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Should I Trim My Beard While Growing It

Trimming a beard gives it a shape; a beard without a shape looks bad. It is disgusting to see hair protruding from the face; one should learn to trim the beard and how to trim it. If you follow a proper way to trim your beard, you’ll be aiming at having a proper length all over and a proper cheek line, beard neckline and moustache.

Facial hairs in different rates and different areas of your face, almost all people around do not have the same beard-growing style. Trimming your beard is very important for both your healthy growth as well as a fuller look.

If you are the type of a guy who grows a full bushy beard in a single week or struggling to get your mustache meets your chin hair, there is a way to make every facial hair situation look good. It is called beard styling. This is chopping away the follicles on your face to make your beard look good.

Should I Trim My Beard While Growing It?

To achieve your required look, you should as well trim your beard while growing it. You are growing out your beard you’ve decided that you want a big, thick beard to show off with pride. In the meantime it’s messy, some parts are longer, and others are shorter. Some are thicker, and others are not, but you don’t want to trim it, that shouldn’t be a disaster.

Even when you are still growing your beard, trim it slightly from time to time. That will keep your beard always looking neat and always under control. Out of control, facial hair looks bad, whether you are growing it out or not.

Trim your beard when you haven’t applied any styling product and is totally dry. That will give you the best idea of how long it is and where it needs to be trimmed. Trim it with mustache scissors. Use natural beard oil each day to keep your facial hair soft, conditioned and naturally shined.

should i trim my beard while growing it out

Trimming a beard makes it look neat and admirable. It prevents split ends, dishevelment and dryness. Ensure that your beard complements your face each and every day, especially if it’s working well with its shape. Here is how to trim a beard while growing it.

Comb the beard, moustache the whole lot, by combing it you will be able to spot a hair which is at a different length, make sure you completely trim the neckline and cheek line, use scissors to spot check and cut back any hairs growing faster than the rest, Comb your moustache to the side, trim it back to the desired length, then comb over the lip and trim any longer ones and finally soothe the area using beard oil to prevent itchiness, split ends and dandruff.

How Long Should You Let Your Beard Grow Before Trimming It?

Don’t trim it so soon; the right time is doing it after four weeks, trimming it too early causes your beard to become imbalanced, one size smaller than the other. Most men require three to five weeks before they truly understand how their beard will look like, the shape it will take. However, you should not trim/ shape your beard prior to the three-week mark.

When you are ready to shape it, which is after the four weeks of waiting, take time to know the style that suits you. Know if you are more of a short beard guy or if you prefer the stubble look. Once you see how your beard grows, you can start shaping.

However, if you can’t do it yourself visit a barbershop; go to a quality barber who trims beard. Your barber will trim the beard where it needs to be trimmed and leave alone those areas where it does not. At the end of the service, your beard will be looking awesome. In fact, for the first time, you should do it yourself because you might mess your beard.

From the beginning, get yourself a good beard trimmer, preferably one with metal guards. You can always trim more, but you will have to wait to grow it back. After the initial trim, look for areas that need to be trimmed more. Take your time.

When beginning to grow a beard, you need to have patience since beard takes some time to grow. To grow a good beard, maintaining it is the only option. Use a daily beard conditioner and premium beard oil. This keeps your hair soft and shiny, reduces itch, split ends and beard stuff all while promoting healthy skin.

How Can I Trim My Beard Without Losing Length?

You want to get your beard done or reshaping your beard without losing the length? Here are the steps to follow.

1. Comb the beard

The first step you always need to do is comb the beard; this helps you to see where all the stray hairs are. Use scissors instead of clippers because you want to keep as much length as possible, blend the sides with the front. There is no point in taking weight out of the sides if they want it to match the front. Use the line of the beard to cut an angle and sharpen up the edges.

2. Know where you can sacrifice some length

The line helps blend the length of the two sections and sharpens up the entire look of it. Pull out the beard to see how it sits if it has a dip, cut around the dip and see the difference in weight of the beard when it’s done. On to the mustache, comb away from the top of the lip to either side, cut the section underneath that grows over his lip, repeat the process to get all the little hairs. Don’t go too high as you might get rid of the thickness.

3. Rub on some clear shave gel

Rub on some clear shave gel to see what you are doing, take a razor and shave part of the cheek line and clean up. With that you are good to go, the length of your beard will be okay. Don’t forget to maintain your beard, always apply beard oil to achieve that best look you’ve ever wanted.

where to shave when growing a beard

What Is The Most Attractive Beard Length?

The most attractive beard length is the heavy-duty stubble, which comes after 10 days of growth; heavily stubble faces are more attractive than both fully-bearded and clean-shaven faces. There are several reasons as to why stubble beards are more attractive than any other beard.

They are seen as more hygienic; this is definitely not to say that people with long beards do not observe hygiene. But the fact of the matter is, a long beard accumulated more dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Regardless of often that beard is washed or cleaned; the likelihood is that there is a layer of dirt at the base of the hair’s and clogging skin pores. With a stubble beard, it’s easier to cleanse the underlying facial skin, and so this is less of an issue.

The stubble beard doesn’t mask bone structure; this is to say that it doesn’t mask the facial features. It gives the chin and jaw definition of prominence. Don’t hide your facial features with the beard as some of the people don’t like that. Don’t scare away your potential partner.

It is easier to be intimate with a stumbled man than a fully bearded man; kissing knowing that you might get lost in the thick depths of a beard can piss off your potential partner. The feel of stubble against your face isn’t ideal. It can be itchy, but that depends on the length. A well-groomed, well-nourished stubble beard is much more tolerable during those intimate moments.

Lastly is that it’s far more versatile, it’s attractive to walk around with a guy with a beard. Stubble beards work and are acceptable anywhere to can think of. It may not grab a lot of attention like that of a long beard, but sometimes that’s what the partner wants.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Short Beard?

It takes about four weeks to grow a short beard. Growing a beard can be different for every man, but there are things that you can do to help the process along. Genetics play a big role in the length and thickness of your facial hair. The time to grow the beard varies from two months up to six years, depending on how long you want to grow the beard.

The wider you grow the beard, the longer you can expect it to grow. Beard grows depending on how you maintain it. The average beard is about ½ inch per month, sometimes less sometimes more. How fast your beard grows depends on multiple factors, including your race, age and genetics. Most men will experience their biggest beard growth from around 25 to 35, although it varies for each person.

Is it Normal to Lose Some Beard Hair?

It is normal since your beard goes through several stages while growing. So when you see your hair shedding, you should not worry just know that it is a stage and it won’t last much longer.

After the beard has gone through this stage, the follicle will remain active for about three months, and a brand new shiny hair will come right behind it. The process repeats itself several times; it’s normal to lose an average of 20-30 beard hairs a day. No one should worry about the falling of hair.

