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Best Men’s Belts for Jeans

Belts come in handy for many uses and at many times. They may simply help you to put on your normal trousers. Other than that, they also serve the role of adding some aesthetics to your demeanor not to mention that some even help you in carrying out your day-to-day chores. These belts are many in stature and scope.

For this reason, it may often be tricky to find the most suitable one for the job. Our goal in the following conversations is to aid you in doing just that. We have sampled and are going to look into the best belts that money can buy in the meantime and how to find the most suitable one for the job.

Best men’s belts for jeans

Hanks Jean Belt – 1.5″ Men’s Leather Belt for Jeans

Searching for a belt purely for casual wear and use? Waste not your time with any other than this one. Its equally casual style is the one that primarily allows for the attainment of that very feat.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Low-profile Buckle

A low profile buckle stands tall among the key features of the belt. Thanks to this awesome part, the belt is well able to fasten faster and easier than you would with the ordinary belts.

Classic Retro Style

It does come about in a classic retro style that gives your wardrobe a spectacularly amazing upgrade. With this also come some rugged and masculine appearances that are fair to behold.

Soft and Comfortable

On the whole, the belt is truly soft and comfortable to wear. This stems mainly from its lightweight and the fact that it is devoid of the many complicated parts and components that stress users.


  • Exhibits some premium quality and overall outlook
  • Delivers durable and timeless styles
  • Lasts longer and resists cracks as well
  • Tough and enduring to all forms of damages
  • Enjoys a 100-year warranty


  • Unsuitable for official wears
  • Does call for thorough timely cleanup
  • Slightly costly to come by

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Belt

Want some style and elegance to your appearance? This is the belt we would recommend that you pick and employ for the job. It is indeed able to add some eye-catching looks and appearances to you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Leather Accents

Some leather accents the entire length and breadth of the belt. They have the ability to give out a more sophisticated finish that is truly good to the eyes. That way, they add some beauty and aesthetic to you.

Contrasted Stitching

Some contrasted stitching also adorns the entire strap of the leather. The stitch gives the belt a distinctive finish that similarly adds some aesthetics to it. In light of this, the belt also adds some beauty.

Tommy Hilfiger Logo

A Tommy Hilfiger logo lastly adorns the belt. As you already know, the logo does have the ability to give the belt some legitimacy and beauty that the other brands are incapable of executing.


  • Gives you a sense of elegance and style
  • Pretty eye-catching to behold with the eyes
  • Comes in multiple colors for you to choose
  • Available in multiple sizes too!
  • Exudes sophisticated and distinguished finish


  • Slightly bulky to hold your hands on
  • Strenuous to hold and handle around
  • Demands extra care and maintenance

Style n Craft 2-Inch Work Belt in Heavy Top Grain Hunter Leather

Are you a serious workman? We invite you to attempt this one and make it a part of your own operations. It is strong enough to allow for extensive use for holding tools and other associated items.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2-inch Wide

Its width straddles 2 inches. This allows it to be strong and reliable enough to hold all of your essentials firmly without letting them fall off. The strength exudes also enable lifelong use and applications.

Heavy Top-grain Black Leather

The heavy top-grain black leather is used extensively to make the belt up. As we know, this material is stronger and more resilient in nature. It comes along with some two-tone pull-up effects to expedite handling.

Metal Roller Buckle

Its fastening mechanism comes in the form of the metal roller. The roller is made of heavy-duty metal that is double-pronged. A silver finish complements the metallic base for added aesthetics.


  • Bears excess weights with ease
  • Stronger than many of your ordinary belts
  • Stitched for added beauty and elegance
  • Useful for casual occasions also
  • Yields greater returns on investments


  • May not fit all the loops of jeans and trousers
  • Too masculine for female use
  • Strenuous to handle and carry around

Dickies 100% Leather Jeans Belt

It is no doubt that leather belts are stronger and more flexible in one go. You badly want to lay your hands on one to be able to tap into the dual benefits that such belts have to give to anyone.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Genuine Cowhide Leather

The leather in use here is the genuine cowhide leather. It exudes some softness and awesome stature that the ordinary materials are incapable of giving off to any user of these clothing.

Tone-on-tone stitching

Binding the constituent parts of the belt together is the tone-on-tone stitching. On the whole, this stitching is firm and resilient. Thus, it serves to maintain your belts in the most reliable forms all the while.

Robust and Durable Construction

All factors taken into account, the belt is robust and highly durable indeed. You have it for your use for those long-term applications as it stands taller to the elements of wear and tear.


  • Available in multiple colors for you to choose
  • Adjusts to the various sizes of your waists
  • Enjoys the backing of a reputable brand
  • Adds a bit of flair courtesy of the extra stitching
  • Works well in troublesome environments


  • Performs fewer operational cycles
  • Tends to abrade at a rate that is faster
  • Comes at slightly higher costs

Levi’s Men’s Reversible Casual Jean Belt

For your maximum value for money, you want to tap into a reversible belt. This is a belt that may tighten your waists in whichever direction that you choose. Get your hands on this specific one to get started.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Reversible Construction

Setting it apart from the others is the reversible construction. It is this one that allows it to discharge the desired ends in whichever direction you may choose to work with. This way, it yields added returns on investments.

2-in-1 Versatile Belt

The belt is two-in-one in the sense that it allows for two-color and styling options. To leverage the option that is desirable to you, all you have to do is to swap or flip over the belt and that is it!

Variable Color and Sizes

As the last benefit, the belt itself is available in variable color and size options for you to pick and make use of. The combination of these variables makes you more comfortable and well taken good care of.


