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Are you getting ready for a special occasion, like a wedding or baby shower, and looking to add high-quality luggage to your registry? Look no further than Away Luggage! With their sleek designs, durable construction, and smart features, Away Luggage is the perfect addition to any traveler’s collection. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding Away Luggage to your registry so that you can jet off on your next adventure in style.

To begin, take some time to choose the perfect Away Luggage for your needs. Whether you prefer a carry-on suitcase or a larger checked bag, consider factors such as size, color options, and additional features like built-in USB ports or removable laundry bags. Once you have made your selection and added it to your online registry account, it’s time to move on to the next step.

The second step involves sharing your registry with all of your guests. Make sure to include clear instructions on how they can access and contribute towards purchasing an item from your registry. You can share the link via email or social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. By doing so, not only are you providing convenience for yourself but also giving guests an opportunity to gift something that will truly enhance your travel experiences. So get ready to embark on new adventures with Away Luggage by adding it effortlessly to your registry today!

Choose the Perfect Away Luggage for Your Needs


Now, let’s dive into finding the ideal Away luggage that will perfectly suit your travel needs. When it comes to choosing the perfect Away luggage for your registry, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, think about the type of traveler you are. Are you someone who prefers to pack light and only bring essentials? Or do you tend to overpack and need a larger suitcase? Knowing your travel style will help narrow down your options.

Next, consider the size and capacity of the suitcase. Away offers a range of sizes, from carry-on to large checked bags. If you frequently travel for short trips or prefer not to check in your luggage, a carry-on might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you often embark on longer journeys or need more space for souvenirs on your way back home, a larger checked bag could be more suitable.

Lastly, don’t forget about functionality and features. Away luggage is designed with convenience in mind. Look for features like built-in USB chargers or compartments for easy organization. Consider whether you prefer soft-sided or hard-sided luggage depending on your personal preference and durability needs.

With these considerations in mind, you can confidently choose an Away luggage that meets all your requirements. Now that we’ve covered how to find the perfect suitcase, let’s move on to the next step: adding away luggage to your registry without missing any important details!

Add Away Luggage to Your Registry


To add Away Luggage to your registry, start by finding out if it is available on the registry platforms you are using. Once you have confirmed its availability, follow a simple step-by-step process to add Away Luggage to your registry. This will ensure that your loved ones can easily find and purchase the perfect luggage for you as a gift.

Find Out if Away is Available on Registry Platforms

Discover if Away luggage is accessible on popular registry platforms, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate it into your desired gift list. To make your search easier, here is a table showcasing the availability of Away luggage on four popular registry platforms:

Registry Platform Availability
——————- ————–
Amazon Yes
Bed Bath & Beyond Yes
Target No
Zola Yes

As you can see, Away luggage is available on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Zola. Unfortunately, it is currently not available on Target’s registry platform. Now that you know where to find Away luggage on certain registries, let’s move on to the next section where we will guide you through the step-by-step process to add away luggage without any hassle.

Now that you have discovered which registry platforms offer Away luggage as an option for your gift list, it’s time to follow the step-by-step process to add away luggage.

Follow the Step-by-Step Process to Add Away Luggage

Ready to incorporate Away luggage into your gift list? Let’s walk through the simple step-by-step process of adding it to your chosen registry platform. First, log in to your registry account and navigate to the “Add Items”or “Manage Items”section. Look for an option to search for products or add items manually. Once you’ve located this feature, type in “Away luggage”in the search bar and hit enter. You should see a list of available options from Away.

Next, browse through the selection and choose the specific Away luggage items you want to add. Whether it’s their popular Carry-On or their spacious Suitcase, select each item individually by clicking on them. Make sure to double-check the colors and sizes before proceeding. After selecting all the desired items, click on the “Add to Registry”or similar button to officially add them.

Now that you’ve successfully added Away luggage to your registry, it’s time to share your registry with guests! Transitioning into this next section, let’s explore how you can easily spread the word about your gift list and make sure everyone knows about your desired Away luggage items without missing out on any details.

Share Your Registry with Guests


Hey there, it’s time to let your guests in on the secret of your amazing registry with all things away luggage! Sharing your registry with friends and family is an exciting way to give them a glimpse into the items you’ve carefully chosen for your new adventure. Whether it’s a sleek carry-on or a spacious checked bag, let them know that by contributing to your registry, they will be helping you create memories that will last a lifetime.

