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Best Bar Soap For Men

An effective cleanser is typically fundamental when it comes to a healthy skin-care routine whether you prefer a heavy-duty gel for cleaning tough makeup, a blemish-busting foam or a gentle, soothing cream. But with all the numerous options on the shelves of our bathrooms and the market, perhaps you are doing yourself an injustice by neglecting the modest bar soap.

The best cleansing soap for you is all about your preference. There’s no wrong or right answer, and it usually comes down to how and with what you would like to clean yourself, but there is a lot more to bar soaps than you think. This traditional bathroom soap comes in different colors, fragrances, and shapes, and after the modern developments for particular skin types, too.

best smelling bar soap for men

Nowadays, cleaning bars are packed with similar natural and skin-saving ingredients, just like your favorite go-to cleansers. Luckily, many men stand by the quality and natural bar soaps, which uniquely awaken their sense of adventure. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about bar soaps, including some of the best bar soaps for men you will find on the market.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bar Soap

The ideal soap bar for men is one which is an effective cleanser and one that meets all the individual requirements you may have for a product as well. Here are a few important factors you should keep in mind when looking for a bar soap that will best suit you.

• Your skin type

It is important to know your skin type before shopping for a bar soap for bathing. You should know whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Based on your skin type, you can look for bar soaps that best suit your skin. Avoid buying soaps with parabens and sulfates in them because these harsh ingredients can damage your skin. Itchiness and rashes are some of the results you will experience in the long run if you use harsh soaps.

• Type of bar soap

There are various types of bar soaps, including standard, handcrafted, and artisanal bar soaps. Your selection should switch between artisanal and handcrafted types instead of the standard ones. Chemical-ridden, heavily perfumed and mass-produced standard soaps are not recommended for skin use.

Alternatively, artisanal and handcrafted soaps are made utilizing high-quality elements, which include glycerin, essential oils, and many others. When making your purchase, you should look for men’s bar soap with damage-free and moisture-retaining ingredients.

• Scent

The scent of a cleansing product is another crucial factor when shopping for bar soaps for men. It makes the soap more pleasant to utilize and also helps in creating a base layer of a manly scent that’ll keep you smelling clean and fresh throughout the day even when your aftershave or cologne has worn off.

• Size

The bar size you select is important for a couple of reasons. The size of bar soap will determine how easy it will be to hold and also use it and will also determine how long the bar soap will last.

• Natural moisturizers

Regardless of how far science and technology advances, nothing can beat the numerous health benefits of nature’s abundance. When it comes to the moisturizing ingredients you should look for in a block of bar soap, remember that natural is always the best. Some of the most common natural moisturizers to look for are olive oil, mineral oils, argan oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, and avocado oil or extracts.

• Cost

Even if bar soaps are a bit pricey when compared to mass-produced bathing soaps, you should go for artisanal and handcrafted soaps with organic and natural ingredients. Always remember that your skin is more important than any other thing. Besides, you can look for packages that offer discounted deals.

Best Bar Soaps for Men

If you prefer using soap or would like to try this eco-friendly method of washing, we have selected the seven best bar soaps for men. All these soaps are budget-friendly and will not make your skin dry. Moreover, their non-feminine fragrances are suitable for men.

Duke Cannon Men’s Bar Soap

This particular bar soap has a strong peppermint fragrance which will seriously wake you up in the mornings. It is, therefore, suitable for any guy who struggles a lot in the mornings to get out of bed and take a cold shower before heading out for work.

The most evident feature of this bar of soap is the tingling effect it leaves behind after you have used it for the first time. It is more suitable to be used as body and hand wash. It offers you the feeling of a pretty deep cleanse accompanied by a cooling effect. The price is affordable, considering that you are getting a 10 oz — block of soap.

Dove Men Care Body and Face Bar

With this bar of soap, you don’t have to worry about any residue being left behind after taking a shower. That means you will not experience any horrible dryness or tight feeling afterward either. Dove Men Care is an incredibly creamy bar soap that lathers and easily works to ensure that you not only get clean, but you also remain moisturized throughout the day.

The scent of Dove Men Care is masculine without being overwhelming. It will blend pretty well with any cologne you might choose to use for the day. Again, since this soap bar is specifically designed for men, it means that it doesn’t hurt at all.

Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bar

Cetaphil cleansing bar is usually effective when it comes to cleaning and also killing bacteria. The main ingredient in this soap bar is triclosan, which is an antibacterial component, and it’s pretty effective in cleansing. The best thing about this soap bar is that it is not comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t block your skin pores, but it allows them to breathe and also feel fresh at all times.

Due to its antibacterial effect, Cetaphil cleansing bar is one of the best soap bars for men who would like to clean their hands without experiencing dryness. In fact, as a result of its moisturizing properties, this cleansing bar is ideal for dry and sensitive skin as well.

Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo Bar Soap

If you’ve sensitive skin and you prefer bar soaps to liquid alternatives, then you should try using Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo bar soap. This cleansing bar is one of the best soaps for men because it cleans pretty well, do not irritate, and it comes with a light masculine scent.

Since Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo is incredibly gentle, it has been designed with all the properties necessary to ensure that your skin remains wholly moisturized even during the winter months and other harsh weather conditions.

If you take around two showers per day, then this bar soap will last for around one month, which is quite a good duration of time considering that it is larger than other soaps and it comes in at an affordable price.