You can at least prevent it by; there are some things we can do to help the growing stage last a little bit longer. When trying to optimize the lifespan of your beloved facial hair, it’s important to know that a healthy mind, body and skin produce healthy beard hair. Healthy skin produces healthy hair.

Beard hair loss is normal if you notice that you are losing more than 20-30 hairs a day, coming out in patches it’s important if you seek medical attention to see if there’s another cause. But there should be nothing to worry about since you are just experiencing ordinary beard loss.

What’s The Perfect Beard Length?

The perfect beard length should be about ½ inch; this length is not ideal for mustache as it will leave your mustache too short to style on the sides and too long over your mouth. The first thing that comes to mind while deciding the correct length of your beard is the face. Some men want it long for a masculine look while others want to keep it neat shaved and clean.

The best beard length is stubble; it’s the initial growth on the face after shaving. Try a style that will suit you. Depending upon the environment, the guy has to decide what is best for him. Men can get the right beard style by achieving the right feature of his face.

However, if you want to increase your hair growth, don’t shave with razors, stop shaving the beard completely, follow proper skin regime, quit smoking, do regular exercises, eat healthily, have a lot of water and sleep well. Following this helps you achieve your dream of having the best beard.

Should I Trim My Beard All The Same Length?

Cutting it the same length makes your beard look neat rather than one side being long and the other short. To achieve that you need to know how to shave the beard, ways to shave, and the style that suits you. Trimming a short beard is a hard task compared to trimming a long beard.

While trimming a long beard, you do not need to worry about proportions, messing with certain areas of accounting for the curliness of your hair. Cutting each beard hair across your face to the same length serves you well.

If you don’t trim the hair to the same length, your beard will not look neat the way it is required. Be careful, especially when trimming a short beard.

Does Trimming Beard Help It Grow?

It won’t make your hair grow; either will make it thicker or stronger. Trimming simply means removing a few inches but rather a tiny length of hair, use the scissors for trimming. This will be used to cut away the split ends that crop up during your beards growth phase.

Trimming your beard entails cutting off the split ends, with beards split ends are dry and look bad on your beard. Not only do they detract from your style, but they also hinder growth. Getting rid of them stimulates your beard by allowing new hair room to flourish. That is what trimming does.

It’s good to maintain your beard so as to look neat and achieve that required look, always apply beard oil. Most men spend a lifetime trying to mop oil off their face, but that should not come to the beard. Applying beard softens the bristles and hydrates the skin beneath while leaving the whole lot smelling fresh.

Know when to trim your beard, how to trim, if trimming helps hair grow if you can trim your beard all length and reasons for trimming the beard. Some of the reasons for trimming the beard are; promotes healthier looking hair; ease of food consumption, different facial structures and many more others that you need to learn.

For those men who want to grow beards but do not know how or where to start from, this is your time to do it. Growing a beard is simply that easy as you’ve read from this article.

Should I Use Beard Oil Every Day?

Growing facial hair comes with its share of frustrations like prickly problems posed by whiskers. However, most of these issues only affect the grower of the facial hair, but one of the specific issues that hurt the ones we love most is a dry and abrasive beard. Mustache and beard hairs can be quite strong like copper wire. Fortunately, there are many products out there that you can use to avoid causing pain. Having a proper beard care routine is essential when it comes to growing a healthy and happy beard, and one of the most popular beard care products utilized to fight an abrasive beard is beard oil. However, the type of beard oils you utilize, and the way you apply it significantly influences its effectiveness. Read on, to discover more about using beard oil to maintain a healthy beard.

Should I Use Beard Oil Every Day?

Numerous aspects come into play when talking about beard oil. In general, like the ingredients used, size of beard, climate, and the quality of the beard oil. Here are just a couple of things you might want to take into account for your beard grooming routine, especially when it comes to how often you might or might not need to use beard oil on your beard.

  • Use beard oil every day

If your objective is to get a presentable and healthy beard, then you should oil your beard at least 5 to 6 days in a week. That can assist in preventing split ends, dead ends, beard dandruff, and many other common problems. But if you are planning to spend your day at home relaxing during the weekend, then you can give both your beard hair a rest.

  • After or before your shower

You need to take your shower routine as well as when you apply your beard oil into account. Some people shower in the mornings and others in the evenings. Hot water and cheap soap always remove the moisture out of your skin and beard, and high-quality beards oil conditions and soften the facial hairs while helping to retain moisture as well. Also, you can simply towel dry your beard and then slap on and slowly work in the beard oil before combing or brushing, because it can assist in reducing the pulling and tugging.

  • Ingredients

Using quality oil made of concentrated natural ingredients will provide you with healthier results and also ease on your wallet even though the price tag is a bit higher. Generally, low-grade oils tend to have synthetic chemicals and water in them that are known to thin out the beard oil, which makes you run out of oil more regularly. On the other hand, you will need small amounts of concentrated and plant-based oils and can last an average beard approximately four weeks. Quality ingredients like jojoba and grapeseed oils naturally contain antibacterial properties that help keep your beard fresh and clean between showers.

  • Climate

Some people spend most of their time outside in the cold or sun, while others work from indoors in some more controlled environments. Most of these factors, together with whether or not you’re naturally dry, can play a significant role in how often or much beard oil you should apply to your beard in a single day. On average, you only need a single application in the mornings, especially if you are using high-quality beard oil. That will help you freshen and also soften up your facial hair for the day.

how often to use beard oil and balm

How Many Times A Day Should I Use Beard Oil?

Most people wonder how often they need to apply beard oils to see good results. The solution depends on your unique beard problems:

  • If you would like to get faster growth, then you need to apply beard oil daily to your cheeks, chin, and beard hair. Guys who apply beard oils daily normally experience faster beard growth when compared to those who don’t.
  • If you’re suffering from some fungal skin infection, you can apply beard oil three times a day for two weeks or until your infection clears. Also, make sure you utilize antifungal beard oils like tea tree essential oils, castor oil, and coconut oil, among others.

How Many Drops Of Beard Oil Should I Use?

How much beard oil you will need depends mainly on the length of your beard. If you have stubble, then two to four drops are enough. For medium-sized beards, five to six drops are plenty, and for a long beard, six to eight drops. You can play around with it until you discover the amount of oil that compliments your beard the best. The objective is to make your facial hair look natural and tamed, so too much beard oil will make your beard look heavy and wet. Also, applying too little will not help you capture the full benefits and effects that beard oils provide.

Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil?

We are all aware that beard oils are good for the beard and facial hair, but can you over-do it? The answer is: absolutely. When you utilize too much oil on your beard, it sits on the top layer of your skin, and that is when you get a buildup of grease on your skin and beard. You will find it dripping hour or so after application.

Apart from having a buildup of beard grease, the big problem here is that the oil will be sitting over the openings of your pores until it’s wiped off. That means any grime or dirt in there becomes trapped and can sit, which can eventually lead to acne, red spots, infected follicles, and irritation. These are some of the unsightly and painful side effects to something that’s meant to be helpful for your beard. The best thing is, it is quite difficult to over-use your beard oil, and once you realize you are, it is easy to fix, and all the side effects can disappear within a couple of days.

