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Medicine for Beard Growth

Last Updated September 2019

The beards of a man speak more about his personality. A thick full beard exudes experience, confidence and authority. Every man wants to have a good look; a healthy beard can improve your look. Unfortunately, some people have a bad beard grooming routine or lack the genes that are responsible for the growth of beards. This is where a beard supplement may come in handy.

A beard supplement will boost the growth of your beard. Note that supplements can’t change your smooth face to be hairy. This is because beards need follicles to grow. Therefore, a supplement won’t make beards to pop out if you don’t have healthy follicles.

A supplement will work for men who have nutritional deficiencies. It can help correct deficiencies that prevent you from growing a good beard. You have to be patient and put in some effort if you want a new beard. It’s not something that you will wake up in the morning and you find yourself with a new beard.

A supplement contains key nutrients that enable your body to work perfectly. You will eventually see the results on your skin and beards

medicine for mustache and beard growth

What to Look for in a Supplement

There are many supplements in the market and choosing one can be challenging. An effective supplement has some key ingredients that make it do its work effectively. The following are the things that you should look out for in a supplement.

  1. Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is converted into Vitamin A by the body. It boosts the production of healthy sebum, which prevents the skin from drying. Healthy sebum provides a conducive environment for beard growth. Beta carotene also protects your vision.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for hair growth and therefore important for your beard. It also prevents ingrown hairs, which are painful and unattractive. Vitamin E enhances cell differentiation and immune regulation. Vitamin E boosts hair growth. Vitamin E is important for people who live in places where there is limited sunshine.

  1. Folic Acid

Folic acid plays an important role in the health of your hair. It keeps the cells and tissues healthy. You need healthy tissues and cells for you to have good looking and healthy beards. Folic acid has other benefits. It helps maintain the health of the baby and mother during pregnancy. Research has shown that folic acid can reduce the risk of stroke in men.

  1. Biotin

Biotin enhances the production of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Our hair is made up of a protein known as keratin. Enough biotin promotes the growth and health of your beard. It also reduces shedding.

Taking a supplement that contains biotin is more advantageous than taking foods that contain biotin. This is because these foods contain proteins that prevent the digestion of biotin. Take a biotin supplement if you want maximum benefits.

  1. Vitamin C

Your body requires vitamin C to absorb collagen. It also plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins. It helps break down protein-rich foods to make collagen.  Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant, having the ability to prevent oxidative stress that can lead to hair loss and gray hair.

  1. Vitamin E

As mentioned above, you need healthy follicles for you to grow whiskers. You won’t grow a beard if you don’t have healthy follicles. Vitamin E improves the health of your hair follicles. This provides a healthy environment for the growth of whiskers. Vitamin E also stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp.

  1. Zinc

A high level of testosterone is required for you to get the best beard. Zinc has an important role in maintaining the levels of testosterone. As you grow old, your testosterone levels fall significantly.  A zinc supplement will help you raise your testosterone levels.

Most supplements cannot boost testosterone levels naturally. It’s is hard to grow a healthy and thick beard if your testosterone levels are low. Therefore, you should for supplements that can boost your testosterone levels.

  1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps keep your cells and nerves healthy. It also helps us achieve a healthy metabolism rate. Healthy metabolism contributes to healthy skin and whiskers. It works with folic acid to lower your stress levels.  Vegans should consider taking a supplement that contains vitamin B12 because plant foods don’t contain this vitamin.

  1. Cysteine

The skin, hair and nails have high levels of cysteine.  Cysteine is sulfur that contains amino acids. It helps strengthen your whiskers and hair. You need strong whiskers for your beards to be attractive and strong.

  1. Shilajit

Shilajit is an ayurvedic remedy that contains more than 85 minerals. It has different benefits to the mind and body. It boosts testosterone levels, boosts memory, and improves your energy levels. It also has excellent anti-ageing properties.

These supplements may have side effects on different people. Ensure that you consult your health provider for advice. He/she will help you choose the right supplement that has reduced contraindications to your body.

Lifestyle Changes that can Make Medicine for Beard Growth Effective

A supplement will help you achieve that beard that you have been eyeing for a long time. However, you must be prepared to make lifestyle changes to increase the effectiveness of your supplement.  The following are some of the ways to increase your beard growing abilities.


Regular physical activities and cardiovascular exercises can improve your testosterone levels naturally. High testosterone levels have a direct impact on your beard growing abilities. However, you must not use steroids to boost your strength training. Steroids have many serious and life-threatening side effects. They include cardiac failure, kidney and liver failure, stroke and hair loss. The chances of growing a beard are very slim if you are suffering from hair loss.


Your diet has a direct impact on your health. Avoid eating junk food as much as possible. Yes, you can have a burger once but not every day. Ensure you are eating a high quality of proteins. High-quality proteins can increase the production of testosterone. Overweight people can increase their testosterone levels by slimming down naturally.

Also, ensure that you eat foods that keep your gut healthy. A healthy digestive system enhances the absorption of food and vitamins.


Stress has a negative impact on your health. It can prevent the growth of hair and even lead to hair loss. Stress affects your nutrition and sleep. Ensure that you exercise, eat properly, sleep well and have a healthy lifestyle to keep your stress levels in check.


A clean face provides a healthy environment for beard growth. Clogged pores have a negative impact on the health of your follicles. Ensure that you don’t leave your beard after it grows. You need to take proper care of your whiskers. Note that shaving your beards won’t make it better. That’s a misconception that misleads many people.

Use a good brush to style and shape your whiskers. A beard balm will help thicken your beard. Use a trimmer to make your beard to look uniform.


Sometimes, you may not see any whiskers until you reach your mid-20s. This is because your testosterone levels will be at peak in your mid and late 20s. Since beards take time to grow, you should expect to have a full beard in your 30s.

Your testosterone levels also reduce as you grow older. Therefore, your beard will grow thinner and in patches with time.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t grow any beard. Using a good supplement will help you grow a nice beard.


