you should have water with you. However, how to carry water while running has become a challenge to a lot of people but worry no more, below are some ways that you can carry your water comfortably while running.

Lumbar packs and belts

The packs and belts can help you stay hydrated, placing water at the center of your back is the best as it distributes the weight well. Packs have enough room to store your fluids and any other thing you may need, like snacks, gels and sunscreens.

Handheld bottles

You can purchase two small handheld bottles, one in each hand it even helps distribute weight evenly. If you only want one bottle to ensure that you switch it back and forth between your arms. It is essential because it helps prevent you from developing imbalances.


If belts and bottles aren’t your things, a running vest can suit you. In this case, buy a light vest, one that looks like a backpack, as it can distribute weight all over your body.

How Do You Listen To Music While Running Without An Armband?

Running without music doesn’t sound right but some people prefer it. Some people also love music and wouldn’t run without listening to music, but the big question is, how can one listen to music without an armband?

Use a smart watch with GPS and musical playback

The best method of listening to music when you run is by using a smart watch with GPS, even though it’s a bit pricey. It has enough space for songs, you should pair it with your headphones and you are good to go.

You can access your playlist directly from your watch if you have Spotify premium, the smart watch is not heavy and you will barely feel it on your wrist. The best part about it is you do not have to carry your phone along with you.

Put your device in your sports bra

Some sports bras come with pockets, when buying, ensure that you check and see if it has one. It is not a perfect idea because you will sweat and some ladies will not agree with keeping their phones in those bras because of the increased risk of breast cancer.

How Do You Carry Water While Running?

When jogging or running, you should carry water because your body needs to be hydrated after such tough workouts. However, you do not know how you can easily carry water without feeling uncomfortable.

There are many ways you can carry water while running, below are some of the ways you can comfortably carry water.

Handheld flasks

It is a good way of carrying water, the flask is not too expensive.


  • The flask can be tucked in your short pocket once empty
  • There is no need of gripping the bottle continuously because the strap does the work.
  • As you drink from the flask, it shrinks hence eliminating sloshing.


  • It’s a bit hard to fill flexible bottles
  • It can affect one hand
  • Small size flask may not be enough for long runs

Waist Packs

This works well and you should consider getting one.


  • Can be used to carry other items like gels, phones and keys.
  • Arms are in a pot to swing freely
  • Can carry more volume of water


  • It’s hard to retrieve and refill the water bottles when running
  • Moves around during the run hence causing distraction
  • Pockets are too small and have little space for other items.

Is It Okay To Take Breaks While Running?

Yes, it is okay, in fact there is a study showing that you can lose a lot of fat by doing interval training. Interval training has a rest and exercise phase.

Both phases play a role in weight loss, during the first phase, which is exercise phase, you exercise with a lot of effort for a short time.

The second phase, also known as rest phase, is when you do light exercises and rest for a short time. The right way to take a break is by resting for 15 seconds after a thorough 30-second run.

During the resting phase, oxygen is consumed by tissues, cells generate adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate to help you gain enough energy to hit another phase again.

Ensure that you take a break when running and even when working out but one thing to remember is ensure that you keep interval training intense with short rest phases.

Where Do Runners Keep their Keys?

A lot of runners have lost the keys when running because they don’t know where to keep them safe. You might have shorts with pockets buy still lose the keys and its high time you think of other better ways. The following are the best tricks you should try.

  • Women can store the keys in their sports bra
  • Tie them to your shoelaces
  • Stash them behind your iPod in your armband
  • Make a key scrunchie
  • Carry a water bottle with a pocket and store your keys there
  • Tie them to your wrist with a rubber band
  • Make a Gokey bracelet
  • If you have one key, store it in a pair of tight-fitting socks
  • Pin them to your shorts using a safety pin

It would be best if you kept your keys as safe as possible and apart from the above-given ideas, you can as well leave them behind in a place that you know is safe.

Losing your key will give you a hard time trying to break your padlocks and so many other things. Keeping them on the short’s rear pocket will be uncomfortable because it will be jangling and jingling every time you run.

