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How to Fix Peeling Leather Shoes

A lot of people would love to own leather products, but the only problem is, they do not know how to take good care of them. Leather is long-lasting and, at the same time, very fragile. But that doesn’t mean you can rock leather products; there is always a way of protecting them.

Leather just needs good care, and you are good to go, buy quality leather products, and you won’t regret the experience you will have—all the best as you try new products with leather.

What causes leather shoes to peel

How to Fix Leather Peeling Shoes

It can be so bad to get prepared, and then you are about to leave for work or so e event you just realize that your shoes are peeling. You need to learn how to fix the shoes in case you have no idea so that you don’t wake up and rush to someone to help you. You can fix them yourself.

Leather shoes are a perfect choice for interviews and should never miss in your closet; you should be in a position to provide your shoes with great care. For anything to last longer, you should take good care of it.

If these shoes are not properly taken care of, they can peel, crack and even discolor. Below is an article on how to take care of leather peeling shoes.

Leather rarely peels, and if you notice yours peeling, then it’s just because it’s made of faux or bonded leather. This is because the quality of this leather is low, thus easily drying out hence peeling within a very short period of time.

The best quality leather shoes are always; however, if you have one that is already peeled, you can try the following methods.

  • Materials
  • Shoe Goo
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent marker
  • Shoe polish


Rub with Sandpaper

Use the sandpaper by rubbing the shoe surface to remove the remaining pieces of peeling leather. Make sure the shoe surface is as smooth as possible.

Color the Cracks

Make sure you have a permanent color that is the same color as your shoes; use the marker to cover up any cracks in your; the cracks appear when leather is removed.

Polish Your Shoes

Polish your shoes thoroughly using a high-quality polish, and when applying, you can use a cloth.

Use Shoe Goo to Cover

The surface of the entire shoe should be covered with Shoe goo, and make sure you use a paintbrush. Shoe Goo can be bought anywhere, and if you don’t find them at nearby stores, you can order them online.

Give your shoes time to dry for about 24 to 36 hours, and you can easily wear them when completely dry.

So if you’ve been wondering whether peeling leather shoes can be repaired, then yes, you can. Always keep in mind that real leather can never peel. But if it happens to peel, just use a permanent marker or dye to repair your shoes.

The only way to fix peeling leather is by using shoe go, sandpaper, leather dye, and shoe polish. The main reason why leather peels are because you don’t take care of them properly.

What Causes Leather Shoes to Peel?

Leather is a luxurious shoe; it is long-lasting. Unluckily, not all leather shoes are durable since all are made of different materials. Your leather shoes might peel within a short period of time because of the following reasons.

Using Wrong Products

If you use products that are not suitable for leather, you might end up damaging your shoes because you are using what you are not supposed to be using. Always ensure that when it comes to leather, know the kind of products you should use.

Low Quality

If the leather is of low quality, it might peel. High w leather rarely peels. So when purchasing shoes, you should be careful. The number one feature of a quality shoe is the price; good products are always expensive. So if you want something long-lasting, go for the expensive types.

Keep in mind that most leather products aren’t real leather, don’t be fooled by their labels; the reason why most leather shoes peel is that it’s a fake product, and you might not realize it because its surface is made of leather coating.

However, it’s nothing to worry about. If your leather happens to peel or damage, there are various ways of fixing them. The above-discussed methods help you fix your leather shoes without any problem.

You can also get ideas from YouTube; there are a lot of videos on YouTube that are well illustrated. People are creative, and they just made wonderful videos for their viewers. Look for tutorials that suit you.

How to fix peeling leather shoes

How Do I Stop My Leather Shoes from Peeling?

It is sad to see your favorite leather shoes peeling, yet you might have spent a lot of money purchasing them. It’s good that you know that leather can peel, and before it reaches this point, you should actually know how to prevent them from peeling.

This saves you time and money because when your shoes are in good condition, you do not have to buy all those materials needed to fix them.

But before you start investing in how to take care of your shoes, it is good to know that shoes are made of different materials. The kind of materials used hos to determine the durability of your shoes.

Preventive Methods

Keep Your Shoes Clean and Polish Them Regularly

It is simple; always make sure your shoes are clean and well-polished. Cleaning doesn’t mean that you actually have to scrub the shoes every day but just clean them after every wear and at least let them air.

Apart from cleaning them, polishing is also very necessary and makes sure your polish with the right products. These products are leather conditioner, wax polish, horsehair brushes, leather cleaner, and cloth rag.

Keep Your Shoes Away from Direct Sunlight and Heat

It’s wrong to expose your shoes under direct sunlight, and this is because when they are exposed to too much heat, they will start stretching, and in no time, they will start peeling. The reason why it starts peeling is that the material has become loose, so to be on the safe side, make sure you store them in a cool place when not wearing them.

Let Your Shoes Dry Naturally Before Storing Them

When the interior of your shoes is not dry, don’t put them on until they are. Do not blow-dry your shoes because that heat produced by the hair drier stretches the shoe material; hence it will start peeling.

Avoid Using Harsh Substances on Your Shoes

Do not be tempted in any way to use harsh substances on your shoes; they are sold everywhere. Just make sure you know the right products to use on your shoes. Some of the substances you need to avoid are spirit, nail polish remover, and turpentine.

Shoes are expensive, and they should be protected. Well I, imagine spending a lot of money on shoes just for them to start peeling. In order to stop it from happening, just take good care of them, and Incase you notice them fading, cracking, and scratching, just repair them.

Does Real Leather Flake?

Yes, leather rarely flakes, and if it does, it could be because you don’t take good care of them. No matter how long-lasting a product is, if not taken care of, it will definitely damage.

If you don’t want your real leather to flake, make sure it doesn’t get wet, clean with a soft brush or towel, never machine wash them, do not dry them with artificial heat, and make sure you moisturize them with an appropriate leather conditioner.

When purchasing leather shoes, just make sure they are of good quality because there are various types. Some are real leather, while others are not. So if you realize that your new leather is flaking, then there is a possibility it wasn’t real and is of a low quality.

The bit in a real sense, if your leather is of good quality, there is no way it’s going to flake not unless it’s stored under bad conditions; leather is one of the best materials known to last longer. Whether, shoes, jackets, or even watches, so long as it’s leather, then it is an awesome product.

Nowadays, you might not be able to differentiate which is real leather and which are fake, people need cheap money, and they can do everything to come up with something similar to what you want.