Your DNA dictates your ability to grow a beard.  However, don’t be worried if your father can’t grow a beard. This is because of your get 50 percent of your genes from your mother. You should at the men in your mother’s family.

medicine for growing mustache and beard

Best Beard Growth Products

There are some products that you can use to improve the look of your beards. Best beard products can help you achieve the style you want easily and quickly. You should note that you have to maintain your beard once the whiskers pop out. The following are some products that make your beards look attractive.

  1. Rogaine for Facial Hair Growth

You can get this product over the counter. You won’t struggle to buy this product. Also, you don’t need prescriptions to use this product. It supports hair growth on the head and face.  The product has a lot of positive reviews on the internet. As you know, online reviews play a major role in judging a product.

You should try this product. It may help you get that beard look that you desire.  Check it out in your local store.

  1. Beardilizer Beard Growth Complex for Men

This product comes in the form of capsules and not a cream. It’s a multivitamin that can boost the growth of facial hair in men. You can select the10 day treatment option or the standard one-month option. The standard treatment option can help you achieve a thicker and fuller beard. The good thing about this product is that it nourishes the hair follicles. A healthy follicle stimulates the growth of hair. The product can be more effective than creams because it works from the aside.

  1. BRO Beard Rejuvenating Oil

BRO is beard oil that has various nutrients for the beard. It contains fatty acids that boost the rapid growth of hair and apricot Kernel oil that helps moisturize the skin. It also has coconut oil that has excellent moisturizing properties. The product has Vitamin E, which has many benefits to the skin, body and hair.  The product has many positive reviews online. People who have used it claim that it’s effective. You should try this product if you want your beard to look good.

  1. Vitabeard Facial Hair Support Formula

Vitabeard is one of the pioneer brands to roll out beard vitamins into the market. Their experience and brand should convince you to try them. Their beard growth multivitamin has zinc and vitamin D3 that reduce the loss of hair and prevent itching. It regulates the production of sebum in the skin. The product contains natural ingredients. You won’t experience contraindications because it lacks harsh chemicals. Vitabeard can help achieve a thicker and healthy beard.

  1. Lipogaine Hair Growth Serum

Lipogaine is a serum that promises to boost the growth of beards quickly. It’s a popular product and many people have used it.  Most of the people who have used it give positive feedback. This means that the product is effective. Those who want to grow facial hair quickly should try this product.

You should do your research before you buy a beard product. Check online reviews and feedback before you settle for one.  Note that there is no guarantee that the product will give instant results. You should be patient and put in some effort.

Buying a beard supplement can be very difficult if you have never done it before. There are many products in the market and you may be confused about what to choose. You should consider different things before you buy a supplement.

You should check out the ingredients of a supplement before you choose it. Ensure that all the ingredients are natural and don’t contain harsh chemicals such as parabens and silicone. Harsh chemicals have multiple contraindications and can have a negative impact on your health. Also, check out the effectiveness. You should buy products that can guarantee results. It should stimulate the growth of hair and also keep the follicles healthy.  The product should be easy to use or apply.



How To Stop A Razor Cut

Last Updated September 2019

If you enjoy having a clean shave regularly, you will have to contend with the horrible and sometimes painful razor cuts and nicks which are part of the shaving process. Sometimes shaving cuts can be incredibly annoying because they are on your face, which means they are not easy to hide, and sometimes they cannot stop bleeding. Even though they are relatively painless, these cuts can be a pain to your physical appearance if they do not stop bleeding fast.

Wounds from razor cuts are usually minor, but they still require proper care and treatment. There are easier methods to stop your razor cuts from bleeding, and you probably have some of these options in your kitchen or bathroom right now. This post will teach you about how to stop razor cuts as well as how best you can prevent them.

how to stop a razor cut from bleeding

How to Stop a Razor Cut from Bleeding after Shaving

There are many ways to prevent shaving cuts and nicks from bleeding, and some people prefer different techniques to others. Some of the common methods include:

  • Use Alum Block

Alum block is a small brick which is made of potassium alum, and it’s one of the easiest solutions to use during shaving cuts. Dampen your alum block with some cold water, and then press it gently against a shaving cut. The alum block disinfects the cuts and nicks and foils any further bleeding. Most men apply it against the whole shaved part as an aftershave solution to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. After each use, allow it to dry fully before storing. If you’ve got a full beard, you might be more inclined to purchase this product since it has the additional benefit of reducing irritation after having a heavy-duty shaving.

  • Antiperspirants

You can use antiperspirants to stop a shaving cut from bleeding. Antiperspirants usually contain aluminum-zirconium tetrachlorohydrate or aluminum chlorohydrate. Dab a little antiperspirant on your razor cut using one of your fingers, and the bleeding will stop immediately. Besides, you will also enjoy the added advantage of having your entire face smelling better, as well.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is usually found in Vaseline, lip balms, and many other products for dry and chapped skin. It develops a hydrophobic barrier that prevents blood from running down the face. It serves as a sealant and works pretty well on paper cuts as well. While petroleum jelly will seal the blood, the bleeding will remain visible. You can dab the razor cut after a couple of minutes to wipe off the bleeding.

  • Styptic Pencils

A styptic pencil is usually considered an anti-hemorrhaging method, which means that it assists in stopping bleeding fast. It’s made of aluminum sulfate and also contains astringent that has alcohol, and assists in disinfecting a razor cut and clotting the blood. A styptic pencil looks a little bit like a standard lip balm, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Place the styptic pencil on the shaving cut until the bleeding stops, which only takes a couple of seconds. However, it might irritate a little bit as it works its magic.

  • Ice Cubes

Instead of using lukewarm water from your bathroom sink, grab some ice cubes, and apply them with pressure to your razor cut. It is probably one of the easiest ways to stop a razor shaving cut from excessive bleeding because it numbs the cut area, reducing pain. Place some ice cubes against your wound for 15 to 30 seconds to instantly constrict your blood vessels, and assist in forming a clot. However, they do not work instantly and can be a bit messy at times.

