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Should You Shave Your Head

Last Updated September 2019

Long hair, much as it is beneficial, also has quite a number of potential dangers. It may trap lots of heat in the winter and therefore inflict some discomforts. These include excessive heat in the body, difficulties in the skin breathing, and extreme sweating, to mention but a few!

It is for these reasons that you have to keep your hair as short as is realistically possible. We are here to help you in going about this business. We are going to discuss the various issues that regard this subject matter. Examples of these include the frequency within which you have to shave, some of the reasons that cause the rapid loss of hair, and the major benefits of keeping your hair short.

We will further delve into discussing some of the alternatives to shaving your head, the best products to use at such times, the top tips to adhere to while shaving your head, and some of the procedures that may come in handy.

By adhering to the information that we are going to furnish hereunder, you will indeed be able to come up with the right outcomes. It is also necessary to be open-minded as there could be some other equally viable alternatives out there.

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There is no recommended fixed duration or frequency to shave your head. This is because each person is unique and also experiences different growth rates and hair loss. For this reasons, it is imperative that each person ascertains his own unique position and makes arrangements for the same. The following, however, are some of the factors that determine the frequency of shaving your head:

Irregular Growth Rates

If your hair experiences irregular growth rates, you want to shave them more frequently. This is to keep the lengths as uniform as can be. The precise frequency, however, depends on the exact growth rate. For one, it may be as frequent as 2-3 days yet to others it may be as long as 1 month.

Emergence of Baldness

As we age, we have the tendency to developing baldness. This may also necessitate the frequent shaving. If you are one who experiences this baldness, you may have to shave quite often to ‘conceal’ the baldness by keeping the entire head cleanly shaven. The exact frequency may also vary greatly from individual to individual.

Shabby Appearance

As hinted above, the hair may at times grow too shabby. This may inadvertently result in ghastly appearances. No one wants to appear shabby, especially the students and the professionals. They may thus see it fit to trim the hair as soon as they begin getting out of shape. This again depends on how fast the hair gets shabby.

Preparation for an Engagement

Lastly, engagements do arise every quite often. The common examples of engagements are parties, interviews, weddings, burial ceremonies, and celebrations. They often demand the attendees to be well kept. Part of being well-kempt is to keep the hair as short as can be. It, therefore, follows that the preparations of these ceremonies also determine the frequency of shaving your hair.

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Here are some of the key reasons why you could be losing hair at a faster rate and hence you may need to shave sooner:

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia)  

Some men are naturally predisposed to the issue of losing hair. This may be due to a combination of factors. Those who have parents who had bald hair are particularly vulnerable to the issue. It is, therefore, necessary that you ascertain your own predisposition to the said problems for the sake of psychological preparedness.

Genes or Heredity

If your father or forefather had bald hair, chances are that you too will develop the same problem. This is because the hair follicles that are on your scalp possess the same DNA blueprint as those of your male parent.

Hormonal Imbalances

Some men do experience hormonal imbalances. This may arise due to their over-sensitivity to the dihydrotestosterone hormones. Each time the testosterone hormones are converted into the dihydrotestosterone, the hair follicles shrink in size. If the problem persists, the hair strands cease to grow altogether.


As men age, their ability to generate testosterone hormones lowers. It is these hormones that are responsible for the invigoration of the growth of hair. With reduced testosterone levels comes baldness. This is an eventuality we will all confront at some point in our life though. There is therefore nothing wrong with the arrangement at all.

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Several benefits of shaving your head do actually abound. It is worthy to note that the precise benefits that may be accrued largely vary from person to person. This is because each person, as stated, is unique. As such, they may accrue varying meanings from the act of shaving the head. The following though are some of the common benefits of doing so:

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Conceals Male Baldness

By shaving your head frequently and keeping it short, you get to conceal baldness. This is because it may not be possible for anyone to notice the difference between a bald portion and a shaved portion of your head respectively. This is the smartest way of staying kept and neat at all times if you have a bald head.

Expedites the Grooming Process

The time you spend while applying hair food onto your hair, combing, and even trimming it do not apply to the shaved heads. This is because by shaving your head, you, in fact, get rid of the hair and the associated care regimes. You also get to expedite the grooming process and reduce the hassles of your morning routines.

Makes One to Look Younger

It is no secret that those with longer hair tend to look older than their actual ages. This may be disparaging to those who are intent on pursuing careers that place a lot of emphasis on the appearance of the workers. For this reason, it is necessary to shave every quite often to keep the person appear much younger.

Reduced Shabby or Bad Hairs

Once in a while, there is usually the tendency to the appearance of the hair getting out of hand. These are called the bad days. By shaving your head and keeping the hair short at all times, you get to eliminate these bad days. You therefore also enjoy the benefit of not experiencing unnecessary hassles as you go about your business.