What is a Leather Sealer?

It’s a material used to protect leather after applying colorant. It is simply used to seal the leather. There are various types of leather sneakers. The sealers help protect your shoes by waterproofing, providing a colorfast finish, and gives a high gloss look.

Types of Leather Sealers

Clear Sealer

This does the following; provides waterproof for your shoes by sealing chrome and veg leather, provides a coating for leather shoes. You just spray and then apply using a sponge or a soft cloth.


It is in liquid form and makes your leather always look new and never changes its finish. Most leather sealers are waterproof sprays, but Guardsman is on another level.

You can use this product in any leather prod just to protect them from wear and tear. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t affect the finish of your leather products.

Does All Faux Leather Peel?

Faux leather is a very long-lasting and durable pair of shoes, and it is in a position to resist scrapes and. Unlike other leather types, faux is resistant to but does not retain moisture. That is why they never get cracked.

If you are planning to buy faux leather, make sure it’s real leather, you should at least have an idea of what faux leather are—the types and features, and how to take good care of them.

Benefits of Faux Leather

Low Maintenance – Managing faux leather is easy because it’s can be wiped easily, unlike when doing with real leather, which rarely retains moisture that is why faux leather does not crack.

Real Quality – Faux leather, unlike other types, has been modified, especially the texture, grain, and color, but still is the quality leather.

Durability – It is known to be durable, it resists scratches, and it doesn’t fade. Faux does not peel easily, and even if under UV rays, it does not fade.

Easy to Work With – In case it’s damaged, it can be easy to work with us. You can simply cut and sew. After cutting, the needle marks are barely noticeable since they blend well with the material.

Fashion- Faux is available in various textures, and this is because the material is synthetic and can be dyed in various colors. This fashion is what has made faux famous.

Cons of Faux Leather

They have fewer cons compared to real leather; faux does not stretch nor wear out as leather does. That is why we say faux gas a few cons and more pros. One of its major cons is that it can’t resist puncture.

Leather is one of the best shoes, but that doesn’t mean it cannot have its own cons, so before purchasing a certain type of leather, you should at least know what causes leather shoes to peel, Whether all faux let peel, how to stop the leather from peeling and what causes leather to peel.

Once you know the above things, you can now purchase your shoes and know how to handle your new pair of shoes. Handling leather is not difficult, so long as you know what is required of you and the appropriate leather products needed.

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You More Than a Friend

In order to date cancer men or women, you simply know how to handle them, their likes and dislikes, as well as how to handle them. They are great people to be with if only they find the right person. Keep in mind that to have a successful relationship with them, you need to be loyal and romantic.

It’s okay to date them but be very cautious whenever you are addressing them; otherwise, they are great people, and you have nothing to worry about—all the best as you look forward to a new relationship.

Signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend

If a cancer man likes you, you will barely realize because he won’t tell you. Not unless he starts to act differently, it’s good to know if he likes you so that you get through the confusing stage. The following things will help you figure out if this man likes you or not.

He’s interested in knowing your personal life

When a cancer man is interested in you, he will try all the best to know everything concerning you. He will always pay attention to you and ready to know who you really are.

So if he asks you questions about your wishes, childhood life, likes, and dislikes and generally everything about you, then he is trying to make you open up because he likes you.

He tells you how he feels

Most of these men keep things secret, but as for cancer men, it’s the opposite because they are easily open. So always remember that if this man likes, he must at least have told you how he likes spending time with you or about your future together.

So if you doubt whether he is just friendly or not, right now, you have an idea of how he behaves around you. Sometimes he chooses to be with you all the time, and even if you happen to separate, he will always find a way of meeting you.

He invited you over

Cancers are shy, and they prefer doing their things at home where there is comfort, so if he invited you over, he needs some peace of mind with someone he likes. And keep in mind that cancer men don’t always invite people to their homes not unless you are special to them.

When he invited you over, it means that he trusts you and is comfortable around you, and he definitely sees you in his future.

Gets comfortable with Public affection

This is another big sign a cancer man likes if he is comfortable displaying affection in public. Cancer men are shy, but if they are in love, they won’t fear showing affection, and this is by hugging or holding hands in public.

He wants to connect spiritually

Their sign is spiritual, and a particular person could be deep in religion; he may be trying to find someone spiritual they can connect well, and in this case, the person he needs in life should be spiritual. So if his sign is cancer and more religious, that’s a sign he wants you in his life.

He introduces you to his family and friends

Someone who loves you and is proud of you will always want to show you off to all his friends and family members; cancer men rarely do so, but if he does, then he really likes you. They might be careful introducing someone because they might have done it in the past, and it didn’t go well.

If he does this to you, just know he is sure of letting you into his life, and it will be good if you don’t disappoint him at all costs.

What a cancer male is attracted to

What is a Cancer Male Attracted to?

If you are the kind of person who loves signs, then it’s good to learn a lot about them in the zodiac chart. It feels what they like and what they don’t, and you should always know these charts if you are yet to date a cancer man. Below are some of the things cancer men are attracted to.

The woman that freely expresses opinions

They do like straightforward women who’d rather speak out than hold their opinion, a woman that is ready to prove that she is indeed strong and not one that is always fragile. He gets impressed by someone that can stand for herself and not afraid to reveal what’s on their mind.

Financially independent

If you want to be the perfect or best woman for a cancer man, then you got to be financially stable and not planning to depend on him. He prefers someone he can split the bill with while hanging out instead of paying for everything alone. Being this kind of woman makes him believe that you love him not just for his money but for who he is.


Men with this sign love childlike or rather innocent women, they can easily fall for this kind of people because they hate expressing themselves, and an innocent person will not be in much trouble.


To make a cancer man fall in love with you, you have to be sincere with him. Cancer men are sensitive and prefer someone sincere and totally loyal, and he wants his partner to have this quality.


As discussed above, cancer men are the most sensitive, and that means you have to treat them cautiously; when this man has special feelings for you, that means you are so, and if you treat him well, he might end up loving you a lot.

What Do Cancer Men Find Physically Attractive?

Just like other men, this type of man has different opinions when it comes to a woman’s physical appearance; every man has a different test, and below are some of the major things they are physically attracted to.

Some love a simple woman, not short or tall, not even long or short hair, so long as she has enough confidence in herself that means a lot to a Cancerian man. Other men prefer smart and aggressive women, feminine and a bit kooky, women that take ownership of him and one who cares.

