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What Age Should You Start Shaving?

when should a boy start shaving his moustache

Ideally, shaving is normally a rite of passage for both girls and boys as its one of those major milestones on the road towards adolescence. Different people normally refer to their cultures as well traditions to recognize this rite of passage at different ages; others tend to bring up the conversation as soon as their kids turn into puberty, others might bring up the conversation even before their kids turn into puberty. Bottom line, the answer to when you should introduce your kid to shaving is quite complex since the answers are varied, and none of them are incorrect.

Further; facial hair, pubic hair, armpit hair as well leg hair normally starts to grow during adolescence or even shortly after. Many are the times that this takes place between the age of 9-15; nonetheless, in some cases, it might occur much earlier or even at an older age. Consequently, answering the question “when should you start shaving” is more of an individualistic thing as it also depends on a number of factors; to this effect; you need not to worry since this article will ease things for you by laying out the available alternatives. 

when should a boy start shaving his moustache

At What Age Should Boys Start Shaving?

Ideally, as stated in the text above, deciding on when to introduce your child to start shaving isn’t an easy question to deal with since when it comes to boys, they normally begin their maturation process at different ages. In most cases, some boys will start experiencing growth of some hair above their lips as well chin; others may experience under their armpits or even pubes, and to this effect, it’s not quite clear when they should be introduced to shaving. In other instances, shaving can be as a trigger of peer pressure, thus forcing your son to start shaving even without any grown hair.

For starters, shaving should be an individual thing. This is to say that; since there is no specific age to which you can introduce your son to start shaving, then it should be upon them initiate it. This is to say; your son can start to shave whenever they feel they want as well once they feel the hair is uncomfortable. This is to means whenever they have any hair; then it should occur to them that they need to start shaving.

On the other hand, when it comes to the parents; they should introduce their sons to shaving way before puberty. Considering the fact that children grow differently as others may experience adolescence a bit early while others late, then it’s upon the parent and most especially the dad to introduce their son to shaving before puberty, and that can be from 8 years of age. Its normally at this time you get to bond with your son in more personal matters, thus creating an atmosphere of freeness. It’s during this time that you teach your son how to shave as well o what direction should they shave the hair towards.

what age do guys start shaving their face

When Should Girls Start Shaving Their Legs?

Whether it’s the legs or the facial hair, girls can’t wait to shave it all. Generally, leg hair grows once one hits puberty. Again, it’s important to note that girls can get in the puberty stage of different ages; some experience puberty in early stages while others in older stages and for that, there is no specific age to which you can introduce your daughter to shaving leg hair. Again, it’s also important to note that girls can really get sensitive with some things inclusive of facial, legs as well pubic hair and for that, they can start shaving their hair at a very early age immediately when they start noticing unwanted hair.

Given the above facts, girls can introduce themselves to shaving their legs hair. Again, they can also be introduced by their peers after sharing their experiences, and for that, there is no exact age to which you can introduce your daughters to start shaving their hair.

Affirmatively, as we have seen; girls tend to grow faster entering the puberty stage way before the boys, and for that as a parent you need to introduce your daughter to start shaving way before the adolescent stage and that is from the age of 6 years of age that way they will be able to know what to do once they get to that stage. Additionally, girls tend to open up more about their experiences to their moms compared to boys, and as a result, this makes it much easier for parents to talk about shaving with their daughters. Further, some parenting experts suggest that parents should introduce shaving the legs to their daughters based on the average age that girls in her school or even neighborhood begin shaving. It’s also important to note that shaving legs with some girls it’s all about growing up and not about issues to do with self-esteem and vice versa, and for that, parents need to introduce shaving legs to their daughters before puberty.

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Shaving Their Legs

Generally, when it comes to talking to your daughter about shaving their legs, it all comes down to two options, that is; they ask you how to go about it, or they just don’t ask about how to go about it. If it happens, they come to you about shaving; it’s important you make it clear to them that body hair is very normal and that shaving is completely their option. If they are for the idea of shaving, teach them how to go about it. On the other hand, if they don’t ask, they might be scared, and for that, you need to initiate the conversation as the parent in a subtle way let her know that shaving is optional and if they want to shave teach them how to go about it.

Does Your Kid Feel Awkward About Shaving Their Leg Hair?

In some cases, kids and most especially girls, shaving legs is more of a grown-up thing while with others, it has something to do with self-esteem in regards to changing their body, and thus, they intend to avoid shaving. It’s normal for girls to feel awkward about shaving their leg hair, and it can happen from two perspectives. For starters, your daughter might find it awkward to have leg hair, and since they want to maintain their feminine look, they invite the idea of shaving their leg hair, if this is the case with your daughter, you need to take your time and explain to them how to go about it, what direction they should shave towards as well what products as well razors should they use to have a perfect shave. Alternatively, your daughter might find it extremely awkward to shave their leg hair since they might find it been a way of changing their bodies and if this happens to be the case with your daughter, take your time as the parent and explain to them that not shaving is okay and that they can still look beautiful with their leg hair.

Is their Leg Hair Often on Display?

It’s important to note that lifestyle is a rather crucial factor to put into consideration when deciding what’s the time to start shaving for your kids. For instance, if your kid is involved in any kind of sports, then their leg hair will be more than often noticeable. Again, if your kid wears clothes that do not entirely cover their legs, then their leg hair will often be on display. Again, if you live in areas where the climate is warm, then the leg hair will be highly noticeable. To this effect, its upon the kid to decide if they want to shave or not depending on how they perceive leg hair, and it’s the responsibility of the parent to explain the options the kids have and let them make the decision on shaving.

Is Shaving Their Best Option?

Basically, shaving is but not the only option that kids have. For starters, for those kids who are not of the shaving idea, they can opt not to shave but embrace their leg hair. Again, if your daughter wants to get rid of their leg hair, they can shave. Alternatively, they can opt on waxing, which is much recommendable given the fact that it requires less upkeep, and it saves on time compared to shaving, which requires regular attendance.

Does Your Kid Know How to Shave Properly?

Regardless of the age in question, lots of kids need to be shown how to shave using either razors or any other products. Again, it’s important for kids to be aware of the appropriate skincare products to use during and after shaving or even waxing. Again, introducing your kids to shaving is also crucial since it helps them to know how to shave towards the right direction that way, ensuring better exfoliation to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair. To this end, it’s important that parents introduce their kids to shaving as well as teach them how to do it perfectly.