But if you have a couple of minutes to spare, consistent application of some ice cubes to a razor cut will lead to localized vascular constriction. The ice temporarily shrinks your blood vessels found near the surface of your skin, which reduces the flow of blood.

  • Eye drops

Whitening eye drops are normally used as quick remedies on various things from acne to cuts and are an excellent temporary solution for your shaving cuts. If you place a few eye drops on the shaving cut, you will effectively constrain the blood vessels, making it to clot faster.

Wet a piece of tissue or cotton ball with eye drops and then put it on the shaving cut. It does not work as fast as an alum block or a styptic pencil, but you should try sealing it with your lip balm so that the combination of the two forces will assist in stopping the bleeding by the time you need it

  • Astringents

Astringents like witch hazel and currently steeped tea bags, especially black tea, can also be used, to stop a razor cut from bleeding. These tea bags are packed with astringent tannins that will naturally draw together and tighten the skin, reducing the flow of blood and coagulate protein.

  • Mouthwash

Alcohol-based mouthwash is popularly known for its mouth-puckering tingle. Alcohol, the active ingredient serves as an astringent, although it’s more painful to use than tea leaves or witch hazel. On the positive, your razor cut will have a minty fresh smell.

When to Call a Doctor

Whether you are a novice or a multiple-blade shaving master taking care of wiry hairs on your face, chances are you might still slip up and cut yourself now and then when shaving. Minor cuts or nicks are usually harmless and normally heal fast without treatment. However, severe cuts or nicks can lead to some complications, such as excessive loss of blood and infections.

You should seek medical assistance if the razor cut bleeding continues or if you notice signs of infections. If you notice any redness, irritation, or pus around the cut, or you’re unable to stop the bleeding, then it’s best to call your doctor as soon as you can. A medical expert will be able to assess and also provide necessary care for the wound.

how to stop the bleeding from a razor cut

Why You Should Not Use Toilet Paper to Stop a Razor Cut

Regardless of how careful you might be, shaving cuts and nicks are bound to occur from time to time. The go-to solution for most men is to apply some pieces of toilet papers to their wounds and then wait for the blood to clot. Although this method is effective, sometimes, it can take a very long time for the cut to stop bleeding. Again, it’s pretty easy to forget that you’ve some pieces of bloody tissue papers on your face before heading out to the office, and this can ruin a first impression.

Preventing Razor Nicks and Cuts

Razor cuts from shaving are almost inevitable for most men. Regardless of how much experience you have in shaving, no matter how well your razor glides and tilts and touches your face, the blades will eventually bite. Here are some of the ways you can use to prevent razor cuts and nicks.

  • Practice Good Skincare

Proper shaving techniques start with appropriate skincare. If you are not taking good care of your skin, you will end up with dry patches and rough skin which are prone to get nicked, cut, or burned. When you are taking good care of your skin, particularly on the face, you should ensure that you are properly hydrated and that all your skin pores are clear.

Look for face washes that you like using and that provide extra benefits. Many facial washes contain some pore-purging properties that can assist in getting rid of any bacteria. Bacteria cause razor burn and cuts because you irritate the skin and also cut against your skin pores.

If you moisturize on a regular or daily basis, you will have healthy skin. When you moisturize, you remove the dirt and dead skin cells that are harmful to your pores and skin. They often clog up after you finish shaving and might leave your skin feeling irritated and looking red as well

  • Prepare the Skin for the Shave

The way you prepare your skin determines the ultimate results of shaving. If your razor scraps against a dry or rough patch, you will slow down and dig deeper, and you can risk a shaving cut. Razor cuts occur when your safety razor has a problem scrapping against your face with a lot of ease.

If you are looking to achieve a tidy cut, ensure that you take a hot shower first. That’ll soften up all the hair follicles and also make your skin glow with moisture. You should also consider applying a pre-shave oil or solution to soften up the facial hair. Pre-shave solutions act as dual purpose because they lubricate your razor blade and your skin as well.

  • Look for the Right Razor

Most people use the wrong razors when shaving, which can be a big problem. Since a razor is a primary tool when shaving, it can either hinder or help your shaving experience as well as your razor burn issues.

If you are getting a lot of nicks and cuts on your skin when shaving, then you should try getting a shaving razor with several blades. A razor with a flexible and soft neck can assist you in getting around all your face bends. It’s also beneficial if you’ve got an angular body or a strong jawline.

Using several blades can lead to irritation for some people, making their razor cuts and burns worse. If you’ve sensitive skin, you should consider using a classic single-blade razor. By lowering the number of razor blades rubbing against your skin, you will eliminate any chances of irritation on the face.

  • Check your Shaving Technique

To have a good shaving experience, you should eliminate cuts and also get rid of any razor burns. If you are not moving the razor blade well, cleaning rigorously, or lubricating properly, you might set yourself up for some trouble. If possible shave using gentle and short strokes. While it may seem economical to get the most out of every stroke, you should avoid taking a lot of long cuts, because you are more prone to apply a lot of pressure at the end of long strokes.

When you fail to remove all the hair you want to on your first pass, apply some shaving cream to prepare your skin for the next pass. If you don’t apply your lubricant or shaving cream, you will be opening yourself up for a chance of irritation.

  • Maintain your Blades in Good Shape

Looking for the best shaving tool can take some time. You can use the wrong type of razor for many years before finding the one that works pretty well for you. Whatever your ideal shaving razor is, you should ensure it remains in great shape and also ready for action. Among the major reasons for razor cuts and burns is that there are accumulations of bacteria on your skin or your razors. To get rid of the bacteria buildup, you should soak your razors in alcohol each time that you want to shave.

You should also keep your razor blades sharp because there’s nothing dangerous than shaving with dull blades. Sharpen your blades using a pair of jeans or swap them more regularly. Whatever you pick, ensure that you don’t use a dull shaving tool.