Cancer men are not so different from other men; they are a bit choosy when getting a woman; that is not a problem because everyone goes for what pleases their eyes. That doesn’t mean women should fear dating then in fact; they are the best when loved and cared for unconditionally.

Other cancer men would prefer curvy women while others may not, so don’t hate yourself thinking that he might not like you; you could be just what he has been looking for all along.

Generally, a cancer man loves a woman who makes him feel comfortable, secure, and safe, not only that but also one that is funny, honest, and passionate. Cancer men don’t like playing games when it comes to relationships, so when he finds the right person, he sticks around.

Now that you know what a cancer man is physically attracted to, it’s also good if you know the various qualities of a cancer man so as to know how to handle him. Knowing it is a great idea because you won’t have trouble all the time.

Qualities of Cancer Men


They are known to be caring and also kind; if you’ve met one, you definitely know how they are protective and loyal, but they also expect the same done for them.


Cancer men are very loyal, they can be tough to handle in the beginning, but once they are into you, they will always be committed. It might take time before gaining their trust, so you need to be patient.


Aside from loyalty, they can be extra protective of whoever they love. They truly love their families and close friends and will always do anything to offer them protection.

What Type Of Woman Cancer Man Is Attracted To?

If you are looking forward to dating a cancer man, then you need to know what he looks for in a woman. First of all, he likes a sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful woman; he also prefers a feminine lady who is faithful and romantic. He wants a woman he can settle with, one that can create a wonderful home and raise a beautiful family.

Not only that, he looks at a lot of features before finally settling with a woman. Below are other various things that a cancer man needs in a woman.


Cancer men prefer innovative and creative women, unlike other signs who would go for realism. He loves a woman who can think and come up with a good idea about something; if you want to attract this guy, you have to be creative and don’t be afraid of showing it. He loves someone who is able to express herself.


Cancer is a romantic sign, and this guy would want to be in a relationship that has a lot of passion and if you happen to date this man expect a lot of romance and don’t shy away learn to also be romantic by doing some small things which add up at the end of the day like surprising him with flowers or any other thing that melts his heart.


Most cancer men don’t just for fun, and they are serious and ready to start a family; they love their friends and family and are always ready to have a family of their own. That is why you need to be a family-oriented woman in order to date a cancer man.

If you are about to date a cancer man, you will have to know what he likes in a woman, and he likes a woman who is romantic because he also is a sweet and passionate woman in that case.

What Do Cancer Women Find Attractive?

Just like cancer men, women are also romantic c and outgoing. She loves surprises, slow kisses, flowers holding hands while walking, wine, and dinner. She loves romance and loves someone who takes it slow. She is kind of sensitive and shy, she gets heart easily, and you might not even have an idea that you hurt her. There are a few things that a cancer woman finds attractive.

Sensual and slow

She doesn’t like to be rushed in terms of romance; this needs patience as you will have to prepare for a slow courtship. If you rush her, you will definitely lose her because that’s not her thing.

Loves children

They love children a lot, and she will always choose a man who loves children too and ready to get his own. She is known to make a good mother, and to her, a man who loves children comes first.

Traditionally romantic

What romance is as for cancer women is watching a movie together while sipping a glass of wine, she loves a man who is also into traditional romance.

Courtesy and kindness

This girl loves a guy who is kind and cautious since cancer women are known to be sensitive. They are attracted to men who are generally not just kind to her but other people too, for instance, animals, children, and senior people.

Good sense of humor

This woman wants a man who is just like her, one who loves to love or make her laugh. Keep in mind that even though she laughs a lot, she still is sensitive, and anything you say should not hurt her in any way.

In bed, she also likes to take things slow, but she is romantic and always ready. When you are about to date a cancer man or woman, some of the things you should know are; what cancer women find attractive, signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend, the type of woman a cancer man is attracted to, what a cancer male is attracted to and what they find physically attractive.

How to Darken Leather Boots

Leather maintenance is simple only if you know how to take good care of it; leather boots are fragile band need to darken most of the time and to do so, you will have to use the right products.

So if you have these leather boots and wondering how you can darken them, this article will help you a lot. It consists of the type of products to use and the procedure to follow.

If you are planning to buy them, just go for it; there is nothing hard about it. Most people have owned them for so. Long because they are long-lasting. Leather lasts longer, whether shoes or clothes, but they just need proper care.

How to darken leather boots

How to Darken Leather Boots

Leather boots need to be darkened after some time, but with the right products, everything made of leather needs to be taken good care of, so before buying leather boots, you should have an idea of the best products to darken them and how to apply it correctly. Below are some of the best products you need to use when darkening the boots.

Vegetable oil

You can use vegetable oil to darken boots, especially if you don’t have any other product; they are not perfect but can least help. Just know the amount of oil you need to use and the correct method to use it.

Materials needed

  • Vegetable oil
  • A clean piece of cloth


  1. Pour two drops of oil into the piece of cloth
  2. Brush the cloth on your boots and in a circular motion
  3. Repeat the step until the entire boot is completely covered in oil
  4. The oil should not be too much to sleep in pores
  5. Let it sit for 24 hours
  6. Wipe the boot with a clean cloth to get rid of excess oil

Pros of Using Vegetable Oil to Darken Boots

  • It gives the leather a natural shine
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Product is easily available

Cons of Using Vegetable Oil to Darken Boots

  • Bacteria might be developed if the oil is too much
  • Too much oil might stain some parts of your boots
  • Does not 100% darken them as other products do
  • Any oil that remains in boots might cause a bad smell

Boot Polish

This is what most people use; it simply used to darken boots, nothing else. Just make sure you have the right shade of polish and a good brush, and you are good to go.

Synthetic Boot Blends

It’s a mixture of various products such as waxes, animal oils, resins, Vegetable oils, and so many others. They are the best for boot darkening, and apart from that, they provide shine and good at waterproofing.


  1. Apply some of the product on a cloth wrapped on your fingers
  2. Apply it on the outer surface of the boot
  3. Let it sit on the boot for 10 minutes

Pros of Using Boot Polish to Darken Boots

  • Softens leather
  • Provides leather with conditioning and nutrition
  • Has no bad smell
  • No bacteria is created

Cons of Using Boot Polish to Darken Boots

  • It’s pricey

How Do You Darken Leather Naturally?

There are various ways of darkening leather, but mostly, the methods are not naturally. So if you don’t want to use dyes anymore, then you shouldn’t worry because the following products are able to naturally darken leather.