Does Your Kid Know that Not Shaving is Still an Option?

As stated in the text above, some kids might have some self-esteem issues where they have a problem with shaving as they might perceive it as a way of changing their bodies. Again, other kids might find leg hair beautiful on them, and that way, they might not be of the idea of shaving. To this effect, it’s important for parents to ensure they explain to their kids that not shaving is still an option. Not shaving is an option considering that the kid likes body hair; their interests should be respected.

To this end, it’s rather apparent that the question about “what age should you start shaving” is but a complex question, and the answer this question is quite undecided since the answers are varied, and none of them are incorrect. Again, shaving body hair is more of an individualistic thing since some kids might be interested in shaving while others might disregard the idea. As for the parents, they have the responsibility of introducing the idea to their kids as well as explaining the different options of getting rid of it and living the decision-making part of it to the kids. Lastly, its also important that parents introduce shaving to their kid’s way before puberty and that way as they get to witness these changes, they will be with the right information on how to go about it, what skincare products they can use, what direction should they shave towards, how to use razors as well the various available techniques for getting rid of body hair.

How to Shave with an Electric Shaver

Everyone wants to look smart. People know that once you are hairy or bushy, society might have a negative attitude towards you. For this reason, individuals purpose to safeguard their image and cleanliness. One of the methods that embrace neatness on a personal appearance is shaving. It allows people to exude confidence while working or interacting with their peers.

For you to achieve the best and close shave, you need the right tools. One of the ideal machines that can help you accomplish your goals conveniently is electric shavers. They offer a perfect means to obtain the appropriate shaving experience that you have been yearning for years. Having electric shavers at your disposal is a huge investment. They are effective, efficient, and reliable. Once you get them from a shop, you don’t need to replace your razor blade(s) frequently, as the case may be in other machines. They are dependable and mostly work well for people whose skin is a little bit sensitive.

Nowadays, electric shavers have been designed in a unique way to provide the best shave with less irritation, redness, or burns. They allow people to avoid ingrown hairs, nasty cuts, and nicks.

how to shave facial hair with electric shaver

Can You Get A Close Shave With An Electric Shaver?

When you have acquired the right instrument and the appropriate pre-shave elements, be assured that electric shaver will provide you with the closest shave that you have been admiring for centuries. They enhance your look, and in most cases, they make sure that users don’t experience skin challenges during the shaving process.

The electric razors make good use of cutting blades that rotate behind or oscillate a perforated metal guard or thin foil. This ensures that the razor can glide easily on the skin hence providing close shave to users.

Before using the electric shaver to achieve closeness in shaving, you have to be prepared psychologically. Always ensure that your face is sebum or dirt free by employing preshave products that have vitamin E to ensure that your skin is safeguarded from any irritation from the electric shaver. You should also apply shaving cream or gel to help you obtain the best results during shaving.

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver?

Note that, for you to get a close shave, you don’t just decide once and get the results instantly. You may have the intention to shave yes, but failure to adhere to specific rules can make you find it challenging to accomplish your goals.

Perfect preparation, methods/ways, and aftercare activities are important elements that can help you realize your dreams of a close shave with an electric shaver.

Understanding how to shave with your electric shaver can be divided into four parts. These include the following.

Part one: You Need to Prepare to Shave

This is a very crucial stage that requires an individual to be keen on. Here you need to do the following activities.

  • You need to select an electric shaver that suits your needs appropriately

It is essential for you to either consult a personal grooming professional or obtain the required information on the internet. From these sources, you will be able to know various things inclusive of how hair grows on the human body and the perfect technique to use to shave them.

Note that, people are unique in different ways, and therefore, what suits you doesn’t fit the other person. Therefore you need to pick a shaver that will help you accomplish your goals.

You are advised to go for the one whose features work well for you. Most electric shavers are usually used for dry shaving. Companies have also developed new brands that enhance wet shaving. Purchase the one that is affordable and fits you to your satisfaction.

Consumer sites do exist and can allow you to determine the price of different electric shavers. Always pick a price point that fits you and also the one whose features are exemplary.

A clean and close shave can easily be achieved when you wash your face with a warm face cloth, a hot shower, or warm water. They help you to soften your hairy beards, and therefore, the electric razors can glide effortlessly through your skin.

You are encouraged to clean your face with a softer cleanser to eliminate dirt from your face. For those that have sensitive skin, it is critical to consult a professional to advise you accordingly.

  • Give your face time to adjust

Most people usually take about two weeks to adapt to a shaver fully. During this period, your

The face is given enough time to blend with oil shaver.

  • Employ alcohol-based preshave

Preshave products made from alcohol are usually the best. They help users to remove sebum (natural oil from skin) and dirt that might have been on your skin for years. They ensure that your facial stands are straight, ready to be shaved. You can also use a powder version in case you realize that alcohol-based products work against your skin.

It is good to select preshave products that can safeguard your skin from skin irritation. There is also preshave oil and preshave optimizer that can boost the strength of electric shave. It is of great benefit if you can acquire them at this stage. Always stick to what suits your skin to avoid the negative effects of certain products.

You can rub regions where the hair of your face grows. The direction that feels soft is usually the direction where you can identify the grain of your hair. It will always provide resistance when you try to rub your face. Learning this place will help the user of an electric shaver to avoid ingrown hair and irritation at all costs.

how to shave your head with an electric shaver

Part two: Picking Between Foil Shaver and Rotary Shaver

You need to understand that there exist two types of electric shavers. They include foil shave and the rotary shaver. At this stage, you are encouraged to do the following.

  • Identifying the things that are essential to your shave

People who want to shave always have factors that they consider before they initiate their activities. Some people would want to consider time, have a close shave, and avoid irritation and mess, among other things.

The two types of electric shavers were uniquely designed to serve their specific roles. Rotary shavers, for instance, are suitable for close shave because of their revolving motion. It offers an efficient shave; it also has three rotating mechanisms that can suit the contours of an individual face. The titanium razor blade that it possesses enhances painless shaving.

A foil shaver, on the other hand, encompasses oscillating razor blade just behind foils, which lifts hair from the face. They have more than three blades that enhance quick shaving.

Depending on the strength of your stubble, your blades should be replaced annually. You need to replace your foil and rotary blades so that you can get better results. You can make good use of the manual to understand the information on how to replace your blades. Any time you experience irritation on your skin, it is advisable to replace your razor immediately.