The best way to keep your keys is tying them on your shoelaces. You put the shoe on the untied string, tie under the other lace and tie it again. It works perfectly but ensure that you check every now and then.

Running and working out is very important to your health, you should always run at least morning or evening. There are several benefits of running and some are mentioned below.

Benefits of Running

  • Burns a lot of Kilojoules
  • Builds strong bones
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthens muscles

Health and Safety Tips with Running

  • Avoid dangerous, isolated areas
  • Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet
  • Take your mobile phone with you
  • Drink a lot of water before, during and after the run
  • Do not eat directly before going for a run
  • Don’t continue running in case you hurt yourself
  • Avoid running during the hottest part of the day

Now that you understand that running is beneficial, you should consider trying to practice if you do not always run. Lack of exercise is not good for your health.

Suppose you are thinking of beginning to run. In that case, you need to know the following things where to keep your keys when running, how to carry water while running, whether it’s okay to take breaks while running, how to listen to music without an armband, how to carry your phone while running and whether it’s wrong to carry your phone while running.

These will help you know what is required of you and what to do and what not to. All the best as you join the running team, you will find it amazing and fun and don’t fear to try because everyone else started in the same place as you.

How to Freshen Up A Suit Without Dry Cleaning

Suits should be well maintained so that they can last longer. However, they will not if you dry clean them often. You should know when to dry clean and when not to. It remains an excellent option for cleaning fabric bit try to avoid it when possible.

You can freshen up a suit without having to clean it so long as it is not too dirty. A suit worn a single day doesn’t require any dry cleaning. Learn to take care of your suits and wash them at home if possible.

If you like dry cleaning suits a lot, then choose the right dry cleaner for the job, you should take these seriously. The individual should have a lot of experience on his or her job. Try as much as possible to ask questions until you are satisfied, remember that you want someone who can deliver services that meet your expectations.

Choose the best way to clean your suits according to how often you wear them. Ensure that your suit is always in good condition, no wrinkles and looks pretty good.

How to Freshen Up A Suit Without Dry Cleaning

How to Freshen Up a Suit without Dry Cleaning

Suits should be dry cleaned once in a while, you can also freshen up a suit without dry cleaning it. You can freshen up a suit by steaming the outer shell and lining your suit using a cloth steamer.

Advantages of Freshening Suits

  • Kills dust mites and moth larva that might be in your suits and sport coats.
  • Removes odors caused by bacteria
  • Refreshes the feel and look of the fabric

You should use a brush to remove any dirt from the suit before using a clothing steamer. The best way to clean suits is by using steam as it doesn’t harm the fabric in any way.

If your suit is too dirty, consider doing a thorough cleaning by using steam. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can harm your suit. After freshening your suit, ensure that you press it well using a steam iron so that it looks nice.

Dry cleaning suits is not bad, but if you want your suits to last much longer, you should consider freshening it up and dry cleaning your suits once in a while if necessary.

Freshening up a suit is still a good idea because it doesn’t harm suits in any way. Consider steaming suits rather than dry cleaning them.

How Often Should A Suit Be Dry Cleaned?

A suit should be dry cleaned at least once in a while, too much dry cleaning harms suits. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are a bit harsh, that is why it is good to use other safer methods to clean suits.

How often to dry clean a suit depends on your workday, environment and the number of suits you have. Suits that are barely worn should not be dry cleaned instead, clean the blazer once or twice per year.

For gently worn suits, clean the jacket after the sixth wear and clean pants often. Hard worn suits should be frequently cleaned. If you want to avoid dry cleaning clothes, ensure that you have several suits to avoid wearing one all the time.

A suit that is hard-worn will require dry cleaning now and then and it will wear out quickly.

Tips for Cutting Down on Dry Cleaning

  • In case you spit something, don’t rub.
  • Do not iron but steam instead.
  • Brush your suit after wearing them.
  • A suit rotation is necessary.
  • A suit should be stored in a breathable garment bag and not in a plastic bag from the dry cleaner.
  • Do not put a wet suit in the closet.

How Do You Deodorize A Suit?