Baxter California Vitamin Cleansing Bar Soap

Baxter of California bar soap is a very noticeable cleansing product. Not only does it contain lime in the mixture, but it also comes with a bright green covering of lime in the middle of the soap bar. Besides, it also includes vitamins and pomegranate for extra measure.

Baxter of California bar soap is not the cheapest cleansing product you can find out there on the market, but it’s a pretty effective cleanser. The vitamins added in the soap are more than only a marketing tool, and they do work. The price to value for Baxter of California bar soap is ideal. It might pay to try it out to know if it does the trick.

Irish Spring Signature Exfoliating Bar

This bar soap is one of those cleansing products that you can trust when it comes to availability and performance. Once you try Irish Spring Exfoliating Bar for yourself, you will realize why it’s so popular among consumers.

It has a commonly masculine scent which is not too much intense, and the exfoliating factor does not hurt either. It’s gentle and will always leave your skin pretty smooth after every wash. Whether you’re using this bar of soap to make sure your body gets a great scrubbing or to soften rough hands, this is a bar soap that gives you a good lather and wonderful results as well.

Old Spice Zone – Swagger Scent

If you are one of those people who enjoy old-fashioned Old Spice products, then this cleansing bar is not different at all. This Swagger scented bar of soap is ideal for men who love the typical fragrance and lasting freshness as well.

The price of this bar of soap is relatively affordable, and it is more suitable for cleaning your body. If you have not tried any Old Spice products before, you can try their deodorant and realize how it smells. In general, the fragrances of the two products are incredibly similar, and the scented soap bar is made of a variety of great ingredients that give you a deep cleanse.

Body Cleansing – Bar Soaps vs. Body Wash

When you are selecting a cleansing product to wash your body, it is vital to make an informed decision. Since you already have an idea about body washes and bar soaps, it’s time to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each of them so that you can effortlessly select the one you would like to have on the shelf of your bathroom. We are going to compare these bath staples according to the main factors that we take into consideration when shopping for the ideal product.

• Skincare

Skincare is usually one of the main reasons why many individuals switch to preferred body washes. While most body washes are typically sold on their oil control and moisturizing benefits; nowadays, you can easily get soaps that boast of similar properties. So, this one is a tie between body washes and bar soaps.

• Hygiene

Some people argue that bar soaps can harbor bacteria on their surfaces, meaning that they can be unhygienic. However, research shows that if you rinse your soap bar between uses, it’s pretty unlikely to transfer any bacteria between users. Alternatively, body washes need a washcloth or loofah for cleaning, and this can become a major breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially if you do not clean them well more regularly.

• Lifespan

In most cases, a bar soap tends to last longer than a body wash. However, the usability of a bar soap tends to reduce towards the end of its lifespan. A bar soap’s size becomes incredibly small with use in the long run, which means you cannot use the bar to the fullest. On the flip side, you can efficiently exploit your body wash to the last drop by turning the container upside down.

• Convenience

The general ease of use for a cleansing product is a factor you cannot ignore before making a purchase. Bar soaps are incredibly easy to use since you only need to unwrap them and then bathe.

On the other hand, body wash needs some accessories like washcloths and loofahs before enjoying a bath. Again, bar soaps are pretty easy to carry when traveling when compared to body washes that have a high probability of bursting in your traveling bag.

In short, the cleansing product you settle on significantly depends on which of the categories discussed above are more important to you. All you should do is to know what you want, try both of them, and then follow your gut.

Bar soaps are fundamental when it comes to ensuring personal hygiene. This traditional and humble soap is also determined to stay around in spite of the many liquid soaps that have flooded the market today, increasingly becoming the popular selection among consumers. As we have seen earlier, bar soaps are incredibly overflowing with benefits. They are mixed with natural oils, butter and moisturizers to condition the skin and supplant lost moisture.

Bar soaps come in different sizes, shapes, and they smell incredible, which means they will effectively wash your skin and keep you fresh and clean throughout the day. With proper storage, soap bars can last for a month or even more, and some of the best can also work as facial cleansers. Get one of the best soap bars for men discussed above next time you are in the shower, and you might discover a new favorite.

Best Shaving Brushes

Shaving is typically an important part of every man’s skin-care routine. In the past shaving was more of a practice involving a complete set of tools required to get the job done correctly, and as modern conveniences came by shaving advanced as well, moving away from the old school barbering methods, and bringing forth a new era of disposable razors and aerosol shaving creams.

However, newer, easier, and faster does not always mean better, because some of the more traditional techniques might deliver better results, and be less harmful to people with sensitive facial skin. In general, shaving brushes are a good example of how lots of time tested methods are typically superior to most modern conveniences, and the goal is to make you have a great shaving experience.

best shave brush

In this post, we’ll assist you in finding the best shaving brushes for your needs and preferences, so read on to learn more about the benefits of including a shaving brush in your skin-care routine and factors to consider when shopping for one.

History of Shaving Brushes

Shave brushes have been in existence for a few hundred years, and its popularity has waned and soared over the years. However, in the recent past, we have seen an increase in the utilization of shaving brushes, with most men taking great interest in their appearances.

Generally, a shaving brush has either a plastic handle or a timber handle with some bristles which are knotted via the handle. These bristles are usually created from boar bristles or even the more expensive ones designed from badger hairs, which are usually softer and offers you a more luxurious shave.

