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Best Face Wash for Men

Last Updated September 2019

Men usually neglect their skin because they think that a rugged and rough look is good. Honestly, that’s not a good idea. Neglecting your skin has many implications. It can lead to breakouts, clogged pores, and even premature aging.

Guys like using bar soaps to wash their faces. What they don’t know is that bar soaps are very harmful. They contain chemicals that can affect the health of your skin. Dirt, pollution, sweat, and dead cells all accumulate on your skin. Since the skin is very delicate, you have to refresh it to ensure that it remains clean and healthy.

best face wash for sensitive skin for men

A face wash is essential to everyone since it revitalizes your skin. It removes all the dirt and dead cells that accumulate on your skin as you perform your daily duties.

Why Use a Face Wash?

The skin is very fragile and needs proper care. Washing your face with water and bar soap is not enough. A face wash removes dirt and oil build up that can cause acne and inflammation. Some people suffer from skin complications such as oily or dry skins. A face wash will help reduce the effects of these issues on your skin.

Soap can dry your face, leading to flakiness, itchiness, and discomfort. A face wash will help you avoid these problems. Face wash removes the dirt while maintaining the pH balance and healthy bacteria and oils in your face. Soaps, on the contrary clear the essential oils and also tempers with the PH balance.

best acne face wash for men

A good face wash routine will help you have a comfortable shave. You may have experienced irritation or razor burns after shaving your beards. What you don’t know is that a bad facial washing routine may be the cause of your woes.

Things to Consider When Buying Face Wash or Cleanser

There are different facial products in the market today. You have to choose the right face wash or cleanser that will favor your skin. Your skin type will determine the kind of face wash or cleanser. Men’s skin falls in five categories, namely dry skin, oily skin, healthy skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin. Let’s discuss these skin types and their cleansers.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is generally tight and always itchy or flaky. This type of skin requires a cleanser that removes the dirt and impurities without tempering with its natural oils. You should look for a face wash that hydrates your skin. Look for a face wash that doesn’t have soap formulas.

Oily Skin

Oily skins have large and visible pores. They are greasy and produce oil shortly after being cleansed. Men who have oily skins should go for a face wash that penetrates and cleans the pores while regulating oil production. The cleanser should balance the skin’s ph and slows down the growth of bacteria and without leaving the skin dry. A face wash that contains charcoal is highly recommended.

Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is prone to irritation and is usually ready after cleansing or shaving. Guys with sensitive skin should look for cleansers that contain soothing ingredients such as hazel and aloe vera and have dense and creamy foams. This type of skin also requires a cleanser that balances Ph since a high or low ph can irritate or dry the skin. Avoid bubbly products as much as possible.

Normal skin

This skin is not prone to redness, flaking, and does not have a sheen. It has an even skin tone and does not break. Any face wash or cleanser will do since this type of skin isn’t choosy. Use cleansers that have offer bonus features such as toning, anti-aging, and hydrating ingredients.

Combination Skin

People with this type of skin have dry cheeks and oily chins, foreheads, and noses. Cleansers that balance cleaning and hydration id highly recommended. Go for a face wash that cleans the surface oil but locks in natural moisture.

Best Face Wash for Men

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

This face wash contains natural ingredients and can solve the skin problems you are facing. Using this face wash will help you achieve healthy and clear skin. It cleanses the skin without stripping its essential moisture. Ursa Major also contains essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and cedar that gives it a sweet scent.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash has more than 30 ingredients, including aloe vera which has incredible soothing properties. It also contains rice seed that hydrates the skin. It’s also good at exfoliating the skin without tempering with the moisture content.

Ursa Major doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates, petrochemicals, silicones, artificial color, and parabens. The face wash is ideal for all skin types.

Rugged and Dapper Facial Cleanser for Men

This face cleanser is gentle and helps keep your face naturally. It contains vitamin C, willow bark, and aloe vera that soothes the skin but removes grime and dirt. It unclogs pores, removes dead cells, and prevents the skin from aging.

R&D facial cleanser removes dirt and excess oil that cause acne and other skin breakouts. It’s suitable for all skin types and ages. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. This face wash also includes a unique manly scent that is different from ladies’ fragrances. R&D also contains tea tree oil that has many benefits, such as fighting acne.

Tiege Harnley’s Daily Face Wash

This face wash was designed by men who understand how guys behave when it comes to skin care. It contains four main components, including:

• Cucumber Extract

Cucumber extract contains vitamin C, proteins, and several minerals that smoothen and hydrate the skin. It also emolliates and moisturizes the skin and aids natural shedding of the outer skin layer.

• Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil acts as a stimulant and also stimulates the skin. It’s very beneficial to the skin.

• Lavandula Oil

Also known as lavender, Lavandula oil reduces redness, hydrates the skin, and also helps fight acne.

• Salix Alba bark

This extract reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin. It also boosts healing and also promotes natural kin shedding.

This face wash has rosemary oil that is effective in reducing fat and provides essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and vitamins. This face wash is suitable for all skin types.

Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

Brickell Men’s Purifying Face Wash contains activated charcoal, which is a perfect cleanser. Charcoal removes bacteria, excess oil, free radicals, and irritants from the skin pores without stripping the required moisture.