There are several ways you can share your registry with guests. One option is to include the link to your registry in the invitations for any pre-wedding events, such as engagement parties or bridal showers. You can also create a dedicated wedding website where you can provide all the necessary information about your special day, including a direct link to your registry. Finally, don’t forget to spread the word through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. By sharing updates and pictures of your away luggage choices, you’ll generate even more excitement among your loved ones.

Once you’ve shared your registry, sit back and enjoy as your guests dive into this incredible opportunity to contribute towards making your travel dreams come true. With their support, you’ll soon find yourself jetting off on adventures near and far with stylish and functional away luggage by your side. Remember that every contribution is valuable and brings you closer to experiencing the joy of exploring new places together. So get ready for unforgettable trips filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories – all thanks to the generosity of those who have supported you along the way!

Enjoy Your New Away Luggage


Now that you’ve shared your registry with your guests and they have helped you add Away luggage to it, it’s time to enjoy your new travel companions! With Away luggage by your side, you can look forward to stress-free and stylish travels. Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or embarking on an international adventure, your new luggage will make the journey smoother and more enjoyable.

First and foremost, Away luggage is known for its durability. Made from high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of travel without showing signs of wear and tear. No more worrying about broken zippers or damaged wheels! Your new luggage is built to last, ensuring that it will be with you for many trips to come.

Secondly, Away luggage is designed with functionality in mind. From the thoughtfully organized interior compartments to the easy-glide wheels, every aspect of these suitcases has been carefully considered. Packing and unpacking will be a breeze, allowing you to spend more time exploring your destination and less time fussing with your belongings.

Lastly, Away luggage comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek black carry-on or a vibrant checked bag, there’s an option for everyone. Express yourself through your choice of luggage and make a statement wherever you go.

Now that you have added Away luggage to your registry and received it as gifts from your generous guests, it’s time to embrace the joy of traveling with these fantastic suitcases. With their durability, functionality, and stylish designs, they are sure to become your trusted travel companions for all future adventures. So pack up those bags and get ready for unforgettable journeys ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add multiple types of Away luggage to my registry?

Yes, you can add multiple types of Away luggage to your registry. Simply select the different styles and sizes of Away luggage that you want and add them to your registry list.

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can share my registry with?

There is no limit to the number of guests you can share your registry with. You can invite as many people as you want to view and contribute to your registry.

Can I exchange or return the Away luggage if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

If the Away luggage you receive doesn’t meet your expectations, fear not! You can easily exchange or return it. Remember, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Are there any discounts or promotions available for adding Away luggage to my registry?

Yes, there are discounts and promotions available when adding Away luggage to your registry. Take advantage of these deals to save money on your purchase and enjoy the benefits of owning an Away suitcase.

Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining the quality of my new Away luggage?

To maintain the quality of your new Away luggage, wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the materials. Store it in a cool, dry place to prevent any moisture damage.


Congratulations! You have successfully added Away luggage to your registry, and now you can look forward to the exciting adventures that await you. As you embark on your journeys together, your new Away luggage will be there to provide convenience, style, and durability every step of the way.

Imagine yourself gliding through the airport with ease, effortlessly maneuvering your sleek and functional Away suitcase. Just like a well-designed roadmap guides you to your destination, Away luggage will streamline your travel experience and keep all your belongings organized. No more struggling with bulky bags or worrying about broken zippers – Away has got you covered.

Not only does Away offer top-notch quality and functionality, but it also offers a range of stylish options to suit your personal taste. From bold colors to sophisticated neutrals, their thoughtfully curated designs ensure that you’ll always stand out from the crowd in the most fashionable way possible. So whether you’re jetting off for a weekend getaway or embarking on an epic adventure around the world, be prepared to turn heads as you confidently navigate through airports and hotel lobbies with your eye-catching Away luggage.

By adding Away luggage to your registry, not only are you investing in high-quality travel gear that will last for years to come; but also creating opportunities for unforgettable experiences. As each guest contributes towards this essential item on your registry, they’re symbolically supporting the incredible journey ahead of you – a journey filled with laughter, discovery, and cherished memories.

So embrace this exciting new chapter of wanderlust by sharing your registry with friends and family. Let them be part of shaping this metaphorical roadmap of possibilities as they contribute towards making all those dreams become reality. With their help and the reliability of Away luggage by our side, let’s embark on an adventure like no other!

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