Do You Really Need Beard Oil?

Generally, the idea of applying some natural oils to enhance your beard grooming routine isn’t new. Beard oil is a traditional remedy that contains different essential oils that have antiviral and antibacterial attributes. Modern-day beard oils are currently enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that promote healthier hair and skin. Quality beard oils assist in preventing itchy skin and breakouts caused by dandruff. Other additional benefits that come with regular application of beard oil include:

  • A smoother and healthy beard that’s more durable and less prone to breaking
  • Softer and fuller facial hair
  • Making grooming routine much easier
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces skin irritation

Do You Wash Off Beard Oil?

Yes. You can apply beard oils at night before retiring to bed and wash it off in the morning during bath time. However, you should avoid applying oil on beard or facial hair in the morning, especially if after application, you plan to go outside because the oil will attract and also stick more pollutants and dust to hairs. As a result, the dust and pollutants will bring bad effects on your beard or hair growth.

should you use beard oil every day

Can I Wash My Beard With Just Water?

Yes. Your beard or mustache is as distinctive as you are. From the style, hair texture, skin type, and length, when you need to wash, it will vary from individual to individual. While many individuals are lucky enough to wash their beard when they are bathing, most people will require washing outside shower time to keep your beard clean, fresh, and growing strong.

You can wash your beard or facial hair using plain water alone, and you are unlikely to experience any substantial unwanted effects. Most men with long beards usually follow this simple practice, and it keeps them hygienic and well-groomed. Ultimately, most guys who use beard shampoos only use them two to three times per week. Utilizing it every day is not a good idea because it strips the skin of its natural oils, giving you dry and itchy skin.

How Long Does Beard Oil Last?

The truth is beard oil does not last forever, which means it has an expiry date just like other hair and skincare products. Some beard oils may last up to only six months, while some others can last for a maximum of six months. However, it always depends on the types of beard oils that you are using and the storage method as well. Whether or not your beard oils will expire also depends on the way, it’s kept. There are some instructions on how you should store specific types of facial hair or beard oils. For instance, you are not supposed to leave them open for a long period because they can absorb moisture and even cause it to lose its effectiveness easily.

Generally, beard oils expire but after a specific duration. As mentioned earlier, you will find some beard balms and oils that can last only for around six months, while others last up to a maximum of four years. Also, various factors might cause your beard oils to expire earlier and even result in their ineffectiveness. Leaving your beard oil bottle open can easily expose the oil to direct sunlight, which can easily affect its effectiveness. Your beard oils and balms should be kept in a tightly closed bottle at room temperature. Furthermore, it is always good to read all the guidelines and instructions properly to know how to use it and the expiry date as well.

Are There Any Side Effects Using Beard Oil?

Beard oils are often made from some natural oils that do not pose any threat to your skin or overall wellbeing. However, at times, faults may occur during the production process, or some ingredients might cause side effects. Some of the common side effects of beard oils include:

  • If the essential oils are exposed to air or light before being added to the beard oil, they can easily become oxidized, which can cause some allergic reactions. Hence, you should only buy quality products when shopping.
  • Some beard oil products contain. Citrus oils and this oil is usually photosensitive and might make you more sensitive to the UV light from the sun.
  • Sometimes, manufacturers add some synthetic fragrances when producing their beard oils. That can dry your beard, cause some allergies, result in dry and split ends, and also prevent quick beard growth.

When Should You Start Using Beard Oil?

The simple answer is today. You can start using beard oils at this moment. Whether you have a thick beard or you are just beginning to grow one, you can slather on nice and good quality beard oils and see the huge difference they make to your facial hair and skin. Also, if you are noticing that your beard is appearing dull or you’re losing some facial hairs or your skin is itchy and dry, then you should start using beard oils without any delay.

Generally, beard oils have incredible ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Almond oil, Olive Oil, and many other essential oils such as Sandalwood oil, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Rosemary essential oils among others. You can purchase beard oils over the internet or simply make some at home. Ensure you get the essential oils you prefer from reputable vendors and also blend them with the appropriate carrier oils before use. That is because using highly concentrated beard oils can easily irritate your skin or even cause some allergic reactions such as redness

While beard oils are a good way for most guys to moisturize their facial hair and beards, they are not for everyone. If you are at risk for photo-sensitivity, getting allergic reactions, or other health issues, then you can use only gentle shampoos and conditioners for your beard. Knowing what you’re allergic to is quite important, and it’s always a great idea to first test the beard oils on a small part before applying the recommended amount. You can use the useful tips discussed in this article to maintain a clean and healthy beard at all times.

How Long Does It Take To Get Toned Legs?

If one of your present fitness goals is generally to tone up and slim your legs, you might be impatient to realize some results. Even if you never skip exercise at all, it might be a while before you feel pretty confident rocking in a pair of short shorts. Dedication to exercise, along with good nutrition, can assist you in trimming fat throughout the whole body, as well as help you tone it. If you are looking forward to toning your strong legs and make a good appearance at all times, read on to get some tips that can help you slim and tone your legs in the shortest time possible.

How Long Does It Take To Get Toned Legs?

You will see a difference in both your legs after two to four weeks after beginning your leg exercises. However, you should give it four months at least to getter the big gains. Generally, your legs consist of the strongest and biggest muscles in your body. Slimming and toning your legs is not only important for workout performance, but they also prevent injuries, which makes your daily life easier. Again, building some lean muscle on your leg will assist you in regulating your body weight and also losing excessive weight.

You are more likely to get some noticeable results in two to four weeks after beginning a leg workout program. That might include a muscular definition and better stamina. Nonetheless, depending on the level of fitness you start with, it can take you three to four months to notice improvements in the strength and stamina of your legs.

Gradual increases and consistency in your exercise program are the main keys to slimming and toning your legs. Since the legs usually consist of the largest muscle groups of the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and glutes, you should target all these groups to strengthen, build stamina and tone. The most effective method to achieve these fitness goals is through a progressive resistance-training program that slowly increases in intensity within three months.

how long does it take to tone legs with lunges and squats

How Long Does It Take To Get A Toned Body?

If you are trying to get a sculpted and well-toned body, you will be anxious to realize some results. However, it’s also a fact that muscle toning is a time taking process that needs the right strategy and consistency. Besides, it also depends on a variety of factors such as diet, sex, and metabolism. Therefore, you should not compare your progress with that of your friend, just exercise at your own pace.

You should work pretty hard to build and strengthen your muscles, but that doesn’t mean that you spend your whole day in a gym or fitness training center. Performing some weight training exercises for around twenty to thirty minutes thrice or twice in a week is more than enough to see some good results.