Quite Comfortable

On the whole, keeping your head shaved and short is a very comfortable venture indeed. This is due to the sum total of the benefits that do come along with the activity. These include the reduced need for grooming no bad days, improved appearances, and expedited grooming process, among others.

Negates Washing and Styling

As has been stated, shorter hair requires comparatively less washing and styling than the long hair. This is because you will not have to shampoo, comb, brush, and style the short hair as is the case with the bald hair. You will subsequently enjoy the benefit saved time and effort.

Imbues a Sense of Confidence

In all, your confidence spikes when you are better kept than when you have issues with your grooming and appearance. Having a shaved hair indeed makes you look younger and more youthful than before. For this reason, you will generally find it easier to express yourself and go about your business easier.

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Razors by their nature are small and sharp. You, therefore, have to exercise great caution as you use them. They are also potentially injurious by reason of being able to inflict some cuts on your hands and fingers. The following are the best steps to take to go about shaving your head using a razor:

Step I: Trim your Hair

Start off by trimming your hair. This is because razors are ineffective and largely unable to tackle strands of hair that exceed ¼ inches long. Such hair has the tendency to entangling the blades of the razors. You should, therefore, use your calipers to reduce the length of the strands to manageable levels.

Step II: Lubricate the Hair

Next, lubricate your hair. To do this, run your head under some hot water or in a shower for some time. This is to soften the hair and make it easier to be cut later. While at it, massage your scalp and hair thoroughly to let it respond well to the razor later.

Step III: Shave the front of your head

Next, shave the front of your head. This is because the hair that occupies these portions of your head is softer than those at the back. By starting with them, you will give the head at the rear portion of your head more time to soften fully. Needless to say, you have to shave backward.

Step IV: Shave the sides of your head

After you are through with your front part, proceed to the sides of your head. Do so in the upward directions starting from your neck through to the top of your head. This is because these hairs are softer than those at the back yet coarser than those at the front.

Step V: Shave the back of your head

Now go ahead and shave the back of your head. You should use the upward strokes to do so as they are more effective in ridding the head of excess hair. Start out from the base and proceed to the neck regions and finally to the top of your head. While at it, let the razor glide smoothly over any ridges.

Step VI: Rinse the head

Once you are done with ridding your head of all hair, you now have to rinse your head thoroughly. You are better off with the warm water as they are more effective in opening up the pores and letting all the debris out. Use the mirror extensively to guarantee robust outcomes.

Step VII: Apply aftershave

Finally, conclude the process of shaving your head by applying an aftershave. Before this, do dry your head completely until it is devoid of any moisture. Leave the head to rest for around 10 minutes. After this, apply some moisturizer to repair any nicks and soothe the hair.


Even though the razors are by far the best tools for do-it-yourself hair shaving, the Clippers are also viable alternatives. They do leave behind some stubble though. The following are the common procedures you have to follow to actualize the hair trimming undertaking:

Step I: Trim

Just like razors, the Clippers also cannot handle some strands of hair. This is why you have to start off by trimming your hair to manageable levels. Use a shorter Grade like 4 to do the job. Shave the sides of the hair and proceed to the back region.

Step II: Lubricate the hair

Having trimmed your hair, you now have to lubricate it in preparation for the subsequent full shaving. To do so, immerse your hair in some warm water and let it stay there for around five minutes. Massage your scalp and hair thoroughly and then dry with a towel.

Step III: Change the grade

Next, change the grade of the clipper to 1. Use the clipper to rid the hair from the sides to the back. Repeat the entire process severally. You may also wish to start from the front of your head and proceed backward.

Step IV: Rinse

After you have received satisfactory outcomes, you now have to rinse your hair. Yet again, use warm water to do the job. Keep checking the mirror to ascertain whether there could be any further issues that need some attention. A quick final rinse in cold water would be preferable for the sake of closing the sweat pores.

Step V: Apply aftershave

Lastly, apply some aftershave. A moisturizer which is applied on to a towel will do some magic in this. Let the moisturizers stay for some 10 minutes before rubbing it out and about.


Shaving the head is a potentially injurious undertaking especially if the razors are involved. Given the imprecision of human nature also, it may not always be possible to obtain the best results at all time. This is why you have to adhere to some hot tips to be able to do a better job.

Tip #1: Invest in some great sunscreen

Do buy and use the sunscreen extensively as you shave. Apply generous amounts of the sunscreen over your neck, face, scalp, ears, and skin. This is to prevent direct exposure of these said parts of the body to the sun. It is also a great way of shielding the extremely sensitive skin.

