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How to Get a Close Shave

Last Updated October 2019

When it comes to getting a close shave, some guys will spend a lot of money to make their facial skin pretty soft. That’s because looking professional typically increases your chances of succeeding whether you want to meet new people or get a job promotion. Appearance is incredibly essential in today’s society for men and women alike, and that’s also true when you want a close shave.

Shaving without getting an irritated skin or ingrown hairs and cuts is possible provided you have the right tools and shaving techniques. Getting a clean shave at home can be challenging, but once you master the routine, it’ll become second nature. In this simple guide, we are going to cover all the essential steps so the next time that you use the blade against your facial skin, you will realize the results that you’re aiming for.

how to get a closer shave

What is the Perfect Shave, and Why Do Most Guys Get it So Wrong?

A perfect shave refers to an easy, smooth, and clean shave that every man strives for whenever they bring their shaver up their chin. It’s that effortless shave without any of the typical skin redness, burning sensation, and skin irritation that most men go through during the shaving routine.

The main reason why many men find this so difficult to achieve is because good shaving has currently become a forgotten art among most guys. That’s because the shaving routine has become more about the cheap, disposable shaving razors than a great and customized tool in your hands. Again, most people treat it as a mindless routine that you can rush through every morning without paying attention to it.

Dragging a disposable razor across layers of shaving gel or foam on your face is not an improvement on the shaving routine but a step backward from the past. Now that most men are paying a lot of attention to their general appearance, the trend thing when it comes to male grooming is a close wet, which is the best shave you can have.

How to Get a Close Shave Step by Step

  • Start with a warm shower

Taking a warm shower before shaving will clean your face any accumulated dirt and also pre-soften your facial hair, making it pretty easy to get a close and smooth shave. If taking a warm shower isn’t an option before shaving, you can soak a towel in some hot water for a couple of seconds and then put it on your face while covering all the parts you would like to shave. Leave the towel on your face for one or two minutes. The warm towel on your face will soften your beard in the same way as the warm shower.

  • Build up some lather

After taking a warm shower, build up some lather in a shaving bowl using your shaving cream or soap until it accumulates.

  • Apply the lather on your face

After producing rich and non-soapy lather, begin applying it on the face. To make the best out of the lather on your face, make sure to swirl your brush across your whole face and concentrate on applying the lather against the direction of hair growth. After covering the entire face with the rich lather, make a couple of gentle strokes using your shaving brush to get an equally distributed volume of lather on your whole face.

  • Make your first pass

Take your razor and begin shaving. If you would like to get a close or smooth shave, you will begin by shaving with the grains on your initial pass. The objective is to shave as much facial hair as possible with your first pass to eliminate long facial beard. Avoid any passes using the shaving razor on un-lathered skin, particularly if you are using a straight or safety razor to prevent severe skin irritation.

  • Make your second pass

Once you finish your initial pass with the grain, you should prepare for the second pass. Gently rinse your face using some warm water to wash away any hair and lather. Begin applying lather once more using the same technique mentioned earlier in the lather application phase. If the lather in your bowl is dry already, drop some few drops of water in your shaving bowl and begin swirling again. Once your lather gets back to normal, begin applying on your face.

Start shaving across your hair growth, but you can also begin shaving against your hair growth if you have some experience in wet shaving. This second pass normally cuts most of your facial hair, giving you a closer and smooth shave. When you finish, repeat the process by rinsing your face and lathering to prepare it for your third pass.

  • Make the last pass

If your beard is not quite dense and thick, the last shaving pass may not be necessary. However, this final pass will provide you with the closest shave achievable. Start shaving once more against the grain even if you did shave against the grain in the second pass. Most often, three passes are the best if you are looking for incredible results.

  • Rinse your face

Once you finish shaving, you should rinse your face and dry it pretty well using a towel and then apply your preferred aftershave balm.

how to get a very close shave

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Whether you have been using an electric shaver for a while or just a novice when it comes to electric shavers, there are various things you should keep in mind to get the most out of your shaving routine. Follow this step-by-step guide for a dry or wet shave, and you’ll achieve an ultra-groomed appearance in s short time.

  • Use an electric pre-shave cream or lotion

If wet shaving isn’t your thing, then electric pre-shave lotion is the next big thing. Your skin should be as dry as possible to have a dry shave, but the oils of the skin and moisture can make things pretty difficult. Besides, the razor has to deal with some flat-lying hairs as well.

For a dry protective shave, start by ensuring that your beard is not very long. Too much beard length might lead to yanking, which leads to uncomfortable shave, or even skin bumps. An electric pre-shave cream will provide you with a lubrication layer, absorb the moisture, and also cause the facial hair to stand straight and stiffen up.

Utilizing a pre-shave lotion will also contribute to a smoother and closer shave. Use the electric shaver at a right-angle while moving against the direction of your hair growth, using a circular motion. That will minimize any skin irritability and reduce your shaving time as well.


If you want a wet shave, start by washing your face using some warm water and a cleanser to soften your facial hair and also get rid of any excess oil on your face.


Use a shaving cream if you are wet shaving using an electric shaver to enhance the closeness and comfort of your shave. Next, massage some foam or gel on your neck and face and leave it on for around five minutes before shaving. That will also allow the coarse lining of the beard to soften up.

Good shaving creams will soften your facial hair and provide you with lubrication, enabling the razor to cut your beard effectively and close to your skin as well. The additional comfort means that you can enjoy more strokes and pressure than usual, significantly contributing to your shave’s closeness. The lather also serves as a lubricant for your shaving blades, reducing the heat and the friction that makes the razor even more forgiving.


Always remember to use the shaving tool against hair growth. Utilize your free hand to gently pull and also tighten your skin to ensure that the facial hair is standing straight for a closer cut. Avoid using excessive pressure with the electric shaver on your facial skin, which might lead to irritability.

  • Begin with your neck

Tackle the sensitive areas such as the neck first as the shaver generates heat. Going over some more delicate parts initially will ensure that the least amount of energy used. Avoid making repeated passes on such spots. The electric shavers come with multi-direction flexible heads with various independent movements for the right level of skin contact, particularly for sensitive areas.

  • Clean the shaver

Clean your electric shaver after every shave. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s vital to opt for a waterproof electric shaver. Cleaning your shaver after use will assist in making your shaving tool last for a longer duration.

FAQs on How to Get a Close Shave

What shaving tool can provide me with the closest possible shave?

Ans:To get a closer and smoother shave, you can either use a safety razor, an electric razor, a cut-throat straight razor or a cartridge razor with multiple blades and a reasonable size gap between the blades

What number of passes should I have to get a close shave?

Ans:Generally, there’s no specific number of passes you can make to get a close and smooth shave. However, it significantly depends on how dense and thick your facial hair is and your shaving technique. Most men with normal beard growth require two or three passes to attain a close shave.

Is my shaving technique essential when I want a close shave?

Ans:The most common technique is to make your initial pass with the hair growth, the second one across the hair growth and third pass against the hair growth. However, the number of shaving passes you make is incredibly important. The way you make your passes is also important, but the way you hold your razor can change the way you shave your facial hair and the closeness you can get. Having said that, when you are using with a safety razor to shave, contingent on the angle you utilize to hold the shaving razor against your skin, it’ll give you different shaving pressure and hence, a milder or deeper shave.

How can I get a close and smooth shave without getting razor irritations?

Ans:Unless your skin is generally susceptible to irritation, some of the causes of skin irritation when you are shaving are inadequate pre-shave preparation and lack of suitable wet shaving techniques. When you finish three or two small strokes, you should rinse the razors using water to ensure that the facial hair that’s stuck on the shaving blade does not scratch your face to avoid skin irritation.

Why does a razor blade offer a closer shave when compared to an electric shaver?

Ans:Electric shavers are specifically designed for speed, portability, safety, and convenience. When it comes to safety, the blades of electric shavers are protected to avoid cutting your facial hair very deep, preventing any cuts. On the other hand, the blades of a razor are exposed, which means you can reach deeper in the skin and shave your beard closer than electric shavers.

A close shave is always possible if you follow the simple processes discussed above and if you have the right tools that match your skin type. Shaving is usually a very personal thing, and even if you implement all the recommendations and tips, you stumble upon, achieving that close and smooth shave will undoubtedly take a lot of trial and error. However, some of the techniques and tips outlined here might work for you with some little adjustments.

You should not hesitate to change some things up if you’re not satisfied with the shaving results. The safest approach is to begin small with your changes and proceed from there. But with the right shaving tools and small adjustments, you can greatly improve your results. That being said, you should look for the best shaver that meets your unique needs, as well as one that gives you a comfortable shaving experience and good results.





How to Stop Beard Dandruff

Last Updated October 2019

Growing and maintaining a beard is a daunting task. You have to invest in different products to help you achieve that excellent beard that you have been longing for. Dedicating your time on maintaining a beard only to find that it has dandruff can be disappointing. However, that should not discourage from growing beard.

Beard dandruff is caused by different factors. The good thing is that you can prevent the growth of dandruff in your beard. Also, you should not worry if you already have beard dandruff since there are various ways of treating it.

Noticing beard dandruff is hard, especially if you have a thick beard. This is because dandruff affects the skin beneath the beard. Dandruff can cause itchy skin and you should be keen when buying beard products.

how to stop dandruff in beard

What is Beard Dandruff?

Beard dandruff is a common condition that can affect anyone with a beard. It’s similar to hair dandruff and causes white flakes in your beard. Dandruff is caused by Malassezia globosa, a microbe found on the skin.

This microbe feeds on the sebum from the skin. The sebum breaks down to produce oleic acid. This acid causes the skin itchiness that you feel when you have an un-groomed beard. The skin then becomes itchy and red. The skin cells react by increasing the turnover rate. This reaction causes the white dandruff flakes.

Every man who has a beard is at risk of getting beard dandruff. You are at high risk if you have sensitive skin.

You should not confuse dandruff with Seborrheic Dermatitis. Although they have similar conditions, Seborrheic Dermatitis has heightened symptoms. People with Seborrheic Dermatitis may experience yellow flakes that may appear on the back, scalp, chest or face. Try to treat dandruff and go to a dermatologist if the symptoms persist.

The best way of preventing dandruff comes down to grooming. Ensure that the skin beneath the beard doesn’t dry. You should use products that moisturize and hydrate the skin. The only way of ensuring that beard dandruff doesn’t come back is by maintaining a healthy routine. Also, ensure that you use high-quality beard products.

What Causes Beard Dandruff?

There are several causes of beard dandruff. The following are some of the causes.

Dry skin

Individuals with dry skin are more vulnerable to dandruff. Staying in overheated rooms during winter can cause redness and itchiness. Flakes from dry skin are non-oily and small.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This condition causes irritation of the skin. The skin becomes oily and red and is usually covered with yellow or white flakes. The Malassezia fungus becomes overactive, making the scalp to increase the production of cells due to irritation. Dandruff is formed when oil mixes with the dead skin cells.