  • Pairs with many suits and casual outfits alike
  • Its total stitching achieves a firmer grip of the parts
  • Looks greater to eyes and when held with the hands
  • Adds a touch of beauty and adornment
  • Shuffles to and from casual and official attires


  • Calls for tender care and handling
  • When scratched tends to be uglier
  • Its leather component is quite weak

Beltox Fine Men’s Casual Leather Jeans Belts

Want a belt you can look up to just about everywhere? Waste not your time with any other apart from this one. It fits many occasions and environments of use as the parties and work areas.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


Of all the belts we have under our review, it is this one that is available in many colors. The belt indeed is available in the coffee, burnt umber, and brown hues which are by far the most elegant of all.

Variable Size

Next to the color availability is the ability of each belt to vary its size appropriately to conform to the unique requirements and sizes of your waists. By reason of this, it guarantees the utmost comfort all the while.

Silver Brushed Design

In all, the belt comes about in a silver brushed design that enhances your beauty and overall ambiance. The design also adds some aesthetics in ways that your ordinary belts are incapable of attaining.


  • Works hard to uphold your own comfort
  • Available at a price that is somewhat competitive
  • Allows you to customize it to your unique designs
  • Makes you feel richer and more confident
  • Delivers an awesome feel and vitality


  • Not as strong as need be
  • Cannot endure difficult applications
  • Requires periodic and regular reinforcements

Marino Men’s Leather Belt, Classic Jean Belts for Men

Are you a man who loves pomp and classiness? We invite you to attempt your luck on this specific belt. It does have all the trappings necessary to imbue a sense of elegance and grandeur to you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Single-pin Buckle

Unlike many of the belts we have on our radar, this one contains only one pin buckle. The existence of this one pin allows for easier slotting and retrieval if and when the need so dictates.

Classic Leather Belt

In its entirety, the belt does have a classic design and overall stature. Thus, it is able to add some beauty and prestige to any man who lays his hands on it. This makes it suited for official wears and use.

Genuine Leather Belt

Only genuine leather has been employed to make the belt up. On account of the use of only genuine leather, the belts are stronger, softer and more agile to make do with. It guarantees you some added peace of mind while in use.


  • Varies its sizes to yield the perfect fit
  • Its sizes range from 32 inches to around 56 inches
  • Dress you comfortably and elegantly all the while
  • Hand-washable for easy maintenance
  • Unlikely to sustain stench or stains


  • Lacks any functional values or capability
  • The single buckle is not strong enough for heavier weights
  • Cannot handle excessive fidgeting for longer durations

Tips for Purchasing the Best Men’s Belt for Jeans

Match the Dress

Your first and foremost consideration should be that the belt you have in mind matches the dress and the occasion you are prepping for. The colors, tones, and the entire construction of the belt have to tally with those occasions you are preparing for. Insist on more neutral colors for better experiences.

best mens casual belts for jeans

Material Construction

Coming in next is the material construction of the belt you are intent on leveraging. A good material to prioritize is genuine leather as it is the strongest and longest lasting. In particular, the “full grain leather” is the most desirable for the job as it is the most reliable.


To be able to get the most of these belts, you also want the belt you choose to possess an excellent finish. Of particular importance should be the shines and the exterior adornment. The matte black finish and the gold coatings are some of the best finishes you might want to look up to.


Finally, you also want to factor the buckle of the belt. It is the buckle that fastens the constituent parts and components firmly together to prevent the same from slipping through your hands. The best buckles you choose ought to be firm and hard enough for your maximum reliability.

FAQ about men’s belt for jeans

Q1. What kind of belt goes with jeans?

The wide casual belts are the best for use alongside the jeans. They tend to be stronger and more stable to be able to bear the excessive weights that come along ordinarily.

Q2. Should a man always wear a belt?

NOT really! Only when attending to official duties or performing some strenuous chore is a man required to put on the belts. A belt should never be worn after a heavy meal or when sleeping.

Q3. How do you determine men’s belt size?

You should use a tape measure to mark out the dimensions of your waist. Then proceed to select a belt that is slightly larger or wider than your waist. The purpose is to give some room for the expansions of your body.

Q4. Is it OK to wear jeans without a belt?

WHY NOT? Belts are only used when the waist is too narrow to accommodate the entire jeans. If the jeans are smaller or narrower, a belt might not be necessary or needful.

Q5. What should men wear alongside jeans?

Blazers, coats, tailored jackets, slim-leg jeans, white shirts, and loafers are some of the outfits that you may put on alongside the jeans. They blend well with the same attire and give rise to better looks.

We can never over-emphasize the benefits of the belts for jeans. Indeed, these attires are awesome for the use in enhancing your own looks and appearances. As you may have already seen, some even have some functional values as they enhance your productivity when tackling manual labor.

Finding the most suitable one for the job is by all means crucial. To help you in getting started out well, we ask that you prioritize the ones we have identified and reviewed above. Mirror each of them with your own unique desires to try and strike a balance on that which may be necessary for you.

As you find the right one, pay keen attention to the costs and the uniqueness of the occasion at hand. You definitely want to match the belt with these two metrics as nearly as possible. All these are necessary for your best results and outcomes.

Best Smelling Leave-In Conditioner

Could it be that you have been seeking the best ways forward with regards to taking good care of your hair? Well, we are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place. Our review and buying guide hereunder endeavors to inform you of the best products to look up to.

We have also prepared a guide to let you know what to consider when attempting to find one for yourself. For a start, the leave-in conditioner is a special hair conditioning product that is applied to hair that is freshly cleansed. Unlike your ordinary conditioner, this one is left overnight for maximum impacts.

Best smelling leave-in conditioner

Renpure Coconut Based Leave-In Conditioner

Wary of the harsh chemicals? Choose this conditioner as it is the one that contains the least potent formulation. As you are about to see, this product is also safe enough for use on sensitive scalp.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Plant-based Beauty

It derives its chemicals and formulations from the plants rather than animal products. For this reason, it is devoid of any chemicals like phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, and sulfates.

Coconut Water Natural Oils

At the base of these plants, nutrients are some coconut water natural oils. Coconuts penetrate the skin faster and deeper to yield the moisturizing contents and nourishment needed sooner.


