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Are you ready to have some fun this April Fools’ Day? If you’re looking for clever and mischievous ways to prank your boyfriend, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll share a range of hilarious pranks that you can pull off over text. From wordplay pranks to fake news pranks, photo editing pranks, and more, these ideas will surely keep your boyfriend on his toes. Get ready to unleash your inner prankster and make this April Fools’ Day one to remember!

Key Takeaways

– Clever wordplay pranks to playfully tease and impress your boyfriend
– Funny fake news pranks to surprise and entertain him
– Photo editing pranks to create hilarious and memorable moments
– Mischievous text pranks to keep him guessing and laughing

Clever Wordplay Pranks


If you want to play a clever wordplay prank on your boyfriend over text, try sending him a message saying “I just found out I’m allergic to unoriginal jokes, so no more cheesy pick-up lines for you!” This playful statement will catch him off guard and make him wonder if he needs to come up with new ways to impress you. It’s a lighthearted way to poke fun at his pick-up lines while also showing your sense of humor.

To continue the pranks, consider transitioning into funny fake news pranks. You could follow up with something like “Speaking of allergies, did you know scientists have discovered a new species of talking cats? They’re called Meow-nologists! Just thought you’d like to be in the know.” This transition seamlessly leads into another playful prank that will leave him both confused and amused at the absurdity of talking cats.

By using clever wordplay and unexpected statements, you can keep your boyfriend on his toes and ensure that April Fools’ Day is filled with laughter and surprises. So go ahead and have some fun with these pranks before moving on to the next hilarious trick!

Funny Fake News Pranks


Try sending your boyfriend a hilarious prank article that will make him believe in outrageous fake news. Choose a topic that you know he will find interesting or amusing, such as a celebrity scandal or an unbelievable scientific discovery. Craft the article to sound convincing and include some absurd details that will make him question its authenticity. For example, you could write about how scientists have discovered a new species of talking cats or how your favorite actor has decided to retire from Hollywood to become a professional cheese taster. Be creative and think outside the box! Once he reads the article, wait for his reaction and enjoy the moment when he realizes it’s all just a prank.

Now, let’s move on to another fun way to prank your boyfriend: photo editing pranks.

Photo Editing Pranks


One entertaining way to play a trick on your partner is by creating humorous photo editing pranks. With just a few simple edits, you can transform ordinary photos into hilarious and unexpected images that will surely make your boyfriend laugh. Here are three ideas to get you started:

– Swap faces: Use a photo editing app or software to swap your faces in a picture. Choose a funny or awkward expression for added comedic effect.

– Add funny props: Take a normal photo and add silly props using an editing tool. You can make it look like you both have wacky hats, oversized sunglasses, or even animal ears.

– Create imaginary scenarios: Edit yourselves into outrageous situations like riding dinosaurs, flying through outer space, or walking on the moon. The more fantastical the setting, the funnier it will be.

These photo editing pranks will not only give your boyfriend a good laugh but also show him your playful side. Now that you have some great ideas for visual pranks, let’s move on to mischievous text pranks without missing out on any April Fools’ Day fun!

Mischievous Text Pranks


Text pranks can be a mischievous and hilarious way to play tricks on your partner without resorting to elaborate photo editing. With just a few cleverly crafted messages, you can have your boyfriend scratching his head in confusion or bursting out in laughter. One classic text prank is the “AutoCorrect Fail.” Simply change a common word in your conversation to something completely different using AutoCorrect settings on your phone. Watch as he tries to make sense of the nonsensical responses he receives.

Another fun text prank is the “Delayed Reply.” Pretend that you’re busy doing something important and take longer than usual to respond to his messages. Leave him hanging for a while, and when you finally reply, act as if nothing happened. It’s guaranteed to make him wonder what kept you so occupied and give him a taste of his own medicine.

If you’re feeling extra mischievous, try the “Wrong Number” prank. Text him from an unknown number pretending to be someone else, like a secret admirer or an old friend. Keep up the charade for as long as possible before revealing your true identity. This prank will surely keep him guessing and add some excitement to your relationship.

Remember, when playing text pranks on your boyfriend, it’s essential to ensure they remain light-hearted and harmless. The goal is always laughter, not hurt feelings or misunderstandings. So have fun with these pranks but also know when it’s time to reveal the truth and share a good laugh together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I incorporate clever wordplay pranks into my text messages to prank my boyfriend on April Fools’ Day?

Incorporate clever wordplay pranks into your text messages for April Fools’ Day by playing with words and phrases. Use puns, homophones, or create funny acronyms to surprise and amuse your boyfriend.

What are some funny fake news pranks that I can pull on my boyfriend through text messages?

Pull off some hilarious fake news pranks on your boyfriend through text! Pretend you won the lottery, got a crazy new pet, or even that aliens have landed. Watch his reaction and enjoy the laughs!

Are there any recommended photo editing pranks that I can use to trick my boyfriend over text?

You can try using photo editing pranks to trick your boyfriend over text. Edit a picture of yourself to look like you’re in an unexpected location or doing something outrageous, and see how he reacts!

Can you suggest some mischievous text pranks that are guaranteed to prank my boyfriend on April Fools’ Day?

Trick your boyfriend on April Fools’ Day! Send a text pretending to break up, but reveal it’s just a prank. Watch his relief turn into laughter as he realizes you got him good.

What are some creative ways to execute these pranks without causing any misunderstandings or hurt feelings?

To execute pranks without misunderstandings or hurt feelings, ensure your texts are light-hearted and clearly indicate it’s April Fools’ Day. Avoid anything offensive or hurtful, and make sure to follow up with a playful reveal to maintain a fun atmosphere.


In conclusion, April Fools’ Day is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your boyfriend through clever and mischievous pranks over text. Whether it’s playing with wordplay, sharing funny fake news stories, or even editing photos for a good laugh, there are plenty of ways to make this day memorable. However, it’s important to remember that pranks should always be lighthearted and not meant to harm or offend. On a lighter note, did you know that 84% of people believe in the power of laughter to strengthen relationships? So go ahead and enjoy some harmless pranking with your boyfriend on April Fools’ Day!

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