A lot of dry cleaning shortens the life span of a suit. So instead of cleaning your suit every time, you can deodorize them and get rid of the foul smell or body odor.

Steps of deodorizing a suit

Step 1

  • Ensure that you read the suits are tag it helps you know the kind of products you should use.
  • If the tag reads dry clean only, use mild cleaners with little water or no water at all.
  • If you are not so sure about it, send it to the dry cleaner.

Step 2

  • Mix baking powder with hot water.
  • Once you have made paste out of it, spread it on your suit.

Step 3

  • If the care tag indicates wash only, wet the suit on hot water.
  • You should never wet dry clean only suits.
  • Once the suit is soaked, turn it inside out.
  • Spread the paste on any areas with a sweat odor, e.g., armpits.
  • Let the baking soda stay for two days and wipe it away with a cloth.

Step 4

Step 5

If odors and discoloration on your suits does not go away, try using antiperspirants.

Step 6

  • Wash your armpits with antibacterial soap once or twice a day
  • Let your armpits dry after applying the antiperspirant before putting on your suit.

How Often Should A Suit Be Dry Cleaned

How Do You Dry A Clean Suit At Home?

After washing your suit, ensure that you dry it according to how it is indicated in the tag, hang the suit on a sturdy hanger to ensure that it doesn’t get any wrinkles.

Keep the suit in a cool, dry place (back of the door or an open closet) and leave it for thirty minutes or 1 hour and it should be dry by the time you check.

Drying suits in direct sun is not right, the suit might fade and can even wear within a short period that is why you should always let it dry in a cool, dry place.

How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean A Suit?

Dry cleaning a suit is not too expensive, it all depends on the type of dry cleaner used. A professional dry cleaner charges about 15 to 40 dollars to clean a 2 piece suit.

The charges might increase depending on the fabric and the type of suit, whether it is a two or a three-piece. Cleaning suits on dry cleaners is a bit expensive as compared when done at home.

People prefer dry cleaners because washing a suit at home requires time and effort, if the label allows you to wash the jacket at home, do it carefully and let it dry in its proper shape.

Rather than taking your suits for dry cleaning, you can do it at home to cut the cost. You need to know a few things and you are good to go.

When dry cleaning a suit at home, test clean the suit, check the label and wash the suit as simple as that. If money is no problem, then go for dry cleaning but not regularly.

Dry cleaning suits is not bad when done once but if you want your suit to last longer, wash your suits at home.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of A Suit Without Dry Cleaning?

You obviously want your suit to look its best all the time. To achieve that, ensure that you hang your jacket on the right sized hanger. A big hanger will push the shoulders out and your jacket will get wrinkles.

A small hanger will also give it wrinkles but a suitable hanger will protect the shoulders, preventing wrinkling. If your suit is wrinkled, consider doing the following.

Take the suit into the bathroom and turn on the hot water shower.

Hang the jacket in the shower rod and ensure that it doesn’t get wet.

The pants should be hanged from the bottom using clip hangers.

The waistband is heavy at this particular time and when it comes along with steam from the hot water, it will take out the wrinkles.

The best way to take out wrinkles is by using steam from the shower, these steam takes out wrinkles on any fabric. If the wrinkles are stubborn, then you will be forced to use the dry cleaner.

Ensure that the suit is pressed because pressing doesn’t use any chemicals. Pressing is not the best option but it should be done once in a while.

Can You Febreeze A Suit?

A suit can be febreezed, it is done on suits that need refreshing. Before febreezing a suit, ensure that you wash it thoroughly with a clothes brush. When the suit is clean, mist it with a Febreze fabric refresher.

It won’t take much time before drying, it will leave behind a scent of fresh laundry, then steam it up using a steamer. The combination of these two leaves the suit smelling and looking very clean.

Febreze fabric cleaner contains water and alcohol, alcohol removes odor quickly and also speeds up the drying process. It is good to hang your suit on the right hangers before misting it with breeze.

The suit will not wrinkle when you let it dry on an appropriate hanger, do not store your suits when dump just let them dry thoroughly.