Coconut oil is also nutrient-rich in the sense that it delivers the vital moisture and nutrients to the entire depth of the skin. Thus, it plays a crucial role in repairing the damaged hairs and skin cells too!


  • Adheres to the set ethical standards
  • Absorbs faster and instantly
  • Nourishes and softens your skins gently
  • Its formulation is pretty safe and secure on you
  • Reverses any damages to the skins and tissues


  • Has a weaker potency
  • Its outcomes last a shorter duration of time
  • Disparages the oily skins

Damila Thermal Protection Conditioner

Have issues with the keratin contents of your skins and nails? This product will get you there. It does come about in a combo set that plays the role of extending the life of your keratin treatments.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


The product is completely safe. As such, it is highly unlikely to strip away the effects of the Keratin complex and the treatments that are associated with the same. This keeps your hair shiny and healthy.

Natural and Botanical Extracts

It contains plenty of natural and botanical extracts. These are completely devoid of the salt and the sulfates that are wholly known to be harmful to your hair strands. They also generate some shines.

Professional Strength Formula

All the vital nutrients and extracts above are intertwined with some professional-strength formula. The end result of this formulation is some powerful and enduring impacts whenever the same is applied to the hair.



  • Incapable of yielding any further impacts
  • Lacks the ability to moisturize the hair strands
  • Relevant for the hair alone

Briogeo Hair Strengthening Leave-In Mask Conditioner

Do you have weaker hair strands? Set your eyes on this particular conditioner. Its formulation is such that it can indeed strengthen the strands to make them stronger, healthier, and of course, shinier.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Strengthening and Reparative

The product is generally capable of strengthening and repairing the weaker strands of hair. Because of this, it is possible for you to make good use of it while showering out in the open.

Clinically Proven

It is further clinically proven for safer handling and unconstrained impacts. You may hence leave it intact on your hair for a prolonged duration of time without any likelihood of ever damaging the same.

Natural Reparative Micro-oil Beads

Unlike your typical conditioner, this one does not have the silicones that are difficult to wash away. Instead, it contains the natural reparative micro-oil beads that have the ability to mend the hair.


  • Useful in and out of the shower
  • Tested for clinical health and safety
  • Restores the levels of hydration to their highest levels
  • Expedites the heat and styling of your hair
  • Makes the strands easier to comb through


  • May be too difficult on sensitive scalps
  • Too thick to spread easily
  • Quite strenuous to wash away after application

Amika Hair Silk Conditioner

Is yours a sensitive skin or scalp? We caution against using the normal conditioners for your hair strands. Instead, we insist that you pick and use this one as it is less potent and highly unlikely to damage your scalp.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Potent Hydration

It does have some potent hydration traits that add some moisture to the scalp and other portions of your hair. While it does so, it fuses your hairs with some fatty acids and other added nutrients.

Creamy Formula

The nutrients and hydration potency come about in a creamy formula that makes the contents settle smoothly in the scalp and the pores with ease. At the same time, it also spares your stress while applying it.

Extremely Safe

On the whole, the conditioner is extremely safe. As such, it is possible for you to devote it to your use on the hairs that are treated by color. Its lack of artificial colors, sulfates, and parabens make it safer.


  • Infuses your hair with fatty acids
  • Capable of detangling your hair strands
  • Enriches the strands with antioxidants
  • Expedites the shampoos and other hair-cleansing products
  • Applies faster and settles after a shorter time


  • Too gentle for the normal hair
  • Washes away pretty fast and easily
  • Its impacts last a shorter duration of time

Garnier Fructis Smooth Leave-In Conditioner

Does your hair sustain frizz most of the time? This is the conditioner to set your eyes on. It is specially formulated for the task of combating frizz as is evidenced by its strong and potent formulation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Argan Oil

Setting the conditioner apart from the others is the existence of the Argan oil in its formulation. The oil is the one that is responsible for the combating of frizz as it penetrates deeper in the hair follicles.

Sleek and Shine

Other than combating frizz, the conditioner also sleeks and shines your hair. Unlike the similar sleeks and shines of the ordinary conditioners, the one for this one lasts longer and is hence economical.

Reputable Brand

Garnier is largely known to be a reputable brand. By choosing to work with its line of products, you similarly get to enjoy the selfsame benefits. In all, these benefits are better and more long-lasting.


  • Blended and inspired with nature
  • Nourishes and colors your strands
  • Delivers some smooth and shiny appearances
  • Leaves behind lasting smoothness and shine
  • Tackles unmanageable hairs conveniently


Difference between Rinse Out and Leave-In Conditioner

The leave-in and the leave-out conditioners are two of the most outstanding products of these kinds in the market. It pays to get to know more about them to be able to find out the one that would be most suited for the job:

best smelling leave in conditioner for curly hair


It is possible for you to apply the rinse-out conditioner on the damp hairs or while showering. That is because it is mainly used when showering and rinsed out with water thereafter. As for the leave-in conditioner, you have to apply the same only on dry hair and out of the shower.


Their benefits also differ significantly. A rinse-out conditioner coats the outer layers of the hair strands to nourish and protect it. Also, it restores the nutrients that are lost while shampooing. The leave-in conditioner on the other hand mainly prepares the hair for the subsequent purpose of styling.


A typical rinse-out conditioner comprises plant oils, high molecular weight silicones, proteins, silicone, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and surfactants. The leave-in conditioner, however, comprises sufficiently high levels of humectants and glycerin that lubricate and hydrate your hairs. These two also blend together toad some shine and health to your hairs.

Texture and thickness

They also differ with regard to the texture and thickness of the products. Generally, a rinse-out conditioner has a thick and dense texture. That is due to the fact that they have to be rinsed out after applications. The leave-in conditioners nonetheless are lighter in texture and friendly to the hair.