Sunlight exposure

Ultraviolet rats from the sun darken leather; very simple, just take your boots and leave them out in the sun for a few hours; certain research shows that cheaper or low-quality leather darkens faster in sunlight than high-quality ones. So to be sure of it, test various pieces of leather that you buy so as to be sure.

Neatsfoot oil

This is another way of naturally darkening leather; apply little amounts of oil on leather if you want great results. Don’t use too much of it at once because you might not like the end result.

After one or two applications, you will realize that the boots are darkened; using an excess of it causes leather to soak up and lead to poor results, and after that, you might not be able to lighten it up ever again.

To add to that, don’t use thick, heavy layers because it will only attract dust and dirt and might also change the original color of your boots.

Application steps

  • Apply a few drops of the oil on a piece of cloth
  • Rub it on your leather and make sure it covers all areas
  • Apply tiny drops on areas not covered
  • When done, rub the leather with a soft clean cloth to get rid of excess oil

How do you darken leather naturally

Can I Darken Leather Shoes With Polish?

Yes, shoe polish is a great option for faded leather boots and shoes. When the polish is used, darkening occurs, and color changes; this is because polish consists of wax which then penetrates, thus causing leather darkening.

It’s good to use cream polish since it penetrates well into the leather, thus leading to color change. Apart from that, it provides a coating for leather, thus protecting it and thus leading to a high shine.

Using polish to darken leather is cheap, simple and effective, but you need to do it in a correct manner; if you don’t apply it carefully, you won’t get the desired results.

Darkening leather shoots and boots should not give you trouble because there are various ways of doing it. You can do it naturally or use dyes, but it’s always good to go with natural ways because they do more good than harm.

The good news about leather is you don’t need to throw them away when worn out, you just need to darken them, and they will look awesome. Take time to know how leather is darkened and use the right procedures, and you will have no trouble.

Can You Dye Leather with Coffee?

Yes, you can use dark roasted coffee, but the kind of color you’ll get is unpredictable. To get roared coffee, you should brew it.

What you need for a brew

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Dark roast coffee
  • A piece of iron

After the application of the coffee in your leather, you will also need beeswax and olive oil. When applying, just stick your leather in the brew and make sure it’s all covered; level it there overnight.

It might take longer depending on your brew; keep checking on it; darkening will also depend on how long it’s kept in the brew. After that, rinse off using clean water, then place it in a warm place for it to dry.

So yes, if you are wondering whether you can use coffee on leather, then you have the answer. Just know how to do it right. It’s a natural way, easy and simple to use.

Darkening leather can be done in so many ways, and this one being one of them, so it’s up to you to choose a method that works best for you.

Can I Darken Leather With Olive Oil?

Yes, leather can be darkened with olive oil, and in fact, it’s among the top best and easiest ways. You just need to follow the correct procedure, which is so simple. Here is how you are supposed to use olive oil.

Some leather doesn’t darken easily, and the only way to make them darken faster is by using olive oil. Before using the oil on leather, first, test it on a small area and let it dry for a day or two. If the results impress you, then darken the rest of the shoe with olive oil.

Pour a tablespoon of it on a cloth and rub it on your leather boots or shoes; in case you need more, just add another tablespoon; be careful not to use excess because it might darken too quickly or cause your leather to be sticky.

Give the olive oil time to try. 24 hours is enough. If the results are not what you expected, you can as well repeat them until you get the desired results.

You should not use any other product to retain the darkening, but you can use a leather conditioner. It helps leather shoes stay in good condition and prevents them from cracking.

Is Vaseline good for leather boots?

Yes, it’s a good solid product that is good for your boots. It softens leather boots and also protects them from cracking. It also makes them waterproof.

Everyone knows about Vaseline; it’s a famous product and known to be the best product for protection and miniaturization. It’s also good for our skin as well as our leather boots.

Pros of Using Vaseline on Leather Boots

Makes leather soft and supple

Vaseline consists of natural oils, which are known to help in fiber lubrication, but when it’s too much used, the essential oils are lost. But still, Vaseline is amazing as it restores softness because of whatever oils in it.

Removes scratches

Petroleum jelly is known to remove scuffs and scratches, amongst many other things. It reaches leather fibers and rejuvenates them, thus enhancing your leather boots appearance.

Has cleaning properties

Vaseline components consist of cleaning properties that help in removing stubborn stains. Some of its other components remove tough stains like oil and grease.

Enhances the color of the leather

If you don’t want your leather shoes to change color, consider using Vaseline. When leather is exposed, it tends to lose its original color but using Vaseline brings back the color.

Cons of Using Vaseline on Leather Boots

Requires constant application

It’s advisable that you condition your leather boots twice a year, but if you are using Vaseline, then you have to do the application constantly and this is because it melts when hot and doesn’t stay for long within fibers.

Breaks down the tensile strength of leather

When too much of it is applied, fibers might swell or expand. Your boots will then start losing their tensile and start cracking.

Causes leather to rot

It doesn’t necessarily affect all kinds of leather, but most people have experienced this. Apart from that, the jelly can also break the stitching of leather boots.

Is Mink Oil Bad for Leather Boots?

Mink oil is not bad leather, but it might oxidize and harden your leather, but it depends on the kind of leather you have; if your leather is low quality, and then expect this to happen.

If you want your leather boots to last long, use mink oil, it’s a leather conditioner that works best, but when used in the long term, it could damage your boots.

When leather is worn continuously, it cracks, and that is when you are supposed to use mink oil, it softens the natural leather oils and also helps in the lubrication of fiber.

Does Mink Oil Permanently Darken Leather?

No, mink oil darkens leather but not permanently, it’s thick in nature, and when it penetrates in pores, it tends to make leather dark. It should not be used for long because it might damage your leather with time.

You should never use mink oil in excess, thinking that you will darken boots permanently; just use enough amount because even if you use an excess of it, it won’t change the fact that nothing will change about the color is permanent.

Mink oil is good because it makes leather boots flexible and resistant to water; it also makes them last longer and has a lot in common with natural oils in leather shoots or boots.

When you have leather shoes or maybe want to purchase them, some of the things you need to know are how to darken leather with olive oil, ways of darkening them, if you can dye leather with coffee, whether Vaseline is good for leather boots, if you can darken them with polish and if mink oil darkens leather permanently.

Knowing this thing helps you know how to take care of your new leather boots; for everything to last longer, it just needs proper care and use of the right products. Maintenance of leather is a bit easier compared to other materials, but that is only if you do the right thing.