Not brushing your hair

Brushing and combing your beard regularly minimizes the risk of getting dandruff. Brushing enables natural skin shedding.

Certain beard care products

Certain products in the market can cause irritation and redness. Also, excess shampooing can irritate the skin, causing dandruff. You should be very keen when selecting beard products.

Skin conditions

Guys who suffer from certain skin conditions such as, eczema and psoriasis, among others are at a higher risk of getting dandruff. Some certain fungal infections such as ringworm can also lead to dandruff.


Sensitivity to yeast can also cause dandruff. Dandruff can be more severe during the colder months as compared to warm months.

Medical conditions

Diseases that weaken the immunity of the body may cause dandruff. People with Parkinson’s disease and various neurological conditions are more vulnerable to seborrheic dermatitis. Also, people who are recovering from illnesses such as stroke and heart attack are at a higher risk of getting dandruff.

Other factors may cause dandruff. Consuming foods that lack Vitamin B, Zing and various fats can increase your chances of suffering from dandruff. Mental stress and age can also cause dandruff. Beard dandruff usually affects adolescent and middle-aged men.

How To Stop Beard Dandruff

The last thing that you would ever want to experience is to have dandruff on your beard especially after spending more time and money maintaining it. Dandruff is always unsightly, itchy and can easily make someone uncomfortable in a group of his peers. It can make you lose your confidence when it impacts negatively on your face and clothes. Some of your close friends might also decide to stay away from you because of flaky beard dandruff. Nonetheless, you should never get worried when you are facing this challenge because there exist a wide range of ways on how to stop beard dandruff.

how to stop dandruff in your beard

The following methods will help you cure beard dandruff in due course.


The process of exfoliation allows you to get rid of dead cells of the skin inclusive of the cells that lead to beard dandruff. Exfoliation can easily be achieved by employing a beard brush to eliminate dandruff cells on the skin of your face. You should always identify the beard brush which contains soft bristles. Apart from allowing you to eradicate dead cells of the skin, beard brushes also enable users to effectively distribute natural oil from your skin. This will, in turn, ensure that the hair of beard to be easy to manage and also softer.

You are advised to softly massage the skin beneath your beard with a recommendable brush prior to washing your beard. Always scrub your beard gently so that you remove dandruff well.


For beginners, make it a routine to frequently clean your beard daily. You can use cleansers and natural soaps to achieve this. They are less toxic and cannot irritate your skin. You can also make good use of an advanced facial cleanser that will help you clean your beard to avoid dandruff.

Coldwater has been given an upper advantage as compared to warm water when washing the beard with dandruff. Coldwater ensures that your skin remains moisturized and thus preventing it from drying out. After the whole process of washing your face, you can then use a soft towel to dry out your skin.

Occasionally use shampoos

Dandruff shampoos always play key roles in eliminating dandruff on your beard. Some are designed medically to fight dandruff. Therefore when seeking to purchase a dandruff shampoo in a shop always ensure it has the following ingredients:

•        Tea tree coal

•        Coal tar

•        Selenium sulfide

•        Pyrithione zinc

Once you have acquired your medicated shampoo, you are encouraged to softly apply it on your beard and ensure that it conveniently reaches beneath of your skin. You are also advised to wait for a while prior to rinsing it out with a gentle towel.

Some of the most efficient dandruff shampoos that we have in the global market include Nizoral and Selsun blue. Note that shampoos can also irritate your skin; you need to choose the one that effectively suits your needs. Once you have applied it on your skin ensure you accompany it with oils or moisturizers after some time to keep your skin moisturized.

Use balms, oils plus other products

Natural oils usually act like antimicrobial barriers. The oil that your skin produces ensures that your skin is ever moisturized. When you use anti-dandruff products to eradicate dandruff from your skin, there is a high chance that they will aid you to scrape away dead cells in your skin. They also remove natural oil that your skin produces and therefore the lost oil from your skin has to be replaced immediately.

Reports have also claimed that oils such as tea tree oil can help someone fight fungi that cause dandruff. Other oils that can play a crucial role in your skin to eradicate dandruff include safflower oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, perilla and evening primrose. If possible, you should avoid applying oils such as avocado oil, almond oil and peanut oil because they can make have an allergy.

When applying natural oils, always ensure that your beard and the skin beneath your own beard is dry. You have to apply it gently through the roots of your beard as you massage them. A bristle brush is always used when your beards are long to allow you to distribute oil effectively to your skin. For you to accomplish your goals effectively, you have to make this exercise a routine.

Note that, nowadays there exist specific products that are designed for grooming, moisturizing and washing beards. Beard wash is a shampoo designed to hydrate and clean beneath the skin and the beards. Beard balms allow users to effectively massage your beards just after cleaning it using cold water. Balms normally have a unique scent and encompass other ingredients that improve its performance and smell.


Moisturizing is one of the best methods to eradicate dandruff from your beards. After shampooing, this process allows you to protect and rehydrate your skin. Moisturizing usually takes place after cleansing. Here, you need to put a small amount of oil on your hands and rub them on your skin and beards. You need to distribute oil beneath the skin of your beard as you massage the place gently. You have to do it repeatedly to enhance rehydration of your skin.

You need to consult a dermatologist if you don’t see positive progress

If you have attempted all the methods of eradicating dandruff from your beards and you don’t experience positive change, it is advisable to seek assistance from a dermatologist. After consulting a professional, you may realize that maybe you have a strange skin condition that leads to dandruff on your beards. It could be a high chance for the professional to recommend prescription medication for you to allow you to get rid of the existing problem.

The doctor will also help you to find alternative ways of eradicating dandruff in your beards. Additionally, he or she may provide you with more information on the challenge that you are experiencing.

Dandruff doesn’t cause severe complications. The white flakes are nothing but dry dead skin cells that your body sheds. However, dandruff can ruin your chances of growing that thick, shiny beard that you normally want.

The best way of preventing beard dandruff is to ensure that you wash, brush and groom your facial hair. Avoid using low-quality products that may trigger the production of extra cells.

You should not focus on the beard alone but also on the skin beneath. A simple routine will help you combat dandruff. Some shampoos are designed to fight dandruff. They have ingredients such as zinc and vitamins that neutralize bacteria and fungi. You should not use shampoos regularly because they can dry the skin beneath. Therefore, ensure that you apply shampoos a few times per month. Also, apply moisturizers after using shampoo.

Sometimes you may dandruff may not go away even after treating it. You should consult your doctor if the symptoms don’t go away. This is because you might be suffering from a different skin condition that is causing dandruff. The doctor will assess the condition and prescribe the right treatment. Ensure that you adopt a healthy beard grooming routine once dandruff disappears.

Note that not all methods can solve the problem. Therefore, it’s advisable that you try several methods and find the one that works for you.




How to Fade a Beard

Cutting down your beard in and of itself is never sufficient. It is important that you go a step ahead to make your beards look and feel smooth. This is crucial if you have to be assured some smooth and elegant looks on the whole. You may only achieve this by fading your own beard.

In this post, we shall look into just what beard fading is, to begin with. Then, we shall go ahead to examine how to go about the issue. Given that you need to make do with a couple of products to actualize this process, we shall also endeavor to look into those products themselves.

how to fade a beard into a bald head

What is a Beard Fade?

For a start, a beard fade simply refers to the attractive and good looking beard which is deliberately imputed on the face. It is generated by lining the tapered fades with the beards to give rise to some uniquely elegant transitions.

The faded beard is generally pretty attractive, nice looking and put together. It works well for just about every other kind of face out there. Generating it requires some great deal of precision though as the process in and of itself is entirely meticulous. It also incorporates any transition from the short to the long hair and vice versa.

How to Fade a Beard

We now get to the core of the beard fading. This is by far the most significant step in the entire exercise. It is the one that generates the desired ends or not. You have to pay keen attention to the procedures outlined to be certain of the best possible ends.

Step I: Prepare appropriately

Definitely, you will have to start off by preparing appropriately for the job. This you do by collecting the tools of the trade you need for the job. The beard trimmer is by far the most significant machine you will engage in the entire process. Then you will also need the methylated spirit and cotton cloth.

Step II: Determine your desired hair length

Now move on to determine the desired length of beard. Follow this by determining the specific strands of hair that are longer than this desired length. They are the ones that you shall target in the subsequent stages.

Follow this by setting the length of the trimmer precisely to the same length as that of your desired hair length. While at it, be sure that the blades are sharp, properly fixed and in good working conditions. You may use your hands as the testing grounds before proceeding.

Step III: Trim your beard

Now get to the core of the business. It is at this stage that you trim your beard. You are advised to start at the bottom of your beard or neckline. To do this, you will first and foremost have to set your trimmer to either position 3 or 2.

Place the trimmer at your Adam’s apple region and move it gently all the way to the neck at that point that it meets the jawline. Trim the entire beard first and foremost before embarking on the fading thereafter. Exercise great caution to see to it that the resultant hair strands are of uniform length.

Step IV: Work on the outer portions of the beard

Having trimmed the beards to the desired lengths, it is about time to work on the outer portions of your beard. To do this, switch the length of the trimmer settings to either 2 or 1. Pass the trimmer atop your beard to eliminate any strands of hair that is left intact.

Yet again, be sure that you exercise great caution to avoid a situation whereby different hair strands have different kinds of lengths. This is because the success of the final outcomes hinges greatly in the uniformity of the hair strands.

Step IV: Style your beards appropriately

After trimming and leveling the sizes of your beards, go ahead now to style it appropriately. Use some clean razor to do this job. Clean anything that lies below Adam’s apple with the aim of maintaining crisp and clean lines. Proceed to line, style, and align the beard accordingly. Remember, your aim is to come up with the best possible outcomes imaginable.

Step V: Clean up the cheeks

Once you are through with the styling, you now have to clean your cheeks. Before embarking on this procedure, be sure to determine which between the natural fades and the crisp lines you prefer. If you desire the chin strap look, you have to use a razor to incise a tight end in between the cheeks and the beard from one ear to another.

If, on the other hand, you desire the more natural appearance, use the trimmer that has the guard off. Make it eradicate the stragglers to make the region clean. Worry not about maintaining a tight line. Simply cut down the sprouts too far away from the entire herd.

Step VI: Trim your Mustache

Move ahead now to trim your mustache. Cut the mustache hair that is growing over your lips away. Yet again, be mindful of the desired length you will have arrived at earlier. While at it, also try as much as possible to maintain the mustache in the same length as the beard you will have arrived at earlier.

If it so happens that you desire a chinstrap, this is the best opportunity to implement it. You have to maintain your mustache in a tight and neat stature though before proceeding to implement the chinstraps.

Just in case you desire a more natural look, get rid of the guard and check out for any mustache hairs that could be out of place. Make some effort to straighten and align this mustache to rhyme with the rest of the hair strands.