Things to Consider Before You Buy the Smelling Leave-In Conditioner

To find the most suitable conditioner for your course, there are issues that you have to pay attention to. We highlight and explain these issues here below:


The ingredients that make the conditioner up should be your first and foremost consideration. That is because the kinds of ingredients in use have a bearing in the efficacy of the conditioners altogether. Some ‘must-have’ ingredients are Argan oil, coconut milk, and coconut oil. These are the ones that have moisturizing effects.

Hair Type

Your kind of hair also comes in handy when choosing the right leave-in conditioner. If you have dry hair, you should choose a conditioner that has moisturizing effects. A curly hair, on the other hand, requires a similarly curly hair conditioner. Take care of your scalp as well.

No Harsh Chemicals

It is in your best interest to settle for a conditioner that is devoid of any harsh chemicals at all. That is to take care of the scalp and prevent your hairs from possibly cutting off. Insist only on those products that have a plant or only natural formulations and ingredients.


Many manufacturers do engage in the production and distribution of these products. Not all of them though may be able to deliver the same topnotch benefits that you could be yearning for. It is because of this that you have also to be sensitive to the brands and their niches.

Benefits of a Good Smelling Leave-In Conditioner

Regardless of their precise kinds and ingredient mixes, these leave-in conditioners do play more or less similar roles. Below are the main benefits they potentially bring along regardless of their uniqueness:

Detangles the hair strands

The number one benefit of the product is that it detangles your hair stands. In this way, it prevents the formation of knots and frizz. It also makes the hair strands easier to spruce up and comb while growing. This is over and above allowing for smooth adornment with oils and hair foods.

Moisturizes the hair strands

Many of these products are also designed to add some moisture to the hair strands. That is because many of them contain sufficiently high levels of water, moisture and other agents that have potent hydrating power. Use them to complement your other hair care products more so if it is too hot.

Softens your hair

When used consistently for a fairly long duration of time, the leave-in conditioner helps to make your hair softer and smoother to the feel. They tend to make the hair strands suppler and well able to stand straight and tall regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions and temperatures.

Expedites the styling

As a last benefit, the leave-in conditioner expedites the styling of the hair strands. That is because of a mix of several factors that make the hair strands better. Among these are combating frizz, hydrating the strands and the nourishment of the hairs to name but a few!

Our comprehensive and laborious look into the best smelling leave-in conditioners come to an end there. We now trust that you have the armory necessary to proceed and make the best of them going forward. All you have to do is to pick at least one from the list above.

Though the list above is not exhaustive, it is nonetheless relevant and outstanding. That is because we have expended much of our time and effort in identifying the most suitable ones for you. You may hence count on the ones above to be able to do a better job for you.

It pays to learn about the dynamics of your hair and scalp that lies underneath. That is the only piece of the puzzle that is left for you. A firm knowledge of the dynamics of your hair will let you narrow to the most specific one for your own use and needs. Best of luck as you move along!

Are You Supposed to Wear a Belt with Suspenders?

Belts have become common these days; it is not easy to see a man without a belt. Recently we have a leather belt which is a new invention. During the old days, before the first wood war, belts were mainly used to decorate uniforms won by military forces and aristocrats and officers.

Traditionally suspenders were the only device used to hold up men’s trousers. Up to these days, suspenders are the first option for holding your trousers.  Men have frequently decided on whether to wear suits with belts or suspenders.  Men have entirely forgotten the procedure or protocol in selecting the method to hold their pants up.

In the last half of the 20th century, belts became common than suspenders leading the way up to this moment. But from retro faux nostalgia, suspenders have become trendy, and men are going back to suspenders as their preferred method of holding their pants up.

The main challenge with the new generation is that they do not wear suspenders, and the most violation is wearing a belt and suspenders.  Is the right to wear both?  Suspenders and belts are both meant to hold your pants up, so why should you wear both, not right at all.

Are You Supposed to Wear a Belt with Suspenders

 Do You have to Wear a Belt with Suspenders?

This is something that brings confusion to many of us, whether to wear suspenders with a belt or not. Seeing someone wear a belt and suspenders is something that is cringing worth. There’s no clear rule that states that it is no to wear them both, but it is a big no to do so. Below are some of the reasons why you should not wear a belt with suspenders.

It is redundant

This is one of the reasons why you should not wear a belt with suspenders. It should be an obvious thing to us, but you will still see some people walking down the street wearing both suspenders and a belt at the same time. Primarily, belts are supposed to hold your pants via cinching in at someone’s hips or waist.  Suspenders are intended to put your pants rightly in place by holding your pants over the shoulder. Suspenders are very uncomfortable; they create a flattering silhouette throughout your day, mainly because it will not force your midsection to be highly squeezed to hold your pants. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether to use a belt or a suspender, but if you feel they can’t hold your pants, then it is your time to see your tailor.

It is unflattering

As we have earlier seen that belts clinch your waist, and in most times, it creates uncomfortable muffin top. You need to add a pair of suspenders that will frame your muffin boom and top.  It is the best way to draw the attention of another person to your gut. It might be only right for those people who have Greek god-like bodies and do not have problems at people gawking at their chiseled like abs. But either way, wearing both is still a big mistake to make.

It is a terrible thing

Yes, wearing a pair of suspenders with a belt is a terrible thing you can ever do in your fashion life. There is no way you will look good by wearing both; it is awkward, gawky, and uncomfortable look to put on; it is just an everyday wrong thing to do. It can be related to just wearing a visor and a baseball hat at the same time. It is just pointless

Bad image

A bad image is what will result from wearing both suspenders and a belt. There’s no way you are going to look good wearing both. Wearing both is an obvious error to make, and it goes further to create 3 sides of squares in the middle of your body, producing your image to be a rectangle. Rectangle image is something none of us want to be associated with, no matter what you believe in. But for those individuals who think rectangle are beautiful images, they should know that wearing suspenders and a belt is a bid no, it is usually a faux pas. People will eventually notice and think less of you as a Person.