When a Guy Gets Jealous What Does It Mean?

This article will help you understand what jealousy is and how to deal with it and when to consider it as a red flag. Everyone gets jealous at a particular point, but it’s all about understanding why someone is jealous of you and how to manage the problem.

So if you are dating a jealous partner, try to understand why and make him know that you are there to stay. Jealousy can make someone do stupid things and might end up hurting someone without intending to.

Anyone can get jealous of you without you noticing, and that is because he or she has feelings for you. It’s good to know when someone is jealous so as to save the situation.

Is jealousy a sign of love or insecurity

When A Guy Gets Jealous, What Does It Mean?

When a guy gets jealous, there is a possibility that he has a crush on you; if a certain man is acting in a way likely to suggest he’s jealous, then that person has feelings for you but does not know how to express himself.

It’s normal for a guy to get jealous even when you are not dating; there are few reasons why it keeps happening. Below are some of the main reasons to help you know why this guy acts possessed around you?

He Does Not Want To Be With Anyone Else

It’s normal for men to get jealous of people they are not in a relationship with, but they feel bad when those people are in a relationship with someone else. This situation is confusing because you don’t understand what is happening, you tend to feel like you are cheating, but then again, you are not in a relationship with this guy. If this happens, it’s okay to face that person about his actions.

He is insecure

This is one of the reasons some guy becomes jealous even if you are not dating, they feel like they are not good enough, so if you feel like your male friend is acting in this manner, just be free to talk to him, he might be able to open up about his feelings.

Try to make him understand that even if he is not your boyfriend, he is an important person to you. Insecurities happen, and it’s no one’s fault, don’t feel bad about dating someone you love simply because some other person is insecure.

He has a crush on you

When a man gets jealous over nothing, it often means that he has feelings for you. It’s easy to know when someone is jealous because he acts angry and possessive towards you; this happens all the time because this guy likes you but doesn’t know how to pass the message to you. In this case, you should decide whether you also have feelings for him or not, but you still need to tell him how his actions make you feel.

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love Or Insecurity?

Jealousy is not a sign of love but a sign of insecurity, so if you are the type of person that you love when someone is possessive about you, it means that you are ready to be loved and taken care of even if it means you have no freedom.

So when someone is too insecure, that doesn’t mean he loves you; he just doesn’t want you to be with anyone else for his own reasons. When someone shows signs of jealousy, you certainly think that he cares about you and that they fear losing you.

What you need to know is jealousy comes with various risks; it can break relationships because one of you is not comfortable with how she is treated.

The main cause of jealousy is just a lack of self-love; it’s all about insecurity and imbalance; it’s simply a fear of abandonment. Jealous people try to take control over their partners, and that is because they are not able to control their emotions.

If your partner is jealous, you need to be cautious because you don’t know what he will do next; when someone is jealous, he can do anything just to make you stay. He can’t sustain seeing you in a relationship with someone else.

That is why it’s advisable that when someone is jealous of you, you should face him and ask him why and if you don’t have feelings for them, make it clear.

How Do You Know When A Guy Gets Jealous?

When a guy is jealous, you can easily notice because, at this particular point, they can’t control their emotions. Some people can handle it while others can’t. Below are the signs of a jealous guy and why they try to hide it.

Signs of a Jealous Guy

  1. He asks questions about your whereabouts or whoever you are talking to
  2. He tries to get away so that you can chase him
  3. He acts out of character, and you can easily know that something is wrong
  4. Competes or fights for you amongst other men
  5. He acts like he doesn’t care, but he does

Jealousy has various negative effects on our relationship and should be addressed as soon as it begins. If not addressed earlier, it could lead to emotional and physical stress for the affected person.

Acts differently

Guys change their attitude when they are jealous; they act in this particular manner because they can’t take it. So if you notice a guy changing his attitude often, talk to him. He’s insecure and might be doing it for his good because he feels like you might fall in love with another guy, and he will lose you.

He Changes or Feels Bad When You Talk About Other Men

Noticing a jealous guy is so simple because when talking and you happen to mention another guy, he might change from being happy to sad. If you need to know whether a guy likes you, then this trick works, he might not talk, but expressions talk a lot.

He’s ride to your male friends

It’s normal nowadays for girls and guys to hang out, so if you are the type of girl that has a lot of male friends, a guy who likes you might not be impressed. He doesn’t like it when another guy is around you.

He might start getting mean to your male friends just to prevent anyone from taking you away from him. When a guy is jealous, he can’t hide it for long.

He gets angry

Violence and anger are two things you should avoid; no one likes to date such kind of person. At times this occurs because of jealousy. Some men can’t handle emotions; they get upset easily when you talk to other men. He’s not your boyfriend but likes you. That is why he’s jealous.

Some guys make you feel like you should explain yourself to them when you should not. This is jealousy and very difficult to deal with. So if a guy does this and you are not dating, make sure you sort out the issue before it gets worse.

When a guy gets jealous what does it mean

Is It OK To Feel Jealous In A Relationship?

No, being jealous is not bad, but too much of it is unhealthy to the relationship; everyone can feel jealous at some point in life, and it’s totally not a bad thing. You just need to learn how to control it. If you are struggling with jealousy, then here is what healthy jealousy is, how to deal with it, causes and how jealousy looks like.

What healthy jealousy looks like?

Someone flirting with your partner

Let’s say you are at a party and some guy starts to flirt with your girl, and as a result, you feel jealous because you think that the guy is sexually interested in your girl, and you feel like the girl should be giving you that attention. This is the normal form of jealousy.

So what you should do is, join the conversation and see if they will stop or wait until they are done and explain how you felt about it. Explain how jealous you felt instead of picking a fight.

Someone mentions something about your partner you didn’t know

When in a relationship, you usually don’t keep secrets from each other, and sometimes you even feel like you need to know every detail of your partner. It’s painful when you learn something about him or her you didn’t know from someone else. That makes you a bit jealous, and it’s a normal sense of jealousy.

Your partner treats their friends with a lot of attention

As a girl, this can make your boyfriend jealous, and it does make sense because he feels like he deserves the attention you are giving someone else.

How Do You Stop Being Jealous And Insecure?

Jealousy is bad even though it’s linked with love; jealousy comes whenever you feel you are losing something you don’t want to, for instance, someone important to you. Jealousy is different from envy; envy is when you want to take something that does not belong to you. Below are some ways to cope with jealousy and insecurities.