Tip #2: Refrain from shaving after an extremely sunny day

Sunny days are not so great for shaving. This is because the risk of damages to the skin is higher at such times than on the other times of the year. By shaving at such times also, you inevitably get to reveal some tan which may subsequently disparage the rest of the skin.

Tip #3: Trim your head well in advance

To generate the best outcome, you need to trim your hair in advance, preferably several days beforehand. This way, you will also allow more sun to rip through the skin and darken your scalp as well. This is not to mention the reduced workload.

Tip #4: Moisturize your Hair Effectively

It is absolutely necessary that you moisturize your hair effectively. Skin that is exposed to the external weather elements for a prolonged duration of time will often develop all kinds of issues. This is why you have to bring in the best moisturizer you can possibly find.

Tip #5: Shampoo your Hair Regularly

As part of your effective cleaning regime, you have to use the shampoo extensively. Apply some little shampoo as you shower to scrub off all dandruff and the debris on the hair. By shampooing, you also get to add some extra moisture on the dry scalp.

Tip #6: Shave right after Showering

No other part of the day is more suitable for shaving than immediately after showering. At such a time, the skin is extremely supple whereas the strands of hair are very soft. Because of this, you will face fewer hurdles in keeping the hair short.

Tip #7: Be Mindful of the Cuts

In case you have any cuts on your head, you may have to exercise a fair degree of caution as you cut your hair. This is especially the case if you are using the razors as they are more likely to inflict worse cuts than the other kinds of cutting machines.

Tip #8: Shave along the Hair Directions

Lastly, you have to shave in the direction of your hair rather than against the same. You will in so doing minimize the possibilities of sustaining cuts not to mention that you will greatly expedite the process of shaving your head. This is not to mention that you will also obtain closer shaves on the whole.


Below are a couple of products you will find handy and convenient as you go about the business of shaving your head:


The razors are by far the most significant products for shaving your head. They come in various shapes and sizes. The Harry’s Razor is by far the most reliable of all that the market has on offer. This stems from their higher quality, extreme affordability, and high class.

Shaving Soap/Cream

During the shaving process, you need a medicated soap or cream to disinfect the chin and skin. This is where the shaving soap or cream comes in handy. The Herban Cowboy Dusk Shave Soap is by far the most suited for this job.

Shave Brush

You will definitely need a good shaving brush to aid you in keeping the strands of hair straight and aligned well for the sake of shaving well. Find one that has good bristles which are firmly fixed and never falls off.


After you are through with your shaving, you should apply an aftershave. They reduce inflammations, irritations, and infections greatly. This way, they leave your skin smooth and healthy just like it would appear without you shaving. Try out the Aubrey Organics aftershave.


While shaving your head, you make it exposed to the harsh external elements of weather and climate. It, in particular, becomes drier and devoid of moisture. A moisturizer has the effects of reversing the said problems. That is why you have to acquire some and use for the sake of mitigating these issues.

Facial Moisturizer

While shaving your head, you might also want to pay some special attention to your face. The only way you might do so is to use a facial moisturizer. It plays the role of making the face tender and smoother to behold.


You can never get rid of all dandruff from your scalp with ordinary soaps. You must make good use of the shampoo. It is for this reason that you must use a suitable shampoo and use it to wash out your scalp.

Hair Food

The hair food is mainly great for keeping your hair moisturized. It is essential especially if you have cut your hair shorter rather than completely bald. Apply generous amounts of the hair food to moisturize and leave the hair sparkling.


Needless to say, you will want to monitor the progress of your hair care and shaving. Only a mirror will allow you to do the job well. It helps you to see those parts of your body which you ordinarily would not under normal circumstances.

Mild Bathing Soap

A mild bathing soap will often help you in preparing other parts of your body for shaving. You will, therefore, have to acquire it especially if you intend to trim the hair on your legs, under your armpit, and on the chest.


Other than completely shaving your head, you may try a couple of other intervention mechanisms. Listed and briefly explained below are some of those interventions you may wish to try out:

Change your hairstyle

Change your hairstyle. Try those styles which do not require extensive cutting of hair. You may wish to prioritize the high skin fade which is accompanied with a crew cut or buzz at the top.

Cut off more hair

Rather than cutting the whole of your hair, consider trimming the hair considerably shorter. This is to reduce sweat yet negate the need for a complete removal of all the hair. You may also try the fade, undercut, or cutting the sides only. This should especially apply if you have longer strands of hair.

Hide Balding

If you are experiencing some loss of hair, try reinvigorating its growth. It that cannot work, try some styling methods which can hide the bald. Combing the hair is perhaps a good place to start out. If your hair is currently receding, try styles which can reverse the trend.

Get over it

Alternatively, you may also decide to get over the issue of reversing your hair loss once and for all. In most cases, people are not even concerned with it, let alone worried that you are experiencing the issue.