  • Apply the appropriate technique during shaving

Note that both rotary and foil shavers use a different technique to eradicate hair. It is crucial to select the one that suits your needs. When using a rotary shaver, ensure you make small and circular motions with the head of the shaver. Foil shavers usually work well with back and forth strokes.

  • Maintain your shaver by making it clean

It is important to keep your machine dirt-free to improve its efficiency over time. Use the right tools while cleaning your electric shavers so that you don’t destroy them.

Part Three: The Shaving Process with the Electric Shaver

It is the most critical part of shaving. At this stage, you need to undertake the following steps.

This will allow you to shave quickly and convenient. It is advisable to replace your razor blade periodically to improve its life.

  • Use your dominant hand to hold the electric shaver

This will help you to shave properly with fewer struggles because your dominant hand has more energy to hold the machine.

  • Pull your skin a bit tight with your non-dominant hand

This is important as it allows the user to achieve the closest shave.

  • Shave the side of your face and your cheeks

You are encouraged to shave from the top side of your face as you move towards the jaw.

  • Shave sideburns

You can use the mirror to ensure that your sideburns are at a level angle and are both even.

  • Shave your mustache and other areas
  • Use your mirror to check for missed spots

Part Four: Maintaining your Electric Shaver and Skin Aftershave

Here you need to do the following.

  • Apply lotion to your face

You can use alcohol-based products to dry out your skin.

  • Clean and dry your blade

You can open the head of your shaver and clean your razor using a brush.

  • Screen and cutter metal pieces should be lubricated

Shaving Technique

There exist a wide range of razor blades in the market that can allow you to get a close shave that is trendy in the market. When you want to acquire a clean and close shave, what matters is no longer the tools you use but the technique and preparation you put in place. The following are tips you can pursue to get a comfortable shave.

  • Wet your skin

Once you soften your hair, it becomes moist and lacks excess oil from the skin. This makes blades to glide easily through it.

You can use your fingers to apply lotion to your face or shaving area. Shaving cream allows people to get an efficient shave.

This allows your shaving cream to penetrate to the hair hence softening them for easy shaving

  • Flow the grain

Always shave against the direction your hair grows

  • Rinse your blade after every swipe

This will reduce the irritation of your skin. You can also replace the blades where necessary.

  • Rinse your face after shaving with cold water

This technique will minimize inflammation on your skin.

  • Store your blade in a dry place

It minimizes the chances of bacteria to get into your razor.

Identifying the appropriate electric shaver can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many of them in the market. What you need to do is to purchase a shaver that suits your needs well. Always pay attention to important features and functionalities that will help you get the best results in shaving. For instance, before you purchase an electric shaver you need to consider the following features.

  • Closeness of shaving
  • Battery life
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Speed
  • Model
  • Durability

You need to understand how to use an electric shaver for you to get your job well done. Besides, know the right shaving technique that will guide you well. The above tips will guide you appropriately in accomplishing your shaving experience with electric shavers.













How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on Neck

how to get rid of razor bumps on neck fast

After each shave, it is not uncommon for razor bumps to arise. Razor bumps are basically small protrusions on the skin from which hair has been shaved. If and when these bumps are left to persist, it is not uncommon for the affected area to develop some ghastly appearances.

You want to know more about the razor bumps to be able to handle the issues accordingly. That is the insight we have come in to provide. Our discussions here shall revolve around how to get rid of razor bumps on neck. We shall examine everything you need to know about the menace and how to tackle it.

how to get rid of razor bumps on neck fast

What is a Razor Bump?

As the name suggests, a razor bump is a protrusion on your skin which is mainly brought about by a razor when the skin is shaved. The protrusion arises after when shaved hair is re-growing and is normally characterized by ghastly appearances, darker spots, and small tiny black patches.

This issue arises mainly when your hair curls back in the area that surrounds the pores of the skins. Your body will usually treat these curls much like it may do to a foreign skin. If and when this happens, the body triggers an immune response which is what brings about those undesirable appearances.

You will usually feel itchy, unconfident, and generally uncomfortable with these bumps on your skins. In some rare and extreme circumstances, you will usually experience some inflammations and redness on the portions of the affected skin. If left unattended, this menace may leave your skin permanently charred and compromised.

Common Causes of Razor Bumps on Necks

Harmful Razors

The kind of razor you use has a bearing on the emergence of this skin condition. Those cartridge razors that bear double edges are by far the worst culprits. They do prickle the hair in such a way as to hinder its re-growth after a shaving escapade. You want to tone down your use of the same.

Poor Shaving Patterns

How you shave your hair also plays a role in the emergence of this issue. Many people do pass the razor in direction and follow a completely different direction while making the second pass. In this way, your hair curls inwards, a condition called in-growing. You should hence adopt a smooth and consistent shaving pattern.

Nature of Skin

Skins come in various kinds, shapes, and patterns. Some are oily, others are normal, yet others are dry. Further to that, some skins are sensitive, yet others are pretty resilient to any roughness. These differences yet again play out when shaving. The sensitive skins, in particular, are more prone to this menace.

Moisture Content of your Skin

We have already pointed out that skins come in diverse shades and forms. One key metric which distinguishes one skin from another is the moisture content. Skins that have limited moisture contents are largely vulnerable to this problem than those with normal to high moisture contents, and so on.


Germs also have a say on the possibility of this issue emerging or not. A razor that is infested with germs is more likely to yield this problem compared to that which does not. It is hence a good idea to wash and disinfect your razor thoroughly before and after use.

Bluntness of the Blade

How sharp or blunt the razor you use also contributes to this issue. A blunt razor does not enjoy smooth contacts with the surface of the skin. It is hence more likely to trigger the emergence of bumps after a shave. Be sure hence to maintain yours in the sharpest forms and shapes at all times.

No Aftershave

If after shaving you do not apply an aftershave, you are more in danger of sustaining this issue. The aftershave indeed has some cooling, soothing and calming effects on your skin. When applied in a timely manner, it goes a long way in stifling the emergence of the problem.

how to get rid of razor bumps on neck overnight

Tips to Prevent Razor Bumps

Tip I: Always use a sharp razor to cut your hair

When shaving, always insist on a sharp razor. The blunt razors, as we have stated, have the tendency to inflict this problem much more than the sharper one.

Tip II: Space your shavings regularly

It is not advisable to shave haphazardly. In fact, you should not only space your shavings regularly but also maintain a 3-day interval if necessary.