Voice your concerns

If your partner is jealous, bring it up as soon as possible. Your partner might not know of his actions, so it’s time about it so as to keep your relationship going. If you don’t trust your partner from his past relationships, try finding ways to make things work, and remember that jealousy and insecurities won’t help if there is no solution.

Put a different spin on jealousy

You feel terrible when dealing with jealousy, but to overcome it, don’t take it as something negative. Don’t blame yourself but in order to manage, make it useful information to meet your needs.

Talk to a trusted friend

Sometimes instead of feeling jealous and insecure about something you didn’t see happen, consider talking to a friend you trust about it. Sometimes talking about things makes the situation better.

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Attraction?

Yes, when someone is attracted to you and has feelings for you, he definitely will get jealous. Of course, no one gets jealous for nothing. Both men and women find it hard to identify when someone is attracted to them. Knowing signs that someone is attracted to you makes things easier for you. Apart from jealousy, below are other signs of attraction.

Does things for you

It doesn’t matter if whatever thing he or she is doing is small but giving you company to watch a movie or bring you lunch to work means a lot. He or she does this because of attraction towards you. So the answer is if someone does this for you, then they are into you.

Initiates conversations

Is she calling and texting all the time? These are good signs she is attracted to you. If not so she would not be bothering you. Suppose she gets in touch. That’s a clear indication of attraction.

Is Jealousy A Red Flag?

Yes, at some point, jealousy can be used as a red flag, and you should acknowledge it before it ruins your relationship. Researchers have proven that jealousy is motivated by fear; if your partner is too jealous to the extent of inflicting a fight, then that is bad and what is known as a red flag.

Most people go through this stage, but some people can be jealous but know how to control it; that should not raise a red flag so long as he or she does no harm. But if the person you are dating is too jealous, it’s right to approach him and talk about the situation before it gets out of hand.

Knowing when someone is jealous is so easy; however, if you are about to date someone and you don’t know whether they are interested or not, you should learn what it means when a guy gets jealous, how to know when he is jealous, whether jealousy is a sign of insecurity or love and if jealousy is a red flag.

How to Break Up With Someone Long Distance

There are a lot of people who have tried long-distance relationships, and it worked for them, so if you are worried about dating someone who is miles away from you, just give it a try. Not all long-distance relationships are bad or don’t work and it depend on how you agree with your partner or how you get along.

All the things you need to know before getting into this relationship are discussed below, and you don’t need to worry. Everything has a beginning, and you never know. Maybe he is the one meant for you.

For a long dot relationship to work, communication is important and should always come first; in case of arguing, just talk about it and come to terms. For things to work out, you need to talk and agree so when a chance comes your way; don’t let it go because you fear trying a long-distance relationship.

There is nothing much about having a long-distance relationship; all the best as you try your luck, don’t be hard on yourself, have fun, and enjoy life. Be respectful and communicate things with your man.

How to break up with someone long distance

How to Break Up With Someone Long Distance?

Breaking up with someone is not easy because you might hurt the feelings of the other person because this is the person you have believed in for a long; it hurts even if it’s the right thing to do. Breaking up in a long-distance relationship is much complicated and breaking up on the phone is insensitive and heartless.

It is understandable because there are no other options. However, there are ways of doing it without having to hurt someone too much. A long-distance breakup does not have to be complicated; below are the tips to help you.

Talk it over with someone.

Talking to someone about your decision helps you make things clear, and it’s good if you talk to someone who has been in a long relationship as well. He or she will be able to help you confirm any false things you might have been assuming.

They might help you with great advice on how to break up with him or her in a good way but still remain friends their after.

Make a video or audio call.

It’s good to video chat with him so as to break up well but don’t send a text. It’s better to call him via video chat because it’s kind of a face-to-face conversation, and it gives him your attention and presence, thus giving him a chance to get to explain his side.

Be sure about your decision.

This is the first thing you should know before deciding to break up with someone, and you really need to think about it because this is something that might not be reversed. Don’t let a slight thing end your relationship.

About long-distance relationships, you can’t see each other face to face, and miscommunication occurs. However, if it gets out of hand and you are not excited with each other, then it simply is because the spark is no more, so if all the things you used to do before are no more, for instance, calling each other, scheduling meetups and a lot of many other things.

Grieve if you need to

It doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup; both parties get hurt. Keep in mind that your days might not be the same again, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Crying is okay because the relationship meant a lot to you.

Find something that will help you ease stress; once you’ve broken up, avoid checking on his social media platforms, not even if you chose to remain friends.

What Percentage Of Long-Distance Relationships Breaks Up?

A lot of people break up on long-distance relationships; about 40% of couples break up to 70%. And this occurs because of unplanned events and circumstances.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you might want to learn a lot about it. A certain survey found out that long-distance relationships last because 30% of these couples break up within three months of staying together.

Long-distance relationship has worked for several people. It’s just a matter of trust and understanding; if you don’t trust each other as a couple, then there is nothing that can separate you. For some people, it can’t work while it is perfect for others.

You simply should find a way to deal with problems that arise during the relationship and how to handle them because there is no perfect relationship after all.

What Kills Long-Distance Relationships?

Long-distance relationships are not easy as per everyone, but you can find yourself in. No matter what, so long as it’s a long-distance relationship, it’s simply hard. Below are some of the things that can break up this kind of relationship.

Unresolved fights

It’s easy to solve issues when around each other but difficult when doing it over the phone because every little time you get, you want it perfect, not to waste on some little issues. You should not do this because living things unresolved make it worse; nothing will change if you don’t talk about it.

Not trying

You should keep trying no matter how hard it seems; long-distance relationships are tough but keep going and don’t give up. Don’t just relax and wait for fir the other person to push you to do things; a relationship is two-way. No matter how busy you might be, try to create some time to talk to your partner make them happy when you can.

Infrequent visits

It might be hard to visit each other in this particular situation because both of you could be working, but it’s good to create time for each other. At least visit your partner once in a. It’s great to be together, and you might not have anything to tear you apart easily.

Lack of communication

This is the obvious thing that has killed a lot of relationships; simply because you don’t see each other, that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. Communication makes your partner feel loved and an important part of your life, so if the communication stops, your relationship will start falling apart.

Is Distance A Reason To Break Up?

Yes, it is, and actually, any reason is a reason to break up; someone can even break up for the silliest mistake ever just because they are finding an excuse to leave you. However, it’s understandable when some people break up because of distance, it’s not easy, and with a lack of trust, the relationship might not last.