Advantages of a Shaving Brush

Including a shaving brush in your care routine offers you various benefits, especially where your skin is concerned. Utilizing a suitable shaving brush leaves your skin well-conditioned and soft because it gently exfoliates your skin, in a non-abrasive and natural manner. Moreover, it opens your pores, and also results in less irritation on your face, minimizes razor burns, and reduces the probability of unappealing and painful ingrown hair.

best shaving brush

Things to Consider When You Are Purchasing a Shave Brush

Whether you are excited to jump into a wet-shaving using your first shaving brush, or you are considering upgrading from your previous one, it’s important to assess the factors involved in choosing the appropriate brush for your skin type and shaving needs, including:

• Type

The kind or type of hair the shaving brush features is usually the most important decision that you have to make when selecting the best shaving brush. There are four major types of bristles that you will most likely come across, which include synthetic hair, boar hair, horse hair, and badger hair.

Each of these types of bristles comes with their negatives and positives. But boar hair bristles are by far the most common and easy to get in supermarkets and drugstores. On the other hand, horsehair is gradually increasing its popularity on the market. As the name suggests, the brush has been made from the mane or the tail of a horse.

• Handle material and fitness

The handles of shaving brushes come in different sizes and weights as well. These variations are usually determined by the manufacturers. When selecting the handle size, you should consider the right size of your hand. You should be able to grip the handle of the brush comfortably. The handles are also made with different materials, including horn, metal, synthetic, and wood materials. Look for a handle with good attributes and longevity as well.

• Size

The size and shape of a shave brush is also another important aspect that you should consider. The dimensions of this product are calculated in millimeters, and they are normally divided into three parts; the height, loft, and knot.

In general, large shaving brushes are usually the best because they lather fast and also cover a big surface area. On the other hand, small ones tend to have more control when you are applying lather to your face.

• Shedding of Bristles

It is normal when your brush begins to shed some of the bristles in the first couple of days, but the shedding will soon stop. However, you might want to hasten this shedding process by cleaning your brush by combing it or using shampoo.

• Price

The important part about shaving brushes is the fact that you will always find one that will best suit your budget. However, even with the price variations, you should still prioritize the quality of the shaving brush.

Best Shaving Brushes

1. Parker Long Loft Pure Badger Bristle Shave Brush

This high-quality shave brush utilizes pure badger materials in a plush and relatively wide bristle head. This unique feature allows the brush to hold alot of water and generate an amazing lather buildup to provide you a relaxed shaving experience in a short time.

When you purchase this shave brush, you will get a free drip stand that enables your brush to dry fast and also preserve the bristles for a long time. With its modern horn handle, this shave brush stands out because of its classy look.

If you’re looking for a quality shave brush that’s below $50, you can’t go wrong with this one. Besides its high-quality safety razors, Parker brand also makes great shaving brushes, with the pure badger brush being the best proof of that. The brush comes with prime quality badger bristles with good lathering and good water retention capabilities. With an affordable price tag of $30 or even below, the Parker Pure Badger brush is a perfect budget option for all your shave brush needs.

2. FS Synthetic Hair Travel Shave Brush

This shaving brush is manufactured utilizing synthetic hair that’s as soft as animal’s hair and similar, but it’s relatively smaller, easy to use, maintain and travel with. That is made possible by its small loft, unlike the thicknesses of bigger and awkward shave brushes that are made with natural hairs.

The FS Travel Shaving Brush lathers pretty well and dries easily due to its synthetic fibers. The storage of this brush is also incredibly simple since it easy to position and also lock inside the strong metal case that comes with it.

Even though the brush has a smooth and comfortable-to-hold handle, it can slip quite easily when moist. Therefore, you can apply some alum on your hands to make the handle relatively sticky and also avoid any accidental slippages. The bristles of this shave might not be as good as the natural ones when it comes to holding moisture, but it usually dries out pretty quickly for storage when you are traveling.

The FS Travel shave brush is an excellent alternative for regular travelers because of its compact design and the synthetic fiber bristles which dry up fast to allow storage.

3. Edwin Jagger’s Large Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger is a renowned global pacesetter and leader in the distribution of high-quality wet-shaving products. Among the numerous badger hair shave products manufactured by Edwin, the Large Silvertip brush is the most esteemed when it comes to quality.

Its ebony handle and silvertip badger hair are made using cutting-edge technology utilizing polyester and crafted succinctly-picked materials. Its badger hair is also fine, natural, and high-quality yet flexible. Although the brush has a high absorption rate of hot water, it also evenly distributes it to your face to soften it and ensures your shaving and lathering is smooth and consistent.

If you want to have a gentle, soft, and luxurious shaving experience or an amazing lathering and pretty mild exfoliation or you have sensitive skin, then the Large Silvertip brush is your ideal option. This shave brush also features a plastic drip stand that’s beautifully-packaged in an Edwin Jagger case, with clear instructions on how to use and also care for it.

4. Frank Shaving Pur-Tech Synthetic Hair Shave Brush

Synthetic shave brushes have increased in popularity in the recent past. With synthetic shaving brushes, however, there are various factors that you should consider. One of the first things you will notice when you buy Frank shaving’s synthetic brush is its soft bristles. The bristles are just like animal hair brushes.

The brush is typically designed to be strong. It features a unique black handle that has a comfy fit regardless of your hand size. It works pretty well with shave soaps because it needs a lot of water. Apart from that, it also works well with shave creams as well.

Because synthetic brushes require relatively more water when compared to animal brushes, they require a short soaking time before whipping up a great lather. All you should do with a synthetic shave brush is wet them and then get on with your wet shaving.

In addition to offering rich lather, the Pur-Tech shave brush also spreads the lather evenly over your face. The bristles spread a reasonable amount of soap and shaving cream on your face providing a good amount of shaving foundation. In the end, your skin will feel pretty soft.

