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Are you and your partner looking for the perfect Netflix show to enjoy together? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best Netflix shows for couples that will make your cozy nights in even more special. From romantic comedies that will have you laughing out loud, to thrilling crime dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat, there’s something for every couple’s taste. Get ready to snuggle up and embark on an unforgettable TV journey together!

Key Takeaways

– Romantic comedies and dramas like ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ are popular choices for couples on Netflix.
– Thrilling crime dramas and suspenseful shows such as ‘Mindhunter’ and ‘Ozark’ provide an intense viewing experience for couples.
– Adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi shows like ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Witcher’ offer an exciting escape with epic journeys and magical realms.
– Dramatic period pieces and historical settings like ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’ transport couples to different time periods with captivating storylines and richly detailed costumes.

Romantic Comedies for a Cozy Night In


If you’re in the mood for a cozy night in with your significant other, you can’t go wrong with romantic comedies on Netflix. These lighthearted films are perfect for snuggling up on the couch and enjoying a good laugh together. From classic favorites to newer releases, there is something for every couple to enjoy.

One popular option is “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” which follows the story of Lara Jean as her secret love letters are accidentally sent out, leading to unexpected romances and hilarious mishaps. Another great choice is “Crazy Rich Asians,” a charming film that explores love and family dynamics against the backdrop of Singapore’s elite society.

For those who prefer a more offbeat sense of humor, “The Lobster” offers a unique take on romance in a dystopian world where people must find love within 45 days or be turned into an animal of their choosing. And if you’re looking for something light-hearted and nostalgic, check out “10 Things I Hate About You,” a modern twist on Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.”

So grab some popcorn, snuggle up with your loved one, and get ready for an evening filled with laughter and romance. But don’t worry, if romantic comedies aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of thrilling crime dramas to keep you on the edge of your seat coming right up!

Thrilling Crime Dramas to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat


Looking for a thrilling crime drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further! Netflix has some incredible options that will satisfy your craving for suspense and mystery. Here are three nail-biting shows that are sure to captivate you:

1. “Mindhunter”: Dive into the minds of serial killers as FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench interview notorious criminals in an attempt to understand their twisted motivations.

2. “Ozark”: Follow financial planner Marty Byrde as he relocates his family to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, leading them into a dangerous world of drugs and violence.

3. “Narcos”: Immerse yourself in the gripping story of Pablo Escobar and the rise and fall of the Medellín drug cartel in this riveting crime drama set in 1980s Colombia.

These heart-pounding shows will have you hooked from start to finish, with plot twists, intense action, and complex characters that will leave you breathless. So buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled journey through the dark side of human nature.

Now, if you’re ready for something different but equally captivating, let’s explore some heartwarming dramas for a touching and emotional experience.

Heartwarming Dramas for a Touching and Emotional Experience


Get ready to be moved by these heartwarming dramas that will touch your soul and bring out all the emotions. When it comes to Netflix shows for couples, sometimes you just want a good cry or a heartwarming story that leaves you feeling warm inside. These dramas are perfect for those moments when you want to escape into a world of touching and emotional experiences.

One show that fits this bill is “This Is Us.” This critically acclaimed series follows the lives of the Pearson family across different time periods, delving into their joys, sorrows, and everyday struggles. It’s a beautiful portrayal of love, family, and the complexities of life.

Another must-watch is “Parenthood,” which explores the ups and downs of four adult siblings as they navigate through parenthood themselves. The show tackles various themes such as marriage, sibling relationships, and personal growth with great sensitivity and authenticity.

Lastly, we have “The Crown,” a historical drama that chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. While it may not seem like an obvious choice for a heartwarming drama, it offers an intimate look at both her personal life and her role as queen. The performances are outstanding, making it impossible not to feel deeply connected to the characters.

These heartwarming dramas will surely leave you feeling touched and emotionally fulfilled. Now get ready for an exciting escape with our next section on adventure and fantasy shows!

Adventure and Fantasy Shows for an Exciting Escape


Immerse yourself in a thrilling world of adventure and fantasy with these exciting escape shows. Get ready to embark on epic journeys, encounter mythical creatures, and explore magical realms right from the comfort of your couch. These Netflix shows are perfect for couples seeking an exhilarating and captivating experience together.

First up on our list is “Stranger Things,” a nostalgic sci-fi series that will transport you back to the 1980s. Join a group of kids as they unravel mysteries surrounding a parallel universe and face off against supernatural forces. With its blend of suspense, humor, and heartwarming friendships, this show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re looking for something more whimsical, “The Witcher” is the perfect choice. Follow Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter with extraordinary abilities, as he navigates through a world filled with magic and political intrigue. With its stunning visuals, complex characters, and intricate plotlines, this fantasy series will leave you craving for more.

For those who enjoy action-packed adventures set in historical settings, “Outlander” is a must-watch. Travel through time alongside Claire Randall as she finds herself torn between two different eras and two passionate love interests. This gripping show combines romance, drama, and elements of fantasy to create an addictive viewing experience.

So grab some popcorn, snuggle up with your loved one, and get ready to escape into these thrilling worlds of adventure and fantasy that will bring excitement to your evenings together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any romantic comedies on Netflix that are suitable for both couples and families to watch together?

Yes, there are romantic comedies on Netflix that are suitable for both couples and families to watch together. These shows provide a blend of romance and humor, making them enjoyable for everyone.

Can you recommend any crime dramas on Netflix that have a strong romantic subplot?

Sure! You’ll love “You” on Netflix. It’s a gripping crime drama with a compelling romantic subplot. The show follows Joe, a charming bookstore manager, as he becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer named Beck.

Are there any heartwarming dramas on Netflix that focus on themes of friendship and loyalty?

Sure! Check out “Stranger Things” and “Friends.” Both shows are heartwarming dramas that highlight the importance of friendship and loyalty. They will definitely make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Can you suggest any adventure and fantasy shows on Netflix that are appropriate for couples who enjoy action-packed storylines?

Embark on an exhilarating escapade with “The Witcher” or immerse yourselves in the mystical realm of “Shadow and Bone.” These action-packed Netflix shows are perfect for couples craving thrilling adventures and captivating fantasy worlds.

Are there any Netflix shows that combine elements of romance, crime, drama, and adventure/fantasy all in one?

Yes, there are Netflix shows that combine romance, crime, drama, and adventure/fantasy. You can try watching “Lucifer” or “The Umbrella Academy” which offer a mix of all these elements.


So, there you have it! Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy night in, an edge-of-your-seat thriller, a touching and emotional experience, or an exciting escape, Netflix has got you covered. Grab your favorite snacks, snuggle up with your significant other, and get ready for some binge-watching goodness. With these best Netflix shows for couples, you’ll be transported to different worlds while creating lasting memories together. It’s time to embark on an epic entertainment journey – grab your remote and let the streaming begin! Don’t forget to “Netflix and chill” like it’s nobody’s business!

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