If your woolen suits are regularly worn, the combination of Febreeze Refresher and clothes steamer suits you. It helps maintain and cut your cost for dry cleaning. It will also extend the life of your suits.

How Can I Freshen My Blazer?

A blazer can be clean with no need of cleaning but might have an unpleasant smell. The smell is common if the blazer is hanged on a dark place and hasn’t been worn for a while. Refreshing might be the only way to get rid of the bad odor, below are some steps to guide you through the entire process.

Things you need

  • Baking soda
  • A cup of household vinegar
  • Hanger
  • Scented fabric softener sheet
  • Plastic spray bottle


Hang the blazer where there is fresh air, let it air for several hours or leave it overnight.

Place the jacket in a clothes dryer (scented fabric softener sheet) to remove stubborn odors.

Let the blazer set for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sprinkle the blazer with baking soda, let it remain in the blazer for two to three days before taking the blazer outside. Shake it to remove the baking soda.

If the odor is still stubborn, use homemade vinegar as it is a powerful odor neutralizer.

Mix a cup of water and a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the fabric.

You can as well add fragrant oil of your choice, such as lavender or citrus.

Vinegar odor will disappear after a while

Suits should be cleaned in the right way if you wear your suits regularly. Dry cleaning them once will not be a problem. However, the best way to avoid harming suits is by buying several of them so that you can wear them once in a while.

People are used to dry cleaning their suits, not knowing how harmful the chemicals can be. If you can wash your suit at home, that is great, it will last for a long period of time.

Learn how to take care of suits, how to maintain them and how to clean them so that when you are doing the cleaning, you are sure of doing the right thing.

You should also be in a position to know how to freshen up a suit, how to deodorize a suit, how often to dry clean suits, ways of dry cleaning a suit at home, the cost of dry cleaning a suit, how to get wrinkles out of a suit without dry cleaning them, whether to fabreeze a suit or not and how to freshen a blazer.

How to Grow a Mustache Thick and Fast

Mustache refers to the strip of hair that grows above the upper lips of the face. This hair has to be left to grow and be given other incentives to be able to mature. Mustache enhances the appearance of men. They indeed confer a variety of benefits to the men who decide to grow them. These include but are certainly not limited to fostering trust, increasing attractiveness, decreasing the risks of cutting the face and untimely deaths, and eliminate the prospects of boring conversations.

It is for these reasons that you needt to make every effort to grow them if you can. We are here to help you achieve this noble aim. We have carried out extensive research in the area. We are going to unveil the various steps you need to employ to make the dream become a reality.

We are also going to examine a host of other pertinent issues that revolve around mustaches. In particular, we are going to explore the various kinds of mustaches, the various items that may help you out, and the duration of time that a typical mustache may take to grow under different circumstances.


Step I: Determine your Suitability for the Job

Not everyone may grow a mustache. This is due to the differences in the genetics, amount of hair in the body, and the environment under which one operates. It is, therefore, necessary that you determine first and foremost whether you can indeed grow one. If you already have a beard, you will more likely grow a mature mustache.

Having a sound knowledge of this is vital for several reasons. It will help you to determine whether you can indeed grow one or not. It will also help you to prepare yourself psychologically for any possible outcomes and to adjust your expectations appropriately.

Step II: Prepare yourself psychologically

You now need to prepare yourself psychologically for the mustache growth process. Generally speaking, facial hair like beards do grow at the pace of only 0.4 mm per day. This means it will take you a couple of weeks before expecting any visible manifestations of the mustache. You should there exercise some patience in the process.

After the mustache has grown to a reasonable size of around 6 to 8 mm, you will have to decide which pattern you want it to form. You may thereafter select between the toothbrush mustache (Tom Selleck) and the handlebar (George V), which are the two most common.

Step III: Set the Desired Patterns

Throughout the growth and maturation stages, exercise great patience. Also, maintain your beads and facial hair groomed, neat, and orderly at all time. This will see to it that the hair looks good enough to be able to bring about great patterns later.