Someone might not be comfortable about the distance and decides to end things, which is okay. Handling this kind of relationship requires trust from both sides.

If your partner is a clingy person, then it might not work for long because he or she wants to be around you all the time, and when you leave, he may want to be with someone else.

Pros of a Long-Distance Relationship

  1. You might be in a position to build trust
  2. Gives you time for yourself
  3. It gives you time to be with yourself and not family members you don’t like
  4. You can’t be annoyed by your partner
  5. You have more leisure time
  6. Technology has made it easy to maintain a relationship
  7. You can focus on your own goals

Cons of a Long-Distance Relationship

  1. This leads to mental issues
  2. Missing your partner a lot
  3. You miss physical intimacy
  4. The relationship is temporary
  5. Feeling so insecure
  6. You feel so jealous

What Are Red Flags In Long-Distance Relationships?

If you don’t want to get heartbroken, it’s good to know the most common long-distance relationship red flags so as to keep away earlier. Some of the major ones are; being flirty with other people online, always busy and unavailable, and not willing to the relationship.

The relationship is long-distance, but both parties should remain committed; what you need to do is prepare for the red flags just in case. Here are a few long-distance relationship red flags.

Always busy

For a relationship to work, presence and effort have to be available. Of course, you can’t be in a relationship with someone who is not there for you; your partner should not always be busy. And being there for you is having conversations, meeting, and being around each other all the time.

If the relationship is long-distance, then it definitely means you can’t meet. You should call each other, video calls, and talk about meeting soon.

So if you notice that all of a sudden, your partner starts being busy, his texting changes, calls reduce, and he always has excuses. Just know there is a problem, and you should start worrying.

Being secretive

Keeping secrets breaks relationships because it makes your partner anxious and insecure; it’s okay to keep it a secret only if you are planning a surprise gift for him, but apart from that, no secrets should be kept. So if your partner starts being secretive of late, don’t ignore it but don’t rush to conclusions as well.

Being flirty online

You can easily notice when your guy is flirty online, the kind of emojis he uses can be a red flag, but it’s not always every time. It could be a sign that he’s into that particular person, so in case you come across this, it’s not something to ignore. Especially if he doesn’t talk to you but busy on social media platforms flirting with some girl.

What percentage of long distance relationships break up

Should You Talk Every Day In A Long-Distance Relationship?

It depends on you, but a certain study shows that talking every day in a long-distance relationship might be harmful, and you don’t need to communicate every day. But before doing that, just know that communication is key in a relationship and without it might fail to work.

So if communication works for you, go for it, and if you are comfortable without talking, then we’ll and good. But how can you understand each other without talking? You have to talk no matter what.

Pros of Communication in a Relationship

  1. Increases engagement
  2. Makes it easy to resolve problems
  3. Creates a better relationship
  4. Helps in building trust

How Do You Fix A Long-Distance Relationship That Is Falling Apart?

A long-distance relationship can fall apart just because of many reasons, it depends on whatever happened, but there are some things you can do to save your relationship from falling. Below are some of the things you can do.

  • Talk to your partner about your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and any other thing about your relationship.
  • Avoid quarreling about issues over the phone or text
  • Give yourself time to understand how you feel and if you still want to be in that relationship
  • Give your partner time to reflect on things you talked about
  • Put down a list of things you think are not working for your relationship

When in a long-distance relationship, both of you go through various life experiences, and they change both of you in different ways; things might change a bit at this particular stage because you are not the same people that started dating.

Maintaining a good relationship online can be hard but sharing physical experiences helps a lot. In a normal relationship, people visit each other, and that is what brings them closer, but as for a long-distance relationship, you just communicate through the phone, and the strong ones only survive.

Long-distance is a whole lot of a big task, but to have a successful relationship of this kind, you need to know about the following things; what kills long-distance relationship, how to break up with someone long distance, the red flags in a long-distance relationship, percentage of long-distance relationship break up, whether you should talk every day in a long-distance relationship and how to fix a relationship that is falling apart.

How Long Do Quartz Watches Last

There are several types of watches in the market, and you can get confused, especially if you are shopping for watches for the first time. There are various things you should look at when buying a watch, one of the main on is durability and accuracy.

Of course, you can’t spend money on fake products that will only waste your money, take time to read and know the various types of watches and their features so that you don’t get confused when shopping.

How long do quartz watches last

How Long Do Quartz Watches Last?

Yes, quartz watches last for a long time, and you can rely on them; you need to adjust their movement. Replacing it could be expensive, but it doesn’t other types when it comes to mechanical movements.

Quartz can last for up to 30 years which is quite a long time; some of its parts might wear out but can be replaced. Those that have LCDs only last for ten years which is still a long period.

The movement of the quartz watch is known to be accurate and is much better than other mechanical watches. However, they can sometimes stop working for various reasons.

Why Quarts Watches Can Stop Working?

Water Damage

In case water drops on your quartz watch, you will realize that it might start to misbehave. Some of the parts will rust and can even go to an extent where they cannot be replaced.


One major reason why it can stop working is if the battery has stopped working. That is, if it uses a battery, keep in mind that some watches don’t use batteries.

Poor Manufacturing

Luxury watches have pieces and cogwheels that ensure your watch is ticking, and sometimes some of its parts might not have been accurately set up, and that makes the watch not work, thus requiring you to fix the issue.

What Lasts Longer, Quartz or Automatic?

Automatic watches last longer than quartz watches; automatic is preferred by many people because of their durability. Quartz uses a battery to function, and without it, then it doesn’t work.

It’s important to understand how these two works before you actually purchase them; knowing them better saves you from regretting later; it as well makes you prepared for the reality. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a watch is reliability and durability.

You should as well be able to know their movements; when it comes to durability, one with a good quality s should come first. Something durable should last longer without getting damaged in between. So when are choosing between quartz and automatic watch, go for an automatic watch. It’s great from various things as follows.

Featured of an Automatic Watch

Quality of Materials

Its materials are of high quality; that is why it is considered to be way much better than quartz. The manufacturers of automatic watches only use materials that have been tested and proven to be of great quality as, of course, its price is a bit high.

Fine Craftsmanship

Automatic watches are designed to be accurate and perfect; manufacturers have put great effort and dedication into coming up with this type of watch that is more advanced. The kind of craftsmanship used is perfect, and that’s what makes this watch unique.