Well, we have indeed tried the much we can to exhaust the topic. We now leave it to you to take the appropriate course of action. Needless to say, you, by all means, have to make an effort of acquiring at least one of the hair care products we have touched on. You may also try at least one of the styles for shaving and reversing baldness we have explained. How else will you get the benefits that come along with these intervention mechanisms?

You are probably not the only one who is badly in need of this assistance. Chances are that there are many people in your locality who also equally needs this information. It is in light of this that we now urge you to share this information with them. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you. Drop your comments in the segment below.

How to Grow a Mustache Thick and Fast

Last Updated September 2019

Mustache refers to the strip of hair that grows above the upper lips of the face. This hair has to be left to grow and be given other incentives to be able to mature. Mustache enhances the appearance of men. They indeed confer a variety of benefits to the men who decide to grow them. These include but are certainly not limited to fostering trust, increasing attractiveness, decreasing the risks of cutting the face and untimely deaths, and eliminate the prospects of boring conversations.

It is for these reasons that you needt to make every effort to grow them if you can. We are here to help you achieve this noble aim. We have carried out extensive research in the area. We are going to unveil the various steps you need to employ to make the dream become a reality.

We are also going to examine a host of other pertinent issues that revolve around mustaches. In particular, we are going to explore the various kinds of mustaches, the various items that may help you out, and the duration of time that a typical mustache may take to grow under different circumstances.


Step I: Determine your Suitability for the Job

Not everyone may grow a mustache. This is due to the differences in the genetics, amount of hair in the body, and the environment under which one operates. It is, therefore, necessary that you determine first and foremost whether you can indeed grow one. If you already have a beard, you will more likely grow a mature mustache.

Having a sound knowledge of this is vital for several reasons. It will help you to determine whether you can indeed grow one or not. It will also help you to prepare yourself psychologically for any possible outcomes and to adjust your expectations appropriately.

Step II: Prepare yourself psychologically

You now need to prepare yourself psychologically for the mustache growth process. Generally speaking, facial hair like beards do grow at the pace of only 0.4 mm per day. This means it will take you a couple of weeks before expecting any visible manifestations of the mustache. You should there exercise some patience in the process.

After the mustache has grown to a reasonable size of around 6 to 8 mm, you will have to decide which pattern you want it to form. You may thereafter select between the toothbrush mustache (Tom Selleck) and the handlebar (George V), which are the two most common.

Step III: Set the Desired Patterns

Throughout the growth and maturation stages, exercise great patience. Also, maintain your beads and facial hair groomed, neat, and orderly at all time. This will see to it that the hair looks good enough to be able to bring about great patterns later.

As soon as the hair descends to the upper portions of your lips, take some clippers and trim them in order to get rid of the strays. Alternatively, you may use a handlebar to trim each side for the sake of maintaining a uniform length at all times. The aim of these modifications is to let the hair that occupies the portions of the face beneath the nose to be of the longest size.

Step IV: Enhance the Preferred Style

Lastly, you now have to choose a preferred style and enhance it. This depends on the amount of hair your face has as well as the shape and size of your skull and jawbone. If yours is a strong jaw, you should choose a full mustache. If you, however, have a square or oval-shaped face, the beardstache could be a better option for your consideration.

This is by far the most significant step. The decision you make here is irreversible. It also determines to a great extent the kind of appearance you shall obtain altogether. This is why you definitely want to give it your very best.

how to grow a mustache


The following products are more likely to help your mustache grow faster and thicker:

#1: Nature’s Bounty Super Potency Biotin 5000mcg – 72 soft gels

In your endeavor to grow a mustache, you definitely want the hair to be healthy and strong. This can only happen if you happen to use the right ointment. This is such kind of an ointment. It is specially formulated with all the vital ingredients that make this dream a reality.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Perhaps the most outstanding ingredient that this ointment possesses is the Biotin. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. It is a part of the family of the B vitamins. It confers support to the energy metabolism. It also aids the body in converting food into energy. This is not to mention that it also supports healthy hair growth, the skin, and nails.

Thicker and healthier hair is crucial for developing great patterns later. This is because patterns do develop better when the hair is thicker as opposed to a situation where they are shorter. The hair also grows faster when it is anointed with this ointment. This cuts short the duration of time you have to wait to be able to accrue the required outcomes.


  • Supports healthy skin and hair
  • Laboratory tested for high quality
  • Comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules


  • Introduces too much chemicals to the body

Bottom Line

Grow your mustache into thick and healthy strands by incorporating this ointment in your armory.

