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Best Trimmers for Pubic Hair

Last Updated October 2019

Though great, the pubic hair may also become a nuisance. They trap dirt and sweat which makes you smell. Also, they may harbor germs and other undesirable vectors which might also cause diseases. It is for these reasons that you want to keep your pubic hair well-maintained.

best trimmer for men pubic hair

There is no more reliable way of doing so other than trimming it. This basically entails reducing their sizes and heights. In so doing, they will less likely harbor those issues we have pointed out. Further, shorter pubic hair is easier to keep clean. To achieve the above feats, you require a trimmer.

These are appliances that are designed to keep your hair shorter at all times. They come in many shapes and sizes. This is because people differ in terms of the shapes, length, texture, and configurations of their hair strands. Our discussions hereunder endeavor to shed more light on them.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Public Hair Trimmer

Blade Quality

This is by far the most significant consideration. A good trimmer must have a very sharp blade. It is only in this way that it can tackle the hair strands effectively. The best blade has to be made of stainless steel, be sharp, preferably rounded and hypoallergenic in nature.


How the trimmer is designed also makes some difference. That is because the design has a bearing on the functionality and overall efficiency of the machine altogether. A good trimmer on the basis of this consideration has to possess two heads. It should also preferably be capable of shaving hair.

Corded vs. Cordless

Two main kinds of trimmers do exist. These are the corded and the cordless respectively. The corded draw their power from the mains supply through a cable. As for the cordless, they are mainly battery-powered and require no cord at all. Consider your intended location of use while at this.


Needless to say, a good machine has to be able to discharge as many roles as possible. This can only happen if it can accept and work for hand in hand with many attachments and accessories. Be sure to ascertain that the one you have in mind can indeed accommodate these extra attachments before you proceed.

Nature of Hair

Hairs differ in their textures, length, and thicknesses. You just cannot pick any trimmer at random and expect to achieve some meaningful outcomes. This certainly means that you have to be sensitive to the unique conditions of your hair. Find a trimmer that handles and responds to them appropriately.

Intended Frequency of Trimming

Lastly, consider how often you intend to trim your hair. If you intend to do so only once, you need not acquire too durable a trimmer. If on the other hand, you plan to trim your hair every now and then, the trimmer you choose has to be both strong and powerful.

Should I Shave My Pubic Area?


The number one reason why you need to shave your pubic area is for hygiene reasons. When the hair is left unattended to, it harbors dirt and germs. This one, in turn, compromises your overall health and well-being. It also makes it possible for other issues to arise later.

Ward off Foul Smell

All the public areas do sweat from time to time. The sweat accumulates and dries if left unattended to. In the course of so doing, it generates some foul smell. This is not a position you want to find yourself in especially when interacting with valued persons.

Slow down the Proliferation of Bacteria

Finally, the pubic area is also prone to bacteria and other microorganisms. They take advantage of the dark and sheltered portions of your body to grow, thrive and multiply. Definitely, the dangers of such growth and proliferation are too grave to even want to go through.

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer

#1: Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561 – Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

Are you a man who is constantly on the go? If you are, we are glad to introduce to you this cordless trimmer. It is usable in remote and detached locations. This is not to mention that it generates long-lasting outcomes as well.

With this trimmer, it is possible for you to shave your hair in the water and dry environments equally. It hence follows that you have some convenience to leverage in the process. Unlike such kinds of trimmers, this one delivers some painless outcomes.

Its benefits extend beyond merely trimming your hair. They touch on massaging your pubic regions as well. This is made possible by a high-frequency massage system. In the course of massaging you, the trimmer also yields some added comfort.

Some 40 close-group tweezers finally seal the deal. They basically eliminate the shortest kinds of hairs down to the 0.5 mm levels. In return, they leave your skin smoother for some extended duration of time.


• Trims and massages at the same time

• Usable in the shower and dry environments

• Accepts many attachments

• Yields comfortable epilation outcomes

• Gentle to the touch


• Only for short hairs

• Unsuitable for repeated use

• May inflict some scars

#2: MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

For tackling thicker hairs and delivering more awesome outcomes, you need technical equipment indeed. This one embodies all the traits that such an appliance is ordinarily required or expected to possess. You hence have it for your consideration.