Step VII: Make final touches

As a final step, you are to implement final touches. Use a comb and gently straighten your hair. Get rid of any strands which may have been left behind while trimming. Then apply some beard oil or balm and there you go! The beard is now properly faded.

how to shave a fade beard

Fade Beard Styles

The procedures we have outlined above are too general. It may not always be that you will be able to generate awesome appearances even after adhering to them diligently. That is why we have seen to it that we identify the best and most reliable styles for your consideration.

Kindly note that these are not beard styles in and of themselves. Instead, they are hairstyles which are complemented with some beard styling for a blend of awesome outcomes:

Frosted Tips

This one resembles the real-life frosted tips we used to put on in our teenage boyhood. These tips are generally quite vibrant and showcase some sense of pride and awesome appearance. You need a qualified barber though to be able to implement them. Their care and maintenance are also strenuous.

The V-Shaped Bald Fade with Beard

As the designation implies, this one features a V-shape on an otherwise bald face. It is a good way to show your love and appreciation to a celebrity or sporting course. That is because this style is mostly preferred by teenagers and sports fan alike. You may also wish to add some relevant designs to make it more interesting.

The Hipster Bald Fade

Hipsters were popular with the ladies of yore. In fact, the style was mostly in vogue in the 40s through to the 50s. Though initially loved and adored by ladies, this style has metamorphosed into a unisex style that is embraced by men and women alike. It is gorgeous and comes in the form of a handlebar.

Textured and Messy Bald Fade

Do you use limited products in your hair at all times yet are still desirous of the bald fades? You have this messy and textured kind of style for your own preference. This one is structured in such a manner as to let you run your fingers smoothly in between the hair strands.

The Low Bald Fade

In this style, you trim the beard in such a way as to result in some stylish appearances. The beard grows gradually thereafter in a slow and meticulous manner. This style is mainly great for those gents who are attempting a bald fade or a beard for the very first time.

The Curly Fauxhawk

As the name implies, this is for those who cherish and prefer curly hairs. You simply determine the preferred length of the beard you want. Thereafter, you go ahead to style your hair accordingly. This style is comprehensive as it impacts the beards, hair, and eyebrows jointly.

Iceberg Peaks

Iceberg Peaks draw their inspiration from that tall mountain in the US State of Montana. This is an amalgamation of many shapes and sizes. It is the permutation of these shapes and sizes that ultimately gives rise to the design and appearance of your preference. The style requires great precision to undertake.

The Caesar Bald Fade with Beard

The Caesar bald fade traces its origin to the famous haircut of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. The style has gained currency and momentum in the later years. It features some curly hair that is blended with bald beards. Some limited strands of hair are left at the chin though.

The Disconnected Bald Fade

It is called ‘disconnected’ because it is actually three styles in one. The hair is left intact while a line separates the hair and the bald sideburns. Lastly, the chin contains plenty of fully grown hair much like the Jewish rabbis or Muslim scholars prefer their beards to be.

Mature Bald Fade with Beard

Lastly comes the Mature Bald Fade with Beard. This is a truly gorgeous way of shaving off a few years. That is because it results in some young and youthful looks after being implemented fully. At its core, it entails leaving all your hair to grow as long and as maturely as they can be. You only comb and oil as need be.

Styling technique in and of itself is quite complicated to understand. That is why it is a haircare technique which is best delegated to a qualified hairstylist. The best way to be assured the best outcomes is to find a style of your own preference and liking first and foremost.

Other than your own unique preference, you may also consider the kind of your hair while selecting the best type of hair fade style. This too requires some consultation with those who have already gone through the entire process of a professional hairstylist.

On the whole, hair fading, though complicated and expensive, is a truly noble thing to do. That is because it is the only guarantee of a great appearance and aids in boosting our own levels of self-confidence. You want to make every attempt to do so within the shortest time possible.

There is never a ‘perfect time’ to do so. Indeed, the earliest you take the first major step towards this, the better for you. Dragging your feet may mean you forfeiting the many awesome benefits that this kind of hair care regimen promises. When do you plan to set out? Let us hear from you!


Best Stubble Trimmer

Last Updated October 2019

Facial hair can have a great effect on a man’s facial appearance. Mustaches, beards and other means of showing off men’s look have fallen and risen in popularity over the years. This usually depends on what is trendy in the market as far as stubble stylish is concerned.

In this century, the handsomeness of men is at times determined on how they take care of their beards. With this regard, most celebrities have decided to take the initiative of showing off their well-trimmed beards so that they become the center of attention to their loyal fans. This has also made many people adapt to this kind of style while shaving off their beards so that they can emulate their superstars.

best beard trimmer for stubble

Stubble beards as a style offer the benefit of emphasizing angles and creating shadows on the face of a man. Additionally, it also allows a man’s stubble to grow and to a great extent enabling your skin to be free from irritation that is normally caused by daily shaving on your face.

Note that the stubble beard is a facial appearance that needs careful and proper attention. You need to keep it at its perfect length and above all, you are required to keep it clean. Therefore, you need the right trimmer to allow you to accomplish your goals effectively.

Things to Put in Mind When Buying a Stubble Trimmer

Before purchasing any stubble trimmer, there are things to put into considerations. This will allow you to meet your needs in a better way and also enable you to accomplish your objectives. These things that you need to put in mind when buying a stubble trimmer is not limited to the following.

  • Length settings

Length settings in a trimmer are important as it allows you to trim your stubble beards in various ways including shorter styles and/or leaving it to remain long for some time depending on your needs. They always make the user maintain their beards well for a longer time.

  • Power

If you are that guy who loves to frequently trim your beards then it is crucial for you to always check whether your trimmer has power or not. This will consequently allow you to save time and also enable you to accomplish the look that you all want. Power is crucial in a trimmer as it makes your work easier.

  • Cordless or corded

You should note that stubble trimmers consist of either battery-powered or a power cord. Your lifestyle usually determines the type of trimmer that best suits you. Cordless trimmers suit people who love traveling because they are convenient and portable. Power cords, on the other hand, are always important if you consistently plan to use them while you are at home.

  • Accessories

Your priorities as a buyer will always determine the type of trimmer you intend to purchase from a shop. For example, you can decide to purchase a trimmer that has whistles and bells. Always prioritize a trimmer that will enable you to enhance your facial look.

  • Battery life

It is important to choose a trimmer that has a longer battery life so that it can serve your needs and demands to your satisfactory.

  • Dry/Wet

Depending on your needs, you can decide to purchase a trimmer that is waterproof so that it can allow you to trim your beards irrespective of your surroundings.

  • Size and design

Size plays a key role in trimmers because it allows you to choose an item that best suits your needs. For instance, a smaller trimmer is easy and convenient to use. They are portable and therefore travel-friendly. For objectivity, a trimmer that has an ergonomic button design will help you accomplish your goals. Their buttons are easy to find and full of intuition.

best stubble trimmer 2017

Best Stubble Trimmers

Top stubble trimmers that we have include the following.

  1. Philips Norelco (Series 3500)

An important feature of this brand is that it is budget-friendly and very affordable. It is convenient for trimming both stubble and beard. Its battery is powerful and amazing.

Not to mention, this trimmer features self-sharpening blades formed from titanium. They are usually rounded to avoid tugging and scrapping that can easily ruin an ideal trim. Interestingly, the titanium blades of this machine usually remain sharp without being oiled. They also encompass a convenient grip that makes it easy to maneuver on one’s beards and stubble.

Just to add, this trimmer is associated with 20 in-built length settings which are an increment in 0.5 mm. It also comes with an extraordinary locking character that makes it simple and convenient to use. Another crucial feature of this trimmer is that you can get a unique trimming experience with it minus separate attachments bunch. Its locking system ensures that the user acquires an evenly distributed trim each time he uses it.

Its battery life is amazing as it takes about one hundred and twenty minutes of consistent run time while in use after just an hour of charging it.


  • It exhibits a lengthy and reliable battery power
  • It has a wide range of budget-friendly features
  • Its compact size and design ensures that it is a simple user interface during trimming experience


  • It lacks versatility properties unlike its competitors

  1. Conair Man 1-Stubble Trimmer

This stubble trimmer is associated with blades that are electrochemically formed and extremely durable, sharp and accurate. It has a unique head that enhances precise contouring. It features an outstanding design that makes it comfortable to use and maneuver.

Additionally, this stubble trimmer has fifteen settings that make it unique from other trimmers. It is also both cordless and cord. The interesting part about it is that its battery life runs for about forty-five minutes when in use and requires about 4 hours to be fully charged.


  • It features electro-chemically formed sharp blades
  • It is cost-friendly
  • It has a simple user interface making it a reliable brand


  • Its battery life is unreliable because it doesn’t run for too long
  • Lacks waterproof properties hence can’t be used in a shower

  1. Remington MB4040

This type of trimmer has a wide range of features inclusive of its durability and versatility. It also comes with sharp blades that offer smooth cut, durable and sharp trims. Besides, the interchangeable heads allow the user to trim their stubble into several styles.

Its versatility properties ensure that the user can comfortably use it to trim their mustache and to a great extent allows you to shave other body parts.

Furthermore, this trimmer comes with a lithium-ion powered battery that has an outstanding battery life. It can run continuously for about 2 hours cordlessly. Also, this trimmer exhibits fast release options on its head and this makes it simple to use and easy to remove for cleaning.


  • It has a lengthy battery power
  • It encompasses durable and sharp titanium blades that are sharp
  • It is versatile
  • It has easy and simple lengthy adjustments


  • It is not waterproof

  1. Wahl lithium ion clipper

This trimmer is associated with four different attachments of the blade. It is sharp and features unique cuttings for the user. It has a powerful battery that allows you to shave clean and meet your trimming goals.


  • It exhibits sharp and precise cuttings for the user
  • It has a warranty of five years
  • It has an amazing battery power


  • Has a loud motor
  • Inconvenient when its battery is empty

  1. Conair Man Stubble Trimmer

This brand has unique blades that are long-lasting and sharp. The blades are electro-chemically formed (advanced technology). Being a top brand, it features various lengths. This stubble trimmer also contains a lengthy memory feature which reminds it of the length settings that you previously used.

The trimmer also encompasses a flexible head that conveniently tracks the crannies and curves of one’s face while at the same time offering quality shave. It is also versatile as it can comfortably allow you to trim your neck, sideburns, and mustache.

As if that is not enough, the trimmer also has a comb guide that offers a trim that is consistent to the user. It is also easy to clean because it is easy to remove. It’s waterproof and therefore you can easily wash it by rinsing it underwater. You can also use shaving creams, gels, foams or soaps to minimize irritation when using it.

The long-lasting power and performance that this trimmer exhibits are usually aided by its powerful battery that provides reliable battery life throughout its usage. It offers a battery life of up to seventy minutes when in use.

Moreover, this trimmer has a unique ergonomic design. It has a sleek and long body that is easy to maneuver and grip. It also features speed levels that are easy to adjust and this makes it comfortable to use.


  • It comes with blade technology that is at a higher level
  • It exhibits ergonomic design
  • It features a protective comb guide that brings better performance.