As soon as the hair descends to the upper portions of your lips, take some clippers and trim them in order to get rid of the strays. Alternatively, you may use a handlebar to trim each side for the sake of maintaining a uniform length at all times. The aim of these modifications is to let the hair that occupies the portions of the face beneath the nose to be of the longest size.

Step IV: Enhance the Preferred Style

Lastly, you now have to choose a preferred style and enhance it. This depends on the amount of hair your face has as well as the shape and size of your skull and jawbone. If yours is a strong jaw, you should choose a full mustache. If you, however, have a square or oval-shaped face, the beardstache could be a better option for your consideration.

This is by far the most significant step. The decision you make here is irreversible. It also determines to a great extent the kind of appearance you shall obtain altogether. This is why you definitely want to give it your very best.

how to grow a mustache



Generally speaking, a full mustache takes roughly 2 to 6 months to grow. To bring about complete growth, there are issues you have to get right. You also have to exercise some patience as the process is marred with several challenges.

For a start, you will have to stop shaving completely. Refrain from shaving your beard and facial hair at once. The hair shall begin sprouting after 4 to 6 days when you shall have stopped shaving. Use a moisturizer, beard oil, facial scrub, and other products that are designed to enhance the growth of hair to accelerate the pace of growth.

Your hair shall grow considerably longer after 15 to 20 days (roughly 2 to 3 weeks). It is at this point that you will begin styling and grooming your hair. Keep applying the growth enhancers that are mentioned above for faster outcomes and greater quality of results.

After the third week and going to the fourth week, your mustache will grow to their full lengths. During this period of time, you will experience some itchy feelings. You will subsequently be tempted to shave your beard. However, do not give in to this temptation. This phase is just a passing cloud and sooner rather than later, you will overcome it.

After the itchy phase shall have elapsed, your mustache shall grow into a ‘bush.’ It is at this stage that you may now apply the appropriate style. The handlebar particularly does well in this phase of the growth of hair. If you are however interested in the Epic mustache, you may have to wait longer than 1 year.

The average mustache, if left uninterrupted, grows to a maximum length of three feet. Some may grow longer and others may not attain this length. As soon as it hits the maximum possible length, they will start to fall off one after the other. They attain their maximum lengths after 6 months, give or take.

Because you do not want them to fall off and leave your chin bald, you have to shave them every quite often. Use a trimmer to cut the mustache to size. This way, they will strengthen and prevent plucking off as ought to have been had you left them untouched.

You may also use those products that are designed to care for the beards on your mustache. These also have the ability to keep the strands unplucked, healthy and strong always. In all, it takes a bit of hard work, focus, attention, and effort to get the desired outcomes.


Follow these steps to grow your handlebar mustache successfully:

Step I: Do not trim your mustache

Wait for your mustache to grow maturely. You will require no less than six weeks to fully grow your beards. It is after this duration that your mustache shall be long enough to be able to be styled appropriately into the shape of the handlebar. Throughout this duration, resist any attempt to trim your mustache. Doing so will interfere with the growth of the mustache and with it, the possibility of shaping it at a later date.

Step II: Comb your mustache regularly

As your mustache is growing, you have to step in and comb it. Combing your mustache as it grows strains it to grow in the desired fashion. This way, you will be able to generate the handlebar fashion without much effort later. You may, however, try the wooden mustache comb.

Step III: Apply some wax on the mustache from time to time

Apply some wax on your mustache on a regular basis as it grows. This should preferably happen immediately after showering. Apply some mustache wax on the upper edge of the hair using your fingertip. Spread the wax out throughout the hair. Use more wax in case your mustache is wirier.

Step IV: Twist and Shape it accordingly

Apply some more wax to the ends of the mustache to add the distinctive handlebar curls. Twist the hair together using your fingers. Proceed to curl the twisted hair upwards and inwards. You may also generate the curls by twisting the ends of the hair as tightly as can be around a writing pen.