Tip III: Shave along the grain

We have already explained how going against the grain is more dangerous to you. With regard to this, you have to always see to it that you shave along the grains.

Tip IV: Apply the cream after your shaving

After you are through with shaving your head, you should always apply some cream. This is to make the area soft and smooth enough to prevent the stated danger from arising.

Tip V: Moisturize and hydrate your skin

Lastly, you also want to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Doing this will maintain it in a state of softness, tenderness, and rich quality indeed.

How to Prep Your Skin Before Shaving to Prevent Razor Bumps

Take some Hot Bath

Start off by taking some hot baths. This does two things at a time. For one, it opens the sweat pores to allow the smooth discharge of sweat and other skin discharges. In this way, it prevents the issue of razor bumps from arising. Hot water also softens the skin to make it look healthier.

Exfoliate your Skin accordingly

It is also a good idea to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation entails the elimination of dirt that is fixed and hardened onto the skin. It also gets rid of dead skin to reveal a layer of healthy and lively skin. You have the facial scrubs for your use with regard to this.

Sterilize the Blade

Blades that contain germs are also highly likely to give rise to this issue. It is because of this that you want to sterilize yours. Use the methylated spirit to do the job. The spirit will normally kill the germs and leave behind some sparklingly clean outcomes, on the whole.

Lubricate the Blade

To ensure that the blades cut smoothly and well, you have to lubricate the moving parts. Use a lubricator like a grease or oil to do the job. Do the same to your skin as well. The coconut oil and other natural variants will most definitely come in handy.

Rinse your Chin thoroughly after a Shave

Immediately after a shave but before calling it a day, you have to see to it that you rinse your chin thoroughly. Use shaving cream to do the job. This item will not only make your skin softer but also hasten the healing of any wounds which the razors may have inflicted.

Improve your shaving Techniques

As a long term measure, you have to improve your shaving techniques as well. Of utmost importance is the fact that you ought not to shave across the grains. Rather, you should do so along the grains. Refrain from pressing the shaver too hard on your skin as this is more likely to worsen the problem.

How to Heal Razor Bumps on Necks

In the unlikely event that the razor bumps do arise, you have to heal them. To do so, you have to follow some due processes. In this segment of our guide and discussions, we shall look into how to go about the issue. Follow these tips to actualize the goal:

Tip I: Do not scratch the bumps

First and foremost, do not scratch the bumps. The temptation to do so will nevertheless be rife. Scratching your skin is a sure way of spreading or worsening the menace. Just leave it intact and let it mature to its fullest form and stature.

Tip II: Wait for the bumps to vanish before shaving

If you have to shave again, you are advised to wait for the bumps to vanish before setting out. This should take around 3-4 weeks from a previous shave. The aim of this wait is to make your skin healthier, restored, and appropriately prepared for any further task of shaving.

Tip III: Consult a dermatologist

If symptoms persist, you will definitely have to consult a dermatologist. Let him examine your skin to find out the most appropriate medication for your course. He will most likely prescribe oral antibiotics, topical steroids, and antifungal topical creams.

Home Remedies for Treating Razor Bumps on Neck

Baking Soda

Baking soda, though primarily meant for baking pastries and cakes, is also a home remedy for many skin issues. To combat the razor bump, you have the options of a paste or a baking soda bath. Simply apply generous amounts of the paste on the affected portion of your skin, and that is it!


We all know that aspirin is meant to cure headaches, migraines, and excessive pains. What we do not know is that it also doubles up as a skincare product. That is because it possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties. To leverage its power, apply small portions on the skin and rinse quickly.

Aloe Vera

Of all the natural remedies, the Aloe Vera stands out as the most reliable. It does bring about many benefits. These include moisturizing and hydrating your skin, cooling it off, and soothing any inflammations, to mention but a few! What’s more? You may choose the juice or the gel.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is packed with tons of healing properties and effects. This derives from its acidic contents which stifle the growth and proliferation of bacteria. It also disinfects the skin pores to leave behind an environment that is completely clean and free of germs. Soak some cotton ball into the juice and apply it on your skin.

Essential Oil with Carrier Oil

You may also wish to attempt a couple of essential oils. Some of the best ones for your consideration ought to be avocado oil, chamomile oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and Lavender oil. They not only lessen the severity of the bumps but also nourish and hydrate your skin altogether.

Oatmeal Bath

Though used mostly as a source of starch, the oatmeal may also serve to make your skin better and healthier. It does contain a copious amount of antioxidants which play a vital role in combating redness, inflammations, and a host of skin conditions. You have to use it alongside lukewarm water for the best results.

Tea Tree Oil and Black Tea

Razor bumps are ordinarily too painful. Your first priority should be to suppress the pain which they bring about. Both the tea tree oil and black tea have astringent properties. They are hence more likely to yield you instant relief from itchiness, rashes, and other discomforts that arise while shaving.

Salt and Sugar

You do not have to acquire paracetamol to be able to suppress pain and inflammations. You have the salt and the sugar for your consideration. They have the same pain-relief properties and are hence well able to do the trick. Be sparing in your application and use though…

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber is loaded with tons of skin-friendly vitamins like Vitamin E and Potassium. Moreover, it also possesses excellent hydration properties. By applying it on your skin, you get to make it healthier, shinier, and suppler. To achieve the best results, see to it that you maintain some consistency.

Raw Milk

Raw milk is an excellent skin cleanser and toner. To make the most of this vital ingredient, you have to apply generous amounts on your face. Allow the milk to sit for some time before washing it off. In the meantime, the milk will deepen its reach and leave your skin healthier and shinier.

Corn Starch

Like the oatmeal above, the corn is a wonderful source of starch. It, however, doubles up as a good toner and cleanser of your skin. Use it to reduce the razor bumps, redness, inflammations, and soreness. Only be sure to apply generous amounts on your skin and give it sufficient time to settle.

Baby Powder

Baby powders are great skincare tools indeed. They soften the skin and shield the same from the dangers of cracking or bursting forth. To make good use of this product, apply a generous amount on the portion of the skin that is affected. Spread it out completely and uniformly.


Honey is generally packed with a host of antibacterial properties. You should apply some organic honey on your skin to reverse and stem down the harmful effects of the razor bumps. Wash the honey off using cold water after it has dried. Leaving it on your skin may bring about undesirable consequences.