  • People claim that its battery life becomes obsolete after many months of its usage

What is the Best Stubble Length?

Stubble is normally about 0.5 mm to 5 mm in length, anything beyond this is usually considered as a beard. It is always advisable to choose ideal length settings when you intend to trim your stubble depending on your preference. Also, ensure that you check either the beard or stubble-specific length settings. This is because most of the trimmers usually have a wide range for both hair and beard trimming. For instance, if you attempt the 3rd-day stubble style, you will have to get a trimmer that cuts close to your skin for the lower side of your face. You are encouraged to choose a trimmer that has a length setting that ranges between 0.4 mm to 5 mm.

Best Stubble Facial Hair Styles

The different types of facial hairstyles include:

  • Rugged stubble

It is a combination of elegant and classic stubble. Here, you have to shave your neck up to jawline and then leave the other parts of your stubble natural.

  • Third-day stubble

Here, you allow your beard to grow then instead of going a step further to shave your neck entirely, you just leave it. Thereafter, you use several length settings and combs to cut the lower part of your beard on your neck to almost nothing. You then leave it to grow a bit longer up to the point it blends well at your jawline.

  • Elegant stubble

This one always looks refined, groomed and professional when it’s done properly. To achieve this, you have to shave your neck up to the jawline area. You also need to clean up the edges around your cheeks and the bottom of your ears.

  • Classic stubble

It is the most basic facial hairstyle. Here, there are no edges or shaping to keep, your stubble generally covers your whole neck and face. You only do maintenance when the whole area of the beard on your stubble becomes longer than it is required.

Shopping for a stubble trimmer can be challenging than you think. There are a lot of brands in the market today and selecting the best is difficult. However, there are features that you should look for in a stubble trimmer. Ensure that the battery of the stubble trimmer lasts for an extended period. Also, ensure that your stubble trimmer has a powerful trimmer.

Sometimes you may want to trim your facial hair in the shower. A waterproof stubble trimmer will be effective in such scenarios.  Also, you must consider the trimmer’s design and size. A small mistake can destroy the hard work that you’ve put on your stubble. Ensure that you buy a trimmer that is easy to use and comfortable in your hands. I recommend you to also buy the right nose trimmers for your nasal hairs. A clean nose complements well with stylish stubble.




How Long Does It Take to Go Bald


Last Updated October 2019

Baldness is an eventuality that most men will have to confront at some point in their lifetime. This is why it pays to know all the basics that surround this natural phenomenon. Such knowledge will definitely help you in making better decisions and preparing yourself psychologically. Our goal in the discussions that follow endeavor to do just that.

how long does it take to go bald

We are going to explore all the background pieces of information which pertain to the subject matter of baldness in men. These include the various signs which may showcase baldness, the pace of baldness, and the various remedies which you may attempt to mitigate or combat this situation altogether.

You will definitely find these pieces of information quite eye-opening and relevant for your needs and purposes. They will arm you with the know-how you badly want in order to better handle such an issue if and when it eventually arises.

Signs That You Are Going Bald?

There are many signs which may prove or signal that you are indeed losing hair. Of these many signs, two particularly stand out. They are explained here below:

going bald

Loss of Small Patches of Hair (Alopecia)

This is the gradual yet steady loss of small patches of hair on the head or other parts of the body. The first and foremost loss occurs when the strands are weakened and pull off one at a time leaving behind exposed scalp. The sign is also accompanied in a slowed replacement of hair which comes in the form of the new hair taking too long to cover the exposed scalp.

Accelerated Hair Loss Patterns

The accelerated loss of hair is a severe form of the Alopecia. It is basically a situation in which the hair loss is faster than ordinarily is or ought to be the case. At the same time, the hair that is lost takes too long to replace or is not replaced at all.

What Causes of Baldness in Men?

Many causes of baldness do abound. Of these, only two stand out as the most prominent and significant. They are:

Sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone in the human body. It stimulates the development of male characteristics. Persons who are born with sensitivity to this hormone are more likely to experience baldness than those who are not. This means also that to some extent, genetics also plays a role.

Inappropriate Behaviors

Some behaviors also play a role in accelerating the formation of baldness than others. These include creatine supplements, smoking, weight training exercises, anabolic steroids, and testosterone hormone replacements. They mainly contribute to the formation of testosterone which has the attendant consequence of hastening the loss of hair.

When Men Start to Go Bald

The exact time that men start to go bald varies from one man to another. This is subsequently determined by a range of factors and circumstances. Regardless of the precise time that the phenomenon sets in, there are some common noticeable signs.

Generally speaking, the growth process of the hair begins to slow down considerably from age 50 onwards. This is evidenced by a reduced pace of the regeneration of any hair that is pulled off the scalp. On the contrary, the resting phase of the hair becomes longer.

This process of balding ordinarily starts at the sides of the head typically above the temples. Alternatively, they patch on the crown and thereafter spread from there. The patches generally enlarge as the hairline recedes backward.

 How Quickly Do Men Go Bald?

Just like the onset of balding, the pace at which the hair is lost also varies from person to person. There is really no fixed timeframe within which this process occurs. On the whole, the process starts out at the twenties. It goes on for around 15 to 5 years to mature fully. Some men though are early birds. This is to mean that they take a shorter duration of time to be completely bald.

Such a shorter duration can at times be as short as only 5 years! A couple of behavioral traits and practices have the attendant impact of hastening the process. These include drinking, smoking, and indulgence in too many drugs which may cause hormonal imbalances.

Is Baldness Connected to Genetic?

Partly yes and partly no. Indeed, baldness can be caused by genetic issues. In case your body is sensitive to the male sex hormones otherwise called androgens, chances are that you will develop the problem. This predisposition is purely hereditary and leads to permanent hair loss. That is why to some extent the condition is genetic in nature.

A couple of other factors do have a bearing on the emergence of this phenomenon. These include stressful circumstances, illnesses, surgical procedures, alterations in the hormonal levels and of course, and the scalp infections. The circumstances lead to temporary rather than permanent loss of hair though.

Natural Remedies for Baldness

#1. Onion juice

This juice has great antibacterial properties and sulfur content. These help to combat scalp infections and boost the flow of blood to the hair follicles. The end result is a robust hair growth which eventually mitigates the loss of hair.

• Grind the onion and then squeeze out the juice

• Dip a cotton ball in the juice and apply the same to your scalp

• Leave to settle for around 20 to 30 minutes

• Wash off using the normal water together with mild shampoo  

#2. Licorice root

Licorice is a herb which slows the pace of hair loss and the further damages which ordinarily arise. It can also soothe the scalp to rid it of any dry flakes and dandruff.

• Add a tablespoon of ground licorice root and a quarter teaspoon of saffron to a cup of milk

• Apply the resultant paste to your scalp and the entire length of the hair.

• Leave it overnight and wash your whole hair the following day

#3. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk contains plenty of essential fats and proteins. These vital ingredients jointly promote the growth of hair and subsequently prevent unnecessary loss of hair.

• Grate a medium-sized coconut

• Simmer it in a pan for around five minutes

• Strain and cool

• Add one tablespoon each of crushed black pepper and the fenugreek seeds to the coconut milk

• Apply it on your scalp and hair

• Leave for 20 minutes

• Rinse with a shampoo

#4. Egg mask

Eggs are ordinarily rich in phosphorus, sulfur, protein, iodine, and selenium. Together, these nutrients promote the growth of hair.

• Separate one egg white in a bowl

• Add a teaspoon each of honey and olive oil

• Beat the mixture to form a paste

• Apply it on the whole of your hair from the roots to the tips

• Leave for around 20 minutes to settle

• Rinse with a mild shampoo

#5. Green tea

Green tea is generally famed for being rich in antioxidants. These help to boost the growth of hair and prevent its loss altogether.

• Soak two to three teabags in one or two cups of hot water depending mainly your hair’s length

• After it cools, pour this mixture over your hair and scalp

• Massage your head gently

• Leave the hair with cool water after around one hour

#6. Greek yogurt and honey

Honey and Greek yogurt both contain plenty of vitamins which are essential for the growth of hair. They also preserve hair moisture by virtue of possessing humectant properties.

• Mix two tablespoons of yogurt with one tablespoon of honey

• Pour some lemon in a bowl

• Apply the paste on the scalp and roots of the hair using a dye brush

• Leave to settle for around 30 minutes

• Rinse with cold water

#7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great remedy for combating the loss of hair. It also boosts the growth and can be pretty effective in managing a couple of scalp issues such as flaking and itching.

• Take the stalk of Aloe Vera

• Extract the pulp

• Apply the pulp to your scalp and hair

• Leave untouched for around 45 minutes

• Rinse with normal water

#8. Beetroot juice

No other natural remedy for baldness is rich in Vitamin B6 as the beetroot. Other than this, it is also a great source of Potassium, Betaine, Manganese, Folate, and Vitamin C. All these are essential for the healthy growth of hair. They also detoxify the scalp and rids it of any impurities.

• Boil around 7-8 beetroot leaves

• Grind along with some 5-6 henna leaves

• Apply the paste on your scalp

• Leave for around 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water

#9. Fenugreek seeds

Also called the Methi seeds, Fenugreek seeds contribute immensely to the repair of the hair follicles as well as the re-growth of any lost hair.

• Soak Fenugreek seeds in water overnight

• Grind the seeds into a fine paste

• Apply the paste on your scalp and hair

• Leave the paste intact for around 30 minutes

• Alternatively, cover your scalp to keep it moist

• After around 30-40 minutes, rinse the scalp in normal water

#10. Amla

Alma is yet another term for the Indian Gooseberry. It contains plenty of Vitamin C which stops the falling off of hair. By consuming this substance, you will also strengthen your hair follicles. Lastly, you will, courtesy of its exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, experience faster hair growth, slow down premature graying of hair and maintain a healthy scalp.

• Mix lime juice with the amla powder to generate a paste

• Massage the paste on your hair and scalp

• Cover your head with a shower scalp to keep the paste moisten

• Keep it intact for around an hour

• Rinse the paste off using normal water

Diet to Reduce the Effect of Baldness

Combating baldness requires a concerted effort. It is not enough to implement the remedies above only. You have to take the right diet. The following diets will help you to accomplish this sacred task as well:

#1. Lentils

Lentils are rich in biotin, zinc, iron, and protein. They also contain plenty of folic acids which is essential for the restoration of the robust health of the red blood cells.

#2. Spinach

The deficiency of iron is chiefly responsible for the falling off of hair. Spinach provides plenty of iron and Vitamins A, C, and proteins. Moreover, it has sufficient amounts of sebum which is a natural skin and scalp conditioner. These maintain the healthy state of the scalp besides giving rise to lustrous hair.

#3. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes produce higher amounts of Beta carotene. This mitigates dry and dull hair besides stimulating the glands in the scalp to generate the oily fluid called sebum.

#4. Carrots

Carrots are largely known to be great for eyesight. What few people know is that it also improves the growth of hair. Its possession of sufficient quantities of Vitamin A combats the feelings of itchiness and dryness.