When you shave more regularly, nicks and cuts will be impossible to avoid. Cutting your face skin when shaving is usually a common issue for most men, and it can be incredibly irritating and inconvenient. Nevertheless, we hope that this comprehensive guide has taken you through some of the best and easy remedies that you can use to stop razor cuts. The next time you get a razor cut while shaving, try one of them and see how it works. If possible, you can also implement some of the preventive measures discussed above to avoid razor cuts when shaving altogether and your face will thank you for that.

Home Remedies to Grow Beard Faster

Last Updated September 2019

Growing your beard need not necessarily be a professional affair. This is a task that you can and indeed ought to undertake at the comfort of your own home. The benefits of so doing range from maximum convenience to complete controls of the growth process to limited cost implications.

It is definitely impossible to do so without the necessary guidance to that effect. For that, we voluntarily step in. We have researched and identified some of the best products and strategies that have proved successful and reliable. Further, we have gone to explain their relevance to the subject matter.

Read through the explanations we have furnished here below. You shall receive the insight you require to do a good job. Also, you will be able to note the measure which is more likely to yield you the best outcomes.

As you read, we ask that you ascertain your own unique position. This is necessary as it is the one that shall determine your most suitable intervention.

home remedies to make your beard grow faster

Home Remedies to Grow Beard Faster

Below are some of the trusted products and strategies to accelerate the growth of beard at home. Follow through carefully to find out the one which might do you some good:

Moisturize the Skin

Whenever the skin is moisturized, beards grow faster and more luxuriously. That is why you have to consider moisturizing yours. To do this, use the most suitable moisturizer for the job. Find the one that is suited for the orientation of your skin.

Before applying the moisturizer, you have to clean the pores thoroughly. Get rid of any dirt or impediments to the growth and maturity of your beards. Those that contain sunscreens are better to use as they retain more moisture.

Exercise on a Daily Basis

When you exercise, the pace of blood flow is enhanced and speeded up. This, in turn, stimulates the growth of hair. Also, it supplies the essential nutrients to the base of the hair follicles. Exercising also predisposes you to sweat.

Sweating is a good way of channeling wastes out of your body. It opens up the sweat pores to eliminate any impediments to the growth of your hair. This, in turn, leads to faster and more progressive growth outcomes.

Take in Balanced Vitamins

A good diet is essential to the growth and development of your hair. That is why you have to take care of your diet as well. In particular, Vitamins A, C, and E are the most essential for your use. They are the ones that are noted to promote the growth of hair.

Further, they maintain the sebum on your skin and hair follicles at just the right amounts. This is not to mention their role in creating a good environment for your beard to thrive and grow to its maximum length.

Consume Plenty of Saturated Fat

Apart from Vitamins A, C, and E, two other nutrients have also been noted to promote the growth of beard and body hair. These are the saturated fat and the proteins respectively. They hasten the process of growth and also furnish the hair with nutrients.

You will find them in plenty in fish, beans, eggs and animal fat. Take the meals moderately though because they may pose allergies when taken in excess quantities. Exercise a lot when taking them too.

Avoid Binge Drinking

In case you are already into the habit of drinking, you are asked to cut back your intake of alcoholic beverages. You may, as a matter of fact, want to give up drinking altogether. This should especially be true if you engage in binge drinking.

Alcohol suppresses the growth of hair and beard. You do not want to let into your body any chemical or ingredient which may impact your goals negatively. Opt for milk and pure water instead.

Steam Bathe

Steam bathing has also been identified as a good way of making sure that your hair grows luxuriously. The logic is simple. This process eliminates all forms of debris and impurities that clog the pores of the skin.

That way, it gives your hair more than enough room to grow unhindered. The pace of the growth of hair is also taken care of. With limited impediments, the speed of the growth of hair is enhanced.

Cut Back on Cigarettes

Just like alcohol, cigarettes too are inimical to the growth of beards and hair. The smoke from the cigarettes does slow down the pace of the growth. Further, the heat generated also burns the air to prevent it from thriving luxuriously.

Expose your body to fewer chemicals chiefly by dropping cigarettes altogether. Other than enhancing the growth of your beards, zero intakes of cigarettes will also boost your respiratory health and general wellbeing. You have to exercise some patience for best results here.

Make do with some Beard Oil

You may also want to Make do with some Beard Oil. Just search the major online auction sites like Amazon and eBay for these and many more. While searching for the right one, take care that you settle for one that is safe for your skin.

Read through the instructions carefully before applying. That is because you might never obtain the desired end without a proper understanding of how the oil works. Any errors on your part might also lead to adverse impacts and side effects.

Cleanse your Skin Daily

Facial skin is ordinarily too delicate. You have to take good care of it. Not only is this important for your own personal hygiene, but also does it have a role to play in the growth of your hair. Make it a point to clean your face every now and then.

Use a deep cleansing facial item for the job. This is to eliminate the dead cells and other impurities that may be trapped within the pores. Be sure to rinse your face thoroughly to prevent any further damages to your own skin.

Massage your Face

Other than cleaning your face regularly, you also have to massage it. This process softens the face and the skin altogether. It also streamlines the flow of blood and fluids within the face. This, in turn, accelerates the pace of beard growth.

Be slow and gentle while at it. Rushing may harm your face more so if it is sensitive or prone o bleeding. You have to do it daily for around 15-20 minutes. This is the only way to reap optimal outcomes.

Apply Hair Food

The hair food is perhaps the most basic and useful of all the haircare products available. It finds many uses and applications in haircare. These range from moisturizing the hair to furnishing extra nutrients to invigorating the growth of hair and so on.

You can never hope to do a good job without incorporating it in your haircare regime. Be sure to apply it regularly and in quantities that are sufficient. It is only then that you will obtain maximum impacts.

how to grow a beard faster home remedies

Exfoliate Regularly

Part of your facial care should also entail exfoliating the skin. This simply means rubbing your skin in order to get rid of any dead matter which might impede the growth of beard. You should do this preferably once a week.