Frank Shaving is a brand that has built a reputable name for itself over the years. Although it is popularly known for producing this high-quality synthetic shaving brush, it also manufactures badger and boar hairs brushes. In short, this company is committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective products as well.

If you like synthetic products, then this brush is a perfect selection for you. It has a pretty solid construction and is also softer than many other synthetics. It provides you with an amazing lather which can easily rival the quality offered by animal hair shaving brushes.

5. Escali 100% Pure Badger Shave Brush

The Escali shaving brush is made from 100% pure badger hairs. There are no synthetic bristles in this brush. The badger hair does a wonderful job of preventing skin irritations and exfoliating the skin. If you have sensitive skin, then you will benefit a lot from this shave brush. However, you will have to couple it with high-quality razor and shaving cream or soap.

While not all synthetic bristles lead to skin irritations, they are normally weaker than the badger and boar bristles. As a result, they usually break easily. For badger hair, particularly the pure type, it’s pretty hard to beat when it comes to producing a creamy lather. The lather obtained from the Escali Pure Badger brush is incredibly rich and doesn’t take ages to generate.

It’s also worth mentioning that Escali shave brush features solid and well-designed construction. It comes with a 100% natural wood handle that fits comfortably and perfectly in your hand. Apart from this, and just like all other high-quality badger brushes, the bristles of the Escali shaving brush retain water perfectly. These bristles are not only incredibly absorbent but are also easy to clean after use.

How to Use a Shaving Brush

There are numerous reasons why one should use a shave brush. It raises your whiskers, softens your skin, provides an exceptionally lubricated area for your razor, and generates some amazing lather as well. Here’s a guide on how to utilize a shave brush properly.

• Wet your brush. Begin by running the shaving brush under warm water to easily saturate the bristles. That will prepare it to accept the soap or shaving cream. Shake off the excess water.

• Add soap or shaving cream. Place a small amount of shaving cream on the center of the bristles. If you are using a quality soap or cream, you don’t need to use a significant amount to produce an amazing lather when shaving.

• Work into lather. Utilizing circular motions ensure that you work the shaving brush around the area of your beard. Take your time and enjoy the scent of your shaving cream or soap because this is the most relaxing part of the shaving ritual.

• Shave

• Rinse your brush. Once you are done with shaving, you should run your brush under cold water. Utilize your fingers to separate all the bristles to remove soap out of the brush. Squeeze any excess water from your shave brush and place it back in its stand.

How to Care for a Shaving Brush

Once you have invested in a perfect shave brush, remember to maintain it properly. There is little use investing in a quality item if you damage the value through carelessness. The following are some useful tips to help you care for your shaving brush.

• Keep it dry – Always shake excess water and dry your shaving brush hanging upside down to avoid compromising the knot of the bristles.

• Be pretty gentle with it – Load your shaving brush properly and avoid mashing it into the soap.

• Don’t face lather – Face lathering wears the badger tips faster than lathering in a bowl or mug.

• Clean the brush regularly – Rinse all remaining cream or soap after every shave, and deep clean it every six to eight months using a mild detergent.

• Don’t get it too hot – Using water above 104 F/40 C can damage the ends of the brush and make them curl. Use the shaving brush in warm water at all times.

One of the most vital tools for all wet shavers is the shaving brush. A high-quality shaving brush can have a significant impact on how comfortable your face will feel every time you make some passes with a suitable razor. Whether you opt for a quality razor specifically designed for men or an electric shaver, a shave brush will considerably boost your shave and grooming routine.

Shaving brushes come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Regardless of the material or style you opt for in your shave brush, always try to select a trusted brand. That is because obscure imitation vendors might seem almost similar to more pricey counterparts, but the fakes will always degrade quicker and even cost you a lot more in the long run.

With proper maintenance and storage, shaving brushes can last for a pretty long time. Get one of the best shaving brushes discussed above the next time you are planning for a wet-shave, and you may discover one that suits your shaving needs and preferences.

Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Last Updated September 2019

Hair, just like every other component of the human body, requires great care and attention to grow fully. This can only happen if you furnish the hair with the relevant nutrients alongside other intervention measures. You cannot hope to enhance the growth of your hair without bringing in the appropriate equipment, tools-of-trade, and the necessary operational procedures.

It is for these reasons that a suitable guide of this kind is absolutely essential. For a start, your solution lies in the essential oils. These are natural oils that are typically obtained by the process of distillation. They possess characteristic odors of their respective plant sources.

They are intended to handle varying kinds of hair issues. You have to incorporate them in your hair care regime to obtain the best results and achieve luxurious growths. The key to obtaining the best out of these essential oils is to ascertain your own problem first and foremost and then finding one which is suited to that particular need.

Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Is Essential Oils Good For Hair Growth?

YES, it is! This is because the sebum which the scalp produces is lighter. Moreover, it is only intended to lubricate the skin and waterproof the hair. To add to this, the frequent washings, exposure to the wind, accumulation of dead skin, and dust, this natural sebum is stripped. This results in frizziness, loss of hair, flaky scalp and a feeling of itchiness.

If these issues are not mitigated in time, they may stifle the growth of hair. This is why essential oils are absolutely necessary. They have the ability to reverse a couple of issues mentioned and prevent many more others from arising later.

Essential Oils Good For Hair Growth

In our discussions that follow, we have sampled some of the top essential oils which may come to your rescue. You might want to skim the list and pick at least one which is suited to your unique need or problem.

The Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

#1: Lavender Essential Oils

This kind of oil has an aroma that is sweet and refreshing. Its leaves and stems bring about deep relaxation and create a sense of compassion towards others. To make use of it, simply massage it on the scalp. You will enjoy improved blood circulation, moisturized scalps, reduce inflammations, and infections.

• Blend 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil

• Add 4 tablespoon of carrier oil

• Massage the blend on your scalp

• Leave it overnight to obtain the most of its nourishing and healing powers

• Wash it out the following morning

#2: Rosemary Essential Oils

Possessing a minty and woody scent, Rosemary is one of the best pungent and freshest essential oils. It is packed with great antioxidant properties which prevent hair from thinning out or graying. The oil does also promote the circulation of blood. This is not to mention that stimulates the growth of hair and follicles.

Rosemary Essential Oils

• Heat 3 teaspoons of olive oil

• Blend in 10 drops of rosemary essential oils

• Massage this oil evenly over your scalp and throughout your hair

• Wrap your hair in a towel which has been already been dipped in hot water

• Leave it on for around 30 minutes

• Shampoo it out

#3: Cedarwood Essential Oils

Perhaps no other oil contains warm and woodsy scent like this one. On the whole, the oil combats dandruff and hair loss pretty effectively. It can also reverse the effects of Alopecia and save your hair from complete baldness. By applying this oil, you will also get to enjoy vigorous growth rates which replenish the amount of hair faster than usual.

• Blend 2 – 3 drops of cedarwood essential oil

• Add some 2 tablespoon coconut oil

• Massage your scalp with the oil

• Smoothing it through your hair too!


• Blend some 5 drops cedarwood essential oil

• Add 1 tablespoon of shampoo

• Wash your hair with it

#4: Thyme Essential Oils

Thyme is a famous herb which contains small and greatly aromatic leaves. These leaves contain spikes of some tiny pink flowers which blossom in the summer. The substance boosts the flow of blood to the scalp. This, in turn, rejuvenates the hair follicles and in the process promotes the growth of hair.

• Blend some 2 drops of thyme essential oil

• Add some 5 drops lavender essential oil

• Then add some 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

• Massage this blend into the scalp

• Let it rest for around 20 minutes

• Shampoo it out

#5: Peppermint Essential Oils

Peppermint is a composite essential oil. It blends watermint and spearmint and is by far the most pungent mind as of now. The peppermint generates a cooling and powerful menthol aroma. It is known to rejuvenate depleted energy in order to enhance positivity.

Other than this, the oil also boosts the flow of blood besides stimulating the growth of hair. You will find it great if yours is a dry scalp.

• Mix some 5 drops of peppermint essential oil

• Add to it some 5 drops lavender essential oil

• Top it up with some 2 tablespoons of warmed coconut oil

• Massage the blend into your scalp

• Leave it on for around 20 minutes

• Finish it off by shampooing it out

#6: Chamomile Essential Oil

This low growing herb possesses wonderful, apple-like scent throughout. The oil is pale and blue-green in color. It exudes some fresh soft-smelling scent which is complemented with apple-like notes. Apart from the awesome scent, the oil is also a great soothing agent. This stems from its possession of excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Massage it directly into your scalp in order to relieve it of any dryness and itchiness.

• Combine 3 drops of chamomile essential oil

• Add around 2 tablespoons of jojoba carrier oil

• Massage into your scalp as per the unique requirements


• Add some 10 drops of chamomile essential oil

• Combine this with 1 quart of purified water

• Wash your hair

• Apply it as a conditioner

#7: Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage is a giant kind of plant. It produces some tall spikes of pink and lilac flowers which have a wonderfully musky and potent aroma. This plant possesses great phytoestrogen contents. These contents contribute to the growth of hair and prevent or reverses premature balding. Do massage it into your scalp to normalize the production of oil and control dandruff. You will find it particularly awesome if yours is frizzy or curly hair.

For dry hair:

• Blend some 10 drops of clary sage

• Add 1-2 teaspoon of coconut oil

• Massage it into the scalp

• Brush the oil to coat every strand

To promote growth:

• Blend equal parts clary sage and jojoba carrier oil

• Let it sit for 30 minutes

• Shampoo out

#8: Lemon Oil

Generally speaking, a typical peel of the lemon contains numerous tiny sacs which in turn contain essential oils. Moreover, the aroma that the lemon generates is incredibly fruity, zesty, citrusy, and some great wonderful lights. It is particularly great for the oily scalp, dandruff and scalp acne among other hair-related issues. Its antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics on the other hand help to solve the secondary infections which often complicate dandruff and acne.

• Blend some 5 – 6 drops of lemon essential oil

• Add to it 2 tablespoons of jojoba essential oil

• Massage this blend into your scalp

• Leave it on for 1 -2 hours

• Shampoo out

Alternatively for oily hair

• Blend lemon essential oil with warm water

• Wash and condition your hair

• Use the lemon essential oil as a final rinse

#9: Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli contains great exotic fragrance which has been valued and used as a perfume for quite some time now. It is deep, earthy and very sensual. What’s more? It contains powerful aroma which is further complemented by antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

This makes it exceptional for the mitigation of a number of skin and scalp issues. You will find it pretty amazing if you have eczema, dandruff, and dermatitis as they are chiefly responsible for the loss of hair.