#2: Men’s Rogaine Hair Loss & Hair Regrowth Treatment Minoxidil Foam

Hair that is vulnerable to the loss and damage on a regular basis does not grow long enough to be able to create a great mustache. If your hair is prone on a regular basis, you might want to extend their lifespan. It is only then that you will be able to create a great mustache later. This cream is exclusively meant for such circumstances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Possessing 5% Minoxidil formulation, this ointment works fast and regenerates re-growth well. It also boosts the growth of hair follicles by reason of this vital ingredient. It is also, as a matter of fact, capable of extending the length of hair by a whopping 25%.

It also contains the alphahydroxy acid (AHA). This ingredient promotes the exfoliation of the natural skin. This process keeps the follicles of the skin open all the time. An open follicle removes any hindrances to the growth of hair and as such, encourages healthy growth.

Lastly, it helps the hair to maintain their density and in so doing, create room for the re-growth of longer and more complete hair. This again comes in handy for that great and long-lasting moustache you ever wanted.


  • Delivers the required outcomes within the shortest time possible
  • Available in an easy-to-apply foam
  • Fits seamlessly into your daily routines


  • Too potent a formulation

Bottom Line

Curb the menace of hair loss by settling for this cream. It does have the ability to strengthen and lengthen hair which are two vital ingredients for the awesome mustache.

#3: Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Are you wary of chemicals and artificial ingredients? Place your bet on this organic oil. All its vital ingredients are sourced from nature. Moreover, it comprises six premium hydrating oils. It is great for the skin and the beard. It conditions the skin and nourishes the beards. This way, it makes the beard grow long enough to reach their full potential.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Coming in at the top of its ingredients is the classic blend of well over 7 selected premium oils. These oils are expertly selected and work hand in hand to bring about comprehensive outcomes. They enhance the growth of hair, condition the skin, strengthen and lengthen the beard, and improve the overall health of the skin.

They are also full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and other vital ingredients. These jointly nourish the beard, strengthen them, and enhance their overall growth. With this arrangement in mind, you will be able to produce great outcomes by reason of working out all kinds of patterns that you may desire.


  • Conditions the skin around the beard area
  • Reputable and trusted brand for beards world over
  • Relieves any irritations of new growth


  • Quite pricey

Bottom Line

Enhance the overall health and strength of your beard by settling for this oil. It has the ingredient-mix that is necessary to bring about the desired healthy outcomes.

#4: Cremo Unscented Revitalizing Beard Oil

Do you want to grow longer-normal-beards? You will need a specially formulated hydrating oil, of this kind. This oil has the ability to replace the lost moisture, nourish the damaged and dry hair, and furnish the skin with extra moisture. Through this manner, the oil produces longer and healthier beards.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

The oil contains the astonishingly high quality and natural Argan and Jojoba oils. These are complemented with a host of other carefully selected vital ingredients.

As stated, the oil produces healthier beards. It also enables your beard to retain the freshness and great aroma. This is because the beards are often prone to smell as the result of accumulating too much sweat and dirt.

If you prefer shorter beards, you ought not to worry at all. This oil is still able to handle your kind of beards. When applied in smaller quantities, the oil soothes the itches and irritations that often arise when the hair is growing.



  • Only for longer beards

Bottom Line

Maintain the health of your beards, whether long or short, by using this vital oil. You will also be able to ward off the many dangers and inconveniences that often arise while the hair grows.


Generally speaking, a full mustache takes roughly 2 to 6 months to grow. To bring about complete growth, there are issues you have to get right. You also have to exercise some patience as the process is marred with several challenges.

For a start, you will have to stop shaving completely. Refrain from shaving your beard and facial hair at once. The hair shall begin sprouting after 4 to 6 days when you shall have stopped shaving. Use a moisturizer, beard oil, facial scrub, and other products that are designed to enhance the growth of hair to accelerate the pace of growth.

Your hair shall grow considerably longer after 15 to 20 days (roughly 2 to 3 weeks). It is at this point that you will begin styling and grooming your hair. Keep applying the growth enhancers that are mentioned above for faster outcomes and greater quality of results.

After the third week and going to the fourth week, your mustache will grow to their full lengths. During this period of time, you will experience some itchy feelings. You will subsequently be tempted to shave your beard. However, do not give in to this temptation. This phase is just a passing cloud and sooner rather than later, you will overcome it.

After the itchy phase shall have elapsed, your mustache shall grow into a ‘bush.’ It is at this stage that you may now apply the appropriate style. The handlebar particularly does well in this phase of the growth of hair. If you are however interested in the Epic mustache, you may have to wait longer than 1 year.

The average mustache, if left uninterrupted, grows to a maximum length of three feet. Some may grow longer and others may not attain this length. As soon as it hits the maximum possible length, they will start to fall off one after the other. They attain their maximum lengths after 6 months, give or take.

