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Are you tired of always being the one who initiates conversations with your crush? Do you want to make him chase after you instead? Well, get ready to ignite his interest and curiosity with these nine texts that will have him eagerly pursuing your attention.

Think of these texts as your secret weapon in the game of love – each one strategically crafted to leave him wanting more. From compliments to challenges, spontaneity to mystery, these texts are designed to capture his attention and keep him hooked on every word. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn how to become a master of the art of text flirting.

Key Takeaways

– Texts are strategically crafted to capture his attention and keep him hooked.
– Use compliments, challenges, spontaneity, and mystery to keep things interesting and fresh in your relationship.
– Be genuine with compliments and playful with challenges, and plan something special to show your fun side.
– Use these texts to keep him guessing and eagerly anticipating your next move.

The “Curiosity” Text


Want to drive him wild with curiosity? Send him this text! The ‘Curiosity’ text is a great way to pique his interest and get him chasing you. Start by sending him a message that leaves him wanting more. For example, send him a text saying, “Guess what just happened to me?” or “I have something I want to tell you, but I can’t right now.”

Once he responds asking for more information, don’t give in right away. Keep the conversation going, but don’t reveal too much too quickly. This will keep him on the edge of his seat and make him even more curious about you. Remember not to drag it out for too long though, as this could lead to frustration instead of excitement.

So go ahead and try out the ‘Curiosity’ text on your crush or significant other. It’s an easy way to get them interested in what you have to say and start building up some tension between the two of you. And if you’re looking for another way to keep things interesting, check out our next section on ‘the compliment’ text.

The “Compliment” Text


Imagine the way his eyes will light up when you praise him for something specific and meaningful, like a well-thought-out idea or a kind gesture he did for someone. Complimenting him in a sincere and thoughtful manner can go a long way in getting him to chase after you. It shows that you are paying attention to him and appreciate the effort he puts into things.

To get started with the ‘Compliment’ text, try these five ideas:
– Tell him how much you admire his dedication to his work or passion project.
– Compliment his sense of humor or wit, especially if he has made you laugh recently.
– Acknowledge something thoughtful he did for a friend or family member.
– Praise his intelligence by mentioning something impressive that he accomplished recently.
– Recognize any unique talents that he possesses, such as playing an instrument or being skilled at cooking.

Remember to be genuine with your compliments and focus on qualities or actions that truly impress you. If he senses that your words are insincere or forced, it may actually push him away instead of drawing him closer.

As you move on to the next step in getting him to chase after you, consider trying out the ‘Challenge’ text. This approach involves playfully teasing him in a way that sparks his competitive spirit and keeps things interesting between the two of you.

The “Challenge” Text


Get ready to ignite his competitive side with the ‘Challenge’ text. This is a playful and exciting way to keep things interesting between you two. The ‘Challenge’ text can be sent at any time, but it works best when he’s been showing off or boasting about something. Respond to his bragging with a challenge that will get him thinking about you all day.

For example, if he’s just finished a marathon, send him a message saying: “Well done on completing the marathon! But I bet I could beat your time.” This kind of text will show him that you’re not just impressed by his achievements; you’re also confident and competitive yourself. It’ll make him want to prove himself to you and show off even more.

Remember, the ‘Challenge’ text is all about sparking competition in a playful way. You don’t want to come across as too aggressive or confrontational. Keep it light-hearted and fun, and watch as he rises up to meet your challenges every time.

Now that you’ve got him chasing after your challenges, it’s time to switch things up with the ‘Spontaneity’ text. This is all about keeping things fresh and unexpected between the two of you, so stay tuned for our next step!

The “Spontaneity” Text


You’re in for a thrilling surprise with the ‘Spontaneity’ text – it’ll make him feel alive and keep him on his toes. This text is all about being unpredictable and showing your fun side. Send him a message like, “Hey, I just won tickets to that concert you mentioned last week. Want to come with me tonight?” or “Surprise! I’m taking you on a spontaneous adventure this weekend.”

This text is perfect for keeping things exciting in your relationship. It shows that you’re not afraid to take risks and try new things. Plus, he’ll appreciate the effort you put into planning something special just for him. Keep in mind that spontaneity doesn’t have to be expensive – even a simple picnic or hiking trip can be just as thrilling.

The ‘Spontaneity’ text is sure to get his heart racing and leave him wanting more. But if you really want to keep him guessing, try mixing it up with the ‘Mystery’ text. You’ll leave him wondering what’s next and eagerly anticipating your next move.

The “Mystery” Text


The ‘Mystery’ text is a tantalizing way to add an air of intrigue and anticipation to your relationship. It involves sending a message that leaves him wondering what you meant or what you’re up to. This will pique his interest and make him want to know more about you.

To send a ‘Mystery’ text, start by being vague in your message. Don’t give away too much information or be too direct with your words. Instead, use innuendos or phrases that can have multiple meanings. This will keep him guessing and wondering about what you really mean.

For example, instead of saying “I miss you,” try something like “It’s been too long since I’ve seen you.” This will make him wonder if there’s more behind your statement than just missing his presence. By using the ‘Mystery’ text technique, you’ll keep things exciting and unpredictable in your relationship, which is sure to get him chasing after you even more!


Congratulations! Now you have the key to make him chase after you. Remember, chasing doesn’t mean playing hard to get or being manipulative. It’s about showing your best self and letting him see how amazing you are.

Just like a puzzle, relationships can be challenging but rewarding. Each text is a piece that will help you complete the puzzle of love. Don’t be afraid to use them wisely and creatively to keep his interest alive. The goal is not only to make him chase after you but also to build a strong and healthy relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and communication.

So go ahead and send those texts! Who knows? Maybe he’s already waiting for them while scrolling through his phone, just like a treasure hunter looking for clues. Let the chase begin!

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