• Pour some 2 – 3 drops of patchouli essential oil

• Add to this a further 5 – 6 drops rosemary essential oil

• Then top it up with 2 tablespoons of argan oil

• Massage this blend into the scalp

• Leave on for around 1 – 2 hours

• Finish off by shampooing it out

#10: Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea treetop has higher properties than other essential oils with regards to antifungal and antimicrobial properties. To add to this, the oil also exudes some medicinal, pungent, and fresh aroma especially as it evaporates. It has the ability to moisturize your scalp and relieve the dryness and itchiness.

Further to this, the oil also unclogs the scalp and restores the normal flow of sebum. Its antimicrobial properties resolve fungal infections and the scalp acne.

For hair growth:

• Add some 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil

• Blend this with 2 tablespoons of sweet almond carrier oil

• Leave the blend in for 30 minutes

• Shampoo out

For dandruff or acne:

• Add 4-5 drops of the tea tree essential oil to your shampoo

• You might also want to buy the tea tree that is infused with shampoo from a health shop

#11: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Meaning ‘flower or flowers,’ this is a tropical tree which produces three colors of flowers i.e. yellow, pink and mauve. These flowers have highly scented petals and yield the best-quality essential oils. The aroma it produces is sweet, long-lasting, and musky.

The flower fights dry and itchy scalp which might give rise to inadequate production of sebum. With regards to this, the essential oil mitigates thin and brittle hair and the eventual hair loss. This is not to mention that it can also moisturize the scalp.

• Blend 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil

• Add some 5 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

• Massage the blend into the scalp

• Cover your head with a towel that is dipped in warm water

• Leave on for 1 hour

• Shampoo out

#12: Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil is thick and dark brown in color. It produces an aroma that contains some woody and smoky undertones. The oil mainly plays the role of reducing the loss of hair which may often arise from excessive heat in the body.

Its soothing and calming effects cool the body and the mind as well which reduces the levels of stress. Moreover, it also has great antioxidant action to frustrate the premature aging of the hair follicles which are often caused by free radical damage.

• Pour some 5 – 6 drops of vetiver essential oil

• Add to this some 2 tablespoons of warm and sweet almond carrier oil

• Massage the blend into the scalp

• Shampoo out after 2 hours

• You may also leave it overnight and cover your head with a towel

#13: Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Derived mainly from wild carrot, this essential oil produces pungent seeds which have great detoxifying characteristics. These nourish and regulate the hormones which eventually stimulate the growth of hair.

• Pour some 4 drops carrot seed essential oil

• Add this to some 2 drops of the rose otto essential oil

• Mix it with 4 drops frankincense essential oil

• Add a further 4 teaspoon coconut oil

• Massage the blend your scalp and hair

• Let it sit for 1-2 hours

• Shampoo out

#14: Cypress Essential Oils

Cypress essential oils are derived from the twigs and the leaves of the cypress tree. It has a deep and smoky aroma. The oil is present in numerous hair formulas which are designed for the growth of hair. It has the abilities to boost the circulation of blood and the strengthening of the capillary. This, in turn, stimulates the hair follicles which allows for optimal growth of hair.

• Blend 4 drops of cypress essential oil

• Add some 2 droplets of Manuka essential oil

• Mix this with around 4 drops of orange essential oil

• Add a further 4 teaspoon of jojoba carrier oil

#15: Helichrysum Essential Oils

Helichrysum essential oil comes in the form of Helichrysum italicum extract. It possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. These are famed to reduce free radical damages, inflammations, and bring about strong corticoid-like effects.

The oil is also regenerative to all kinds of tissues that make up the body. These include the production of sebum and the promotion of the scalp tissues. Its frequent use shall yield you improved circulation of blood and unimpeded flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. The end result is faster growth of hair.

• Blend some 4 drops of the helichrysum essential oil

• Add this to around 4 drops of rosemary essential oil

• Mix it with 5 drops of Lavender essential oil

• Massage the blend into your scalp

• Leave in for 1-2 hours

• Shampoo out

Receiving the head knowledge in and of it is not enough. You definitely have to put the knowledge you have received above into practice. By far the most appropriate starting point is finding the right equipment. It is against this backdrop that we recommend that you buy the quality beard combs and the brushes. These are the major items which will help you to apply these oils to your heard.  

Next, you have to match the need you have alongside the appropriate essential oil. As noted above, these essential oils are designed for handling different kinds of needs and issues. Employing the right one for the wrong job or the wrong one for the right job might usually lead to wastage of time unnecessarily.

Because you do not want to enjoy the benefits alone, it is a wise idea to spread the news as far wide as you possibly can. Tell your friend to tell their other colleagues about these particular issues. This way, you will be able to help many more derive similar benefits.

Best Razor For Sensitive Skin For Men

Last Updated September 2019

Sensitive skins are not so-called for nothing. They are quite prone to all kinds of skin problems such as rashes, pimples, bleeding, and excessive pain. It is for this reason that they have to be approached uniquely and with careful consideration. This can only happen if the right piece of information is attained in the process.

You definitely have to find a combination of products and practices that are geared towards this role. The specially designed razors for sensitive skin are your best bet. They are the ones that have the ability to minimize the pains and injuries that potentially arise at such times.

best razors for sensitive skin men

Lastly, you also have to master and adhere to the relevant tips for shaving these kinds of skins. These tips will also go a long way in reducing the potential injuries and harms that may arise. They also make the process of shaving enjoyable and very fruitful on the whole.

We are well aware of this fact only too well. That is why we have stepped in deliberately to help you out. We have carried out extensive research in the area of sensitive skins and are glad to present you our research findings here.