For a large part, this appliance is battery-powered. This means it is not subject to those limitations which its corded counterparts have to confront. You will hence make use of it wherever and whenever the desire may call for.

With this trimmer, it is possible for you to access those otherwise hidden or inaccessible areas of your pubic areas. This is made possible by the extendable handles. You simply have to set the desired length and use it to impact that portion of the pubic area you are interested in.

As you reach out to your hair, you will be posted on the charge levels. A charge indicator exists exclusively for that very purpose. This arrangement lets you vary your expectations appropriately. It also prevents the possibility of doing half-complete chores.


• Impacts inaccessible areas with ease

• Yields perfectly smooth shaves

• Confronts your skin at any angle

• Handles coarse hair conveniently

• Gives off both comfort and closeness


• Inadequate for thin hairs

• Not enduring

• Need to recharge every quite often

#3: Philips Bikiniperfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer Kit

As the designation implies, this trimmer is only for advanced applications. For this reason, it finds applicability in areas where quality is a topmost concern. The public hairdressers will particularly find it handy. This is the trimmer for you if you have some profit motive.

Other than its core mandate, this trimmer can also perform many other tasks. These are shaving your hair, generating styles, pulling off hair, and so on. All these are made possible by the existing six attachment slots.

Supplying power is some rechargeable batteries. Being rechargeable, the batteries allow for continued use and applications. You will not have to purchase a new battery every now and then to be able to keep enjoying the accompanying benefits.

Lastly, the trimmer can also style your hair. It achieves that feat principally through the existing precision trimming head. With this head, the appliance is capable of impacting hair that is as short as only 0.6 mm. You definitely have no better friend when it comes to this.


• Reaches intimate areas conveniently

• Hardly irritates your hair while in use

• Appropriately illuminated for night time use

• Shapes your eyebrows too!

• Leaves behind some uniform outcomes


• Disparages simpler users

• Requires some prior expertise

• Costly to afford and handle

#4: Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

In order to achieve more permanent outcomes, you have to make use of a truly reliable trimmer. A trimmer of that kind ideally ought to have multiple blades. This is the one we recommend that you set your eyes on.

It contains three blades in one. This means that for one pass, you actually get to shave your pubic area thrice. You will not only save some time but also receive excellent outcomes on the whole. Such an approach also means that you will feel less itchy.

One great benefit of this blade is that it also conforms to the contours of your skin. Yet again, this means you will hardly sustain any abrasions or cuts on your skin. On the flipside, you will enjoy some smooth and consistent outcomes.

Even though this trimmer is universal, it is particularly better suited for those with sensitive skin. All its stated parts as we have already noted are geared towards this very end. Have we also said that you can use it in and out of the shower?


• Hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades

• 3 ultra-sharp blades deliver fast cuts

• Ultra-thin foils

• Compact enough for easy travels

• Captures short and stray hairs


• Shorter battery run time

• Needs constant recharging

• Certainly not for coarse hairs

#5: Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

Lastly, is the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49. In a nutshell, this machine is skin friendly and showerproof. It also functions as a body trimmer and shaver at the same time. We recommend it for your consideration if your whole life revolves around shaving and hair care.

Some 3D pivoting head stands tall among its awesome features. This one basically lets the trimmer conform to the unique contours of your body. In so doing, it yields some ultimate comfort to you. You definitely want this for your everyday use.

Its blades, on the other hand, are rounded. They also come along with a comb. The latter is to spare your skin of any scratches. For your added convenience, the trimmer also allows you to choose the cutting length you may desire courtesy of the 5 length settings.

All its top features and specifications make it better suited for the men who require some ultimate comforts. Unfortunately, it is too rough for women to make use of. In all though, it is pretty great for the shoulders, back, legs, and the underarms.


• Waterproof courtesy of the special materials

• Shaves both ways at a go

• Prevents nicks and cuts while shaving

• Does not inflict any scratches

• Backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee


• Longer recharge times (24 hours)

• Strictly for men

• Limited returns on investments

You have certainly received the information you badly want to this effect, haven’t you? Well, you now have what it takes to do a good job in identifying the right trimmer. We now leave it up to you to find the right one for your use. Simply ascertain your own tastes before embarking on this task. It is only then that you will find the right one.