#5. Oats

Being a grain, oats are rich in Zinc, fiber, Iron, Omega-6 fatty acids, and a couple of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). These ingredients stimulate the growth of hair which makes it thicker and healthier.

#6. Strawberries and guavas

Strawberries are rich in silica which is a trace mineral that strengthens the hair. Do take plenty of other complementary foods if you want to see your hair get stronger and thicker.

#7. Walnuts

Walnuts are unparalleled by any other food with regards to the levels of biotin. It is also a great source of B vitamins (B1, B6, and B9), Vitamin E, protein, and magnesium. These strengthen the hair cuticles and nourish the scalp as well.

#8. Eggs

Given that hair comprises 68% keratin proteins, eggs play a crucial role in rebuilding damaged hair. Being rich also in biotin, they help the hair to grow luxuriously.

#9. Chicken

Chicken and its sister meat, Turkey is lean meats. They are rich in high-quality proteins. These strengthen the fragile hair and also prevent their breakage on the whole.

#10. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in Vitamin B5 and Vitamin D. These two work hand in hand to promote the health of the hair follicles.

Medical Treatment for Bald Men

Baldness is largely a natural process. You, therefore, do not really have to treat it. You may choose to accept and live with it altogether. In case you opt for medical treatment, you may try out a couple of medical drugs. These are the Minoxidil lotion and the Finasteride.

The Minoxidil lotion is applicable twice a day. It is freely available over-the-counter as there are no restrictions at all on its acquisition. You have to use it indefinitely though as its impacts begin to diminish as soon as you cease taking the medication.

Finasteride another option for your consideration. The drug is available in the form of a tablet. It works by partly blocking the effects of the male hormones. This halts the further loss of hair and also promotes the re-growth of scalp hair.


In as much as baldness is an eventuality that most men will ultimately have to confront as stated, it can be effectively mitigated as well. This can only happen if the appropriate intervention measures are put in place and in a timely manner for that matter.

It is not enough to receive the head knowledge for the sake of it. You definitely have to take the extra step to implement at least one of the tips we have discussed above. In case you are satisfied with a bald head, you want to pass this information on to another one who might need it. Best of luck in your anti-baldness campaign!


Should I Dye My Beard

Last Updated October 2019

A graying beard creates many challenges for a man especially a sportsman who still wants to be seen as an energetic young man, and graying beard can portray him as an old man. If the facial hair of a man is still gradually graying, it will somehow look scruffy; the only reasonable thing one is supposed to do is just to shave or to dye his beard. If your beard hair’s graying is below 20%, it would be nice if you dye it using the semi-permanent dye. Dying depends on the reason why one wants to dye his beard, for some men, it is just a matter of covering the gray hair, but to others it would be to match it with the color of the hair on their head or to match the natural color of their hair, now below is a breakdown of information about dying your beard.

dying facial hair

 How to Select the Correct Color for Your Beard

Dark hair

You need to go for a shade that is lighter than the original color of your beard. For example, if your beard’s dark brown in color, you need to choose a medium brown color for dying it, this will be dark and sufficient to help you cover the gray hair, and it will not tamper with the darker ones. But if you take a dye that is as dark as the darkest hair on your beard, then this will make you end up with a very fake looking.

facial hair dye

Black hair

For those with hair that is just black in nature, it is advisable that you also choose the dark brown color because if you dye your hair with black, it will just look very artificial.

Blond hair

Blond people should choose their original color, if you are light blond then choose the dark blond color, if you find it hard to choose between the two shades, light and dark blond, opt for light blond, but if it is too light for you then you should use the darker one.

Perform a patch test

You should always carry out a patch test prior to undertaking the activity of coloring your hair; this is done by mixing small portions of the product that is responsible for coloring and depositing it in the inner elbow, with a waiting time of 15 minutes then after that you are allowed to rinse it off.

Applying Dye to the Beard or the Mustache

You have to first choose the best color of dye, as discussed earlier; the color should be lighter than the original color of your beard. This will enable you to achieve a natural look and reduce the chances of your dying job turning out too dark.

Buy the right dye, be it permanent or semi-permanent dye, it only depends on your test, whether you would want to take the dye off sometime or not, and if you can go an extra mile of buying a permanent dye which is more costly than the semi-permanent, it only depends on you.

how long does just for men last

Clean your beard to get rid of any tangles or oils to clear any build up that may distract the dying process.

Soften your beard by conditioning, and it is recommended that you rinse it with cold water after conditioning then remember to blot it with a towel.

You should test a small patch of your skin with the chemical to see if you have any reaction to it.

Apply the dye, while doing this, you should be on gloves and remember to protect the surrounding skin of the beard with petroleum jelly.

Let it sit for a period of 15 to 30 minutes then rinse the dye off your beard by using cold water to ensure the dye gets locked into your hair follicles.

How often should one Dye the Facial Hair?

Dyes that are semi-permanent tend to fade with time gradually, that is why your beard’s color only last for a period of two to three weeks before it can need another treatment, but if you are wise enough to use a beard coloring shampoo, then the lifespan of your beard color will be extended. If not then you will have to re-apply the dye after every two to three weeks. It is advisable that as soon as you start noticing the gray beard, you should give it another dye; you are not to wait for the two weeks to end because some gray hair shows up even before the end of two weeks.

how to color beard without staining skin

How to Soften Beard Hair before Dying

The hair found in your beard is always wirier and also coarse compared to that found on your head. These characteristics, therefore, make your beard hair to be more resistant to the dying chemicals. This, therefore, calls for action to soften your beards by either conditioning, this should be done by applying conditioner to your beard and leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes so that your hair can have the chance to be more pliable or by applying a lotion known as cream developer to the unwashed beard with a brush then leave it for10 minutes, after performing either of these procedures, you should then rinse your beard with cold water then dry it with a towel.

Selecting a Color

While choosing a color, it would be wise if you go for two color shades that are lighter than the original color of your beard. Permanent dyes are mostly intended for the head’s hair, which is why when one uses a permanent dye on facial hair; it turns out to be darker than when used on the hair of your head. To have a natural look, you will have to go for an ash tone look, and the plain color like dark or light brown, but if you have a reddish beard, you should give hazelnut brown a try, you should always avoid dying products that have a label called ‘high-lift’ because they can lighten your hair and this might just make your results to be more unpredictable.

Mixing the Product

Some beard dyes come with a tube of the base developer and another tube of the color developer, it helps to thicken your solution and also acts as filler. The two ingredients should be mixed in a tray that comes along with a beard dye. You should not use the bristle end of the brush to mix; this is because a bent bristle will make it harder for you apply the dye on your beard. Remember to only mix beard dye that is enough to cover it once.

Applying the Product

The product should be applied using a brush; this will help it work quickly from a strong to soft hair for the best natural effect. If you are not in a position to get the appropriate applicator brush, then a toothbrush is recommended. Do not leave the die on your beard for a period of 20 to 40 minutes because that is the time that is stipulated for the hair in your head, and you should only leave it for approximately 10 minutes, then you should thoroughly rinse it after it has achieved your desired color.

When Should You Reapply Permanent Dye

Read the instructions that always come together with the dye; the manufacturers are the ones who have enough knowledge on how often one should re-apply the dye.

When you notice a small gray hair on your beard, it would be wise for you to only apply some little dye on that gray hair, dying the entire beard should only be done when the gray hair has spread all over your beard.

You can also use mascara to touch up your beard’s re-growth, mascara is known to be kind to the skin, and it also looks very natural.

If you plan to change your dye color so often, then it is advisable to choose the semi-permanent dye.

When re-dying, it is important that you do not wait as long as you waited when you applied your first dye.

Signs one has Stop Dying His Beard

Your hair becomes dry and brittle

Natural hair dyes cannot damage one’s hair, but when you expose the beard hair to the activity of lightening it, and then this will most definitely damage your hair. Everyone’s hair does have a coating known as the cuticle, cuticles of a healthy hair look like shingles, but cuticles of a damaged hair always peel back. Hair bleaching destroys those cuticles, and this result to the dryness and brittle or rather frizzy. It is important to note that split ends, the flyways and varying lengths of hair are some of the sure indications of hair damage.

The gray hair returns after two weeks of dying

It will be necessary for you to stop coloring your hair if you find that it has become difficult for you to keep up with your hair’s graying. If you find yourself in a position where you are required to visit the salon every week to dye your hair then that is worth stopping, maybe this is the time just to let the graying grow in, so that you get to enjoy your retirement period with your friends and relatives instead of booking every four days a month to the salon.

You notice that your scalp itches a lot and more irritated

It does not matter how long you have been dying your hair; if you notice some unexplained oozing from the skin, itchiness or soreness then it is time to stop dying your hair, this just means that your skin is sensitive to the dye. Why waste your money just to destroy yourself, it is important that you first care about your health before beauty.

You have increasingly dyed your hair lighter

If the beard hair has changed from its original color to some light color that does not even match to the original color of your beard, and you notice that the color is very different from the one that is growing in, just consider this as the perfect time for you stop dying.

The idea of dying your beard is absolutely your decision, but you do not want to do this the wrong way, you want to follow the right procedures and get the right products to get it right with your beard hair, like a man, your beard can be the most outstanding personal expression, this is why it is the best idea to care good care of it. As you have seen in this write-up, there are a lot of important things that you should know when it comes to beard coloring. From ensuring that you prepare in advance to select the appropriate color and properly applying the coloring product, now that you have known the products and color that can make you get that result after dying it is time to get them and get the job done.

How to Make Your Beard Soft

Last Updated October 2019

Are you wondering how you can achieve a soft beard, or do you like the cactus-like feeling, most guys with facial hair often find themselves asking how they can soften their beard. Some men might think that it is given that everyone should have a dry and rough beard. Some women prefer men with beards, and this is why we find that most men these days have a tendency of keeping their beard, no one wants to shave his beard. So if you would like to maintain your soft beard or make them soft to please your woman, then this is the right place for you to be because we have great information for you on how you can maintain your soft beard.

how to make a beard soft

What Causes Rough Beard?

Improper cleaning

You have to get used to washing your beard just as you always wash the hair on your head, since beard is very prone to touching, it should be given a thorough washing while in the shower. If only one can wash his hands often, then all the germs from your phone, keyboard and everything else cannot be transferred to the beard. Your beard is also one of the most exposed parts in your body, it can easily collect dust waves, and since it lacks an immune system, it is therefore not in a position to fight debris or dust, in this case, such a beard is dirty and hence unhealthy, and unhealthy beard only results to beard roughness.

Low temperature

If you happen to live in an area that is extremely cold, then your beards and face will be exposed to the cold. Since cold makes the skin to get dry, it can also make your beard to be dry; low temperature is a cause destructive effect on your beard; this is because a dry beard is equal to a rough beard.

how to make beard straight


Dehydration has a negative effect on your skin and every other thing that is attached to your skin. Failure to drink enough water for a specific period of time can make your beards to look dry and feel hard hence causing the roughness.

Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains a very high concentration of minerals; one can notice hard water by its nature of leaving a chalk type scum on the surfaces that get in contact with it. You should not consume every type of water because not all the water is good for your health; some people come to learn this in the hardest way ever. Using hard water to wash can cost you the softness of your beard. Hard water can cause roughness to your beard and make it tangle, therefore, one may face some difficulty while washing off the product, and leaving a lot of product in the beard can increase its roughness.

Trimming and the split ends

You might be doing all the cleaning to your beard, protecting it, hydrating it, conditioning and trimming but you notice that it is still rough. Something must be wrong with trimming then because, with all these, your beard should be soft. It is important to trim while growing your beard and it is also important that one gives his beard a quality trimming for better softness results. The wrong type of scissors can have a negative effect on your beard, ensure that your trimmer is cleaned and sharpened in a proper manner, if not then it will actually lead to hair breakage instead of cutting hence make your beard to be prone to split end and therefore becomes rough.

 How to Make Your Beard Soft

Shampooing and conditioning

As the day ends, you should always wash your beard to remove all the dirt that it might have collected during the day. You should also shampoo and condition it in a proper way; this should be done not less than three to four times a week. While shampooing, there is a default massage, and as we all know, massage can help in improving circulation and speeding up the process of hair growth. Remember to effectively wash off all the products from your beard to avoid the opposite result.

how to make facial hair soft

Brush or comb

Brushing or combing will help you get out loose hairs, and combing is essential especially if you need to train your hair to grow in a particular direction. One can also use a beard brush to evenly spread oil on his beard, brushing and combing prevents your beard from tangling and forming knots hence making it straight and smoother.

Beard oil and beard balm

It is important to always possess a beard balm and a beard oil if you are growing beard. A beard oil should ever be used every Morning after showering to massage your beard all the way down to your skin, and this will help add some moisture to the beard. At night, it is recommended that you rub a small amount of the beard balm on your beard; beard balm will help in taking on the split ends and the knots.

Use products of good quality

You should be careful enough not to make the wrong choice while selecting the products for your beard, and wrong products can only cause damage to your beard, that is why it is important that one does extra research about beard products before deciding on a specific product.

 Occasionally trim your beard

Using shears occasionally to trim your beard will improve your beard health; this helps in reducing split ends and therefore stimulates growth and gives your hair a chance to continue growing. It important that you thoroughly wash your trimmer to avoid irritation on your beard after trimming your beard

Eat a healthy diet

It is important to note that there are some foods that are responsible for rough facial hair, but there are also some that contribute to a soft facial hair, foods that have omega 3 fatty acids can absolutely do so, why shy away from eating your cold water fish, now that you know, you should eat it wholeheartedly having in mind that your beard is benefitting a lot from this.

Nourish your beard

You can do this by using a mixture of olive, almond and coconut oil, olive and coconut oil can help in keeping your beard moisturized, while almond oil conditions and softens your beard.

 Products to help soften my beard

Beard oil

One can never go wrong with beard oil, it moisturizes and conditions your beard, it also reduces the itchiness that your beard might have and hence softens the new growth, it can also be used to shape beard. To get better results with beard oil, you should use it in the morning just after shower by rubbing it into your beard using your hand and using your fingers to comb it through your hair, with this there is no doubt that you will have a soft beard.

Beard Balm

Beard balm has almost the same properties as beard oil, and it can also moisturize and condition your beard, it is also an important product for beard shaping, it adds some more density to your beard. Using beard balms that are made from natural sealants always result in a healthier and softer facial hair. It is not advisable for you to use synthetic beard balms if your skin is prone to irritation.

Beard shampoo

Shampooing your beard can create a very big impact in your daily role of taking care of your beard, shampooing can help your beard to be soft as from the first day of using it. It is advisable that you do a regular shampooing because it has very natural constituents that soften your facial hair quickly and it is also suitable for those people with sensitive skin.

Beard brush

It is recommended that if you have beard then you should absolutely use a beard brush to help you apply products like the beard balm and beard oil evenly on your beard, beard brush is among the oldest and the most natural ways of making beard soft, this is because beard brush has sebum oil that distributes across the hair when it is brushed, with this the beard becomes softer and looks silkier. A bread brush can also be used to clean the beard if you decide not to wash your beard on a daily basis.

Beard wax

Beard wax is specifically designed to help you shape your beard into a perfect style and help you eliminate the frizzy, the wild and that untamed look. It contains petroleum that is an ideal solution for that beard that cannot just aim in one direction; it helps to hold the beard in one position by the use of its sticky nature.

Everyday practice to make your beard soft

Wash your beard daily using a beard shampoo, while washing your beard, and you should also give it a proper massage; this will not just help cleaning it but also help in improving your skin’s quality.

how to soften my beard

After washing your beard, dry it using a towel, you can also use a blow dryer if a need arises. Whatever your choice is, you have to be very gentle with your beard, remember that your beard is always alive and if you become aggressive with it then you will get your revenge from it.

When applying your beard oil or beard balm, ensure that your beard is completely dry. Apply a few drops of these products in your hand and massage your beard going down to the roots and down to your face’s skin.

Use your beard brush to evenly distribute these products into your beard, this enables your beard to be softer, a beard brush should also be regularly used to brush the beard to help remove tangles and knots that might just make your beard to be rough, the good thing is that a beard brush has sebum oil that helps to keep the beard soft.

The way in which one takes care of his beard is a major factor just as to grow a beard, especially when it comes to making it soft because many people find that as a big problem. Having a soft beard will not only help you be comfortable, it also eases your work of styling it, it only takes two minutes or three to style a soft beard, why not try always to consider get the best products in the market to maintain your beards, your beard will undoubtedly look very healthy and have a great smell, you will notice that after some days of the same routine, your beard will become softer and easy to style then you will look more handsome than before, this will even make your wife or girlfriend shy away from letting their hands off your beard. Remember to be patient and be gentle to yourself while using the beard products.



How to Pick the Right Hairstyle

Last Updated October 2019

People want to look their best when they go out in public. One thing that determines style is the hair and the haircut. Hair can be straight, wavy, curly, kinky, or a combination of the above. It can be long, short, mid-length, spikes, and many other styles. With all of these styles, how does a person determine what is the right hairstyle for them? If you are like the average person you may be wondering what is the best hairstyle for you? There are some things you need to keep in mind when deciding on a hairstyle. The shape of your face will play a big role in the style of hair that you choose. From facial shapes look better with certain cuts than others. The shape of the face will help determine what hairstyle is going to look best. There are some other factors to keep in mind as well. In addition to the shape of the face, you need to consider how long you want to spend getting your hair perfect every day. Some people are willing to spend hours getting their hair just right while others want to wash and go. This will also help determine which hairstyle is best for you.

best haircut for hair type

 Main Face Shapes

While every face has its own features there are some basic face shapes that you can belong to. Oval is a shape of the face where the forehead is slightly wider than the chin and the jaw is rounded. The round face has chubby and puffy cheeks with a full jawline. The square face has an equal forehead and an equal jawline. The chin is square. The long face has a narrow chin and it is easy to tell that the face is longer than it is wide. The heart shaped face as a narrow jaw and wide cheekbones. The diamond shaped face as wide cheekbones with a pointy chin.

 How to Determine Your Face Shape

To determine what shape of face you have so basic measurements will need to be taken. Measure the space in between the eyebrows from one arch to the other. Measure the space in between the cheekbones. Start at the corner of the eye and go right across the face. To find your jawbone measure from the ear to the center of the chine and double this number for the complete jawline measure. To find the face shape measure from the center of the forehead to the middle of the chin. Based on the areas that are the largest, this will help you determine what shape of face you have.

best hairstyle for my hair type

What Hairstyle Would Suit My Face Shape

 Square Shaped Face

This face has good proportions and will work well with many different styles of haircuts and hairstyles. There are very few limitations. The classic crop loos great and short layers also go well with this shape of the face. The face can look good to further help make the defined jawline stand out.

 Round Faces

Round faces go well with angular haircuts and these cuts will add definition to the face. The face may be lacking definition and the haircut will make certain features of the face really stand out. The hairline should be used to create the shape of the face. Some people can use a quaff or a pompadour to make the face really stand out. For men that have beards some defined stubble can help make the edges look softer and give the face a better angle.


The rectangular shape face needs some texture and the hair can give the face some texture and some width. A person should pay attention to their hair on the sides of the face. Movement and texture can be created by keeping the hair longer at the top and making the illusion that it is almost a square. A man should clean shave his face or allow only a small amount of stubble to grow. A full beard will only show off the angle of the face.

how to choose the right hair style


The face has good angles so this allows for an easy haircut. Most people can choose just about any haircut or style that they like. A sweeping fringe will look very nice on their shaped face. To further make the face look good the sides and the back can be taped and they can be just about any length. A ruffled fringe also looks nice. There is another lucky face shape that looks good with just about any haircut.

 Diamond Face

This shape is a rare shaped face. The chin is narrow, and the forehead and the cheeks are wide. The haircut should be a fuller length and the top should also have some width to it. The top of the hair should fill in the gapes, so a person does not have a small forehead. When getting a haircut an undercut can be used to highlight the cheekbones and the hairstyle should have some layers in it. The layers should be contrasting as well. This style will make the forehead look fuller and will complement the cheeks. A man can add a little stubble on his chin to give the chin a thicker appearance and make it look not as narrow.


Any hairstyle that is full or thick will look great on this shaped face. The fuller the haircut is the better it will look on the face. There should be bulky cuts and texture style. This will allow the forehead to look wider and not as narrow. If a person is looking for a shortcut, the sides of the cut should be short and sculpted. A clean-shaven look for facial hair is also needed to complement the shape o this face.

 Heart Face

This face is also rare. The forehead is wide and the rest of the face goes narrowly until it ends in a narrow chin. The best haircuts have a fringe and there should be a mid-length sweep. The sides of the hair should be tapered. If the hair is thick, it needs to be thinned so that it will soften the forehead which is rather strong. A man can have some stubble on this chin. This will help make the chin appear to be wider and will add to the overlook look of the face.

A haircut is more than just a style of the hair. A good haircut can add to the look of the face. When getting a haircut it is important to keep the shape of the face in mind. This will help find a cut that looks good. The new haircut will allow a person to feel more confident. They will be able to play up the great features on their face and downplay some of the areas of the face that need to be balanced out.

 Popular Styles That Work for Most Face Shapes

There are some hairstyles that will look good on most face shapes. These styles will compliment these face shapes and allow a person to look good. These styles are popular and a person can try them out with their face.

haircuts for different hair types

 Slightly Spiked

The slight spikes look good on many different face shape. There are no bangs which can bother some faces. The hair is kept slightly longer on the top and it is spiked up. The spikes are slight and they do not have to be super straight. This will allow the attention to go to the hair and will take attention away from some of the problem areas on the face.