Tip #1: Refrain from using cartridge razors and opt for the safety razors instead

The cartridge razors are never that safe, especially for sensitive skin. This is because they are rough and are generally more likely to inflict pain. In addition to these, they cause lots of pain, are harsh, irritate the skin, cause razor burns, and contribute to the formation of ingrown hairs in most persons. This is not to mention that they are also more expensive to afford.

In light of this, you should abandon it and instead prefer the safety razors. In particular, dump the 3, 4, and 5-blade cartridge razors. The double-edged razors could be your best bet.

best shaving blades for sensitive skin

Tip #2: Shave with sharper blades

Sharper blades are better for you if you are that kind of a person who has sensitive skins. This is mainly because they pierce through the whiskers without necessary pulling off the skin and hair or inflicting quite a number of agitations. You will hence less likely cause your skin to develop rashes and other ghastly appearances on the whole.

What’s more? They also expedite the process of shaving as they take shorter to generate the required outcomes on the whole. You will not have to wait for too long or apply too much effort to obtain the required outcomes by placing your bet on them.

Tip #3: Shave along the Grain

Under normal circumstances, it is normally tempting and better to shave against the grain in order to obtain close shaves and finer outcomes. However, this ought not to be the case if you have sensitive skin. Doing so may often worsen the already volatile situation.

Examples of the dangers that this approach may pose are constant irritations, razor burns, and ingrown hairs, to name but a few! You, therefore, must shave along the grain. Do so repeatedly for better outcomes and closer shaves.

Tip #4: Shower with hot water before shaving your hair

One of the most effective ways of shaving your hair and minimizing irritations in the process is to shower preferably with hot water beforehand. The temperature of the water should be as hot as can be.
While showering, you should also take advantage to exfoliate in order to clean away the dirt that may be hidden within the sweat pores. You are advised to use mild mechanical exfoliants such as the loofah for better results. These procedures will expedite the processes of shaving and guarantee awesome outcomes on the whole.

Tip #5: Try out the Slant Safety Razors

Generally speaking, the slanted safety razors are generally more aggressive than their standard straight razor counterparts. However, you would rather try them out as opposed to the ordinary razors. This is mainly because such kinds of razors lead to fewer irritations.

They also do a comparatively better job by demanding less downward pressure and also bring about the required outcome with the minimal number of passes possible. They also do a better job on the whole, especially when measured against their milder razor counterparts. This is not to mention that they also inflict also fewer razor burns on the whole.

best shaving razors for sensitive skin

Tip #6: Make use of the Witch Hazel and Argan Oil to Treat the Irritations

In case you do experience inflammations after each shave, chances are that you might be getting some tiny infections in each pore. Your skin could also not be receiving enough moisture. To ward off these issues, you should acquire and incorporate the Argan Oil and the Witch Hazel in your beard treatment regime.

These substances have anti-inflammatory properties which play a great role in minimizing inflammations. The Argan Oil further contains plenty of oleic acids which is a great moisturizer. They are subsequently well able to secure your skin and minimize the dangers mentioned.

Tip #7: Pay Attention to Your Shaving Technique

It is necessary that you pay keen attention to the process of shaving. You do not want to be negligent at all and in the process, inflict some dangers on yourself. To achieve this, you have to let your razor do the task of shaving under its own weight.

You should not push down the razor too hard as this might predispose your skin to more harm and damage. Other than this, you should also take note of the angle of the blade. The cartridge razors possess a swivel head which alters the angles whenever the shaving process is ongoing. The angle determines the quality of the shaves.

Tip #8: Clean the Blade from Time to Time

Needless to say, you have to clean the blade of your razor from time to time. This is to get rid of the dirt that may potentially accumulate on the blades while shaving your beards. Use only clean water to do the job.

This should preferably happen after each shave to prevent the dirt from hardening and over-accumulating. You should also consider dipping the shavers in alcohol once in a while. This shall neutralize the creams and the whiskers. The end result is a smooth and safer blade on the whole.

Tip #9: Dry Your Equipment thoroughly and Consider Using the Barbicide also

After cleaning your razors, dry them thoroughly. Use an extremely clean piece of cloth to get rid of excess moisture from the razors. Thereafter, proceed to place the razors out in the open preferably in hot sun and windy place.

This is to get rid of all the moisture and dampness that may be left of the razors after cleaning. It also wards off the possibilities of corrosion from arising. While at these, use the barbicide also to eliminate the likelihoods of irritations. This substance kills bacteria and other germs.

Tip #10: Use a Post-shave Moisturizer

Lastly, you have also to make good use of the post-shave moisturizer. This is simply a substance which you apply on your skin immediately after a shave. The aim of the material is to minimize rashes and the irritations that follow soon after.

The moisturizer also maintains the skin moisture contents which is great for the health of your skin on the whole. If you have no other moisturizer in mind, we recommend the Nivea Soft as it is the one that has consistently proved to be great and handy.

what razor is best for sensitive skin


#1: MERKUR Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor

If you are looking for a razor that is great for wet shaving, this is your best choice. It features an aggressive slant bar razor and some two-piece double edge design. The razor gets closer to the skin to bring about the closest shaves imaginable.

Its workings are such that they minimize any irritations and scratches that follow soon after a shave. Its handle measures 3 inches and is also knurled to make it great to control out and about. You will also find the razor simpler to keep clean and well able to handle many shaving cycles at a time.