You need to target a particular group of muscles each day. That’s because it’s not recommended to work on the whole body together. You can try correcting and increasing your repetitions over time to realize some results. Depending on the consistency and the intensity of your exercise, it will take around four to eight weeks for your body to get toned.

How Long Does It Take To Get Toned Legs From Running?

Your legs are usually made up of the strongest and largest muscles in your body system. Toning your legs and getting them in good shape is not only important for workout performance but for preventing unwarranted injuries and making your daily life easier as well. Furthermore, building some lean muscles on the legs assists you in regulating your body weight and also losing weight if that’s what you want.

You are likely to see good results within a period of two to four weeks after beginning a leg workout program or just running. That includes a little bit of muscular definition and slightly better stamina. Nevertheless, depending on the level of fitness you start with, it can take approximately three to four months to notice and also tell some improvements in leg stamina and strength.

How Long Will It Take To Tone Thighs?

Having some extra pounds on your inner or outer thighs can make it difficult to fit into your jeans and also keep you from putting on your favorite clothes. Luckily, you can shed that excess weight and also slim your thighs as well. Spot-reducing targeted areas of your body like your thighs, isn’t possible. To get rid off of excess weight on the thighs, you should strive for weight reduction in the entire body. As the fat percentage decreases in your body, so will the excess weight on the thighs. Having a regular workout routine and observing a healthy diet will assist you in shedding those pounds while doing specific strength training during weight loss will also tone your thighs. On average, you should be able to tell or notice some results in two weeks.

Does Walking Tone Your Legs?

Walking is among the most fundamental aerobic exercises you will find out there, but that does not mean it is not effective when it comes to toning your legs and trimming the fat. Most health and fitness organizations list walking as one of the most effective and best low-impact aerobic workouts for beginners who are getting started in fitness centers. It’s an inexpensive method for people of almost any level of fitness to begin shaping and also to tone their bodies. Besides, losing weight might be fast than you can ever imagine.

The duration you will take to realize some results when walking to tone your legs depends entirely on your willpower and determination. Also, you know you need to change your everyday diet for the better as well as increase your walking exercises. Keep those two objectives in your mind and begin toning those legs.

Can Flabby Legs Be Toned?

Yes. Therefore don’t just dream of having tight and toned thighs that easily slide into skinny denim and also look sexy in a classic pair of shorts, make it a reality. One of the best ways to achieve that is by minimizing the flab on the legs and also increasing the definition in your muscles.

If you are new to workouts, you can aim for at least half an hour of moderate-intensity cardio exercises on most days of your week. Walking on an inclined place can make for an excellent option because you will burn some more calories when compared to a flat road, and it also makes your legs work a bit harder to develop muscle. Simple cardio exercises, especially intense sessions, will serve double-duty in assisting your legs in shrinking down and firming up. You can also add in a couple of resistance-training sessions every week to develop muscle, and you will discover that your lean thighs have less flab and jiggle.

how long does it take to get toned legs from running

How Can I Slim My Thighs In 2 Weeks?

Legs and thighs are among the stubborn places when it comes to accumulating extra pounds. Here is how you can slim your thighs in two weeks.

How to slim and tone the outer thighs

Squat jumps are some of the effective outer-thigh toning exercises out there. You only need to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and then squat downwards as if you are sitting on a chair. From that position, throw yourself into the air while raising your hands above the head. Once you land back on the ground, you should immediately return into the squat position. Repeat these squat jumps 20 times.

The other way you can use to slim your thighs is the walking lunge exercise. This exercise will tone your inner-thigh, outer-thigh, stomach, and butt too. Start by standing with your feet together. Put your left leg in front of you while bending your right knee and lower it until it is several inches above the floor. Stand back up and then bring your right leg next to your left leg. Repeat the same exercise with your right leg. Perform at least ten repetitions on each foot. To increase the workout intensity and get faster results, you can try holding hand weights during the exercise.

How to slim and tone inner-thighs

Sumo squats are some of the best exercises you can use to slim and tone your inner-thigh. Start by standing with your legs together. Step your left leg out, double the hip-width, with all your toes pointed out a bit. Squat in a backward position as if you’re sitting on a chair , and then hold for at least two seconds. Go back to a standing position by putting your right leg next to your left foot and then squeeze the muscles of your butt. Repeat the workout, doing ten repetitions on your left foot, and then switch to your right. Holding some hand weights will assist in increasing the intensity of your workout and also give you quicker results.

The other workout that is good for slimming your inner thigh is the scissor kick. Lie down with your back on the ground, hands at your side and your legs extended around 45 degrees from the ground. Open and close the legs quickly by crossing the left leg over the right and then right over left. Perform twenty repetitions. Keep your stomach muscles tight to prevent your back from arching off the ground.

What Causes Saggy Thighs?

Thighs are a major cause of fear for a lot of people, mainly because the inner-thigh muscles can be quite difficult to target during workouts. Most overweight women might find loose skin developing in this part of the body. However, muscle targeting can be beneficial, although it does not solve the problem completely. If you’ve got loose skin on the thighs, perhaps you don’t need any assistance identifying it, nor would you like anyone else to help you identify it.

Nevertheless, for those who might be new to that, saggy thighs are usually characterized by some drooping skin that typically hangs lax from the muscles without tone. It’s often wrinkly and might have cellulite and is often common in people who have had a current dramatic weight loss. When obesity occurs, your skin expands to help accommodate the excess weight. When you lose weight, the added skin usually remains and can only increase the amount of weight lost. Also, sagging thighs can develop from age or lack of physical exercise. Excessive exposure to the sun can also break down the collagen found in the feet, causing the thigh skin to sag.

What Is The Perfect Leg Shape?

Everyone is usually perfect in their imperfections. However, if you think that you’re the shape of your legs might need a bit of correction, then it’s possible to achieve it if you just choose the right workout routines. The exercises cannot be random, and the selections might differ based on what you have to work on. For instance, you might need exercises to strengthen your outer muscles and also stretch the inner ones, but for others, it’s exactly the opposite.

To know your leg shape, you should stand straight, put your legs together, and look in the mirror to see where your feet touch. Pay good attention to your knees, calves, ankles, and thighs. If both your feet touch at the upper knees, calves, ankles and thighs, and have only one small gap from the ankles to the middle of your calves, then you should consider yourself very lucky. This leg shape is usually considered as normal and the best leg shape. However, as we all understand, perfection has got no limits. Hence it might be a great idea to do some of the most common workouts to keep your feet strong and toned.

Exercising at least five days in a week and following a balanced and healthy diet, along with doing the appropriate toning workouts three days in a week, can give you noticeable and good results in approximately two weeks. However, you should balance out your exercise routine with a healthy diet to assist you in maintaining or losing weight. Maintain a healthy diet and workout routine will help you to continue seeing some improvements. You should follow the tips discussed above to get well-toned legs but always talk to your physician before starting any exercise routine and also instantly stop if you experience serious pain.