Use facial scrubs to do this job. Yet again, be gentle and slow in the process. Rushing might harm your face and the hair at large. Preferably, this is a task that is best delegated to a professional hair care specialist.

Eliminate all Stress

When stressed, you also experience a slower pace of hair growth. You thus have to male appropriate arrangements to reduce stress to a considerable minimum. Perhaps the best way to do this is to get more sleep.

As you sleep well, your body regains the energy it loses while you are asleep. It literally resets itself. You require no less than 7 hours of sleep to be able to rest well. Try making it 8 or 9 hours for maximum impacts.

Shampoo the Beard

Other than normal cleansing techniques, you might also want to shampoo your hair. This simply means using some shampoo to get rid of dandruff and any debris which might clog your hair. The shampoo is to your hair what the scouring pad is to cooking utensils.

Take care though not to overdo it. You may end up plucking off all hair follicles in the course of so doing. Exercise some moderation instead of maximum results.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water! Water! Water! You can never achieve much health-wise without taking plenty of water. Other than keeping your temperature and bodily pH at optimal levels, water also supplies the nutrients required for growth where they are needed.

It also regulates the temperature of your body to maintain it at levels that are conducive for hair growth. Your body also needs enough water to function properly. 8 to 10 glasses of water per day is necessary for optimal growth.

Handle those itches well

As your beard grows, it begins to itch. This itching sensation emerges as the hair pops through the pores. Many people are tempted to pluck the hair out. However, this ought not to be the case.

Instead, adopt good haircare techniques. Examples are brushing your hair in the same direction, the use of beard oil, and proper hygiene tips. You may also scratch your skin gently to ease the sensation. Lastly, of course, you will have to just endure the pain.

Incorporate Essential Oils

Essential oils are also good at encouraging the growth and development of the beard. The Vitamin E oil, Witch Hazel, Cypress, and Sweet Almond oils are the key examples of these oils. They clear up any debris, spider veins, clogs and other impediments to hair growth.

You have to administer them slowly and steadily for the best results. They cannot work alone though. You have to incorporate some other intervention measures to let them have that much effect.

It is obviously insensible to read through these explanations yet take no concrete actions in return. We now ask that you read through the explanations a second or even a third time. As you do so, meditate on your own aspirations and goals. Weigh them against the strong and weak points of each intervention.

With these pieces of information, narrow down to that method which in your opinion may yield you the necessary outcomes. Indeed, finding the right beard growth strategy is a good way of making the best of your hair care and beard growth regime. That is why we reiterate the need to exercise some due diligence in this whole process.



Do Beard Growth Oils Work

Last Updated September 2019

Good-looking beards are absolutely essential for any grooming and body care regime. This feat is only achievable if you make use of the right care and cosmetics. Many of these cosmetics do exist. However, the beard oil stands out. These are special oils which are formulated for use and application on your beards.

Given their obscure nature, it may not be possible for you to make good use of them. That is why you have to receive the right direction and guidance to that end. These form the basis of our discussions hereunder. We have prepared a complete guide on the subject for your enlightenment.

Some of the topics we shall dwell on are, do beard growth oils work? benefits of beard oil, the best time to apply beard oil, how to apply beard oil, and what to look for when buying beard oil. These we shall do by digging deeper and getting to know the finer details regarding the stated areas of concern.

do beard growth oils actually work

Do Beard Growth Oils Works?

In a nutshell, yes, beard oil does actually work. But how is this the case? And in what way does the oil work? Indeed, the functioning of the oil is made possible by its formulation. Many beard oils contain pure Argan oil and unrefined jojoba.

These vital ingredients have potent moisturizing agents. In light of this, they supply your skin with plenty of moisture which is essential for triggering the growth of your beard. By making the skin supple and smooth, these ingredients also spare you from the feelings of itchiness.

Over and above that, the oil also eliminates unwanted dead matter from your skin. That is mainly because it has some potent purification capabilities. When brushed on your face, it scours the face to drag away all dead skin cells which overlay your skin. In this way, it also lets your skin to sweat unimpeded.

Upon applying it, the oil penetrates your pores to enhance the elasticity of your skin. Elastic skins are generally known to encourage the growths of beards. Additionally, elastic skins are easier to keep and maintain hygienically. This is because they respond well to soaps and other agents of washing.

Many beard oils are also fortified with Vitamin E and a couple of antioxidants. These two play the dual roles of strengthening your beard and repairing any damages that arise in the process. In this way, they maintain the health of your skin perfectly. Healthy skin is great for the long-term growth and development of your beard.

Stronger beards are also more likely to endure various adverse elements. With regards to this, the beard strands are unlikely to fall off, sustain any possible damages, grow feeble or easily pluck off. This is besides the reliable and sustained growth in the long run.

Many people grow longer beards for beauty and aesthetics. You are most likely one of them. The good news yet again is that these oils also serve styling, beautification, and aesthetics. Simply apply them on your beard, let it settle, and then use your comb to generate the appropriate style for your use.

Yet again, some oils have nutritional values. This is to mean that they have ingredients which are crucial in the growth of beards. When applied onto your hair, these ingredients sink in or are absorbed by your beard strands to shore up their growth. You may hence count on them to accelerate the growth of yours.

Growth of beard also entails grooming it. Though not primarily a grooming agent, these oils also make some positive contribution. They soften the strands of beards to make them easy to comb through and style. Your acquisition of the oil hence spares you from the need to acquire many other hair care products.

As you may see from the foregoing, the beard oils are comprehensive. They let you achieve many feats at a time. It hence goes that your use of them is a sure way of saving yourself time and money. You also get to simply your haircare by reducing the number of tools and products you purchase and make do with.

do beard oils work for growth

Benefits of Beard Oil

Many benefits do come along with the use of these oils. Below are but a few of them:

Revitalizes your Beard

The beard oils have that uncanny ability to revitalize your beard and the skin underneath. It does this in two main ways. For one, it makes your skin supple chiefly by loosening the wrinkles. Then it also eliminates any flakes which might have settled on your skin.