The ones we have identified and reviewed in section 4 are by far the best at the moment. Waste no time. Instead, prioritize them as you search for the right trimmer for your pubic hair. They will certainly do you some good. When do you plan to start looking for your most suitable trimmer?

What more would you demand from us? Have we not furnished you with all the guidance you desire to make a great choice? We urge you not to gain from this guide alone. Instead, share it with as many of your colleagues who might need it as possible.

How to Apply Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Last Updated October 2019

Letting your beard grow is one thing. Maintaining it in the best shape and form is yet another thing altogether. It requires the right expertise, appropriate effort, some are and patience. We have stepped in to help you with the necessary expertise.

Your solution rests in the acquisition of the right beard balm and oil. These two products do some fantastic jobs in enhancing the health, stature, and overall conditions of your beards. They stimulate the growth of your beards, conditions, and even tones them.

beard oils and balms

For them to deliver the relevant ends, they have to be applied appropriately. This can only happen if you know the right way to do so. Our discussions here below endeavor to shed more light on that very fact. We are going to look into all the background information you require to do a better job.

Further, we shall look into some of those details which are great to know as well. These include whether or not you may be advised to use the two of them at a time. Also, you will know how to estimate the right amounts for either use. Read on to find out more…

How Much Beard Oil and Balm Do I Use?

Three factors largely determine how much of the beard oil and balm you may use. These are explained hereunder:

Length of Hair

There is a direct correlation between the length of your beard and how much you may apply. Longer beard requires more balm and oil. The shorter ones, on the other hand, can comfortably make do with little. You require some judgment to be able to determine the exact measure.

best beard balm and oil

The thickness of the Strands

Apart from the length of your beard, their thicknesses also come in handy. Definitely, the thicker beards require more of the balm and oil to impact and vice versa. Yet again, you will have to employ some sense of judgment to be able to find the right amount.

Desired Ends

Depending on the style you want, the amount of oil you apply also varies. Some styles require too much of the oil while others can make do with just enough. Consult your hair care specialist to help you navigate this particular requirement.

Why Your Beard’s Length is Important When You Apply Balm and Oil

Your beard length is very important when applying the balm and oil. This is due to three main reasons. We have devoted this segment of the discussions to just that.

Larger Surface Area

Longer beard has larger surface areas compared to the shorter beard. They subsequently require more oil and balm to fully impact. You will hence have to be quite generous with the amount of each ingredient you want to use.

Comparatively Thicker

All factors considered, longer strands of the beard are thicker than their shorter counterparts. That is because length takes some time to attain. With time, the strands become thicker too. This calls for more of the oil and the balm to appropriately impact.

More Mature Strands

Just like the thickness and surface areas above, there is a direct correlation between the maturity of the strands and the length thereof. Longer strands of the beard are generally more mature than those shorter ones. They similarly require more of the balm and oil to appropriately impact.

best beard oils and balms

Can I Use Beard Balm and Oil Together?

Generally speaking, you are advised not to use the two of them at a time. There are many reasons which underlie this.

First is that these two hair care products contain different ingredients. It is not uncommon for these ingredients to react adversely when they get into contact with each other. You do not want your skin to be on the receiving end.

Some people also have sensitive skin. Using these two products at a time is like adding fuel to the fire. They contribute to the corrosion and aging of the skin adversely. The only way to be on the safe side is to avoid using them both.

Then again there is the mode of application argument. You have to follow different routes to be able to apply these two products on your beard. Additionally, the beard balm is not to be applied to certain portions of your chin or skin. It may hence be almost impractical to implement them both at a time.

However, some people have been noted to be comfortable with these two products at a time. If you are one such kind of a person, you have them for your try. If you are doubtful, take some time to consult your doctor first and foremost. Gambling might land you in trouble.

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm?

Unless you have any serious underlying issue, you should use these two ingredients preferably once a day. This is to keep your beard moist, healthy, and firm. You may have to increase the frequency of their applications if there is a style you are generating.