Because you do not want them to fall off and leave your chin bald, you have to shave them every quite often. Use a trimmer to cut the mustache to size. This way, they will strengthen and prevent plucking off as ought to have been had you left them untouched.

You may also use those products that are designed to care for the beards on your mustache. These also have the ability to keep the strands unplucked, healthy and strong always. In all, it takes a bit of hard work, focus, attention, and effort to get the desired outcomes.


Follow these steps to grow your handlebar mustache successfully:

Step I: Do not trim your mustache

Wait for your mustache to grow maturely. You will require no less than six weeks to fully grow your beards. It is after this duration that your mustache shall be long enough to be able to be styled appropriately into the shape of the handlebar. Throughout this duration, resist any attempt to trim your mustache. Doing so will interfere with the growth of the mustache and with it, the possibility of shaping it at a later date.

Step II: Comb your mustache regularly

As your mustache is growing, you have to step in and comb it. Combing your mustache as it grows strains it to grow in the desired fashion. This way, you will be able to generate the handlebar fashion without much effort later. You may, however, try the wooden mustache comb.

Step III: Apply some wax on the mustache from time to time

Apply some wax on your mustache on a regular basis as it grows. This should preferably happen immediately after showering. Apply some mustache wax on the upper edge of the hair using your fingertip. Spread the wax out throughout the hair. Use more wax in case your mustache is wirier.

Step IV: Twist and Shape it accordingly

Apply some more wax to the ends of the mustache to add the distinctive handlebar curls. Twist the hair together using your fingers. Proceed to curl the twisted hair upwards and inwards. You may also generate the curls by twisting the ends of the hair as tightly as can be around a writing pen.

Step V: Maintain the mustache accordingly

Creating a handlebar mustache is the first step towards having an attractive mustache. You have to maintain it to keep it in the best shape and form at all times. This is why you have to wash, comb, wax, and curl it at least once a day.

how to grow handlebar mustache


Whereas the decision to grow a handlebar mustache may be made in a day, it takes quite some time to realize. The process also goes through several phases. Getting to know these phases beforehand offers you the psychological preparedness you require to do a good job. Listed and explained below are the four major phases that the cycle goes through from start to finish:

Step I: The stubble phase

This is by far the simplest phase. In this phase, your mustache grows to their full size. It is full of beard as well as a combo. You now need to enhance the appearance of your mustache using the appropriate tips. Use the natural coarse and bristled brush to rub your skin. Get rid of the dead skin and hair which may exist on your skin. This is to let your hair grow unhindered. You may also consider introducing the mustache wax this stage to condition your hair.

Step II: The itchy phase

At this stage, you will generally be tempted to trim the mustache at the line of the lips. You are however advised against doing this. You will need this hair at a later date. Most people are often tempted to quit growing their mustaches at this stage. You are however urged to stay on. The phase lasts a shorter duration of time. Apply wax on your hair at this stage. Apply the least amounts of wax for the sake of your skin.

Step III: The awesome phase

After about 6 to 8 weeks, you will experience your first handlebar mustache. The middle segment will however not have grown substantially. This notwithstanding, the mustache will take the form and appearance of the fully-fledged handlebar when viewed from a distance. To make this step worthwhile, you will have to apply the wax at the tip of the mustache. Twist the tip of the mustache gently towards rather than out of your face. This is to let the tip of the handlebar to hug your face.


A horseshoe mustache is a special kind of mustache. It is basically a full mustache that has vertical extensions that sprout on the corners of the slips. These extensions drop down to the sides of the mouth through to the jawline. They form the upside-down U shape or a horseshoe. The whiskers that grow along the sides of the mouth are referred to as “pipes”.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to generate horseshoe mustache

Step I: Trim your hair to around 1/8 to 1/5-inch size. In case you want to generate whiskers around your mouth, you ought to settle for longer trims and sizes. Anything in excess of 1/5 inches will do you well in such a circumstance.

Step II: Create some straight lines that measure around 1.5 inches. Do this by using a precision trimmer machine. Start off from the outside the corner of your lips to the tip of your chin. Thereafter create a straight line that originates from the inside corner of your bottom lips through to your chin.

Step III: Trim the upper edge of your mustache to make it clean and nice. Use a precision trimmer to play this vital role. Take great care that you do not cut off too much of the mustache.

Step IV: Shave the spaces that lie in between the two columns that exist on both sides of your chin. Use the mini-foil shaver to do the job. Make it clean and comprehensive enough for the sake of bringing about awesome end results.