How To Dry Shave Legs?

There are numerous reasons for shaving your legs as there are means and ways to do it. Or might be you are a passionate cyclist looking for an aerodynamic edge. Regardless of the reason, it can be a cumbersome, awkward process fraught with contortions and danger. One of the best ways to shave your legs depends typically on you. It’s based on how much your hair grows, how much leg hair you have, and how you were taught at an early stage. In this guide, we are going to look at how to dry-shave your legs to get silky, smooth legs.

How To Dry Shave Legs?

If you want to dry-shave your legs and minimize skin irritation, you will have to follow several tips:

  • Utilize a fresh razor every time

If you would like to dry-shave your legs, it is worth it to use a new razor every time. Most people believe that using new razors are more likely to cause cuts and nicks, but the opposite is true. Dull razor blades can pull at your hair and your skin, which may probably need more passes over the skin, causing more redness and irritation. Also, do not borrow someone else’s shaving razor because doing so can lead to various infections.

  • Use minimal pressure

Although it might seem like the more pressure you exert, the closest shave you get, pressing harder usually increases your chance for cuts and nicks. Be smooth and gentle, allowing the blades to do the work for you.

  • Look for a water substitute

Creating a physical barrier between your blade and your skin is helpful if you can get a substitute for water. Is there some cream or lotion close by, you can use it when you’re trying to dry-shave your feet quickly.

  • Shave in the direction of your hair growth

You might be used to shaving against your hair grain. However, when you’re dry shaving your legs, that can lead to pesky ingrown hairs and red bumpy skin. Instead, you should shave in the direction of your hair growth along with light, long, and slow strokes. If you’re able, you can pull your skin flat and firm with one hand as you shave with the other hand.

  • Shave once without repeating

If you have a strong desire to run the shaving blade over the same part multiple times, then you should avoid it. Making several passes over the same part, especially when you are dry, shaving your legs is likely to irritate your skin. If irritation occurs, you should avoid shaving until it disappears. If you are utilizing a new razor and carefully following the above tips, one pass is more than enough.

  • Moisturize

If you’ve got non-scented moisturizers with you, then you can go ahead and apply some on your skin. But if you don’t have any, you can skip this step. That’s because scented moisturizers are known to cause the irritation and razor burn that dry shaving is usually blamed for by many people.

How To Dry Shave Legs

Is It Ok To Dry Shave Your Legs?

Dry shaving refers to the act of running your razor over your skin without shaving creams, gels, or even water. Dry shaving is usually blamed for ingrown hairs as well as red and irritated skin. However, it’s possible and okay to shave your legs without water. While it’s true that shaving without lubrication might not provide you with a shave as close as that from wet shaving, it’s possible to shave your legs without water or shaving cream. When done the right way, getting a dry shave can easily and safely give you the smooth and silky skin you are after.

Can You Shave Your Legs Without Water?

Yes. You can shave your legs safely without water. If you’ve got a busy schedule and you know the requirements of dry shaving your legs, then it should not be difficult at all. However, you should remember and understand that proper use of warm water can soften the skin and hair to make the process easy.

Is It Better To Shave Wet Or Dry?

Wet Shaving is generally the traditional method of shaving. You start by soaking the part you want to shave in warm water, apply some kind of gel and foam on the area, and then run your shaving razor on it. In most cases, dry shaving is usually performed with specific types of electric razors, without using shaving gels or water. It’s usually used by individuals with sensitive skin and those who want a fast shaving solution as well.

Dry shavers typically cut the hairs at a particular distance from the skin’s surface, an advantage for individuals with sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it will give you a shave that’s not as smooth as with the wet shaving method. Electric razors utilized for dry shaving normally cost more and need more cleaning and maintenance when compared to the simple razors utilized in wet shaving.

Wet shaving provides you with a pretty close shave because when the hair is soaked in gel and water, it becomes softer and pretty easy to cut. If you begin with dry hair and skin, shaving will not be even, your hair will easily break down, and you’ll most probably end up with skin bruises. However, the preparation of your skin and the process itself takes a bit longer when compared to dry shaving.

The shaving method you choose ultimately depends on you and your preferences, which means there’s no wrong or right method. Your budget, skin type, and the time frame you allocate to shaving are some of the main factors that determine the shaving method you choose.

Do Wet Shaving Increase Hair Growth?

To effectively debunk this popular myth, it’s essential to know the phases of hair growth development. It takes around one month for your body hair to attain its full length. That is the reason why body hair is quite shorter than the hairs on your head.

Generally, hair gets its beginning in the hair follicles that are located underneath the skin. The roots of the hair are formed with the assistance of blood and proteins. As hair grows from its roots, it usually passes through the sebaceous glands and the follicles. Sebum produced in the glands usually helps in keeping your hairs lubricated as they grow longer. When your hair exits the surface of the skin, its cells die too.

When you shave your legs, you are slicing off dead hairs at the surface of your skin. Since shaving does not remove hair beneath the skin like many other methods of hair removal, you can’t affect its thickness, rate of growth, or color.

how to dry shave your legs with lotion

What Age Is Appropriate To Start Shaving Legs?

Different individuals begin shaving their feet at different times. The quality of body hair normally changes when an individual enters puberty and might be more noticeable than when they were younger. That may make younger children become uncomfortable around their friends and develop a desire to begin shaving.

Talk to your teenagers to understand where their desire to start shaving legs is coming from and make sure that they are aware it’s something that should be done more regularly once you begin. Waiting a little longer might be a better option, but you can teach good shaving techniques to teens aged between 12 and 14 years old before you give them a razor. Girls at this age are more likely to have the required maturity to avoid pricking or cutting skin when shaving.

What Happens When You Dry Shave Your Legs?

  • It shreds your skin

When you shave your legs without any lubrication, you are skipping on the essential steps for shaving. Generally, dampening your hairs using warm water and utilizing a good, lubricating gel or shaving cream is vital if you want to avoid razor burn, bumps, and cuts. Shaving without these important ingredients puts the blade directly against the skin, which might tug and also shred it during the shaving process.

  • It dries out the skin

Apart from lubricating your skin to enable the razor glide along with it with ease, shaving cream or gel also assists in moisturizing it too because shaving removes the top layer of your skin. Shaving without lubricants may end up severely drying out the skin, leaving it looking flaky and dull.

  • It causes a stinging sensation

If you dry shave, chances are you will endure the unavoidable stinging sensation afterward. This sensation can end up lingering for a couple of days, which can make you uncomfortable. You can calm it down by applying some Aloe Vera and avoid dry shaves completely.

  • It causes razor burns and bumps

When you dry shave, you are creating a recipe for razor burns and bumps, which leave your skin quite tender and unattractive.

What Are The Benefits Of Shaving Your Legs?

Deciding whether or not to shave your feet is a personal choice. Here are some benefits of shaving your legs.