From the above observations and tips, it is evident that wearing suspenders with a belt is a very wrong idea to do. Unless you are attending a special event that forces you to wear both or you are performing a certain activity that makes it necessary for you to wear both.


What Kind of Belt to Wear with Jeans

Wearing belts is not something new to men. It is something they are accustomed to. Many people don’t bother a lot on the type of belt to wear. Sometimes you might have a belt that you prefer most or you’re just alternating between brown and black belts. There is no nay wrong with choosing a preferred belt but we should be very careful to choose one that will match with what you are wearing to flow cohesively with your other outfit. Some other things in your accessories and outfit can significantly affect whether your belt will match. When you wear a mismatched belt it ruins all your ethical fashion and will hurt your efforts to be fashionable with a stylish look. What is the correct belt to wear with your jeans?

what kind of belt to wear with black jeans

Should I wear a belt with jeans?

Some individuals think belts are not necessary when one is wearing jeans. Wearing one can certainly bring in more benefits, no rule states that you must wear a belt with jeans or otherwise. If you want to look classier and add some dynamics to your look, then go ahead and wear one. Also, if your jeans are big enough and won’t stay appropriately on your waist, then you have to use a belt to make sure your jeans are tight in your waist.

Moving around with your pair of jeans is something that makes most of us feel better in whatever event or occasion we are attending. Jeans keep us to be stylish and comfortable at all times, especially when we match them with the right belts. Getting the right belt for your jeans can be time-consuming and confusing as well.  The decision is yours, if you decide to wear a belt or not with your Jeans. Many people prefer to wear a belt with jeans while some do not like it.

What kind of belt to wear with jeans?

Not all belts are suitable for wearing with Jeans; we have some things to look for when selecting such belts. Below are some tips to help you in choosing the best belt to wear with your jeans.

what color belt with white jeans

Your shoes

The first thing is to look at your jeans, in today’s world, people wear jeans at a business or even in offices with casual dress codes, shoes are the ones which are mostly on the side of the old tradition. It is for this reason that when you are choosing the type of belt to wear with your jeans for a casual look, you have to consider your shoes first. If you want to put on leather shoes, then it will automatically mean you will have to wear a leather belt.

Also, when you are in your casual outfit, your shoes need to match with your belt in terms of the material. If it happens, you are wearing leather sneakers; you will have to wear a leather belt. For canvas sneakers, you should also get a canvas belt as well for suede sneakers to get for you a suede belt.

In all cases, your shoes must match with your belt in color. Colors matching can be challenging sometimes; we have to stick to black shoes and belt in most cases to have fewer complications.

Color matching can be a frustrating thing in many cases. Therefore it is essential to go to a fashion-conscious to help you opt for a common color. Wearing casual Jeans, your belt can complement shoes in color.

Watch the width

The width of the best you are going to choose is important; it will determine the kind of trousers you are going to wear.  We have belts in different widths. Generally, belts can be said to be wide when they are 1.5 inches wide or more, and are they are 1¼ inches; they are supposed to be narrow. Wearing wide belts look good, especially with a casual outfit, while narrow belts are best for formal or official fabric and events.

So how does your belt fit in all these two scenarios? Denim is the kind of rare material that will perfectly fit here, at it can be paid with both narrow and wide belts.

You can also gauge the level of formality for the occasion based on the type of shoes you are going to put on. But we have a more straightforward solution for you, dark denim is for the narrow belt, and light denim is for wide belts. Generally, anything that is lighter than dark blue is hard for taking as formal.

The right buckle

A buckle is very important to your belt. It is something that means a lot to your belt. For dressier occasions, a narrow belt works best here as it has a more conservative buckle. While we have other things that come to play, but it highly depends on someone’s preference and taste.

Other things like visible snaps or buttons can also guide you on the type of buckle to choose; you will always want to choose one that marches them. The simple buckle is a symbol of modernity and reason. Having very large and loud buckles, it suggests adventures and more confidence. The important thing here is to find your preferred style and go with it.

In a casual setting, more creativity is allowed; buckles can be used to show a brand and a nice look. This is of concern to some individuals, but it will be essential to choose a buckle that goes with your sense its personality and style better.

If you were wondering if it is right to wear jeans with a belt, I believe this article has enlightened you on the benefits of wearing Jeans with a belt. Don’t hesitate; try it out today, and you will enjoy the whole experience of a nice look.


How to Wear Suspenders Stylishly

In this century everyone wants to appear classy and elegant. People want to embrace trendy fashion over time. When you maintain smartness for some time, people will begin showing you respect and to a great extent value your presence at work, school, seminars, and meetings among other places. One of the trendy fashion items that make bridegrooms and their best men excellent look during weddings or photoshoot are suspenders. They make individuals have an extraordinary touch when they are with their colleagues.

Suspenders are often worn with both formal and official clothes like tuxedos. Most people rarely wear suspenders with belts because wearing both will make them not to be presentable. They generate an outstanding appearance to owners especially when they are worn with appropriate trousers. When you wear suspenders, you comfortably enable your trouser to hang appropriately especially from an individual’s waistline.

how to wear suspenders fashionable

What Are Suspenders?

Suspenders are also referred to as braces. They are long cloth straps that usually go through your shoulders and to a great extent down towards the trousers. Most of them are normally associated with buttons or clips on the end and the clips usually attach to the waistband and they overall join at your back to form an X or Y-shape. Suspenders come in different shape, size and materials. Some are designed from silk, rayon and even wool blends.

Suspenders add more value to the look of an individual than the use of belts on trousers. They are often simple to wear and generally improve the personality of a person. Once you put on your suspenders, you won’t find challenges of either cloth band or leather pressing up against your natural waist when you intend to have a seat.

These accessories can improve the appearance of your clothing and wardrobe. They normally help owners to keep excellent posture which consequently maintains the skeletal structure and organs in the appropriate form. Additionally, they ensure that the trousers of men are in appropriate waistline and thus preventing pants and shirts from being bunched up unattractively.