Step V: Maintain the mustache accordingly

Creating a handlebar mustache is the first step towards having an attractive mustache. You have to maintain it to keep it in the best shape and form at all times. This is why you have to wash, comb, wax, and curl it at least once a day.

how to grow handlebar mustache


Whereas the decision to grow a handlebar mustache may be made in a day, it takes quite some time to realize. The process also goes through several phases. Getting to know these phases beforehand offers you the psychological preparedness you require to do a good job. Listed and explained below are the four major phases that the cycle goes through from start to finish:

Step I: The stubble phase

This is by far the simplest phase. In this phase, your mustache grows to their full size. It is full of beard as well as a combo. You now need to enhance the appearance of your mustache using the appropriate tips. Use the natural coarse and bristled brush to rub your skin. Get rid of the dead skin and hair which may exist on your skin. This is to let your hair grow unhindered. You may also consider introducing the mustache wax this stage to condition your hair.

Step II: The itchy phase

At this stage, you will generally be tempted to trim the mustache at the line of the lips. You are however advised against doing this. You will need this hair at a later date. Most people are often tempted to quit growing their mustaches at this stage. You are however urged to stay on. The phase lasts a shorter duration of time. Apply wax on your hair at this stage. Apply the least amounts of wax for the sake of your skin.

Step III: The awesome phase

After about 6 to 8 weeks, you will experience your first handlebar mustache. The middle segment will however not have grown substantially. This notwithstanding, the mustache will take the form and appearance of the fully-fledged handlebar when viewed from a distance. To make this step worthwhile, you will have to apply the wax at the tip of the mustache. Twist the tip of the mustache gently towards rather than out of your face. This is to let the tip of the handlebar to hug your face.


A horseshoe mustache is a special kind of mustache. It is basically a full mustache that has vertical extensions that sprout on the corners of the slips. These extensions drop down to the sides of the mouth through to the jawline. They form the upside-down U shape or a horseshoe. The whiskers that grow along the sides of the mouth are referred to as “pipes”.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to generate horseshoe mustache

Step I: Trim your hair to around 1/8 to 1/5-inch size. In case you want to generate whiskers around your mouth, you ought to settle for longer trims and sizes. Anything in excess of 1/5 inches will do you well in such a circumstance.

Step II: Create some straight lines that measure around 1.5 inches. Do this by using a precision trimmer machine. Start off from the outside the corner of your lips to the tip of your chin. Thereafter create a straight line that originates from the inside corner of your bottom lips through to your chin.

Step III: Trim the upper edge of your mustache to make it clean and nice. Use a precision trimmer to play this vital role. Take great care that you do not cut off too much of the mustache.

Step IV: Shave the spaces that lie in between the two columns that exist on both sides of your chin. Use the mini-foil shaver to do the job. Make it clean and comprehensive enough for the sake of bringing about awesome end results.

Step V: Lastly, shave your cheek, neck and the chin completely clean. Take extra care as you do so around the horseshoe region of your mustache region. Do so using a rotary shaver. Move the shaver gently and in a circular motion.

how to grow horseshoe mustache


A pencil mustache is a kind of thin mustache that lies adjacent to or slightly above the lip region of the face. It takes a shorter duration of time to grow. It, however, grows thicker than the ordinary kinds of mustaches. The following are the steps you ought to follow to develop the pencil mustache:

Step I: Grow your Moustache

Leave your facial hair to grow fully. As stated, such hair takes between 6 and 8 weeks to fully mature. Do not attempt to trim the hair at this stage. This will certainly interfere with the growth process and bring about undesired results.

Step II: Clip your hair

Once the hair is fully grown, you now have to clip it. Do this neatly in such a way as to let the mustache develop the form of a thin line as though it were generated by use of a pencil.

Step III: Create the Necessary Design or Pattern

Leave a large gap in between your nose and your mustache. This line of facial hair should cut across the philtrum or may alternatively continue unbroken. If you so wish, you may leave the line to extend vertically along the outside of the philtrum before stopping right below your nose. This leaves your philtrum unbridged.

Step IV: Style your Moustache

Style your mustache appropriately. You have the freedom to determine the style, shape, color, and form you want. For best results, wait for the mustache to grow for around one month. At this time, the hair shall be long enough to handle all kinds of styles.