Softens the skin

As part of its revitalization role, this oil also softens the skin. The main reason underlying this is its role in eliminating any debris which lies in between your sweat pores. In the course of so doing, it makes your skin more flexible and elastic.

Adds some Fragrance

Some oils contain fragrance. They may hence play the secondary role of adding some fragrance to you with use. You do not have to purchase a perfume separately as is the case with those who opt for other beard-grooming products. This means you spend less time to care for yourself in the process.

Combats Dandruff

As part of their formulation, the beard oils also combat dandruff. They, as has already been stated, moisturize your scalp. In so doing, they neutralize the dryness that ordinarily comes along. In the course of so doing, they make your hair shiny and smooth. You also get to be more confident.

Hydrates your Scalp

Their primary purpose is to hydrate your skin. This stems mainly from the powerful moisturizing agents which they contain. While at it, the oils not only combat dandruff but also make your skin more supple, smooth and easier to engage on the whole. The oil makes your hair care a breeze.

Saving Time and Money

Typical beard oil is an amalgamation of many hair care products. These include the perfumes, hair conditioners, hair moisturizers, and stylers. Your purchase and use of these products is hence a sure way of saving some time and money. You get to perform all your grooming activities ‘under one roof.’

Deals with Dry Skin and Itching

It is not uncommon for your skin to dry and begin to itch with the passage of time. Yet again, the beard oils come in handy. They deal with these twin issues appropriately. These the oil do by neutralizing the effects of the itchiness and prickly occurrences that arise every now and then.

Promotes Hair Growth

Lastly, the beard oils also promote the growth of your hair. The main reason underlying this is their possession of the famed Vitamin E. When you apply it on your skin, the oil penetrates deeper and faster. It is thereafter absorbed by the strands of hair. It is at such a time that the strands absorb the Vitamin E.

Best Time to Apply Beard Oil

There are two main times when it is best to apply beard oil. These are:

Early in the Morning

Immediately you shower in readiness for work, you are advised to apply the beard oil. This, of course, is necessary as it complements your other grooming undertakings. It also enhances your overall appearance and makes you ready to take on your day well. The fragrance nature of the beards also helps.

Late in the Evening

Some experts have also identified late in the evening as one of those good times to apply the oil. They argue that the beard oil has enough time to seep into the pores and get absorbed by them. You are advised though to steer clear of the fragranced oils as they are more likely to inflict respiratory disorders.

How to Apply Beard Oil

Step I: Apply a few droplets on your palm

Start off applying some droplets of the oil on your palm. After this, rub the oil on both fingers severally. The aim of this is to distribute it uniformly in your palms. It also allows for smoother applications later.

Step II: Apply it on your beard

Now move on to apply this oil on your beard. While at it, be sure to distribute it evenly on your beards. Preferably, you should start from your roots to the ends of the strands of your beards. Be slow and meticulous while at it.

Step III: Massage the skin underneath your beard

After seeing to it that all beard is impacted, massage the skin underneath gently. This is to make sure that the oil seeps into the pores. Massaging also aids in softening the scalp and making it more able to enhance the subsequent growth of the beard.

Step IV: Comb and Style

Finally, comb and style your beard appropriately. Use a beard comb as it is the one that is designed to get to those inaccessible places easily. Generate the style you are interested in also at this time.

What to Look For When Buying Beard Oil

There are three main issues to take care of while searching for the right beard oil. These are:


Good beard oil must not contain some ingredients. These are fragrance, alcohol, and silicone. They are known to cause irritations, skin dryness, and the accumulation of debris. Avoid them as much as possible because you do not want to suffer the associated dangers. As a general rule, any oil on whose container there is no list of ingredient is a fake one.

Length and Texture of Beard

How long and thick are the strands that constitute your beard? These two parameters are absolutely vital as they determine the potency which your oil has to possess. Read through the containers of the many oils you have in mind to find out the more suitable one.


Lastly, what exactly do you want to use the beard oil? Is it only to soften your hair, style it, moisturize your scalp, or enhance the growth of your hair? These products are pretty diverse. They are subsequently suited for different kinds of roles. Be sure to find the best one for your course.

Cost Implications

Many of these beard oils are not cheap. That is because they are intended at those who have the financial wherewithal. You do not want to fall in this trap at all. That is why you want to see to it that the one you choose is well within your means. Compare the prices of the many oils on offer to find the cheapest one.

We have truly done an amazing job in showcasing the benefits and pertinent information about these beard oils. It is now up to you to take the mantle from where we have stopped. Reading through our explanations yet taking no tangible action is certainly not a good thing to do.

These products are available in the leading retail outlets and pharmaceutical stores. They are purchasable over the counter and need no prior doctor’s prescription. You have only yourself to blame if you cannot find the right one, hence.

Though we do not deal with these products directly, we aid people in making the most informed decisions possible. If in the course of your purchase you happen to get stuck, feel free to get to us. We are always eager to lend a helping hand just as we have helped many others before. All the best in your subsequent search and purchase!


Best Aftershave Balm

Last Updated September 2019

You being on this page means you are intent on taking good care of your beard. We share the same values and aspirations. That is why we have put in place this information. In this page, you are going to find just about every other piece of information that may be needful for your course.

Among these are a review of the ten best aftershave balms on the market today, an in-depth look into some of the frequently asked questions regarding the subject matter, and some historical trivia about this whole subject.

Read through keenly and carefully. At the tail end of our discussions, we suggest that you take an appropriate course of action. This can only mean shopping for the right aftershave balm. Shed every notion or prejudice you already have concerning this subject matter. It is only then that you shall find the guide helpful.

best men aftershave balm

History of Aftershave Balms

Historically speaking, aftershaves were first utilized in barbershops. In their rudimentary forms, they featured high-alcohol splash in the same way as antiseptics. These substances contain as much as 90% alcohol. The aim was to eliminate all bacteria. In turn, this reduced the incidences of the transmissions of sicknesses.

