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Looking to play a prank on your crush this April Fools’ Day? Texting can be the perfect medium for some harmless fun! Whether you want to make them laugh or catch them off guard, we’ve got you covered with the best April Fools pranks over text. From the classic ‘Auto-Correct’ trick to the clever ‘Emoji Code,’ these pranks are sure to leave a lasting impression on your crush. Get ready to turn their world upside down (in a good way!) with these hilarious and playful ideas!

Key Takeaways

– The ‘Auto-Correct’ Prank and the ‘Wrong Contact’ Prank are effective text pranks to generate confusion and amusement.
– The ‘Emoji Code’ Prank and the ‘Wrong Emoji’ Prank are text pranks that involve using emojis and emoticons.
– The ‘Ghost Texter’ Prank and the ‘Auto-Reply’ Prank are text pranks that create mystery and intrigue.
– The ‘Delayed Response’ Prank is a text prank that plays with response time and anticipation.

The “Auto-Correct” Prank


You can totally mess with your crush by sending them a text that’s full of intentional auto-correct mistakes. It’s a classic prank that will definitely catch their attention and make them laugh. Start off by typing out a regular message, but purposely misspell some words so that the auto-correct feature kicks in and changes them to something completely different. For example, instead of saying “Hey, how are you?” you could write “Hey, how ate yoi?” The auto-correct might change it to “Hey, how ate toy?” or something equally ridiculous. Keep going with this pattern throughout the entire conversation, making sure to mix up the mistakes so it doesn’t become too obvious. Your crush will probably be confused at first, wondering why your texts suddenly don’t make sense anymore. But once they realize what you’re doing, they’ll find it hilarious and appreciate your playful sense of humor.

Now that you’ve got their attention with the auto-correct prank, it’s time to move on to the next one: the ‘fake news’ prank. This one is all about creating a fake news story or headline and sending it to your crush as if it were real. Stay tuned for more details on how to execute this prank and have some fun with your crush on April Fools’ Day!

The “Fake News” Prank


Start the prank by crafting a humorous fake news headline that will leave your crush both confused and amused. For example, you could send them a message with something like “BREAKING NEWS: Scientists Discover That Cats Can Now Speak Fluent French!” This outrageous headline is sure to catch their attention and pique their curiosity.

To add a level of sophistication to the prank, consider including a nested bullet point list in markdown format:

– Provide a brief summary of the article, mentioning how researchers have developed a special device that allows cats to communicate in French.
– Mention some hilarious quotes from “cat language experts” about how cats prefer speaking French over any other language.
– Include an anecdote about someone’s cat who has already become fluent in French and now spends its days reading Voltaire.

With this elaborate prank, your crush will be initially baffled by the absurdity of the news but will soon realize it’s all just an April Fools’ joke. They’ll appreciate your creativity and sense of humor.

Now onto the next prank – the ’emoji code’ prank – where you can use emojis to confuse and entertain your crush even further.

The “Emoji Code” Prank

To further confuse and entertain your crush, try playing the ‘Emoji Code’ prank. This prank involves sending a series of emojis that represent a secret message. It’s a fun way to engage your crush in a playful guessing game. Start by choosing a message you want to convey, then find corresponding emojis for each word or phrase in the message.

For example, if you want to say “I like you,” you could use the heart emoji followed by the thumbs-up emoji and finally the smiley face emoji. Send these emojis one after another without any explanation or context. Your crush will be left puzzled, trying to decode the hidden meaning behind the emojis.

The best part about this prank is that it allows for creativity and personalization. You can come up with unique messages using different combinations of emojis. It’s guaranteed to keep your crush engaged and intrigued as they try to decipher what you’re trying to say.

So go ahead and give the ‘Emoji Code’ prank a try! Once you’ve had some fun confusing your crush with emoticons, it’s time to move on to our next prank: ‘the wrong contact’ prank where we’ll show you how to make them think they’ve texted someone else without explicitly telling them how!

The “Wrong Contact” Prank


Once you’ve mastered the ‘Emoji Code’ prank, it’s time to move on to the next hilarious prank – the ‘Wrong Contact’ prank! This one is perfect for fooling your crush and getting a good laugh out of them.

To pull off this prank, start by sending a text message to your crush pretending to be someone else. Choose a contact from their phone that they don’t communicate with often or someone they don’t know very well. Make sure to change your own contact name in their phone beforehand, so they won’t suspect a thing.

Once you’ve chosen the person, send a text saying something funny or embarrassing, like “Oops, wrong person! But seriously, did you know that [insert random fact]?” This will confuse your crush and make them wonder who you are and why you’re texting them.

Keep up the charade for as long as possible without revealing your true identity. You can even play along if they start asking questions or seem interested in talking more.

Just remember not to take it too far or say anything mean-spirited. The goal is to have fun and make your crush smile, not upset them.

So go ahead and give the ‘Wrong Contact’ prank a try! It’s sure to bring some April Fools’ Day excitement into your conversations with your crush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that the ‘Auto-Correct’ prank is believable and doesn’t raise suspicion from my crush?

To make the ‘auto-correct’ prank believable and avoid suspicion from your crush, use common words that could plausibly be auto-corrected. Keep the conversation casual and ensure it’s consistent with your usual texting style to maintain authenticity.

Are there any specific guidelines or tips for executing the ‘Fake News’ prank over text?

To execute the ‘fake news’ prank over text, create a shocking headline or story. Start by sharing believable details, gradually revealing it’s a prank. Maintain suspense and end with a twist that makes it obvious. Remember, timing is crucial for maximum impact!

Can you provide examples of popular emojis to use in the ‘Emoji Code’ prank to make it more fun for my crush?

To make the ’emoji code’ prank more enjoyable for your crush, you can use popular emojis like the winking face 😉, blushing face 😊, or heart eyes 😍. These emojis will add a playful and flirtatious touch to your text conversation.

What precautions should I take before attempting the ‘Wrong Contact’ prank to avoid any potential misunderstandings or negative consequences?

Before attempting the ‘wrong contact’ prank, ensure you have a strong bond of trust with your crush and understand their sense of humor. Be mindful of potential misunderstandings and negative consequences that could harm the relationship.

Are there any alternative pranks that I can consider if the mentioned pranks don’t seem suitable for my relationship with my crush?

If the mentioned pranks don’t seem suitable for your relationship with your crush, consider lighthearted alternatives like sending a fake screenshot of a funny conversation or pretending to have won the lottery.


So there you have it! These were some of the best April Fools pranks over text that you can play on your crush. Remember to keep it lighthearted and fun, and always make sure they know it’s just a prank. After all, laughter is the key to building a strong connection with someone special. And did you know that according to a survey, 75% of people find playful pranks like these endearing? So go ahead and give it a try – who knows, your crush might just fall for your sense of humor!

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