Step V: Dye your Moustache (optional)

You may also, if you so wish, dye the mustache. Darker dyes are the more preferable for such kinds of hair. Finish off the pencil mustache by neatening it. Use a razor blade to configure the shapes and the sizes of the mustache to your desired ends.

how to grow pencil mustache


Follow these procedures to trim a pencil-thin mustache:

Step I: Prepare your face by washing it with warm water and mild detergent. Thereafter, go ahead and shave all hair except the mustache.

Step II: Trim down the remaining mustache to desirable lengths using a set of clippers

Step III: Determine your preferred style before shaping the same. Choose a thicker style for a fairer hair.

Step IV: Shave the contours of the mustache downwards. Use the base as the reference point and do so along a straight line.

Step V: Vary the shavings slightly on either side to prevent taking off too much hair. Tighten your skin by biting the top portion of your lips.

Step VII: Trim the edges of the mustache using a pair of scissors and a comb. This is to finish the straight line that lies across the lips.

Step VIII: You may consider shaving or trimming a parting on the philtrum segment of your mustache from the center position outwards.


The rollie fingers mustache is characterized by a classic style of curled upward tips. They resemble the shapes of the handlebars of a typical bicycle. Growing this kind of mustache requires a great deal of patience, regular maintenance, and a significant amount of hair growth. The following are the steps you ought to follow to actualize this noble objective:

Step I: You, first of all, have to grow thick and bushy hair. This is to be able to generate the classic longer tips thereafter.

Step II: Throughout the growth process, you have to regularly maintain the hair. It is only in this way that you will be able to manage proper styling thereafter.

Step III: Be sure that the hair that grows on your upper lip is wider as you shave the neck region, the chin, and the chicks. Doing so shall maintain these areas clean and tidy always.

Step IV: Do not trim your hair as far as the corners of the sides of your mouth. You will need these accentuated tips to greater great handlebar styles later on.

Step V: Part each side of your mustache to the left and to the right as soon as your hair is long enough to comb. This shall facilitate the growth of the hair in these two directions. The exercise takes several weeks and demands regular grooming and brushing for the hair to extend past the corners of your mouth. You should aim at obtaining thicker and bushier hair appearance. You should therefore not trim the hair that occupies the upper lips while at the same time twisting the tips outwards.

Step VI: Apply wax to the hair as soon as you achieve the desired thickness. Twist the longer corners of the hair into the classic handlebar shape of your liking. Apply only a small amount of wax on the area of interest and create some sharp points on the edges.

Step VII: Finish off by curling the tips into your desired handlebar shape. Use a holding wax to gain the unique and masculine appearance.

how to grow rollie fingers mustache


This depends on several factors. The diet you feed on, the type of your skin, the environment in which you live, and your genetic disposition, are some of the factors that determine the pace of re-growth.

Generally speaking, beards grow faster in colder climates, among the well-nourished persons, and among those with darker skins. In case your father or grandfather had long beards, chances are higher that yours will take a shorter duration of time to re-grow. You will also experience a faster growth rate if you are subjected to stressful situations as opposed to calm environments.

On the whole, hair grows at the rate of around 1/2 inches per month. This translates to a couple of months or even whole years to obtain the optimal size and thickness.

how to wax a mustache


Mustaches, as stated, do take a bit of time to grow. The rate is even slower at teenage owing to the fact that you have not yet reached adulthood. If you desire to have a mustache at this age, you have to put in a couple of measures. These measures are enumerated below alongside the finer details underneath:

Step I: Wash your Face Regularly

Wash your face on a regular basis. Use a mild cleanser and warm water to do the job. Warm water and mild detergents get rid of any sweat or impurities that clog the pores of the skin. This gives the hair unhindered room to grow fully. Will also lead to faster growth of the hair altogether.

Step II: Scrub your Face

From time to time, the upper layers of your skin do die due to natural causes. If these dead matters are not eliminated, they settle in the pores and harden. They subsequently block the passageways through which the hair follicles may sprout upwards. You should, therefore, scrub your face using a facial scrub. Do so at least twice a week. By doing so, you rid your skin and sweat pores of the dead matter. This way, you get rid of any impediments that may hamper the growth of the hair.