Having belabored the subject matter of how to get rid of razor bumps on neck, we now pass the ball to you. We ask that you read our explanations in greater detail twice or thrice. Then, mirror the explanations with your own aspirations and desires.

In this way, it will be possible for you to internalize them and know how well to put them in practice. Have you really found our explanations insightful? We always care to listen to the concerns of the readers of our posts. Feel free to share any of your concerns with us. Best of luck in your subsequent beard shaving!


How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

how often should you change razor blades dollar shave club

How you shave usually matters more than how regularly you shave your body hair, and it also impacts on the lifespan of your razor blades. There’s no set schedule on how regularly you should shave, but you can learn how to set a suitable shaving routine and frequency. Shaving frequency is completely up to you, regardless of whether that is every once in a while or every day. If you shave frequently, your blades will wear out fast, meaning you need to change them for good results. Changing your blades have a load of reasons that many people may underestimate, but they are helpful in that new blades will give you a clean and healthy shave when compared to dull razors. Here are few guidelines on how often you should change your razor blades to make the experience better.

how often should you change razor blades dollar shave club

How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades for Men?

If money wasn’t a consideration, we could use a new blade each time we shaved. At the same time, you don’t want to feel like you cutting with a piece of blunt object. The best sign that’s it time for a new blade is dullness. If your razor blade pulls of your hair, feels rough on your skin or you experience skin irritation than before shave. How frequently you need to change your module depends on the many times that you shave.

You should also change your razor blade after three to six shaves if you have coarser hair. That’s because coarse hair causes damage to the edges of a razor blade to a higher degree when compared to beautiful hair. Remember that a less sharp smooth blade gives you an un-proportional shave, which can also irritate your skin, leading to razor bumps.

Another factor to consider is the manufacturer’s date. They give a timeline of five weeks on which you can dispose of your blade because after that duration it will not give good results. If you want a smooth shave, you should consider using a new module because they are the best. If you don’t mind spending your money, you can always replace them regularly to have a clean shave. Also, avoid buying cheap razor blades for extended use because they are only good for a few shaves

How Many Shaves Will My Razor Last For?

Different types of razor blades exist in the market, for example, the cartridge razor, which comes with an ejectable head. It allows you to keep the handle but replace the edge, and it allows you to shave up to 30 times before you renew it. Most modern razors are designed to last for five to ten shaves, but you should change your blades whenever you feel dull and uncomfortable. However, that depends on your tolerance and how well you take care of your modules. Each time you shave, the front part of your blade becomes dull, which reduces its capability to provide a smooth shave.

As the blade becomes blunt, they will start to pull your facial hair, instead of cutting straight through them, which can result in pain. Again, women should also dispose of their blades after using them severally, because they will have been exposed to some bacteria, which can eventually cause some diseases. The first sign of rusting or dull blades means it’s time to dispose of them. While every shave system is different, one of the basic rules to prolong the life of your shaving blades is to dust and clean them. You can also sharpen them since sharpeners use high friction silicon to refresh your blades and keep them sharp up to six times longer.

How Does a Razor Blade Become Blunt?

It’s generally accepted that blades get blunt after coming into contact with your body hair. But this is not the reason that happens. Shaving blades lose their sharpness because the razor edges are so much thin, which makes them react with water, air, and oxygen. When this kind of reaction occurs, it usually leads to dullness.

A razor blade becomes blunt after use. But the water that’s in the shaves causes’ oxidation. Hence making it dull meaning, it has to be replaced. The degradation in edge quality occurs as you shave. In general, a blade will last for the entire shave. But in men, some brands of the blade get only one shave from the blade, but this depends on the thickness and toughness of their beards. However, most blades get blunt after four to six shaves.

Disposable blades are made with cheap slim silver metal that will hold a razor edge for two uses. Therefore, you can’t sharpen them for they are fixed with cheap plastic, which makes water, soap, and beards stabber the sides of the cheap blades, making them blunt.

how often should you change your safety razor blade

How Can I Make My Razor Blade Last Longer?

There’s nothing that gives you a good feeling than getting a close shave. However, this comes with a price, especially if your blades are not properly taken care of and kept in good shape. You can adopt the few tips outlined below to make the most out of your shaving blades.

Store your blades in a cool, dry place

Humidity can rust razors, so ensure that you keep them in a cool and dry place. The worst thing you can do is keep your razor in a wet moist place with blades facing down in soapy water. Otherwise, the blades will rust and eventually increase the risk of infections. So, ensure that you dry your razor after shaving and hang them outside.

Prepare the shaving area properly

Preparing the place you are shaving well can do wonders in making your blades last. Placing a hot towel on the parts of the body you are shaving will soften your body and even open the poles. By doing this, the weakness of the wiry hair will make the blade lasts longer. You should also invest in your favorite shaving cream and a brush. With a shave brush, you will end up using less shaving cream, and the two will increase the life span of your razor blades.

Give your body a shaving break

If you’ve sensitive skin, give your body a shaving break. Taking a break in between shaves will benefit your skin and save you money as well.

Clean your razors after use

Salts from your skin will destroy the edges of your razors, causing it to dull pretty fast. Don’t just rinse your blades scrub them a few times to remove any unwanted hair and dead skin, before rinsing them severally.

How Can I Avoid Skin Irritation After Shaving?

Razor burns and itching are both common side effects of shaving. The good thing is you can stop all this irritation by following the tips discussed below.

Use shaving cream

Lubricating your skin is necessary when shaving. Don’t just use some water and soap to apply the shaving cream. Again, if you decide to shave the area twice, consider reapplying your shaving cream.

Rinse your skin with cold water

Warm water will always open your skin poles, but cold water usually seals them off. After using cold water, remember to rinse and gently dry the skin with a clean towel.

Use the right products

Using a blunt edge only irritates the skin, which chips away from the surface. Get a new razor blade, and you can use it a couple of times before replacing it.

Shave in the direction of your hair growth

Using razor blades that go down, applying a lot of pressure against the grain of your hairs only leads to skin irritation and bumps. Always shave against the grains to allow for a close shave.

Stop cutting 

Not shaving allows your hair to grow. You can try it for some time even though it’s not a long-term solution. The less you shave, the fewer chances of irritation you will experience. A few days will allow the skin to heal itself.

When Should I Shave?