#2: SHAVEOLOGY Butterfly Safety Razor Kit for Men

Perhaps no other shaver is as suited for sensitive skins better than this one. It is optimized for long shaves and is also safe enough for those skins that are prone to inflammations. Its topmost feature is the Patented Micro-Comb design. This one lifts and cuts the facial hair at your height of choice. In the course of these cuttings, it ensures your freedom from irritations and leaves your skin feeling great.

The shaver is also tough and durable. It can withstand some long-term and repeated shaving cycles. This means you will spend less on average to keep it in the best shape and form all the time. The razor is also pretty resilient to tarnish and rusts and is thus safer and more reliable for your engagement.

#3: Axe Philips Norelco XA2029/42 Body Groomer

Do you sometimes experience allergies and other forms of pains after shaving? You may wish to try this particular shave if you answered in the affirmative. It does come along with a hypo-allergenic foil shaver as well as a round-tip trimmer. These two play the joint roles of preventing skin irritations. Its length comb, on the other hand, enables you to achieve some perfect hair length while shaving.

The shaver is powered by batteries. Its battery life is around 50 minutes. It is also accompanied by a length comb, stand, charge cable, cleaning brush, and body groom shaver. These accessories will help you to keep your entire body in well-groomed over and above merely shaving off excess hair.

This shaver is also easier to engage. It glides smoothly over your body especially in those areas that are ordinarily very sensitive. It does not at all predispose you to the risks of irritations and also comes in handy when shaving while showering.

#4: Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

With three progressively aligned Mach III blades, this razor is your best bet for those thorough shaving needs. It expedites the process of shaving your beards by reason of being 3-in-1. This stems from its possession of the three blades which shave your skin in just one stroke.

Given that it demands fewer strokes from you, the risks of sustaining irritations is thus brought an absolute minimum. Its blades are further coated with the patented Diamond-like Coating. They bring about some sharp and strong cuts on the whole. This is due to its sharp blades that penetrate as close to the skin as possible.

The Open Architecture System simplifies the rinsing of the blades. You will thus find it pretty simple to keep the blades clean. The spring-mounted pressure-control system adjusts the blades to the various kinds of skins that might be available. This ensures maximum comfort and more effective shaves. Lastly, it does have a Lubrastrip feature that provides a smooth glide.

#5: Braun 790cc Shaver

Closing the list of the top shavers is the Braun 790cc Shaver. This is a premium shaver which provides perfect yet thorough and comfortable shaves. It does come along with the most innovative shaving technology. Courtesy of this technology, you may be sure to spend less effort yet obtain greater outcomes in the course of shaving your hair.

In each shave cycle, the shaver generates 10,000 micro vibrations. These jointly bring along some extreme thoroughness. They see to it that even the thickest and coarsest hair is effectively dealt with at any given time. You have it for your taking if your hair often grows uncontrollably.

Some great features also accompany this machine. These include the two-year warranty, some miscellaneous packages, longer battery run time, and relative ease of use. The sum total of these features guarantees you some comfort and reliability in times of use.


To get some close shaves without any irritations, you need to follow these six simple steps:

Step I: Prepare your facial hair thoroughly using hot water

As stated above, hot water plays a great role in facilitating the process of shaving. This is because it opens up the pores of the skin and aids in exfoliation also. These two make the subsequent tasks of shaving the hair hassle-free and faster. They also make the entire exercise more thorough.

Step II: Use sharp blades to do the shaving

Sharp blades generally deliver closer shaves. This is because they do not pull or tug out your facial hair unnecessarily. They hence prevent irritations from arising in the process. You have them for your taking if yours is a sensitive skin. Take care though not to sustain cuts as these blades are quite dangerous.

Step III: Shave along the Grain

If you have sensitive skin, it is imperative that you shave along rather than across the grain. This definitely is to prevent irritations and cuts. This mode of shaving also spares you from the razor burns and the risks of ingrown hair. You may have to pass over the specific portion of the skin multiple times to obtain the best results.

Step IV: Perfect your Technique appropriately

Chances are you will not obtain the required outcomes in the first attempt. This is why you have to do it repeatedly for the best outcomes, as stated. While at it, be sure to let the weight of the razor do the actual task of shaving. Do not press too hard as you might worsen the likelihood of rashes and pimples arising.

Step V: Clean the Blades Frequently

To further guarantee you the best possible outcomes imaginable, you have to clean the blades of the shavers frequently. Doing so shall rid your blades of the dirt, dust, and the debris that frequently harden and clog the blades. Use clean water and alcohol to rid the blades of these unwanted materials. You should also see to it that you dry the blades thoroughly before storage.

Step VI: Apply an After-shave Moisturizer

You definitely must apply some after-shave moisturizer immediately shaving. This is because dry skin is a hotbed of pimples and rashes. By being able to restore and preserve the moisture balance of the skin, these substances also play a vital role in mitigating the proliferation of rashes and pimples. The moisturizer also helps the skin to heal from a bleeding.


You have undoubtedly received the insight you need to make the right decision as pertains matters shaving and beards. We urge you not to stop there. Instead, go ahead and make at least a purchase of one of the products we have hinted or reviewed above. We also ask you to identify one of the procedures we have explained and made good use of it in your haircare regime.

It goes without saying that you are not the only one who has sensitive skin. There are indeed innumerable others around you who are in the same shoe as you. Do go ahead to share this information with them also. This will help them to tap into the awesome benefits that the information has to offer. Remember, a healthy skin is a healthy body. You do not want to gamble at all with the health of your skin.