 Textured Quiff

This has a similar look to the spike but only softer. The quaff also allows the hair to be a little longer on the top. The textured look will even out many different facial types.

 Brush Back

The hair is longer on the top of the head. A small amount of gel can be added and the hair can be brushed back. The hair should not be flattened right to the head. It should have some height to it which will look good with several different shaped faces.

 Crew Cut

While this will not work with every shaped face there are several faces that will look good with a crew up. The hair is short and out of the way allowing the facial features to come through. When doing the crew cut it is important to keep up with it so the style continues to look good.

These basic cuts can be used by people with several different types of face. The textured looks will attract attention. Many of these looks allow the hair to be longer on top which can be used for different styling options.

 Additional Tips When Trying to Style Hair

These are some tips to help find a haircut that looks good on every face type. There are some additional tips when styling the hair to get it to look good.

 Fit Your Lifestyle

You need to find a haircut to fit your lifestyle. If you are going to select a style that needs a lot of upkeep you need to be prepared to do so. If you are more of a wash and go type person you should get a hairstyle that does not require a lot of work or attention.

 Hair Texture

Pay attention to the texture of the hair. If the hair is curly a straight style will not look to good. The texture of the hair is just as important as the shape of the face when it comes to finding a good hairstyle.

 Be Open

There are some hairstyles that will look great based on the hair texture and the shape of the face. Do not be afraid to give these new styles a try. If they are designed to meet the shape of the face they can come out looking really good and worth the new trial.

the right hairstyles

 Find the Best Hairstyle for Facial Shape

These are some ideas on how to find the best haircut for the shape of your face. Most people do not think that their face plays a big role in their hairstyle, but it does. There are some tips on how to find out what shaped face you have. You may need to measure your face so a little help is going to be needed. There are also some suggestions as to what hairstyles look good for every type of face. There are different looks that will complement the different facial features. Be sure to do so research and speak to a stylist before the next haircut. There are some styles that will look better on other faces than others as well as some styles to avoid. Following these tips can mean the difference between a good haircut and looking great and a haircut that is just okay at best.

Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Shaving

Last Updated October 2019

Many people have hard the myth that shaving body hair will make it grow back faster. Now people are wondering if this myth applies to facial hair. If a man shaves his beard, will it grow back faster? This is good to know for men that are trying to grow long beards because it will help them grow much faster. This is also good information for men that a clean shaving, so they will know how often they should shave. Facial shaving may have overlapping times with the natural hormone changes in the body. While it may appear that the hair will grow faster after shaving, it can be due to a change in body hormone levels. There are some things a man can do to make this facial hair grow at a faster rate.

how fast does leg hair grow back after shaving

 Understanding Beard Growth

Several studies have been conducted on the rate of beard growth and the frequency that a man shaves his face. After careful research, it was concluded that the frequency of shaving does not cause the facial hair to grow at a different rate. The hair will grow at the same rate if a man shaves his face or if he does not shave his face.

There are some reasons why facial hair may look different when it begins to grow back in. A man has to allow his hair to grow for a long period of time. If there is no hair on his face when the hair is allowed to grow it will appear to be thicker. There are some different shaving techniques that will allow the beard to grow faster. Some razors will give a man a closer shave then others. If a razor is a high quality, it will remove the hair from the face and will also remove the hair under the surface of the skin. If there is some hair left on the face a man will think his hair is growing in at a faster rate.

There are different stages when it comes to beard growth. The anagen stage begins right after puberty when a boy begins to notice some hair on his face. The body has changing testosterone levels which are responsible for facial hair growth. If the levels are high, the hair will grow quickly.

When a man reaches the catagen stage the hair will grow slowly. Only 1 percent of the hair is able to go through this phase of growth at one time. This stage can last between 10 and 14 days. The third stage for facial hair growth is the telogen stage. This stage allows the hair to be released from the skin. This will allow the hair to come out eventually. The hair will then hibernate for a period of 3 months and the process of the hair growth will begin over again. As the hair goes through this cycle a man will notice some change in the pace at which his facial hair will grow in.

how to make hair not grow back after shaving

 Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Back Faster?

While many people have heard that shaving will make the hair grow back further, in reality, it will not. Male genetics do not have anything to do with the rate at which a person shaves. While shaving will not make the hair grow back faster, it appears that hair will grow back faster after shaving. After a man shaves, he may think that his hair is growing back faster. It may also look like the hair is coming back faster and thicker. When the blade of the razor passes over the hair, some of it will be cut off. Many men are left with a little bit of stubble on their face. When the hair is cut in this manner, it will have a flat end and it will be course. The new course hairs will make the facial hair appear to be thicker and fuller. The hairs itself did not change or grow in. The shape and the texture of the hair did change.

Younger men will need to shave more often but this is not due to hair growth due to shaving, it is due to their hormones. Many men think that shaving every day will lead to a full beard. It is not the shaving; it is their hormones that will cause the hair to grow. The hormonal changes in the body can make the hair grow faster and thicker at times.

The hair growth cycle is also responsible for the rate at which the hair grows. Depending on where a man is in this cycle, his facial hair may actually grow faster at some times than others. If a man knows when his growth and test state it, he will understand while at sometimes the hair on his face will grow faster and will look thicker.

if i shave my pubic hair will it grow back

Shaving alone will not cause the facial hair to grow back faster. There are some factors that do affect hair growth. This includes their hormones, the look, and style of the facial hair, and the hair growth cycle of the man. If shaving really did make the facial hair grow faster, a man can have a beard that would grow several feet every day by the time he was in his mid-20s.

 How to Grow your Hair Faster and Longer

While shaving will not lead to the facial hair grow back faster, there are some things that a man can do is he is looking to get a full beard or is looking for another style where longer facial hair is needed.

 Reduce Stress Levels

The worse thing for a person’s health is stress. If a man is looking to make his hair grow faster he needs to reduce the amount of stress in his life. Stress only harms the body and has an effect on everything from mental health to hair growth. If a man is looking to grow his facial hair, the body needs to be healthy. The body needs to be nourishing for the hair to grow. A man has to limit stress in his life so the body can be healthy.

shaving does not make hair thicker

 Eat a Proper Diet

It is important that the body gets plenty of nutrients and vitamins. This will allow the body to be healthy and will allow the hair to grow. There are several different things that are needed for the body to grow hair at a faster pace. A man needs to get a balanced diet. He needs to make sure he eats a healthy and balanced amount of carbohydrate, proteins, and healthy fats. Only a small number of vitamins and minerals are needed to make the hair grow. If a man gets these vitamins and minerals, he will notice that his facial hair will begin to grow in at a faster rate.


Exfoliating the face will allow the beard to grow in faster. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells that clog the pores. Once these cells are cleaned and allow to be opened, the hair follicles can push through the surface of the skin. Exfoliating the skin will make sure the face is clean which is needed for hair growth. Exfoliating will help promote healthy blood circulation to the cells. This will help the cells to get the nutrients that they need in order to stay healthy. This will allow the hair and the cells in the face to get the support they need to grow.

 Do Not Itch

When a man begins to have some of their facial hair grow in, the hair will itch. Many men want to be able to scratch their face and they may want to shave once it becomes uncomfortable and itchy. When new hair begins to grow a feeling of itchiness and even irritation is typical. This will be to happen one to four weeks of the process of growing in the facial hair. If a man wants a full beard, he has to be able to resist the urge to shave due to the itching. If he can get past this time, he will be able to grow his beard.

 Proper Grooming

As the beard is growing in a man does have to take care of it. Daily maintenance of the beard will also reduce the itching that he is feeling. A man will need to brush his beard daily to reduce the itching. He should also use beard oil. This hot oil will keep the beard looking good and will keep it from itching. The oil will also make the hair of the beard softer to the touch. Some men may experience dandruff on their face. Some call this beardruff. This is the dead skin from the face that is flaking off. The oil will help keep this from forming and will allow a man to ease some of the irritation he may be feeling on his face.

why does my hair grow so fast after shaving


Many people think that sweat is bad but for the body, sweat is a good thing. When a man exercises and sweats his body will produce more testosterone. This will allow facial hair growth to be stimulated and will allow the hair that is growing to be healthier as well. Sweat will also open up the cells. Sweat removes toxins from the cells which is also good for hair growth.


There are some supplements that a man can use to improve his overall health and help promote the growth of facial hair. These supplements will make sure the body gets the vitamins and minerals that it needs to nourish the cells so that hair can grow. There are some supplements on the market that are designed to help a man grow his facial hair. These supplements will help improve the level of keratin in the hair. This will allow the beard to grow and it will look healthy. These supplements can be found at many drug stores.

When a man is looking to his facial hair the frequency at which he shaves will have nothing to do with hair growth. A man should follow some steps to increase the rate at which his hair grows. A man should use beard oil to help keep the beard looking healthy. This oil will help reduce the itchy feeling that he experiences as the hair grows in. The beard oils will also make the hair health. He will not have to worry about dry and flaky skin and have it floating in his new beard. A man can also increase his intake of vitamins, minerals, and beard growing supplements to help the body get the nutrients that it needs. If a man can use these products and resist the urge to shave once his face starts to itch, he should be able to grow a full and healthy beard.

How to Make Your Beard Look Good

Last Updated October 2019

That a fully grown beard is great for you as a man is certainly not in doubt. Indeed, the question to be asked really is not whether a fully grown beard is necessary or not. The question that ideally ought to be asked is how to grow it well and make it appear awesome. We are well aware of this very fact.

It is for this reason that we have deemed it necessary to carry out extensive research in the area and come up with the necessary guidance. To come up with these research findings, we scoured through quite a number of pages. We also sought expert opinion from those who are well established in the field of beard and hair growth. Lastly, we also spoke to a number of persons who have already undertaken this activity.

how to make a beard look good

We thereafter collated their opinions and incorporated them in the form of a comprehensive report. You may, therefore, be certain to receive the insight you need to convince you to grow long beards. The information shall also help you to care well for your long beards if you have them already. This is a piece of information you definitely want to pay keen attention to and make room for its implementation.

How to Make a Beard Look Good

Several tools, strategies, and approaches through which you can make your beard look good to do abound. We have sampled and are going to explain a couple of them in the proceeding segment of our conversations.

The choice of the right strategy is entirely left for your consideration. This is because each person is unique and as such, no uniform standard may be applicable to everyone. The following are the key strategies of these kinds:

how to make a beard look professional

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

First and foremost come the beard shampoo and the conditioner. These two products aid you in washing the thick beards with ease. Courtesy of their strong formulation, they are great at getting rid of the dead cells which generally settle on the chin and the skin.

They also replenish the natural oils which are needed by the skins which adorn the areas underneath your skins. These oils are generally stripped way by the shampoos and the soaps which are applied on the said portions of the skin.

By far the best kinds of shampoos to utilize are those that are moisturized. This is due to their ability to replenish the skin moisture and natural oils. You should shampoo your beards several times in a typical week. This depends largely on the length and thickness of the strands of the beards.