On the flipside, you may also have to scale down your application. This is especially if your skin is sensitive or there is something amiss with your beard on the whole. You might have to consult your dermatologist for appropriate advice.

difference between beard oil and beard balm

How to Apply Balm to Your Beard

Step I: Wash your Face or take a Shower

Start off by either washing your face or taking a shower. This is to get rid of any dirt, dust, or other ugly marks from your beard. You should preferably use warm water as it is more likely to bring about better cleanliness outcomes.

Never use shampoo on your beard at all. You do not want to interfere with the delicate skin that line your beard, do you? After you are through with this, then dry the beard thoroughly using some dry yet clean towel.

Step II: Apply the right amount of the balm on your hands

Now move on to apply the right amount of the balm on your hands. Start by rubbing a small amount of the balm on your hands. While at it, be mindful of the length of your hair, their thickness, and the maturity thereof.

For best results, you want your balm to be completely molten. This can only happen if you rub your hands intensely and repeatedly. The heat generated is what melts the balm and makes it easier to apply on the whole.

Step III: Translate this balm on your beard

After achieving the right viscosity of the balm, you now have to translate the same to your beard. Commence the process from your neck region. Move your hands towards your chin. You may have to periodically scrape portions of the balm in case some parts of your beard are still dry.

Move to the sideburns and move downwards. While doing this, massage your skin a little bit for the sake of its better health. This is also to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. The combined effects of these are that your beard shall grow faster than usual.

Step IV: Style your beard appropriately

If you are interested in generating any style, this is the moment to do so. Use a comb, brush or any other hair care product to do the job. The exact style largely depends on you the individual. If you lack the necessary expertise, you might have to bring in an expert.

You require some patience while at it. That is because you might never really be able to reverse this after you have implemented it. Take your time but beware that taking too long may cause the balm to dry before concluding the exercise.

Step V: Rinse the beard and dry

At this stage, you are now good to go! You have to rinse your beard and dry it completely. Be mindful of the oil as you do this. See to it that you get rid of any residual oil which might interfere with the health of your beard later.

How to Apply Beard Oil

There is no significant difference between applying the beard oil and the beard balm. However, some minor points of departures do exist. The procedures here below endeavor to examine these issues in their finer details:

Step I: Prepare your beard

Prepare your beard prior to applying the oil. The procedures you use should be more or less the same as the ones above. Wash the beard preferably using warm water. Dry it thoroughly using the cleanest piece of cloth or towel.

For better outcomes, consider using some facial scrub. They penetrate deeper in the skin to get rid of those impurities which may have solidified in the sweat pores. Yet again, do not use any shampoo at this stage, and for obvious reasons.

Step II: Determine the right amount of oil

At this stage, you should determine the right amount of oil to apply. Factor the length of your beard, its thickness and the levels of maturity. All these have a bearing on just how much oil you may have to use.

If you intend to develop some styles, this should yet again be another consideration. Different styles require different amounts of oils. You should work hand in hand with your dermatologist to ascertain the right amount for you.

Step III: Apply this oil on your palms and fingers

As stated above, applying balm and oil have some minor differences. Unlike the balm above, you may apply the oil on your fingers as well. Start with a little amount; preferably pea size. Increase the amount slowly and steadily until you find the right one.

Rub your palm and fingers hard against each other. Do so until some heat arises to melt the oil. This way, you will make it more fluid and subsequently easier to spread.

Step IV: Spread it on your beard

Now spread this oil on your beard. You are advised to commence from the roots of your beard. This is to allow for some maximum impacts. Thereafter, move to the tips of the strands of hair. While at it, shift upwards as well.

Needless to say, you have to spread it out as evenly as can be. You definitely would not wish to leave any portion of your hair poorly impacted, would you? Vary the direction of motion across and along the grains for maximum reach.

Step V: Style your beard

If you are intent on styling your beard, this again is the time to do so. Brush your beard appropriately using a comb or special brush. You may, if you so wish, follow some strict regimen to deliver the desired ends for you. For those complicated styles, you definitely want to bring in an expert.

It is definitely impossible to maintain longer beard without using either beard balm or beard oil. That is why we ask you not to gain this information for the sake of it. Instead, move on to find out the better of the two products which might be relevant to your course.