The practice later evolved to become a tradition. Many people came to embrace it as a way of revitalizing their skin after shaving. Given their high alcohol contents, the skin of those who used it becomes dryer and more irritated.

In some instances, the dryness and tightness of the skin put in place a barrier which was impregnable. The barrier triggered the emergence of ingrown hair. With irritated skin, this led to suppressed regeneration of the skin after shaving.

Later on, in the 1980s men began taking their skincare seriously. It is this that triggered the development of the latest products we use today.

Best Aftershave Balms

#1: Lather and Wood Soothing After-shave Balm

Want to enjoy some smooth and nice applications? This is the balm to lay your hands on. It comprises the non-greasy hydrating formulation. This one absorbs faster in your skin to leave it feeling silky soft and smooth.

Its benefits do not end there. The balm also calms any irritations which might arise when the beards begin to sprout. Also, it eliminates the risks of razor burns. And owing to its alcohol-free nature, the balm does not burn or sting your skin.

A classic bay rum scent concludes the list of the top features of this after-shave. The scent adds some fervor to the end results. You feel sweet, smooth and very attractive indeed. It is hence a great way of enhancing your own class and elegance.


  • Scented for added benefits
  • Spreads smoothly onto your skin
  • Absorbs faster than many other balms
  • Does not leave behind sticky residues
  • Alcohol-free means great safety to your skin


  • May not impact rough skins well
  • Quite costly to come by
  • Leaves behind short-lasting impacts

 #2: Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men

Many aftershaves do contain plenty of harmful chemicals. If and when these accumulate on your skin, the end results might never be desirable. That is why you want to make every effort to use that one which contains the least amount of harmful chemicals.

Well, this one contains only natural and premium ingredients. It is completely devoid of ant synthetic chemicals neither does it contain any artificial colors. You have your utmost safety to thank it for. That aside, its benefits also extend to many other spheres.

By far, the most significant of these is the moisturized skin. The chief reason which informs this is the low alcohol content it possesses. Instead, it also contains 100% pure glycerin. You may hence make use of it to re-moisturize your skin.


  • Very healthy to your skin
  • Contains many natural and exotic spices
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO formulation
  • Delivers the necessary ends faster


  • Limited potency
  • Cannot impact some beard issues
  • Requires that you use too much balm at a time

#3: Dove Men+Care Post-shave Balm, Sensitive Plus

Is yours some sensitive skin? If it is, you have a great companion in this after-shave. The reason here is that it is specially formulated for such kind of an application. Moreover, it also contains limited fragrance and no alcohol contents at all!

With this after-shave, you are sure to prevent some redness which naturally arises while shaving. This in return reduces the razor burns which also accompany this redness. In the course of its use, the balm absorbs faster than usual.

Due to its possession of the Vitamin B5 and many other topnotch ingredients, the balm does a good job of alleviating skin discomforts. It is subsequently yours for the taking if you have tough skin that is ordinarily difficult to impact.


  • Relieves your skin of any irritations
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin as well
  • Leaves your face feeling hydrated and healthy
  • Impacts the texture of your face also
  • Mild and gentle to your skin


  • Unable to impact rough skins
  • Yields fewer returns on investments
  • Only for male users

#4: Nivea for Men Sensitive Post-shave Balm

Does your skin irritate, swell or develop rashes when shaved? You might want to try this balm out. It is on the whole suited for soothing your skin. That is because it contains the soothing Chamomile, with Hazel, and Vitamin E.

When compared to the other balms, it is safer and gentle to your skin. You hence have every confidence to make good use of it. Even when you have to apply it repeatedly, it is unlikely that it shall accumulate to levels that may be perilous to you.

Like many other elegant balms, this one similarly lacks alcohol in its formulation. With regards to this, it is gentler and will hardly cause any irritations. You are advised to use it regularly as that is the only way you will shore up your skin’s natural defenses.


  • Spares you from the risks of irritations
  • Improves the condition of your skin with time
  • Safe and less sensational courtesy of the zero alcohol
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Improves your skin’s natural defenses


  • Takes quite some time to absorb
  • May not impact certain kinds of skin

#5: Baxter of California Aftershave Balm

Baxter of California is a brand that is thoughtfully curated. Indeed, its collection of superior hair care products has been noted to bring out the best in you. This aftershave in particular impacts the neck and the face at a time.

It is on the whole quite soothing. Over and above that, it also relieves any sensitivity which your skin might have with regards to matters shaving. The cooling extracts of allantoin and Aloe Vera also exist to soothe any pains which naturally emerge with use.

After applying it, your skin shall feel completely revitalized and refreshed. This is due to the existence of the tea tree oil which also tones it. If you develop harsh skins after shaving, this is a balm you badly want to lay your hands on.


  • Combats dry and painful skin
  • Renews the health and vitality of your skin
  • Hardly burns or scars your skin


  • Complex application procedures
  • May disparage those who lack the necessary skill
  • Prolonged use may harm your skin

 #6: Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Aftershave Balm

Want to smell fresh and elegant as you go about your businesses? This is the balm to lay your hands on. It is heavily scented and hence well able to make you feel fresh and nice. To add to these, the balm also soothes and moisturizes.

Its formulation contains a blend of rare woods and Botanics. These two give it some natural edge which many other balms lack. Expect it hence to do a good job of securing your skin from rashes and harms. For best results, you have to massage gently after applying it on your skin.

Generally speaking, this is a balm you want to lay your hands on if you are a working-class male. The sense of fragrance and confidence you will obtain are unparalleled. Being expensive, you will also be able to show off.


  • Pretty awesome aftershave indeed
  • Quite provocative indeed
  • Soothes your skin as well while in use
  • Delivers truly intensive outcomes
  • Refreshes your skin over and above soothing it


  • Costly to afford
  • Only for the truly executive users
  • Too much exposure may harm the nose

#7: L’Occitane L’Occitan After-shave Balm

This balm goes beyond merely cooling your skin after shaving. It contains Shea butter which also hydrates the skin and shields it from direct exposure to the sun. Other key ingredients of this balm are birch, bisabolol, and vegetable-based glycerin.