  • Improve performance

Some swimmers and cyclists tend to shave their legs because they can assist in improving performance. Races, where the winners win by fractions of seconds, can have a different result if one person is slowed down by hair weight.

  • It feels smooth to the Touch

Most of the people who prefer shaved legs claim that it feels sexy or smooth. Hairless legs can also be a benefit when exfoliating the skin or applying moisturizer. That’s because the hair will not get in the way of cream or oil absorption.

  • Feeling clean and looking good

Most bodybuilding enthusiasts shave their leg and body hair because it provides their muscles and skins with a clean look. Also, hairless legs may help the rest of us simply feel cleaner.

Does Shaving Make Skin Darker?

No. Shaving your hair in any part of your body does not mean that the hair will grow back thicker, faster, or darker. The roots of this popular myth might be associated with the fact that your hair regrowth might look different at first. Generally, unshaven hair has a blunter, finer tip. Once you experience hair regrowth, you will see the coarse base and not the thinner, softer part that will grow back in the long run.

New hair might also look darker partly because of its thickness, but it might also be because the new hair has not been exposed yet to the natural elements. Exposure to soaps, sun, and other hair chemicals can easily lighten your hair. The darker shade of your hair regrowth might also be more visible than you are accustomed to. That is due to the hair color contrast, but it’s not attributed to the process of shaving whatsoever.

How Often Should You Shave Your Legs?

It’s okay to shave your feet every day, but if the daily shaving is causing skin irritation like ingrown hairs and razor burns, then you need to shave every couple days to give the skin enough time to heal. In general, how often you shave will depend on your genetics as well as your preferred outcome. Experts recommend shaving your legs every three to five days when you only want to trim or style and two to three days, especially if you would like a clean shave.

Shaving is one of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted leg hair temporarily. It is cheap, it’s pretty easy, and it is less painful when compared to waxing. However, shaving results do not last for a long time. Once you start shaving, your feet might require daily cleaning and maintenance to help keep them silky smooth. However, how often you should shave typically depends on how fast your hair grows. Dry shaving is usually met with a lot of tenderness, stinging, and skin irritation. If you have a busy schedule and have no time for wet shaving, you can follow the useful tips discussed in this article to shave properly to avoid skin irritations and regrets.


How To Shave With An Electric Razor Without Irritation?

If there’s one thing that many people dislike when it comes to shaving is discomfort like irritation that usually comes with it. The main purpose of shaving your facial skin is to obtain a clean and smooth surface of your sensitive skin. Most of the time, the primary causes of skin irritation are self-inflicted, and that could be by wrong techniques and poor maintenance. In today’s article, we will look at what electric shaving entails and also give you useful tips on how to shave using electric razors without experiencing any skin irritations.

How To Shave With An Electric Razor Without Irritation?

If you are tired of experiencing skin irritation or nasty razor burns after your shaving routine, then you are in the right place. Here are some simple techniques that you should follow when shaving to avoid irritation when using an electric razor.

  • Identify the sensitive areas of your skin

You should be conscious when it comes to spotting the delicate parts of your skin first before doing anything else. That’s because when using an electric shaver, there are some tendencies that it may get too hot; therefore, you need to shave those parts that face the risks of irritation before shaving the other parts. That way, you can prevent rashes, redness, soreness, and many other skin-related complications.

  • Clean your skin properly

Most of the time, people prefer dry shaving utilizing an electric razor; hence, shaving creams and lotions are not needed. However, make sure you wash and also clean your face until it’s scorched and ready for shaving. It is paramount to know that having a wet skin that is not properly cleansed will only limit the closeness and smoothness of the shave and cause soreness in the long run.

  • Shave before the set time

One of the ways to shave without experiencing irritation is shaving before the set time. A set time refers to that moment when you’re ready to look amazing. To achieve that, you should shave around two hours before then to help you get good results. That way, the skin will get enough time to relax, and the level of irritation will reduce.

  • Select good pre-shave lubricants

Shaving lubricants have always been beneficial because it boosts performance. They are pretty useful, particularly if you go for the right products. Nevertheless, there are many lubricants to utilize different kinds of shaving, but some of the most common ones are powders, creams, lotions, and gels.

For wet shaving, make sure you select the best types of creams and gels available out there because it does a lot on the skin. Also, for dry shaving, you should make use of pre-shave lotions and powder so that you can have a good time shaving. If you don’t get the right product, you could eventually get some irritation while making use of a lubricant.

  • Select a mode

Since an electric shaver can be used by either a foil or rotary shaver, you have the chance of choosing a suitable way depending on the schedule you have. For instance, you can have a traditional shave on those days you are less-busy and a fast shave when you’re running out of time or have limited time. All of that is to reduce or prevent skin irritation.

  • Applying the electric shaver gently

You should apply the electric shaver gently on your skin to avoid cuts or skin irritation. You should apply the lowest minimum pressure possible and only increase the pressure to average when you encounter strong or stubborn hair at specific spots.

  • Utilize a circular pattern

Rotary shavers need a circular motion to get a smooth and clean shave. Shaving in a circular motion will help you keep track of the face, and also avoid shaving some areas more than required. Shaving this way will give you a better opportunity to get rid of facial hair in stressful situations and multiple directions.

  • Use reliable after-shave substances

If you usually wonder why some liquid substance is applied every time on your head after getting a haircut, well, it is a disinfectant that is alcohol-free. If this can be used on the head, then you should use it also after shaving your facial hair. Get a great after-shave spray, balm, or liquid that’ll not only disinfect your skin but one that can also dry out your skin and prevent irritations of any kind.

  • Clean your shaving machine

Many people do not always seem to clean their shaver, and it contributes a lot to skin irritation. Once you are done utilizing your shaver, make sure you clean your shaver and the razors to avoid dirt and clogs.

how do you shave with an electric razor without irritation

Is It Better To Shave Wet Or Dry With An Electric Razor?

When and how you and with what shaving tools have been a subject of debate for some time now. Some guys usually swear by the traditional wet shave, while others choose to allow an electric shaving machine to handle the hard graft. The main difference between electric shaving and blade shaving is the way hair is cut. With electric shavers, the hair is usually cut between some two blades, just like the movement of scissors. When it comes to blade shaving, the beard hairs are cut using a single stroke of a blade.

There’s no wrong or right when it comes to how you shave. It all trickles down to your hair type, preference, skin, lifestyle, and budget as well. Some guys are passionate followers of one shaving method or the other, but most men prefer the rare wet shave due to its skincare benefits and luxurious feel, followed by regular maintenance with a high-quality electric shaving tool in between. Whatever route you choose, as with a lot of things in life, prior preparation is vital for both electric and wet shaving, and if you don’t do it properly, then your facial skin will suffer.

Do Electric Razors Cause Less Irritation?