Of late, a number of manufacturers have been producing comprehensive hair care products. This is to mean that they can and do serve as the balm and the oil, at a time. To save yourself time and money, try them out. Only be sure that your skin is not averse to either. That is the only way to ward off undesirable outcomes.

Coconut Oil for Beard

For men, a beard is a current fashion look. A man with a full beard is considered to be masculine and sexy. The only downfall is that beard can become itchy. The skin under the beard does not get a lot of moisture and men complain that it itches like crazy. There are some things that a man can do to keep his beard and allow it to be moisturized as well. Coconut oil can help keep the skin and the beard in great condition. Facial hair needs to be moisturized. The coconut oil has the fat and the essential oils and vitamins to keep the hair, as well as the skin below it, moisturized. This will reduce the feeling of itchiness, flaking skin, and hair that looks unhealthy. No one wants their skin flaking especially on their face. Coconut oil is a great way to keep the beard in the best shape and to protect the skin below it. Coconut oil is all natural and will help the skin stay in great condition.

coconut oil for beard growth

 Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Beard?

 Coconut oil will help get into the hair follicles below the beard and will soften it starting down at the root. This will start at the beginning and allow the hair to look go. The beard will look healthier and it can then be brushed or combed to remove any tangles. The coconut oil will help keep the hairs from becoming damaged. It will not leave behind a residue and the beard will not feel greasy in any way. After washing a man can massage the oil into his hair and that is all he needs to do. Coconut oil can help the beard look healthy and it will be soft to the touch. Coconut oil has natural ingredients and will help make the skin and the hair look and feel nice. It will also leave behind a nice scent as well.

is coconut oil good for your beard

 What is Coconut Oil?

 Coconut oil is made from extracting the kernels from a coconut. This oil is used in creams and it can even be used as food. The meat from the coconut is dried up and it is dissolved until it is in the form of oil. There is also a wet process to get coconut oil. Raw coconut is used and the oils are extracted. There are some companies that will further refine the oil and the fats will come saturated giving it a more creamy texture. Some companies will also separate the fats and will allow the oils to be used in this manner. Coconut oil is all natural and has a pleasant scent to it. When purchasing coconut oil be aware of companies that may add artificial ingredients and any fillers. Coconut oil in its raw form is good for the skin and it is good for the body. Coconuts are grown in tropical regions but their products are available all over the United States. Coconut oil is becoming more popular in creams and skin care products as people are taking notice of the benefits that this oil provides.

 What is the Coconut Oil Varieties?

 There are several different types of coconut oil. There are two main types of coconut oil that are found on the market. These two types are also used to help keep the beard looking great and to keep it smooth.

 Refined Coconut Oil

 This coconut oil has the oil extracted and refined. It uses hydrogenation to get the oil from the coconut. It is further purified and is the most common for commercial use. Any impurities from the oils are removed. It is not for consumption but there is a higher level of lauric acid which can be used in creams and for the hair. This is very common on the market and can be used on the beard.

 Virgin Coconut Oil

 This coconut oil is raw and unrefined. The oil is extracted through the dry or the wet process. This oil is becoming more popular and is being used for household purposes such as cooking. This oil at one time was used to feed mammals and not is it being used in cooking for people and as a substitute for oils and other forms of fats in many dishes. It can also be used for skin care. This is the coconut oil in its purest form.

how to use coconut oil for beard

 Coconut Oil and Lauric Acid

 This acid is a saturated fatty acid that naturally occurs in coconut oil. There are many benefits to using this oil. The acid is safe to use and it can be applied to the face. It is already found in many different types of soaps and other skin care products. This acid has a long shelf life and will help the coconut oil last for a longer period of time. It will also help keep the skin from getting an infection and will help protect against viral infections.

 Benefits of Coconut Oil on the Beard

 Coconut oil has been shown to help with conditioning of the hair and skin. It also has properties that will help bring moisture back to the body. This includes the hair of the beard. Coconut oil can make the beard hair feel soft. It is not greasy like other products and will not leave any sticky textures behind. It will also help condition the hairs starting at the follicles. This will allow the hair to become healthy looking and will feel softer. The beard can get dried out quickly and coconut oil will help prevent this from happening.