How often you shave is a personal decision, but if you prefer clean-shaven skin or slightly grown hair, you should pay attention to how your hair grows and the reaction of your skin after shaving. You don’t need to cut every day, but it also depends on the area of the body. For instance, armpit hair grows faster than facial hair, which means you need to shave your underarms more often to maintain a clean shave. Again, cutting according to the best practices, will also give you a closer shave, which will last longer, preventing irritation and nicks, as well as reducing the risk of skin infections.

Is There a Limitation on How Often I Should Shave?

In general, how often you shave can significantly depend on your genes. It’s highly recommended for four to three days, but there are a few factors that can limit you. If you’ve got a wound sore or a skin rash, you should avoid shaving until your skin heals completely. Also, if you’ve sensitive skin, you are at risk of skin infections. If you have some razor burns or ingrown hairs, you should also wait until your skin clears for you to shave to reduce further irritations. Shaving correctly assists in safeguarding your skin from irritation, but remember that the shaving method will always depend on where you are shaving.

Sharpening a Razor Blade

Buying a razor blade can be costly, but if your razor blade lasts for a few months and it gets blunt, here is a simple method you can use to sharpen the razor blades.

  • Hold your razor blade in your right hand as you would do when shaving and place it down on a pair of jeans.
  • Firmly swipe it across the jeans in the opposite direction in the same way you do while shaving and repeat this 10 to 20 times facing the same direction.
  • Switch your hands and do the same, but don’t use too much pressure to avoid causing damage to the edge of the blades.
  • Dry your razor using a clean cloth and then rub alcohol in the blade. To make your blade last long, shake it dry and store it in a cool, clean place for future use.

Changing your blades is one of the most crucial things you need to do to have greater shaving results.  Hair removal is a part of your life, and it does not have to cost much. As we have seen earlier, you don’t have to change your blades every day, which means it’s a sustainable process. For you to sustain clean and healthy skin, you should clean your blades regularly and follow the guideline outlined above on how to take care of your blades.  There are no set number of uses, after which you need to change your razor, but if you shave every day, your razors will wear down pretty fast. In general, it’s recommended to shave three to four days if you need a clean shave. However, if you would like your hair to grow, stop shaving but keep your hair clean and neat. If you follow the information given above, your journey will be smooth, safe, and comfortable, leading to a healthy and fulfilling life.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Grey Hair

how to get rid of grey hair natural remedies

Grey hair is a regular life change as you grow older and is believed to be an indication of a life lived well, being vibrant blessed and wise. However, in recent times, most young people at their young age and even teenagers have shown signs of white hair growth. It is of great concern to younger people because it can quickly lower their self-esteem. A large number of people have tried many ways to get rid of them without success. It is therefore essential to gain vital information about the causes, prevention, remedies, and how to get rid of the grey hairs naturally. This information will give you better ways to deal with your grey hair changes and understand in depth how to control it.

how to get rid of grey hair natural remedies

Causes of Grey Hair

Normal aging

Grey hair is one of the indication of old age, which is a rite of passage that one must go through. Just as the skin wrinkles, from the age of 50 years, the hair follicles become weak and results in grey color. As you age, your hair follicles begin to age too, and they weaken leading to accumulation of grey hair.


Sometimes the grey hair is as a result of transmitted genes. If you notice you have grey hair at an early age, then there could be a possibility that your parents also had them that early. Race and ethnicity are also a significant cause of white hair, as whites are likely to have the grey hair appear at an earlier age.


Some lifestyle practices like smoking lead to premature white hair, this due to toxins present in the cigarettes that weaken the hair follicles leading to grey hair. Low vitamin B12 levels can also lead to loss of hair pigments.


Diseases associated with grey hair are; Alopecia areata, Neurofibromatosis, Tuberous sclerosis, thyroid disease, and vitiligo. These conditions affect your immune system, weakening the hair follicles, which in turn lead to grey hair.

Hair products

Chemical products as shampoos, dyes, hair sprays, and some oils contain harmful ingredients. They include hydrogen peroxide that bleaches the hair leading to melanin loss that is an indication of grey hair.


Stress also leads to grey hair by depleting the stem cells of your hair follicles. Pressure could be a reason why most prominent people in the offices’ age faster. Oxidative Stress may also play a big part in grey hair accumulation.

Can Grey Hair be Prevented and Reversed Naturally?

The occurrence of grey hair can be prevented naturally by being extra careful with your diet. Consider increasing your uptake in green leafy vegetables, vitamin C rich fruits, olive oil, and fish. Consume foods with antioxidants properties and also address vitamin deficiency by taking milk, salmon, cheese, and vitamin B12 supplements. Also, quit smoking and massage your scalp regularly. Reversing grey hair is dependent on the determination of an individual to solve it. If it is as a result of genetics and old age, it can be challenging to change, but premature one can be reversed using natural methods. It includes replacing harsh shampoos with organic ones, scrubbing your hair with a paste of curry and henna leaves mixed with oil, washing it with lemon juice and coconut oil and massaging the hair and scalp with black tea. Avoid application of too much heat during curling, bleaching your hair, and use a brush instead of a wide-toothed comb, especially when your hair is wet.

how to get rid of grey hair naturally

How to Naturally Get Rid of Grey Hair

Grey hair is a disturbing phenomenon to most people who view it as an indication of old age and would like to look younger for a more extended period. Most people can do anything to ensure that they get rid of the grey hair. Application of some harsh chemicals in an attempt to correct the hair’s color has worsened the situation. Try using natural methods with no side effects. They may take a little longer time to give the desired results but will eventually help you and leave you healthier. The following are natural remedies that you can use to completely get rid of that stubborn grey hair and regain your youthful look and beauty.

Eating black sesame seeds

By eating 2 to 3 spoons of sesame seeds in a week, it reverses the hair greying process. The seed stimulates hair growth, nourish your scalp, and boost your hair melanin pigment that is responsible for hair color. Hair health is highly dependent on the type of food you consume sesame seeds promote the synthesis of hair melanin by activating the melanocytes. Choose wisely and try to take those foods that have nutrients which can nourish your hair.

Using coconut oil

Coconut is a nut whose oil is very beneficial in many ways. Being readily available; it’s a cheap remedy to get rid of unwanted grey hair. Apply coconut oil on your scalp every day before going to bed and massage, wash the head the following morning. Coconut oil is an excellent antioxidant, and besides preventing dandruff, it nourishes the hair and pacifies pitta dosha avoiding the hair from turning grey. You can also include coconut milk in your diet.