Step V: Lastly, shave your cheek, neck and the chin completely clean. Take extra care as you do so around the horseshoe region of your mustache region. Do so using a rotary shaver. Move the shaver gently and in a circular motion.

how to grow horseshoe mustache


A pencil mustache is a kind of thin mustache that lies adjacent to or slightly above the lip region of the face. It takes a shorter duration of time to grow. It, however, grows thicker than the ordinary kinds of mustaches. The following are the steps you ought to follow to develop the pencil mustache:

Step I: Grow your Moustache

Leave your facial hair to grow fully. As stated, such hair takes between 6 and 8 weeks to fully mature. Do not attempt to trim the hair at this stage. This will certainly interfere with the growth process and bring about undesired results.

Step II: Clip your hair

Once the hair is fully grown, you now have to clip it. Do this neatly in such a way as to let the mustache develop the form of a thin line as though it were generated by use of a pencil.

Step III: Create the Necessary Design or Pattern

Leave a large gap in between your nose and your mustache. This line of facial hair should cut across the philtrum or may alternatively continue unbroken. If you so wish, you may leave the line to extend vertically along the outside of the philtrum before stopping right below your nose. This leaves your philtrum unbridged.

Step IV: Style your Moustache

Style your mustache appropriately. You have the freedom to determine the style, shape, color, and form you want. For best results, wait for the mustache to grow for around one month. At this time, the hair shall be long enough to handle all kinds of styles.

Step V: Dye your Moustache (optional)

You may also, if you so wish, dye the mustache. Darker dyes are the more preferable for such kinds of hair. Finish off the pencil mustache by neatening it. Use a razor blade to configure the shapes and the sizes of the mustache to your desired ends.

how to grow pencil mustache


Follow these procedures to trim a pencil-thin mustache:

Step I: Prepare your face by washing it with warm water and mild detergent. Thereafter, go ahead and shave all hair except the mustache.

Step II: Trim down the remaining mustache to desirable lengths using a set of clippers

Step III: Determine your preferred style before shaping the same. Choose a thicker style for a fairer hair.

Step IV: Shave the contours of the mustache downwards. Use the base as the reference point and do so along a straight line.

Step V: Vary the shavings slightly on either side to prevent taking off too much hair. Tighten your skin by biting the top portion of your lips.

Step VII: Trim the edges of the mustache using a pair of scissors and a comb. This is to finish the straight line that lies across the lips.

Step VIII: You may consider shaving or trimming a parting on the philtrum segment of your mustache from the center position outwards.


The rollie fingers mustache is characterized by a classic style of curled upward tips. They resemble the shapes of the handlebars of a typical bicycle. Growing this kind of mustache requires a great deal of patience, regular maintenance, and a significant amount of hair growth. The following are the steps you ought to follow to actualize this noble objective:

Step I: You, first of all, have to grow thick and bushy hair. This is to be able to generate the classic longer tips thereafter.

Step II: Throughout the growth process, you have to regularly maintain the hair. It is only in this way that you will be able to manage proper styling thereafter.

Step III: Be sure that the hair that grows on your upper lip is wider as you shave the neck region, the chin, and the chicks. Doing so shall maintain these areas clean and tidy always.

Step IV: Do not trim your hair as far as the corners of the sides of your mouth. You will need these accentuated tips to greater great handlebar styles later on.

Step V: Part each side of your mustache to the left and to the right as soon as your hair is long enough to comb. This shall facilitate the growth of the hair in these two directions. The exercise takes several weeks and demands regular grooming and brushing for the hair to extend past the corners of your mouth. You should aim at obtaining thicker and bushier hair appearance. You should therefore not trim the hair that occupies the upper lips while at the same time twisting the tips outwards.

Step VI: Apply wax to the hair as soon as you achieve the desired thickness. Twist the longer corners of the hair into the classic handlebar shape of your liking. Apply only a small amount of wax on the area of interest and create some sharp points on the edges.

Step VII: Finish off by curling the tips into your desired handlebar shape. Use a holding wax to gain the unique and masculine appearance.

how to grow rollie fingers mustache


This depends on several factors. The diet you feed on, the type of your skin, the environment in which you live, and your genetic disposition, are some of the factors that determine the pace of re-growth.

Generally speaking, beards grow faster in colder climates, among the well-nourished persons, and among those with darker skins. In case your father or grandfather had long beards, chances are higher that yours will take a shorter duration of time to re-grow. You will also experience a faster growth rate if you are subjected to stressful situations as opposed to calm environments.

On the whole, hair grows at the rate of around 1/2 inches per month. This translates to a couple of months or even whole years to obtain the optimal size and thickness.

how to wax a mustache


Mustaches, as stated, do take a bit of time to grow. The rate is even slower at teenage owing to the fact that you have not yet reached adulthood. If you desire to have a mustache at this age, you have to put in a couple of measures. These measures are enumerated below alongside the finer details underneath:

Step I: Wash your Face Regularly

Wash your face on a regular basis. Use a mild cleanser and warm water to do the job. Warm water and mild detergents get rid of any sweat or impurities that clog the pores of the skin. This gives the hair unhindered room to grow fully. Will also lead to faster growth of the hair altogether.