Step III: Moisturized your face

Apply a moisturizer that contains eucalyptus to your skin. This removes any dry patches that exist on your skin. It also allows the hair to grow rapidly and unhindered. As soon as the skin softens, the pace of the growth of your hair accelerates faster than is ordinarily the case.

Step IV: Take in a Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet. In particular, you should incorporate plenty of Vitamins B1, B6 and B12, proteins, and minerals. Some of the foods you may look up to are eggs, green leafy vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, and poultry products, among others. While at it, drink plenty of fresh water as well. This shall flush out toxins from your body besides guaranteeing faster growth rates.

Step V: Massage your Face

From time to time, do massage your face. This improves the flow of blood which consequently enhances the growth of hair naturally. Use the special beard oil to bring about awesome feedbacks.

Step VI: Sleep Adequately

Sleep adequately each day. You should spend a minimum of eight hours in the bed. Your body gets recharged and refreshed as you sleep for long. By sleeping longer, you also invigorate the pace of hair growth.


Ordinary shaving of hair reaches only the base of the hair. It leaves the follicles of the hair intact. This way, the hair re-grows after a very short duration of time. The same case does not hold for waxing. Waxing actually rids whole hair up to the follicle.

When the hair is completely removed from the follicle region, the body embarks on a mission to re-grow the hair faster and from scratch. The exact duration of time this takes depends on various factors.

Longer and thicker hair strands like those of the Mongoloids and Caucasians take shorter to sprout compared to those of the Negroids. The diet, the genetic predisposition, environment and climate, and the nature of skin all have a bearing on the pace of growth of the hair.

Those who feed on a balanced diet, as do those who stay in cooler climates, and have deeper skins are more likely to experience faster paces of growths. The same case applies to those who have ancestors that had long beards or whose hairs grew at a faster rate.

While at it, the frequent waxers will normally experience a relatively slower pace of re-growth. This is for the sheer reason that the follicles are suppressed completely and hence require too much time to regenerate.

On the whole, the average person who waxes his hair shall experience a hair-free skin for around two to eight weeks. Thereafter, the hair shall begin to sprout and take a further two to six months to obtain full maturity.


Though rare, in some instances, people may opt to completely rid their bodies of hair. The same case might also apply to the mustache. If you happen to be this kind of a person, you may follow these procedures to actualize this dream:

Step I: Consider undergoing the procedure of electrolysis. This puts a stop to the growth of hair on the body. It entails the use of an electrified needle which is placed on the hair follicle. The damages the follicles and in so doing suppresses new hair from growing. Given that each strand of hair requires treatment, you will have to endure several treatment sessions to obtain the optimal results.

Step II: You may also pluck the hair you do not want. To do this, use a pair of sharp tweezers to yank out individual hair in the direction in which it grows. This way, you will experience the least discomforts imaginable. Apply ice to the mustache region to ward off the excess pain. You will also exercise great patience given that the procedure is slow.

Step III: A laser therapy is yet another alternative you might want to consider. This treatment entails the aiming of laser energy at the roots of your hair follicles. This laser energy damages the hair at the follicles and suppresses any further growth in future. It also requires several sessions and is thus an elaborate procedure.

Step IV: Lastly, an eflornithine prescription may also come in handy. This is a prescription cream which must only be used by and with the advice and the consent of the medical doctor. Apply this cream on to the affected portion of the face or mustache region. It works by slowing down the growth of hair and is thus an effective solution for undesired hair.


You have indeed received the insight you require to make the growth of your mustache a worthwhile undertaking. You should not stop there though. You definitely want to leverage the benefits of an awesome mustache for yourself. This is why you want to implement the procedures and the various pieces of advice we have explored above.

Perhaps the best step to do so is to first and foremost acquire the right gears. These are basically the various products we have listed and reviewed above. You should follow this by acquiring and implementing the necessary steps and procedures. Sand, of course, you want your friends and relatives to enjoy similar benefits. This is why we urge you to consider spreading this info to as many of your colleagues as possible. All the best as you create you grow your mustache!