Using curry leaves

Curry leaves are anti-aging remedies for your hair that provides the required pigment for your hair and also prevents hair loss. If you eat the leaves or apply them on your scalp and hair regularly, then they will slow down your greying hair process. The leaves contain antioxidants like vitamin A, C, and E, magnesium calcium, and phosphorus that will nourish your hair and strengthen the follicles.

Applying onion

Applying onion juice on the scalp, and leaving it for 30 minutes reduces the buildup of hydrogen peroxide, thus reversing the growth of grey hair. It also accelerates hair growth, restores the color, and makes it glow. For better results, you can mix the onion juice with lemon or coconut oil. Onions are readily available for everybody, and therefore there is no reason for not giving it a trial.

Drinking wheatgrass juice

Drink one glass of wheatgrass juice daily or add a tablespoon of wheatgrass powder to your smoothies and soups every day. The grass juice is a potent antioxidant with vitamins A, B, C, E, and vital minerals as calcium, copper, iodine. It also has some antioxidant enzymes which prevent your hair from getting the grey color.

Using henna

Henna is a natural hair dye which in addition to making your hair darker, it strengthens and conditions it. Healthy follicles result in stronger hair with its brilliant natural color. Make a henna paste with a thick consistency, apply it to your scalp and leave it for about 3 hours, and then rinse it off. You can also add a tablespoon of coffee, amla, or yogurt to make the dye more effective. This type of color does not affect your scalp or hair follicles, and thus it is highly recommended.

Applying amla

Dried amla is very useful in fighting premature hair greying. Amla is an Indian gooseberry rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants that renews your hair making it darker, new and healthy. It has various uses like drinking amla juice which is useful in reversing hair greying. You can also massage your hair and scalp with amla oil and rinse it with amla juice, and for faster results, use it daily. It is a herbal supplement that also prevents hair loss and gives your hair a glowing look. It is an excellent remedy to look young and keep your hair intact.

Using Fo-ti

It is an anti-aging supplement in china that taken traditionally as a medicine, believed to contain about 100 chemical compounds. When eaten consecutively, it holds the ability to turn grey hair back to its original color. It has excellent qualities that increase hair size, follicle numbers, and restoring hair color pigments.

Using potato skin

Potato skin, in most cases, is treated as waste product ignoring its great hair anti- greying potential. The peels act as a natural dye substance to restore grey hair into its initial color. The starch in the potato peels slowly darkens your hair if used regularly. Boil the potato peels and strain then wash your scalp and hair with the water.

Taking ashwagandha

It is an anti-aging herb that restores your hair color and gives back your youthful look in 3 months if consistently applied. The ashwagandha supplements are available, and you can take it with food, or you can also use the powder form with milk and ghee.

Applying Bhringraj

Regular application of the herb makes your hair darker and thicker. Bhringraj is an Indian herb used as a remedy to get rid of grey hair. Mix the Bhringraj powder with water to form a paste then apply it on your scalp. For better results, you can mix it with amla and coconut oil.

Using rosemary

In addition to adding a great flavor to your food, rosemary leaves are an excellent remedy for reversing grey hair conditions and making your hair follicles stronger. It has antioxidant properties that promote hair pigmentation and promote new growth. Apply rosemary-infused oil directly to your scalp consistently to regain your lost hair color. The herb fully covers the grey hair, nourishes it, and brings back the initial pigment of your hair.

Eating blackstrap molasses

A tablespoon of blackstrap molasses a day is believed to reverse the hair greying process. It is abundant in essential minerals like iron, copper, and manganese that are responsible for the right hair pigmentation and stronger and healthy hair growth. The molasses acts as an excellent remedy to treat and prevent hair greying. Copper is the leading property that provides the right pigment on your hair.

The number of people with grey hair is increasing day by day, either due to old age. In most cases, it as a result of premature growth and this is an indication that your hair is not getting the required nutrients. It is possible to reverse and contain the situation if you practice the remedies given above. If you consistently use one or a combination of the above, you will regain your hair color within a short period.

The above treatments are natural safer and healthier to use rather than applying synthetic chemicals that will have adverse effects on your health. Observe your diet patterns and take more food with vitamin B12 sources. It feels great to look young at an elderly age and maintain a youthful look. Hair is everybody’s crown and can be the first impression of old age. Take great care of your hair, avoid myths associated with grey hair, and adopt a healthy lifestyle, use organic hair products, and stay informed. If we fail to be concerned, grey hair will become a persistent problem globally, that will be difficult to reverse. It is therefore essential that you take care of your hair and that of your loved ones before it is too late.























How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair Permanently at Home

how to permanently get rid of pubic hair at home

Ideally, removing body hair is a personal preference, nonetheless, if at all we could just snap our fingers and just like that body hair disappears them some of us could be extremely happy about the idea. Bearing in mind that body hair was put on our body for a particular reason, most especially for warmth and hygiene and given the fact that in the modern world we have clothes and regularly take showers then we might feel we no longer need our bodies to be coated with hair.

Again, in as much as we all want to get rid of body hair, getting rid of it as well maintaining that smooth skin is the major challenge and most especially when it comes to pubic hair. Pubic hair is the most challenging body hair when it comes maintaining it as well getting rid of it since many are the times when you attempt to shave it that you end up increasing your chances of skin irritation. To this end, you need not to worry about getting rid of your pubic hair and skin irritation as the aftermath since this article will provide you with a complete step by step guide on how to get rid of your pubic hair permanently in the comfort of your home.

How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair Permanently at Home Quickly

When it comes to permanently removing pubic hair, there are two ways through which this can be achieved either through artificial ways or natural ways. For artificial ways, you will need to visit a specialist while for natural ways, you can do it from the comfort of your home. In most cases, natural ways are highly utilized since its normally uncomfortable as well embarrassing to use artificial ways and for that; some of the natural ways you can utilize to get rid of your pubic hair permanently at home incorporate:

Using Wax

Affirmatively, waxing is the most common home remedy that has so far been utilized to get rid of pubic hair more effectively. Ideally, waxing is more effective in the sense that it removes pubic hair from the root. Normally, what waxing does is that it simply removes the hair follicles permanently, and as a result, it might take ages before it grows again, and the chances are it might never grow again. You need not to worry about razor bumps and the inconveniences they come with since as for waxing you get rid of the hair from its roots that way the skin is not damaged with any sharp blades.

One thing about waxing is that you will need to create time and learn how to go about it; that way, you will be able to remove your pubic hair permanently and in a perfect manner. Further, it’s also crucial to note that waxing is a painful procedure despite the fact that the pain does not last; it still is painful.