These add some scent to your skin not to mention leaving it soft, smooth and comfortable. Beyond its primary benefits and functionality, this balm also prevents any irritations from arising. Being perfumed, it leaves you smelling fresh and awesome.

You have the dual pleasures of applying it on your neck and face. While at it, you will experience relief from all forms of irritations and possible extreme pains. A feeling of tightness also blankets your skin as you make do with this balm.


  • Hydrates your skin heavily
  • Perfumed for great scent and elegance
  • Alleviates ghastly signs of regular shaving
  • Heals your skin too!
  • Makes your skin more supple


  • Not for oily skin
  • May be uncomfortable for use in hot environments
  • Cannot tackle redness of the skin

#8: Nivea for Men Energy Double Action Balm

Do you suffer from the issue of severe skin dehydration? You need a balm that can shore up the moisture levels considerably. For this, we ask that you try this one out. It is enriched with numerous natural minerals like Almond Oil, Vitamin E, and so on.

These work hand in hand to deliver some natural moisture to your skin. They are also pretty effective in preventing your skin from drying out. This is not to mention the fact that they reduce the issue of skin roughness to a considerable minimum.

Use this balm also to rejuvenate your skin and give it that fresh awesome look. Its beauty is the fact that it delivers the desirable ends within 5-10 minutes. The lightweight formula penetrates your skin faster to waste no time in the process.


  • Gives off some fresh looks instantly
  • Your skin becomes smoother with each application
  • Its citrus scent adds some value to you
  • May also tackle some pains due to antioxidant nature


  • Irrelevant to those with oily skins
  • May not work well in cool environments
  • Predisposes you to the risks of sweating

#9: L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Comfort Max After-shave Balm

Do you shave on a regular basis? If you do, you want a balm that can do all the three core issues at a time. This one will take you further than that. It can soothe, hydrate and protect your skin.

This notwithstanding, the balm lacks alcohol and is hence unlikely to irritate you at all. Owing to the limited alcohol content too, the balm guards against the risks of constant irritation, excess dryness, redness, and razor burns.

What’s more? It is also suitable for all kinds of skins. Whether yours is normal, dry or oily, you may count on this balm to be of help to you. Are you wary of sun damage? Yet again this balm will come to your aid. It forms a barrier which shields against sun damage.


  • Tightens any loose skin
  • Fights all the skin mishaps
  • Combats redness of the skin
  • Slows down the pace of aging
  • Provides adequate protection from sun damage


  • May trigger the emergence of rashes
  • Very disparaging to the eyes
  • Keep off children

 #10: Anthony After-shave Balm

Suffer from itches and sensations every now and then? This is the aftershave to lay your hands on. It has been proved to deliver instant relief from all forms of itchiness and redness. It also possesses the legendary lightweight formula.

Courtesy of this formula, the balm settles into your skin faster and conveniently. You hence get to obtain outcomes that are unequaled with other balms. This is not to mention that it handles redness and razor burns pretty reliably.

All factors considered, this aftershave is developed by men and borrowed by women. This is to mean that though primarily targeted at the men, it is also applicable by women. You hence get to enjoy some higher returns on your investments courtesy of it.


  • Soothes your skin with Benzocaine
  • Cools on contact
  • The lightweight formula absorbs immediately
  • Reduces minor razor burns and redness
  • Restores your skin’s moisture balance


  • Lacks fragrances
  • Does not make you classy

Aftershave Balm vs. Aftershave Splash

Though used hand in hand in many cases, the aftershave balm, and splash exhibit some inherent differences. The following are the main points of divergence between these two kinds of beard oils:


Typically, an aftershave splash is an antiseptic. It possesses a scent that is lingering. The aftershave balm, on the other hand, comes in the form of hydrating lotion. The potency diminishes almost immediately after applications.


When applied on to your skin, these substances respond differently. The aftershave splashes tighten and then dry your skin out. This stems from their possession of alcohol-based astringents. The opposite applies to the aftershave balm. They moisturize your skin and soothe it too!


Applying the aftershave balm is pretty simple. You only squeeze some little on your hand and then rub gently on the area of interest. As for the aftershave splash, you will have to use a towel and undergo some lengthy procedures of application for best results.

what is the best aftershave balm

Frequently Asked Questions about Aftershave Balm

Q1. Should I moisturize after shaving?

Ans. By all means, do that! Skins come in different shades and forms. If yours is a dry one, it is important that you do that. Even if yours is normal skin, you will have to moisturize it to prevent any further loss of moisture occasioned by the direct contact of your skin to the sun.

Q2. Is aftershave really good for your skin?

Ans. Though not always necessary, it is absolutely vital that you make do with it for your day-to-day skincare regime. They are packed with numerous ingredients which go a long way in enhancing the overall quality of your own skin.

Q3. Can an aftershave balm also serve as a moisturizer?

Ans. YES, it can! Many aftershaves contain moisturizing agents in them. For this reason, they also double up as moisturizers. Be careful though not to use them on bare skin. They might not work as required or need be.

Q4. What is the best thing to put on your face after shaving?

Ans. In the absence of an after-shave, the benzoyl peroxide salve or any other razor bump cream may do. Exercise some great care and attention as you go about this issue though. You do not want to imperil your skin in the process.

Q5. When is the best time to shave?

Ans. The morning hours are by far the best times to do so. You give your skin time to dry and heal before bathing or washing it. While at it, be sure also to wash your beard or hair first and foremost before shaving it; not the other way round.

This article as to the best aftershave balm on end here. We now leave it to you to find the one which is more likely to do you some good. Having done that, we now encourage you to peruse the list a second time to find it.

It is certainly not a wise idea to read through these beautiful explanations yet take no concrete actions. You must surely narrow your choice to one or two and purchase it.

Between now and when you make your mind up, we ask that you share this information with others too. That way, you will help many people in making a substantial and relevant purchase.