How To Wear Suspenders Stylishly

For you to achieve stylish wear of your suspenders there are factors you need to put into account. These things you need to pay attention to are not limited to the following.

  • You need to prioritize fastening your suspenders with buttons and not clip buttons will make you feel comfortable and they are also easy to unbutton where necessary.
  • It is inappropriate to wear your suspenders together with a belt on your trouser. IT makes you appear awkward because belt usually bunched up your pants and shirts,
  • You can try to wear suspenders with pants that contain belt loops; there is no wrong in doing so.
  • You need to ensure that you do appropriate adjustments to your suspenders because it will allow you to feel comfortable between our buttocks and pants. Adjust to the point where you will feel comfortable.
  • Suspenders usually suit pants that contain little space to your waistline. They don’t work well with pants that are very tight to your waist.
  • You need to know that your belt which has a formal cloth is not recommended when you wear suspenders. They will destroy your classy appearance when you have suspenders.

are suspenders in style

Choosing the Right Type of Suspenders

Suspenders are associated with the following types:

  1. Suspenders that you attach to the shorts or trousers with clips
  2. Those that you button to the trousers or shorts

Clip-On Suspenders

Clip-on can comfortably be placed to any pant or trouser. They are normally versatile as compared to button-on. These suspenders are usually considered casual and generally appear snazzy with attires such as fashion-forward clothes, funky jeans and city-shorts. You can easily attach it to your attire by beginning to clip them at the back as you move towards the middle of your waistband. You can then pull it over the shoulders towards the front to ensure that you attach the clips that have remained to your waistband front.

Button-On Suspenders

They are normally considered more formal as compared to the clip-ons suspenders. They are unique because they require jeans or trousers to contain six buttons that are hidden inside your waistband to ensure that your loops of suspenders are button onto. Your tailor or yourself can add suspender buttons if your pants don’t have them to ensure that you look pretty. The good thing is that when you have suspender buttons, your suspenders will comfortably fall in a relatively straight line from your waist to the shoulder. When you intend to place button-on suspenders to the trousers, you begin at the back. You then put on your short or trouser, thereafter you pull your suspenders over the shoulders and finally you button them in the front place.

Suspender Width

The right width of your suspender will always ensure that you achieve a better look. You have to make sure that the scale you choose suits your suspender. This is because when you select a particular scale, it can significantly impact on your whole appearance. The skinny suspender usually generates casual appearance while the wider suspender brings a formal and classy look to the user.

X-Back versus Y-Back

X-Back is always generated when your suspender cross in your back forming the letter ‘X’. On the other hand, Y-Back is often formed when your suspenders join absolutely around your mid-back and forms one strap such as the letter ‘Y’. The Y-Back is usually regarded as the trendiest and the most updated suspender; it is the choice of many people nowadays as it gives them an outstanding appearance.


The interesting part about suspenders is that you can easily customize it to suit your preferred proportions. You can loosen them when they are tight or just adjust them to fit your size. Most of them contain metal clips on their front straps that can allow you to adjust your suspender until you get the proper length that can suit your waistband or frame.

Different Ways to Wear Suspenders

The basic rule that overrules other rules as far as wearing suspenders is concerned is that you should never wear suspenders together with a belt. Wearing them at the same time is an overload and it makes you feel awkward and unbearable. Always consider this so that you can embrace a better look when you are in a group of fellow men. It is your role to maintain smartness at all cost.

The following are the diverse ways or reasons for wearing suspenders. They include

  • For Formal Business or Work

You need to set your objectives right when you focus to wear suspenders for work or business purposes. You are required to embrace suspenders that will give you a formal look. You have to be cautious enough and wear suspenders that will prove to your colleagues that you understand your attire very well. You need to begin with pair(s) of classic hue especially taupe, black, a navy which coordinates well with the color type of your shoes. This will make you accomplish a classy and elegant appearance. You will appear like an individual who wants to execute his functions or authority at work.

  • For Formal Events and Weddings

Weddings are always a special moment for the bride and the groom. The attire they wear always says a lot about how well or bad they prepare for their big day. For the groom and his men, the best attire they can put on is suspenders on their clothes. They appear smart, neat, clean and amazing when they evenly wear suspenders. Groom and groomsmen need to select suspenders that fit them well and the one that will make them stand out. Most of them should go for button-on suspenders so that they can comfortably adjust them where necessary. It will be important when their suspenders correspond with their shoes. They should also embrace suspenders with a wide spectrum for them not to struggle when they want to sit down on seats.

For formal and important events, you need to be sure with the suspenders you intend to wear, make sure you go for quality and standard shirt plus trouser. French cuffs are said to be the choice as they are very stylish and classy. You need to also look for eye-catching and outstanding cufflinks to better your appearance. Go for suspenders with the best tools and accessories inclusive of bowties and natty pockets. These things will make you stand out well.

  • On the Town

Going in the town for a walk or business can appear less casual. Some people can decide to go to town with their sports shoes plus shots while others prefer funky jeans with casual shirts. The secret of going to town neatly is by embracing wider suspenders with quality shirts and trouser or shots. They will make you look stylish and classy. Always go for the suspender that best suits your frame. This will make you look and feel very comfortable.

  • Hanging Out

Suspenders are globally known for suiting people who love going to hang out. This is because hanging out is seen as trendy and fashionable. Most people embrace this idea and so far it has gain momentum worldwide. This is attributed to the fact that suspenders are a simple and clear way to create and generate a personalized statement of your style. Always ensure you pick the right suspenders for hanging out, this will consequently make your day great.

  • On Women

Women usually like borrowing stylish look from their counterparts, men. They like embracing menswear to add better look. One of the stylish looks that women have borrowed from menswear is wearing suspenders. It gives them an improved edge on their appearance and they look sexier. Rocky suspenders usually suit women well and this gives them more joy.

Suspenders vs. Belts: Which One to Choose

Your taste and preference will often have a say on what you think fits your style or interest. You decide to choose the one that you love.