Yes, Electric razors may cause less irritation. You should know that the case of irritation after shaving your skin is yet to die down completely, but there are some electric clippers or shavers available online that do not cause skin irritations like the traditional technique of shaving hair. You need to understand that experiencing irritations after every haircut is usually an effect that has presently become a norm. However, with the invention of the electric shavers and clippers, the tone is changing.

Can You Cut Yourself With Electric Razor?

Yes, it can still cause some small nicks or even some bad razor burns when using an electric shaver. It is less likely to occur when compared to utilizing a razor blade to shave, but it’s possible. However, the best way to prevent that is by not pressing the electric shaver too hard on your skin. If you apply a lot of pressure, small bits of skin tissue that surrounds the hair follicles or any other small imperfections in your skin will poke via the slots and holes and get cut by the shaving blades.

Is There An Electric Shaver That Shaves As Close As A Blade?

A manual razor will provide you with a closer shave than its electric counterpart because there is a physical barrier between the blades of an electric razor and the skin mainly in the form of a comb or a micro-foil. A manual razor usually provides a closer shave. Nevertheless, conventional wet shaving also comes with its significant drawbacks, and modern-day electric razors have come a pretty long way, especially when it comes to comfort and closeness. There are electric shavers that will not get quite close to your skin, but there are many other high-performance electric razors out there such as Panasonic Arc 5 and many others that can get pretty close to your skin to give you a close shave.

How Do I Prepare My Face For An Electric Razor?

One of the best things to do if you want a close shave is to make sure you prepare your face before the shaving so that the shaving blade can cut the hairs without any stress. To maximize your comfort during the shaving routine and your razor’s performance, you should ensure that your shaver and skin are completely dry. For this reason, don’t wash or exfoliate your facial skin or even take a shower before shaving. Again, if you’ve cleaned your razor using water, ensure it’s dry before you start shaving. The best time to get a dry shave will be in the morning shortly before taking your shower.

An electric shaver puts up with several potential obstacles like lack of lubrication, flat-lying hairs, skin moisture, and oils. Powder or an electric pre-shave lotion provides a lubrication layer, absorbs and removes moisture, tones your skin, and makes the hairs stand straight. For many guys that shave dry, using a pre-shave in their shaving routine will be incredibly beneficial.

how to shave with an electric razor without getting razor bumps

Can You Share Electric Razors?

Just like the manual shaving razors, electric shaving tools are meant for personal use alone and shouldn’t be shared among users. That’s because skin infections and harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus can easily get transmitted. Furthermore, some germs can also be present in your skin without any clear signs of infection. Therefore, you should never share your electric shaver with someone else.

Do Electric Shavers Leave Stubble?

Yes. That’s because many electric shavers come with different trim settings. If you are the kind of man who likes varying his look shaving during the week but allowing some stubble to grow over the weekend, then a rotary shaver is perhaps the best option for you since it’ll be better when it comes to dealing with longer hairs. Nevertheless, if you would like a goatee or a definition around sideburns, a foil shaver would be a good option for you.

Are Expensive Electric Razors Worth It?

Well, a cheap electric razor with an unpopular brand name might not only be cheap but it may also be poor in performance. Recognized brands offer all kinds of electric shavers from low-priced to expensive ones. The low-priced electric shavers offered by these brands come with basic features of shaving and may have a handy trimmer for your beard. But the expensive models offered by these brands usually come with a variety of features such as LCD, high RPM motor, more cutting blades, and charging and cleaning units, among others. Therefore, an expensive electric shaver is worth it depending on what you are looking for and your preferences.

Should I Use A Razor Or Electric Shaver?

If you are a guy who shaves, you will most likely fall into one of the two categories – men who utilize a razor, or those who use an electric shaver. An electric shaver refers to either a rotary or foil shaver, and a razor means either a safety razor or a cartridge razor.

Both shaving methods offer distinct cons and pros, and both ways are equally feasible, depending on what you are looking for. Shaving is usually a subjective experience, meaning that no one shaving method is worse or better than any other. It is entirely a matter of your priorities and personal preference.

If you are unsure of what is best for you, then you can give both methods a try, and then make your selection based on which way you like more, and the one that works better for your face. Don’t allow preconceived ideas to stop you from achieving the best shave for your face.

When shaving with an electric shaver, you need to understand that the tool does a big percentage of the task while you control everything else by your actions. That means that you need to be careful when handling all these things to help bring out your best look. Many things irritate your skin, which we have discussed along with ways to avoid it. If you strictly follow the procedures and tips laid out above, you are going to have a better shaving experience while using an electric shaver without having any irritation.

How to Get Fair Skin for Men’s with Home Remedies?

The rough and rugged look had its day. Men today are more interested in looking clean, and professional these days. For around the office, for parties, and all other events, men are looking to achieve a new look. As men become more conscious about their looks and health, the search for fair skin ramps up. Flawless skin is no longer just a prerequisite for women. Men want to be well groomed and look their best too. There are a ton of products out there to help them. Or, there are some effective home remedies to get you looking great naturally.

How to Get Fair Skin for Men’s with Home Remedies?

The products are out there and men are trying everything to get the perfect complexion. Because of facial hair, men’s skin gets more dull than women’s skin. It also gets more tanned from outdoor work and activities. This leads to uneven exposure and uneven skin tone.

Many of the products out there for men to try contain harsh chemicals. These do work for some people, but not everyone. Instead of chemical-filled skincare products, there are home remedies that do the job more naturally. Men can have fair and flawless skin without a visit to the beauty store.

The most common reason men develop uneven skin tone are hormones, age, sun exposure, and use of steroid-containing medications. There are plenty of lifestyle changes men can make to achieve lighter and healthier skin tone.

How to Get Fair Skin for Mens with Home Remedies

Stay hydrated

Water acts as a moisturizer from the inside and can soothe skin, reduce redness, and prevent dryness.

Use sunscreen

The UV rays from the sun damage the skin by generating free radicals. Dark patches, redness, and peeling occur with too much exposure. Skin cells even begin to change, increasing the risk for skin cancer. Prevent skin damage, pigment changes, and dark spots by regularly using sunscreen when outdoors. Ideally men need to use one that has a high SPF and added moisturizer.

Avoid certain foods

There are some foods that trigger inflammation that can damage the skin, causing redness and uneven skin tone. The snacks and drinks known to cause dark spots and uneven complexion include:

  • Spicy foods that increase redness
  • Processed foods that increase fat and inflammation
  • Sugary foods that cause wrinkles and dark spots
  • Dairy which can trigger irritation
  • Alcohol which causes redness as blood vessels in the face dilate

There are a number of natural home remedies men can use to get fair skin. Common ingredients around the house contain important nutrients that nourish and heal skin. Yogurt, potatoes, milk, honey, and turmeric.

Men can buy plain yogurt or make your own to make a mask for your face. Use Gtreek yogurt if you want to reduce the runniness of the mask. You can also use yogurt alone or add other beneficial ingredients to enhance skin tone and glow.