Using Papaya

Using papaya is also another natural way you can use to get rid of your pubic hair permanently since it’s incredible in removing body hair due to one essential component, that is; the papaya enzyme. Normally, the papaya enzyme hinders the regrowth of hair that is both in male and females and that way permanently getting rid of your pubic hair.

Generally, while using papaya, you need to first wax or shave your pubes after which you need to prepare your papaya and apply it. You can slice your papaya into smaller pieces then smash them into a paste then apply them carefully on your pubes. You can do this continuously or rather regularly to permanently get rid of your pubic hair.

how to permanently get rid of pubic hair at home

Using Raw Turmeric

Again, turmeric can also bring about satisfying results when it comes to getting rid of pubic hair permanently, and for that, it should be among your favorite home remedies. One of the fears that people normally have when it comes to using turmeric is the yellow coloring; nonetheless, you need not to worry about it because the coloring normally dissolves with time. Generally, you need to repeat the same process for a few days, and that way, you will get rid of the inconveniencing pubic hair.

To get closer in getting rid of your pubes permanently, you need to prepare the paste perfectly. For starters, you need to grind the turmeric into a pulp then mix the pulp with small, fresh pieces of raw papaya after which you should grind the mixture into a fine thick paste.

When it comes to the application part, you need first to shave your pubic area after which you can apply the paste mixture and only rinse it off after about 20 to 30 mins. To get rid of your pubic hair permanently, you need to apply the paste more regularly that way you will make the hair around your pubic area much softer and hydrated, and as a result, you will get rid of the pubic hair permanently. Again, its also important to use warm water while rinsing off the turmeric pulp.

Using Sesame Oil

This is also another effective way to get rid of your pubic hair permanently and in a more effective as well immediate manner. It’s also effective in the sense that it leaves your skin properly hydrated. To be able to get rid of your pubic hair permanently, you need to apply the sesame oil more consistently or rather regularly. Again, another advantage that comes along with the use of sesame oil is that it doesn’t result in itchiness or rather razor bumps compared to other methods.

Again, the first step towards getting rid of your pubic hair permanently with the use of sesame oil, you will need to first wash your pubic area thoroughly after which you dry yourself much vigorously. Once its properly cleaned, you can apply sesame oil considerably. You can also mix the sesame oil with some fresh pieces of papaya to make it much effective. During the application, you are required to rub the liquid gently around your pubes and that way, you will get rid of your pubic hair permanently since the liquid will have taken its course. Again, using sesame is also advantageous since it’s not painful during application compared to other methods such as waxing.

Using Sugar+ Lemon+ Honey

This is also another common remedy that has proved to be effective for getting rid of pubic hair permanently for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that these ingredients are very easy to come around with and thus easing up convenience. Another reason is the idea that you can easily make the mixture as well apply it.

During the preparation of the mixture, you will need first to have to heat the sugar until it thickens and liquefies after which you should be pretty first to add the lemon juice as well honey and continuously stir until it turns into a thick uniform paste.

During application, be sure to use a thick brush to evenly apply the paste around your pubes. Before applying make sure you perfectly shave your pubic hair to make the process more effective. After applying the thick paste on your pubes, use a waxing clothe to rip off the unwanted pubic hair. One advantage about this technique is the fact that it makes waxing much easier and less painful.

how to get rid of pubic hair at home permanently

Using Cornstarch and Egg

This is also another recommendable technique that has been used to get rid of pubic hair permanently, and the results have been tremendous. One of the advantages that come with this technique is the idea that the egg will extensively nourish as well as moisturize your skin. The cornstarch, on the other hand, will make the paste much thicker and thus getting rid of the pubic hair much easily permanently as well painlessly.

Before applying your thick mixture on your pubes, make sure you shave your pubic hair perfectly and after applying the paste, leave it there for about 20-30 minutes before washing the mixture off. It’s also advisable that before removing the dried crouch off your skin, do it faster to make it less painful.

Using Gram Flour Permanently

Gram flour is one that is known for its incredible remedy when it comes to getting rid of pubic hair permanently. To come up with a perfect mixture, you are required to have at least two tablespoons of mustard oil or even peppermint oil. What follows is to add the two tablespoon into a bowl filled with pieces of fresh papaya after which you can grind the ingredients into an effective natural paste.

Before applying the mixture, ensure that your completely shaven your pubes a couple of days before applying the paste and at least ten days. The main reason for this is to spare you any unnecessary pain during the process. Once your pubes start sprouting after ten days, you can now apply the paste evenly and give it some time to dry before ripping off the cask-like substance. You will endure some pain but not that much since you will be pulling your pubic hair from its roots and to get rid of it permanently you will need to undergo the same procedure.

Using Egg +Sugar Mixture

This is also another popular home remedy that can be used to successfully remove pubic hair permanently. Preparing the mixture can be much easier since the ingredients are easily available since all you need is a bowl, eggs, and at least three tablespoons of sugar.

Some of the preparations that you need to take care of before applying the mixture are to ensure that you perfectly shave your pubes a couple of days before so as to make the whole procedure a success as well less painful. Once your pubes start to sprout, apply the paste on your pubic area in an even manner for the purpose of having better results. Give the paste some time to dry after which you can pull the cask off your pubic area.

Using Lentil +Potatoes Paste

Lentil plus potato paste can also be used to get rid of your pubic hair effectively as well permanently. All you need to make this possible is some yellow lentils, some lemon juice, honey, and potatoes. Ideally, the additional ingredients are meant to boost the effectiveness of the lentil and potato paste.

The first step should be preparing the lentils and potato paste through passing the ingredients into a mixer or grinder for the purpose of coming up with a perfect mixture. Once you apply the paste on your pubes, allow it to stay there for about 20-30 minutes after which you can rinse it off and to permanently get rid of your pubes, repeat the procedure regularly.

Collectively, its rather apparent that pubic hair stresses a lot of people and getting rid of it is quite a challenge. Nonetheless, following the steps above can really be satisfying since they can help you attain a permanent solution to your pubic air nightmare. Again, the techniques above are home remedies, and for that, you can execute them at the comfort of your house; you need not to worry about seen an expert to assist you since some of the time we get uncomfortable with the idea since pubes are more of a personal matter. Trying the above steps will help you deal with your pubes issue; it will only take a little of your time as well money, but the results will be satisfying.