There is no way suspenders can serve as a perfect substitute for belts, the truth of the matter is everyone has their own goals when it comes to attire. For some, some love certain belts for their clothes for different occasions, situations and reasons. Telling them to switch from using their accessories to embrace something different can be challenging. Therefore, they need to understand how a certain attire or style works so that they can make their own choices.

For instance, when you wear suspenders, you will barely feel uncomfortable, your pants will always be in the right place, and they won’t be bunched up, unlike the time when you are using a belt.

Suspenders look classier and dressier. They are also great for people who are short as they elongate their legs. You can also put suspender buttons on your own if your trouser lacks them. Not to mention, you can also accomplish a better look when you wear shoes that correspond to your suspenders. Belts are also good as they can comfortably be dressed down or up. They also come in different styles and can be worn in different situations. Belts are also easy to select the one that suits you.

Therefore, you need to put into account what is good for you in terms of comfortability, occasion, style and possibly fitness of your pants when you want to choose either of the two.

Suspenders are crucial tools that can add value to your appearance. You need to select the one that fits your needs well so that you can be proud of yourself. Your occasion, comfortability, your style and preference will have a great influence on the type of suspenders you will embrace. It is inadvisable to wear suspenders with belts at the same time.

As you look for effective suspenders pay attention to their length, material, leather and width. It is critical to select the one with a wider spectrum because it gives you a better look. You are advised to follow the above tips when looking for the best suspenders globally.

Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards

Short beards have a distinctive trait of being pretty close to the skin. If and when the person concerned has sensitive skin, it might be tricky to trim them. To be able to do this job, you have to bring in a trimmer that is specially designed and intended for just that.

Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards

Wondering where to start? Well, you have indeed arrived at the right place. Our reviews and buying guide hereunder endeavors to provide the starting point you badly need for the job. We do realize how treacherous it is for anyone to kick start the exercise just like that.

Best beard trimmer for short beards

a.) Remington MB4040 Lithium-ion Powered Mustache & Stubble Trimmer

Looking for a trimmer to use repeatedly for an extended duration of time? You have no better friend than this one. It is super strong and durable. Beyond that, it also has the uncanny ability to accommodate many extras and accessories. These extend its range of functionality.

Over and above trimming your beard, this gadget is also able to impact other parts of your body. Unlike your typical trimmer, this allows for the adjustments of the length and other vital blade parameters. By virtue of the Lithium-ion battery power source, it lasts longer than many of its alternatives.


  • Lasts a prolonged duration of time
  • Negates the need for frequent recharges
  • Calls for minimal repairs and maintenance sessions
  • Attaches to many other likeminded gadgets
  • Gives the utmost peace of mind necessary for the job


  • Costs a lot to acquire and operationalize
  • Likely to catch and accumulate plenty of dirt
  • Has the potential to transmit communicable diseases

b.) Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500

Short on cash? Fret not! It is still possible for you to leverage the benefits of a high-quality trimmer. There is a catch, however. You must settle for one that is specially designed for that purpose. For that, we draw this one to your attention. Though cheap, it is still highly functional.

Some 20 length settings are built into the system. These simply give you the freedom and leeway to choose the cutting stature that is desirable to you. Thus you get to attain some customizable trimming experiences. A unique locking feature complements them in order to ensure your own safety.



  • Lacks a number of equally vital parts
  • Cannot accept any new attachments and extras
  • Unable to style and spruce your beard

c.) Conair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

Going by its name, this trimmer is wholly meant for the stubble. Indeed no other gadget under our review comes even close to it with regards to the fulfillment of this particular need. Its head stands apart from the other in the sense that it is uniquely floating.

Its blades bear the electrochemical formation. On account of this, they are sharper, more durable, and pretty accurate. They also follow the unique contours of your head, a fact that allows them to impact every length and breadth thereof. An ergonomically-shaped handle makes for easy trimming and reduced hassles.


  • Cuts faster and cleanly
  • Conforms to the unique contours of your head
  • Unlikely to arouse blisters and excessive pains
  • Its lengths are easier to adjust from time to time
  • Comes at an affordable cost


  • Limited to the stubble alone
  • Highly prone to water damages
  • Cannot take on thicker hair strands

d.) Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

Want to style your hair over and above merely trimming it? This is the trimmer to go for. It does have the ability to style your hairs accordingly. This mainly stems from the highly agile nature of its head that makes the same revolve around with the slightest impulse.

Making this largely possible are some four agile blades that are all made of the super-strong stainless steel material. These blades are similarly hypoallergenic in nature. Thus they are highly unlikely to catch and accumulate plenty of germs as other blades ordinarily do. This adds some peace of mind to you.


  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Allows for finer adjustments for more precise cuts
  • Its motor and trimming mechanisms are super-efficient
  • Generates smooth and precise lines all along
  • Safe enough for use on the showers


  • Only for the trained expert to use
  • Unsuitable for quicker sharpening tasks
  • It becomes too obsolete too soon!

e.) Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer

Looking for a trimmer to use in the shower or in wet conditions? This is the one to set your eyes on. In its entirety, it is highly waterproof and hence well able to work well in the most extreme damp conditions. Other than this, it also does a truly reliable job.

Its structure and construction do imbue a sense of curviness. These also go a long way in enhancing the aesthetics of your own bathrooms and interior décor. A unique set of 45° angled self-sharpening stainless steel blades exist to do the cut. They also penetrate the otherwise inaccessible areas.


  • A dial exists to adjust the various shaving parameters easily
  • Trims, styles, and sculpts your beards
  • Usable in the showers due to its waterproof nature
  • Cleans easily under the running water
  • Gets rid of excess waters easily thanks to the existing drains


  • Comes at too great a cost
  • Calls for tedious repairs and maintenance
  • Easily sustains rust and corrosion

f.) Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Are yours some coarse beards? The ordinary trimmers will fail you. That is why you want to place your bet on this exceedingly powerful machine. It draws its power from the Lithium-ion batteries that take quite some time to deplete. Its blades are also comparatively sharper and better performing.