 Improve Look And Feel

 Coconut oil will help the air look shiny and healthy. It will also help the hair feel softer to the touch. It will also make the hair of the beard more manageable and easier for a man to take care of. The hair will be soft. As an added benefit when a man goes to kiss his partner the hair will not scratch or hurt them either.


 Coconut oil is massaged into the beard and it will be able to soften the skin of the face as well. The skin will be able to see hydration that is not able to reach it. This will keep the skin healthier and will help restore any moisture that has been lost. It is easy for the skin under the beard to be deprived of moisture. It does not get replenished often and coconut oil is a great way to bring some hydration back to the skin.

 Cleansing Properties

 When coconut oil is applied to the face a person will get the antifungal properties and the antibacterial properties that are found in this oil. This oil will help cleanse the skin and will help remove any bacteria that is on the face. This will also help reduce the chance of the skin becoming an infection and irritated. This will also help reduce any germs that got trapped on the beard. It is important to keep this skin clean to reduce the chance of irritation or even an infection.

 Promote Growth

Coconut oil can help promote facial hair growth. The oil will prevent the hair from damage and will keep it in good shape. The coconut oil will also help promote hair growth and will allow the beard hair to grow at a faster pace. If a man uses coconut oil on a regular basis he will notice that his beard is not getting damaged and it will get longer quicker. If a man is looking to grow his beard long the coconut oil can help him out by accelerating the hair growth. The beard hair will also be healthy and healthy hair will be able to grow quickly.

 Reduce dandruff

 The skin under the beard can get dry and a man can get dandruff. The skin will begin to flake. No one wants embarrassing white skin flaking off into their beard. Coconut oil can be used to keep the skin hydrated and will allow the skin to get the moisture that it needs. Coconut oil will help reduce the flaking skin and a man will not have to endure the embarrassment of dandruff coming off of his beard. Dandruff under the beard can be an embarrassing problem. The coconut oil will allow the man to be smooth and he will not have to worry about this flaking skin.

 Shaving with Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil can be used to shave the face or the neck. A man should use a generous amount of coconut oil to help get a smooth save. The coconut oil will leave the skin feeling soft. It will also make the hairs much softer which will make them easier to remove. It will be easier for the razor to get over these areas and there will be less irritation from tugging on the hair. Coconut oil can work as a lubricant. Coconut oil can be used to replace shaving cream. It will be more lubricating and softer on the skin. A man should also take his time. He should use each stroke gently and make sure his razor does not become clogged with the coconut oil or the hair that he is removing.

 After shaving coconut oil can be applied to the skin and it can take the place of another balm or saving location. This oil has healing properties and can be used on any small cuts that a person may have. It will also help bring hydration back to the skin and will help make the skin soft. The coconut oil also has a pleasant scent. The scent is natural and a person will not have to smell the aroma of alcohol or feel the burn. This will help the skin feel smooth and it will look great.

coconut oil for growing beard

 Maintaining the Beard with Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil is great for maintaining the beard and allowing it to look great. Before applying the coconut oil makes sure the hair is dry. The coconut oil should be in a solid form. Only a dime-sized amount is needed. The hands should then be rubbed together and the oil should then be put on the beard. The oil should be applied to start at the root and then working the way to the rest of the hair. The roots need to be massed with the oil in order to see all of the benefits from it. Coconut oil can keep the skin hydrated. A little bit of coconut oil can go a long way.

 When applying the coconut oil to the beard virgin coconut. Coconut oil can also be used to help tame any stray hairs or hairs that may have come out of place.

 These are some tips to help a man take care of his beard and keep it looking great. Coconut oil can help soften the hair and make it easy to maintain a beard. There are some other tools that can be used for maintaining facial hair as well. it is important to find a good pair of trimmers to trim the facial hair in some hard to reach places. These trimmers can be used to help a man trim his nose hair. He can have a great looking face and his beard can be in great condition but no one wants to see hair hanging out of his nose. It is important to select trimmers that are comfortable to hold and will not irritate the delicate skin in this area either.