When using yogurt: Gently massage yogurt over your skin for a few minutes. Rinse completely with lukewarm water. Do this process daily to get the best results.

Try yogurt with honey: Honey is added to tighten the pores and clear up complexion. Simply mix 1 tablespoon yogurt and 1/2 tablespoon honey to make a fine paste. Apply this paste all over the skin. Rinse completely with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Repeat this two or three times a week for the best results.

Try yogurt with orange peels: The pels contain more nutrients than the fruit. Orange peels can brighten and tone complexion quickly. When mixed with yogurt, you have a natural and effective skin care treatment. Place orange peels in the sun until they are dried out. Grind them into a fine powder and mix 1 tablespoon with yogurt. Apply the paste to your skin and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Do this a few times per week.

Make your own potato brightening mask. Process a peeled potato in a juicer and apply the juice to your face using your fingers. Leave this on your face for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. You will notice brighter and even skin after only a few of these potato juice treatments.

Honey has already been discussed as a natural face tone remedy. Adding it to milk creates an essential face mask for soft and clear skin. Two tablespoons of honey mixed with two tablespoons of milk is all you need. Heat these gently for a few minutes to form a paste. Make sure it is warm and not hot as you do not want to burn your face. Apply it all over the face including your neck. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. When used a few times a week, wrinkles will be noticeably reduced, skin will be tighter, and skin tone will be more even.

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic which can prevent bacteria from growing and spreading on your face. This reduces the appearance of acne to leave glowing skin. When combined with apple cider vinegar, you get the same astringent qualities of a toner. The more natural toner is gentle on your skin and delivers better results. Turmeric also acts as a natural lightener and can reduce dark circles. It also stimulates circulation which increases blood flow to the eyes, reducing puffiness. Poor circulation is also a contributing factor to dark circles.

Keep reading to learn the specific ingredients and benefits each of these foods has to offer.

how to glow skin for male naturally

How Can Men Improve their Skin Tone?

With age comes hormone changes that affect every part of the body. For the skin, pigmentation changes, tone becomes uneven,and dark spots appear. Nothing makes your face look unhealthy more than an uneven tone. Luckily, there are home remedies and natural products men can use to correct skin tone. With the right complexion, any look is achievable.

Is Yogurt Good for Skin Whitening?

Yogurt is a natural way to whiten your skin and chances are you already have some in the fridge. Men, on average, have more tanned skin as a result of being outdoors for work and activities more often. Whitening treatments to tone the skin are expensive but yogurt can do the same job.

There are several ingredients in yogurt that work to protect skin and lighten tone.

  • Lactic acid is a natural moisturizer that relieves dry skin
  • Zinc can slow the aging process that causes discoloration and wrinkles
  • Calcium heals dry skin and reduces flakiness that changes tone
  • Milk astringent properties tighten pores which reduces uneven tone and clogged pores
  • Riboflavin protects the skin from free radical damage caused by excessive sun exposure

Several B vitamins also provide benefits.

  • B12 lightens any skin discoloration
  • B5 brightens dull skin and reduces acne scars and dark spots
  • B2 encourages new skin cell growth to replace discolored skin

Is Potato Good for Skin Whitening?

Another natural and highly effective whitener for skin is potatoes. Just as with yogurt, potatoes contain several beneficial compounds that improve skin health and even skin tone. With the natural darkening that skin does with age, potatoes are an easy way for men to maintain a healthier tone and complexion.

Potatoes contain an important enzyme called catecholase. This enzyme naturally brightens skin and reduces dark spots. The result is a fair and even skin tone. Potato juice can be used to remove dark circles from under the eyes. This vegetable also acts as an anti-aging agent and gently exfoliates the skin. Adding potatoes to a daily skin care routine will help men achieve lighter and more even skin tone naturally.

Is Milk Good for Skin?

Milk is full of nutrition and essential vitamins. You can get the benefits of milk for your face by using it topically. You don’t need to drink it. You can avoid most of the unpleasant side effects of milk such as acne breakouts, by using it on the face. If you are lactose intolerant however, you should not use milk in any way.

Use milk on the face to reduce acne. While acne tends to disappear in men in their early twenties, ican linger into adulthood for some. Applying real milk and not artificial milk in cleansers works wonders. Soak a cotton ball or two in milk and wipe the face. Dirt that is removed will be obvious on the cotton ball. Yourpores will be left clean and your skin will be soft. Rinse with warm water when you are done.

Raw milk is also a natural way to whiten skin. The lactic acid in milk achieves this and is ideal for men with sensitive skin. Mix equal parts of milk and aloe vera gel and wipe across your face using a cotton ball. Allow the mixture to stay on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Doing this once a day will achieve lighter skin in no time.

Is Turmeric Good for the Face?

Turmeric gets its health benefits primarily because of curcumin. This is the bioactive component within turmeric that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There are numerous benefits that turmeric has for your skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can reduce the symptoms of common skin-related disorders. Blemishes and eczema can cause skin tone changes as a result of mass inflammation. Turmeric relieves this, providing clearer skin and no redness. When added to moisturizers, turmeric is proven to reduce fine lines and the appearance of brown spots caused by sun exposure and aging.

Is Skin Whitening Safe?

The brown pigment in your skin is melanin and it is made by special cells. Skin lightener products block the formation of this pigment, resulting in a more fair skin tone. While it is often referred to as skin bleaching, that is not accurate. You are temporarily stopping melanin production and this will wear off eventually.

Most skin lightening products you can buy contain hydroquinone and this is not uniformly safe. It has been linked to cancer, rashes, and has been known to darken the skin. Many skin lightening products also contain steroids or mercury, both of which are very dangerous for the skin.

It is recommended for men that want to lighten their skin, to use more natural products. There are several natural foods and remedies you can use to achieve the same results. Fair skin and even complexion is as far away as your kitchen. Just remember than with lighter skin comes more danger from UV rays. So wear sunscreen to protect your new evenly toned skin.

Can Laser Whiten Skin?

Using lasers to whiten skin is becoming a popular option and is considered safe compared to other procedures. Also known as a laser peel, laser whitening uses laser bursts to remove dark blemishes and reveal lighter skin. The lasers destroy the melanin-producing cells, thus halting the natural pigment production process. Over time, your skin becomes lighter.

The results of laser whitening will vary with some people seeing little to no results. Others report fading quickly after a few weeks. Risks also vary per person. In general, the risk of laser whitening includes increased risk of infection, excessive whitening, and rashes. When more natural options exist, why take the risk.

Men care about their skin too. The rugged look is not in right now and men want to look their best for every occasion. There is no need to spend a ton of money on expensive skin care products. There are more natural treatment options to boost skin health.

Several ingredients in your kitchen provide the best in skin care and will even up that tone and complexion in no time. It is easier than ever these days for men to get fair skin. Just remember to protect your new fair skin with a strong sunscreen before you head out to show that new tone of off.