Let it grow for some time before the first trim

For optimal outcomes, you are advised to let your beards grow for some time before you trim them for the first time. This is because the fully-grown beards are easier to keep in shape and size as compared to those that are shorter. Longer beards are also easier to manage due to their extra dimensions.

Trimming your beard prematurely also lead to inconsistencies which may take some time to remedy. Some of these could include rashes and pimples on the skin that adorn the beards. The most preferred beard length should be around 1 to 1.5 inches tall. You may use hair food or growth enhancers to accelerate the pace of the growth of the beards.

Ascertain your own likelihood of developing a beard

Beards are not for every person. This is because the growth of beards is largely determined and regulated by the genes. Chances are that you might not develop a beard simply because you do not have the right genetic mix necessary for the same. The first three months of attempting to grow a beard is what determines whether that beard will eventually grow or not.

how to make a nice beard

If you do not attain a good growth within the said timeframe, just forget about it. You may opt for the goatee or any other viable alternative. It will save you a great deal of your time and effort. This is not to mention that your expectations will also not be thwarted.

Acquire and utilize a comb or a brush

It goes without saying that the brush and the comb play great roles in enhancing the growths of beards. In light of this, you have to buy and incorporate these two items in your beard care armory. The best brush for the job is one that has boar bristles. This is due to its capability of managing dense beard hair well.

Your use of this kind of brush will enable your beards to appear well-kept and fuller. Still, on the same, the hard plastic or the wooden beard combs are also preferable. This stems from their limited predisposition to develop static charges which might interfere with your comfort. Style your beards accordingly and as per the standards you desire.

Make good use of the beard oil or the beard balm

You inevitably have to acquire and make good use of the beard oil and balm. These two products play the role of moisturizing the skin and the hair. They also penetrate deeper and faster into the skin and the scalp much better than how other ordinary products of such kinds do.

Their use results in softer beards which are completely devoid of dandruff. This is not to mention that they manage and tame the beards considerably. While applying these two products on your skin, you have to massage your skin also to leave behind a soft and tender skin. This also necessary for some great and nice looking kind of skin.

Use wax to shape your beards if need be

If you intend to shape and style your beard over and above merely growing it, you may need to use the wax to do so. They work much the same way as the balms. They, however, play the role of keeping your beard in place. This is because they contain huge amounts of beeswax which are pretty effective at maintaining your beard in the best shape and form at all times.

On the whole, the beard wax is great at taming that hair that is unruly and also leaves behind some nice hold. Moreover, they also contain some natural ingredients which aid in nourishing and maintaining your beard in good health.

Trim your beard regularly

Lastly, you have to trim your beard regularly. Preferably, you have to do so once every two months. Do so regardless of the length or the thickness of the beard. This undertaking is necessary for two main reasons. First is to rid the beards of the split ends. This way, the beards shall not fall off unnecessarily.

how to make my beard look better

Secondly, not every strand of hair grows in the same direction or at the same pace. Trimming the beards every quite often contributes to making the beards grow as uniformly as possible. It is advisable to start trimming at the base of the ears and then proceed to the neck and after which you are to level the whole beard.

Beard Styles That Would Make You Look Professional

Not every beard style may yield you the same degree of satisfaction. Indeed, some styles have consistently proved to be greater and awesome than others. It is in your best interest to identify such kinds of styles and make good use of them. We have sampled a couple of these styles and are going to examine them hereunder. The following are by far the most consistent styles you may wish to give a topmost priority:

Stubble Beard Style

This style is very versatile. It goes well with just about every other shape of the face. If the style is kept clean and awesome always, it can bring along a very awesome and professional outlook indeed. However, if the style is left unkempt, it may often be very itchy. You must thereafter apply some beard oil regularly to suppress such itchiness.

Other than applying the beard oil, you also have to maintain the beard in the best shape and form at all times. This prevents your face from looking messy and ghastly. To achieve this, be sure to trim your beard every now and then. You should also brush the beard using a nice beard brush. Clean your cheek line and necklines thoroughly also.

Short Beards

This style differs not so significantly from the stubble. This is due to the fact that it is equally shorter and trims. To be able to achieve this style, you have to trim your beards every quite often and maintain them in the shortest height possible.

To do this, set your trimmer to the 3 to 5 settings. Thereafter, use the trimmer to cut the hair around your neck and on your cheek gently. This will leave behind some well-groomed and maintained outcomes.

how to make your beard look good

This style will often require extra effort because from time to time, the hair will grow unequally and in different directions. This results in some messy appearances. Some of the extra efforts you will have to put in are combing the hair regularly, applying the beard oil and wax, and applying some beard balm as well.

Full Goatee with a Mustache

Generally speaking, the full goatee with a mustache is great for those who are in professional careers. These include receptionists, managers, secretaries, and administrative assistants. This is because it is intended to enhance the looks and appearances of those who adopt it. It is also preferable for those with round faces rather than those with flat ones.

To be able to make this style work out, you have to, first of all, grow your beard fully. You need not necessarily grow your mustache. This is entirely left for your consideration. Thereafter proceed to shave off all the facial hair on your cheek and neck regions.

After shaving your face, you have to adopt the appropriate styling technique. You must apply the beard oil and balm, trim the hair accordingly, and then apply the beard wax. These shall go a long way in enhancing the appearances of the goatee as a whole.

Circle Beard

If all you are on the lookout for is the need to impress every other person at your workplace or neighborhood, this indeed could be the style to think of. It is very pretty, highly impressive, and is thus well able to strike some awesome appearance. It is basically a combination of the full goatee and the mustache. It is also great for all kinds of faces.

To be able to attain this kind of beard, you must, first of all, grow your beard at full length. This will take you around 3 or 4 weeks to achieve. Do not shave your beard at such a time. This is to be able to attain a mustache as well as fuller appearances and looks.

This style is however difficult to implement at a personal level. To be guaranteed the best ever outcomes, you have to go to a professional hair salon. They are the ones that have the expertise necessary to do a thorough job on the whole.

Full Beard

This is the style to look up to if you plan to appear like a boss. It is hailed as one of the manliest styles available. It subsequently generates some strong looks and manly appearances. When fully maintained, the beard it appears attractive and extremely hot. It, however, requires regular and thorough grooming at all times.

Coming up with this style is pretty simple. You just have to let your beards grow fully. Thereafter, let the beard achieve the medium stubble variety and the shave it off using the razor. Besides this, keep trimming the beard on a regular basis for it to achieve some well-groomed appearances.

Do not shave off all the beard. Just trim the beard to some desired sizes. This is because the beauty of this style lies in the tallness of the beards. You have to use only the razors as they are the only ones which can bring about the desired outcomes.

Van Dyke

This is a facial hairstyle which is named after Anthony van Dyck, a 17th Century Flemish painter. It is a combination of the mustache and the goatee. In this style though, you will have to shave your cheeks clean. This style also has many variants. These include the curled mustache, soul patch, and the non-curled versions, among others. It is also called the ‘Charlie’ after King Charles I of England who loved it.

On the whole, it requires some great precision to work out. As such, it is strongly recommended that you delegate it to a professional barber. It is also great to impress your boss and the other colleagues in the workplace. It leaves behind some clean looks and manly appearances to your face.

Beard Mistakes to Avoid

Human is to error. Indeed, in the course of making your beard, there is likelihood that you will make some mistakes here and there. It is necessary to know these mistakes also and prepare adequately for their solution beforehand.

In this final segment of our discussion, we have identified and are going to look into some of the common mistakes you are bound to make in the course of making your beard look great. We are also going to suggest some of the possible interventions you may have to adopt going forward.

Poor Hygiene

This arises when the beard is not properly washed and cleaned. Alternatively, it may also arise when the beard is shampooed using a shampoo that lacks moisturizers. Poor hygiene encourages the accumulation of dirt and dust. It is also a hotbed of pests and infestations.

To ward off the problem, wash your beards with gentle soap and moisturizing shampoo. Rinse the beard with clean water and then dry with a clean towel. From time to time, you may also want to use some disinfectants to kill the germs.

Lack of Moisturizing

As stated, the lack of moisturizing may also contribute to the unkempt nature of the beards. When not moisturized, the beards will often develop itchiness, pimples, coarse hairs, and rapid aging. This way you have to hydrate your beards every now and then.

However, not every other moisturizer can be of help. There are some that may, in fact, worsen the problem. These are the body lotions. You must therefore only use those moisturizers that are specially designed for the beards. Rub a few drops of the moisturizer on the beard and massage thoroughly for best results.

Inadequate Grooming

Other than being moisturized, the beards also have to be groomed well. The wild and unkempt beards will often look ghastly and messy. You have to brush, comb, and trim the beard every now and then. The best combs for the jobs are those that are made of acetate, bone, or wood.

You should also exfoliate your skin, especially the one that lies underneath the beards. This is to rid the skin of dead cells and dandruff. Lastly, you have to gently untangle the beards. Use a plastic comb to do so. Apply water on the beard first and foremost for best results.

Improper Trimming

As stated a couple of times, the beards have to be trimmed to keep them in shape at all times. You have to trim your beards to the thinnest possible lengths. This should be as close to your ears as possible. You should, however, leave them to their fullest in the regions around the lower jaw.

For best results, do not wait till your beard obtain the full length. Instead, trim your beard as it grows to maintain an even length. Keep the areas near the ears shorter when compared to the rest of the beard.

Improper Handling of the Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are those that grow into the skin rather than the up on to the surface as ought to be. It causes intense inflammations and may always appear as pimples. Moreover, the ingrown hair can also sustain infections which eventually lead to scarring, pain, and reddening.

Do not pull out the ingrown hair as a way of mitigating them. Instead, use sterilized tweezers to do the job. For better outcomes, use a warm piece of cloth to soften the beard. Rub the beard with alcohol and then pull the hair from the bottom up.

Inappropriate Styling

Though not a must, you have to style your beard appropriately. If you choose to do so, be sure to adopt only the right tool and technique for the job. You have to peruse through the various options you have to arrive at the best one.

You should thereafter formulate a plan to accomplish this. On the same note, use the right equipment to do the job of grooming the beard. These include the brushes, mirror, and the razor. This is not to mention that the expertise you employ has to be right as well.

The pieces of information we have furnished above are indeed great and truly applicable. They will surely yield you the required levels of satisfaction if you adhere to them to the latter. To be able to enhance your appearance well, you need to grow your beard as beautiful as can be. This is why you need to make provisions for the adoption of any of the techniques we have outlined above.

Needless to say, it is not enough to know of the best ways and means to make your beard look good. It pays to take the next big step to implement the recommendations and purchase the mentioned products. How else can you possibly grow your beard well? Do go ahead and identify at least one style that truly befits you.

Lastly, you also want others like you to gain from this piece of information. This is because you are not alone in all these. There are definitely several others who may badly want to enjoy the same levels of satisfaction. Kindly share the information with them and best of luck as you take the critical first step towards the implementation of the recommendations!