Step II: Scrub your Face

From time to time, the upper layers of your skin do die due to natural causes. If these dead matters are not eliminated, they settle in the pores and harden. They subsequently block the passageways through which the hair follicles may sprout upwards. You should, therefore, scrub your face using a facial scrub. Do so at least twice a week. By doing so, you rid your skin and sweat pores of the dead matter. This way, you get rid of any impediments that may hamper the growth of the hair.

Step III: Moisturized your face

Apply a moisturizer that contains eucalyptus to your skin. This removes any dry patches that exist on your skin. It also allows the hair to grow rapidly and unhindered. As soon as the skin softens, the pace of the growth of your hair accelerates faster than is ordinarily the case.

Step IV: Take in a Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet. In particular, you should incorporate plenty of Vitamins B1, B6 and B12, proteins, and minerals. Some of the foods you may look up to are eggs, green leafy vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, and poultry products, among others. While at it, drink plenty of fresh water as well. This shall flush out toxins from your body besides guaranteeing faster growth rates.

Step V: Massage your Face

From time to time, do massage your face. This improves the flow of blood which consequently enhances the growth of hair naturally. Use the special beard oil to bring about awesome feedbacks.

Step VI: Sleep Adequately

Sleep adequately each day. You should spend a minimum of eight hours in the bed. Your body gets recharged and refreshed as you sleep for long. By sleeping longer, you also invigorate the pace of hair growth.


Ordinary shaving of hair reaches only the base of the hair. It leaves the follicles of the hair intact. This way, the hair re-grows after a very short duration of time. The same case does not hold for waxing. Waxing actually rids whole hair up to the follicle.

When the hair is completely removed from the follicle region, the body embarks on a mission to re-grow the hair faster and from scratch. The exact duration of time this takes depends on various factors.

Longer and thicker hair strands like those of the Mongoloids and Caucasians take shorter to sprout compared to those of the Negroids. The diet, the genetic predisposition, environment and climate, and the nature of skin all have a bearing on the pace of growth of the hair.

Those who feed on a balanced diet, as do those who stay in cooler climates, and have deeper skins are more likely to experience faster paces of growths. The same case applies to those who have ancestors that had long beards or whose hairs grew at a faster rate.

While at it, the frequent waxers will normally experience a relatively slower pace of re-growth. This is for the sheer reason that the follicles are suppressed completely and hence require too much time to regenerate.

On the whole, the average person who waxes his hair shall experience a hair-free skin for around two to eight weeks. Thereafter, the hair shall begin to sprout and take a further two to six months to obtain full maturity.


Though rare, in some instances, people may opt to completely rid their bodies of hair. The same case might also apply to the mustache. If you happen to be this kind of a person, you may follow these procedures to actualize this dream:

Step I: Consider undergoing the procedure of electrolysis. This puts a stop to the growth of hair on the body. It entails the use of an electrified needle which is placed on the hair follicle. The damages the follicles and in so doing suppresses new hair from growing. Given that each strand of hair requires treatment, you will have to endure several treatment sessions to obtain the optimal results.

Step II: You may also pluck the hair you do not want. To do this, use a pair of sharp tweezers to yank out individual hair in the direction in which it grows. This way, you will experience the least discomforts imaginable. Apply ice to the mustache region to ward off the excess pain. You will also exercise great patience given that the procedure is slow.

Step III: A laser therapy is yet another alternative you might want to consider. This treatment entails the aiming of laser energy at the roots of your hair follicles. This laser energy damages the hair at the follicles and suppresses any further growth in future. It also requires several sessions and is thus an elaborate procedure.

Step IV: Lastly, an eflornithine prescription may also come in handy. This is a prescription cream which must only be used by and with the advice and the consent of the medical doctor. Apply this cream on to the affected portion of the face or mustache region. It works by slowing down the growth of hair and is thus an effective solution for undesired hair.


You have indeed received the insight you require to make the growth of your mustache a worthwhile undertaking. You should not stop there though. You definitely want to leverage the benefits of an awesome mustache for yourself. This is why you want to implement the procedures and the various pieces of advice we have explored above.

Perhaps the best step to do so is to first and foremost acquire the right gears. These are basically the various products we have listed and reviewed above. You should follow this by acquiring and implementing the necessary steps and procedures. Sand, of course, you want your friends and relatives to enjoy similar benefits. This is why we urge you to consider spreading this info to as many of your colleagues as possible. All the best as you create you grow your mustache!