Why quarts watches can stop working

Do Quartz Watches Need Servicing?

Of course, they do; servicing should be done once in a while to ensure that your watch is in a position to last longer. Don’t wait until the watch is completely spoilt so that you can’t try doing repairs; make sure your watch is at least serviced.

Its battery should be changed regularly, either one or two years, depending on the clocks make; however, quartz does not need a lot of services like automatic watches since it has few moving parts.

You can, however, do general servicing just to make sure it’s in good condition; if your watch is expensive, you will want to do anything possible to make sure it lasts longer; if you can’t do it on your own, consider visiting a watchmaker or repair for help.

Services Needed for Quartz Watch

This watch needs servicing just like other items around you; servicing helps the watch work perfectly. The process involves re-oiling its parts and cleaning them every time. Also, make sure that whoever repairs your watch checks its movement and any signs of damage.

So In case, you notice your quartz watch doing the following things, ensure you service it. Some of these things are some functions don’t work, stops suddenly and some of its parts starts falling off for instance hands. Keep in mind that these issues need to be rectified, or else your clock will be completely damaged.

Be keen enough, and in case you notice water vapor make sure it’s repaired by a professional, most of the clocks are made of stainless steel, but they can still rust. Therefore you need to clean and service it to prevent corrosion from occurring.

Do Quartz Watches Lose Value?

Yes, they do lose value after some time because they undergo a mass production process done on automated factories, while on the other hand, automatic watches rarely lose value because of the high-quality materials used to make them.

So if you are wondering whether quartz loses value or not, then yes, they don’t hold their value for long, though some of its type can. If you are thinking of our purchasing a quartz watch that doesn’t lose value, then be ready for disappointment.

However, you can take good care of your watch by ensuring that it’s serviced all the time and immediately repaired in case of damage. This doesn’t stop it from losing value anyway, but since it’s what you can afford, go for it because you can use it for a few years.

Everything loses value at some point, but you will have used it, so there is no loss on your side, quartz watches are awesome, and you can opt for them or automatic watches.

Reasons You Should Choose Quartz Watch


Quartz watches are affordable because of how they are manufactured. However, that doesn’t mean that quartz watches are not good; they are just cheap but last longer than you can even imagine. This type of watch is as well cheap to maintain, unlike mechanical watches, which are expensive to service.

Size of the Watch

Quartz is slimmer and much comfortable than automatic watches, it’s advantageous to those people with slim wrists, and they are slim and can easily slip under sleeves easily.


This kind of watch is very accurate no matter how cheap it might be; they rarely lose seconds as compared to automatic types. This is what makes quartz the most accurate watch.

Why is TAG Heuer Watch So Expensive?

It’s expensive because of the materials used to make it and the kind of movement it uses, it uses a better quartz movement, and that is what makes it too pricey. It uses mechanical movements, and to add to that, its finish and tag are a bit extensive.

If the tag is long on dial, movement, and case, just expects it to be pricey because whoever did so spent a lot of time to complete the task. It could also be expensive because the Tag Heuer watch is seen as one of the most luxurious watches, it’s a mechanical watch, and most people prefer them no matter the cost.

It’s always obvious that an expensive product is of high quality; it’s better you spend much but have something that will last you long; you don’t want to purchase something that will not benefit you in any way.

You can’t opt for a cheaper watch if that’s what you afford but if possible, purchase a high quality that will take you a while before you think of getting a new one. A good quality product saves you money and time because you don’t have to repair it every now and then.

Why is the Omega Quartz Watch So Expensive?

Omega watches are expensive because it is accurate and Swiss-made. The brand is amazing as it makes good products that target celebrities and that make people think that the watches are worth the high prices. Here are some other things that make the omega Quartz Watch so expensive.

Factors that make Omega Watches Pricey

Amazing Craftsmanship

Omega watches have been designed well and are of good quality. The brand ensures that all its watches are unique; it consists of beautiful lines and curves that make it comfortable on someone’s wrist. The design is a bit delicate, which is why Omega has retained its value for many years.

Swiss – Made

The watches are made in Switzerland, making them more expensive and also desirable or loved. Most watch lovers chose swiss-made types and very willing to pay the amount. Omega is among the most recognizable Swiss brands.

Space Heritage

NASA has always preferred omega watches for so many years apart from the moon watch, which has also been there for centuries.

Unique Design

The omega quartz watch is designed in a unique way, with precious materials and accurate movements that is why it’s too expensive. Its automatic movements are among what makes it pricey as well.

Should I Buy a Mechanical or Quartz Watch?

Both are good, but the best depends on what you think is best for you; picking between the two is a personal decision no one decides for you. What you need to know are their differences and similarities; this helps you decide which type you will go for.

Picking between quartz and the mechanical watch is your own decision. However, there are so many factors you need to look at when deciding. Some of them are discussed below.


Maintaining a mechanical watch is not that simple because it should be serviced at least once per three years, and the servicing needs a lot of money. On the other hand, quartz is replaced after two or five years, and this is because it uses a battery and its parts rarely move, thus requiring less maintenance.


None emerges top when it comes to reliability; some say that mechanical is long-lasting and its movement is reliable and can be used for long, while others think that quartz is very accurate, thus making the watch very reliable. Both can handle reliability. That is why choosing between the two is your decision.


When it comes to accuracy, Quartz tends to be better, but that doesn’t mean that Mechanical watches are inaccurate. The reason why quartz takes top here is that it only loses 4 seconds in a month, and on the other hand, mechanical loses five up to 10 seconds in a single day.


Mechanical watches last longer when we take care of them. On the other hand, quartz has a shorter lifespan and can’t last long no matter how good you look after it. This is one main factor you should always consider when buying one of these watches.


Quartz watches are always cheaper than mechanical ones, and this is because of the brand name and caliber; the reason why mechanical are expensive is because of their complicated mechanism.

Deciding what to choose between mechanical and quartz is someone’s decision. After all, both types are purposely meant for one function, to tell time. If you are on a tight budget, pick quartz since its battery can be replaced once a year.

If you are the type that admires or loves craftsmanship, mechanical works for you because its craftsmanship is on another level. It’s great and a unique type of watch you will always want to keep.

It’s hard to pick a watch, but if you want to do the right thing, you should at least know how long quartz watches last, which last longer between automatic and quartz if quartz watches need servicing, why TAG Heuer is expensive, whether quartz loses value over time and if you should opt for quartz or mechanical watches.