Overall the equipment is lighter in weight and easier to handle around. Even when you have to engage it for too long you will hardly tire or develop some abrasions. Have we also mentioned that it maneuvers out and about your scalp with absolute levels of reliability?


  • The blades are surgical and highly hygienic
  • All the parts are washable to guarantee proper hygiene
  • Useful in detached locations due to the cordless character
  • Its 65-minute run time guarantees the peace of mind needed for the job
  • Textured and contoured for proper handling


  • Likely to tire you if used longer
  • Consumes higher levels of battery power
  • Prone to damages and other elements of corrosion

g.) Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3980

Are you a person who is very hairy? We invite you to try your hand on this particular trimmer. It does have the ability to impact just about every other hairy part of your body. Your ears, whole body, stubble, and nose are top examples of these. These are made possible by some 9 precision styling options.

When weighed against the other styling objects, this one leaves behind some outcomes that last longer. That is because it gets as close to the base of the hair as possible. Moreover, it also allows for the ultimate precision owing to the highly agile nature of the blades.


  • 9 styling options exist for your choice
  • Avails 13 precision length settings for you to choose from
  • Its blades last a lifetime
  • Manages ultimate precision while in use
  • 100% waterproof for use in the showers


  • Requires an above-average level of expertise
  • When broken, requires hefty repairs and maintenance
  • Has to be sterilized every now and then to remain safe

h.) Wahl Peanut

Is your search for a trimmer for short beards dictated mainly by commercial elements? Well, you have no worthier bet than this one. It contains all the trappings needed for the attainment of that end. Particularly, it works well insofar as the deliverance of the sharp performance is concerned.

Outside its core functionality of trimming your short beards, this one also imbues a sense of style to your rooms and bathrooms. This is due to its characteristically elegant outward appearance. This blends with the sleek design and compact size to make your use very amazing.


  • Tames fast-growing hairs with absolute levels of accuracy
  • Travel-friendly owing to the agile and compact nature
  • Exudes excessive power levels in a miniature size
  • Unparalleled with regards to professional use
  • Delivers and manages a shaper performance indeed


  • Strictly commercial purposes
  • A simple and inexperienced user will find it confusing
  • Costly to acquire and maintain in the long run

i.) Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer Cordless Hair Trimmer Hair Clipper

Want to cut down your grooming times? Your best bet is on this 3-in-1 trimmer that is exclusively designed for the male user. To add to this, it is also waterproof, a fact that allows it to work well in areas that are damp or are experiencing excessive levels of precipitations.

Unlike the standard blades of the ordinary trimmers, these ones sharpen themselves. This is due to the fact that they embody the high-carbon steel makeup that is known to be sharper and tougher. With this sharpness, the blades provide higher performance and precision levels.


  • Unlikely to irritate even the sensitive skins
  • Endures and manages long-lasting durability
  • Stays sharper for longer
  • Accepts many accessories and attachments
  • Delivers awesome power output in the course of the use


  • Exclusively for the male use
  • Its blades are likely to incise your skins
  • Complicated to handle

j.) Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

For dry shaving tasks, no other trimmer comes even close to this one. Its blades are sharp and highly responsive indeed. They are hence well able to impact even the coarsest strands of hair. But why is it able to attain this feat, you may ask? Well, it bears the close-cutting carbon-steel T-blade.

You will particularly find it useful for making outlines along the hairline. That is because it is highly responsive and agile enough to move around. To add to these, it also accepts and amplifies the smallest impulses to generate finder cutting outcomes.


  • Meets and exceeds many professional standards
  • Shaves faster even when it is too dry
  • Its contoured housing fits your hands and fingers well
  • A heavy-duty cord supplies the power you need
  • Suitable also for commercial cutting tasks


  • Only for dry use
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • Falters when used on coarse hairs

Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer for Short Beards

To be able to find the most suitable beard trimmer, you have to consider a couple of issues. Below are some of the hard decisions you will have to make:

Features vs. Expertise

These pieces of equipment come at varying degrees of technical sophistication. These definitely require similarly varying degrees of technical expertise to handle. In your search for the right one, consider striking a balance between these two metrics. You definitely want to land on that you can engage conveniently.

Corded vs. Cordless

Though all of them are powered, they confer to you two main power transmission options. These are the corded and the cordless respectively. The corded versions are limited in geographical extent. Their cordless counterparts, on the other hand, give you the leeway to determine where exactly you want to make use of them.

Wet vs. Dry Shave

Do you prefer shaving dry or wet? It is imperative yet again to make a decision beforehand. That is because these shavers are for a large part intended for either role, not both at the same time. Upon finding your precise preference of use, proceed to find the one that nearly meets that role.

Motor Power

The amount of power that the motor is able to generate also comes in handy. A good trimmer has to be powerful enough to cut the various strands of hair precisely. At the same time, it should also be able to conserve the use of the electrical and battery power to bring down your operational expenses.

The texture of the Hair

The texture of your hair also determines the kind of trimmer that would be most relevant for your course. Strands that are thicker tend to require sharper blades and more powerful motors. The opposite, of course, holds for the thinner and softer strands of hair. Make your choice wisely.

Our long and laborious look into the best beard trimmer for short beards comes to an end there. We now believe you have the psychological preparedness you need to utilize these gadgets properly. As you may well have deduced, these gadgets are highly specialized.

This means that you have to carry out a further and intensive look into them before narrowing down to a specific one. This one calls for a fair assessment of your own expertise and specific needs. You want to make a choice that is better placed to handle your shaving needs with a fair degree of accuracy.

Well, what more can we add? It is indeed in your best interest to share this piece of information as far wide as can be. You definitely want as many others to enjoy the same benefits as you, don’t you? We wish you all the best in your subsequent utilization of this piece of information too!