Brickell’s face wash also contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Olive oil removes excess oils and dirt while jojoba helps retain the moisture in the skin. This face wash is ideal for men of all skin types.

Brickell products are available in many countries. This face wash comes with a natural fragrance, derived from eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as sulfates or parabens.

You should use this face wash in the morning, after exercise, and before going to bed. The face wash is ideal for men with sensitive skin.

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Men with dry skin encounter problems when shopping for face washes and cleansers. Men with dry skin should ensure that they get a cleanser that cleans grime and dirt while maintaining the moisture content.

Cerave also contains ceramides, an ingredient that holds skin cells together and retains moisture. Ceramides reduce aging, drying, and protects the skin from harsh conditions. CeraVe also moisturizes the skin naturally.

The good is that CeraVe approved by the National Eczema Association. It’s therefore, ideal for people with sensitive sin or Eczema. Guys love it because it cleans the skin and soothes dry skin.

Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Face Wash

Bulldog Face Wash provides straightforward skincare solutions for men. It contains organic ingredients that target men specifically.

This face wash contains eight natural ingredients, including green tea. It cleanses your skin gently, removing any dirt and grime. It also contains aloe vera, which reduces irritation, soothes the, among others. It also comes with a gel that protects the skin from drying. Bulldog also prevents acne for men with oily skin. It leaves you with clean and soft skin.

Jake Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Jae Black is gaining popularity every day in the men’s skincare sector. This cleanser cleans not only the skin but also tones it. It removes excess oil and dirt, refreshing and hydrating your skin.

It contains oat that cleans the skin and hazel, which serves as an antioxidant. This facial cleanser also contains rosemary and sage leaf, which have excellent antibacterial properties. Aloe vera and chamomile soothe the skin and reduce redness.

This cleanser has been tested by a dermatologist and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as gluten, paraben, and sulfates. Jack Black is ideal for guys with pores that are easily clogged and suffer from acne and blackheads.

Men who accumulate a lot of dirt and suffer from acne, as a result, should use this facial cleanser.

Difference between Face Wash, Scrub, Cleanser, and Soap

You might be confused about what to buy when looking for a facial skincare product. Here is the difference between a face wash, cleanser, scrub, and soap.

• Face Wash

Face wash and cleanser have a similar function, which is to clean the face. However, a face wash has soap-like characteristics, i.e., it lathers faster compared to a cleanser.

A face wash contains powerful cleansing ingredients that clean the skin deeply but gently. It does not contain ingredients that destroy the cells or dehydrate the skin.

Your daily routine will determine whether you will choose a face wash or cleanser. People who are exposed to excess pollution should opt for a cleanser. Guys with sensitive should use cleansers since face washes are a bit harsher.

• Face Cleanser

A cleanser is a non-forming solution that cleans the face. You don’t have to wash your face after using a cleanser because it doesn’t produce foam like face washes. Facial cleansers are used to remove excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells just like face washes.

Cleansers are gentle on the skin as compared to scrubs and face washes. They leave your skin moisturized and hydrated. Facial cleansers also can remove oil-soluble impurities from the skin.

You can use a facial cleanser and a face wash together for better results.

• Face Scrub

A face scrub goes an extra mile of exfoliating the skin and removing the outer layer of dead cells. Face scrubs contain plant matter that provides a more profound cleansing effect. Unlike face washes and cleansers, scrubs should be used once or twice a week.

• Bar Soap

Bar soap is alkaline and can cause harm to your skin. Bar soaps contain harsh chemicals that rip off the natural oil of your skin. Soaps are mostly poisonous to the skin. However, some soaps contain natural ingredients that are good for your facial skin. Ensure that you choose the right one.

Face washes deliver good results if you choose the right one for your skin. You should first know your skin type. Using a face wash that’s not ideal for your skin can be very dangerous. Also, consider the price of the face wash. Ensure that you read the list of ingredients before you buy any product. The ingredients should be natural and free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and gluten. The information above will help you select the best product for your facial skin.


Best Shaving Soap

Guys have different skin types, and they should be very keen when choosing skincare products. When shopping for shaving soap, it’s ideal that you understand what irritates your skin. People with sensitive skin should be very keen on the tools they use for shaving. One of the basics that everyone should have is a shaving soap. You may find that some of the shaving soaps in the market today are made of ingredients that irritate the skin. With many brands in the market today, it can be challenging to find a good shaving soap.

best shave soap

Shaving soaps lubricates and provides excellent lather while shaving. They are affordable and have been around for a long time. Also, shaving soaps hydrates your skin during shaving and prevents razor burns, irritation, and ingrown hair.

Best Shaving Soap for People with Sensitive Skin

Colonel Conk, Bay Rum Shaving Shop

Bay Rum shaving soap has a perfect manly scent and lathers well. It leaves your skin feeling good and smooth. This soap contains Avocado Oil that smoothens and moisturizes your skin. Avocado oil is an excellent moisturizer and can be used on the face. Avocado oil is also useful in reducing inflammation and also eliminating blackheads for a clear look.

Colonel Conk soap also contains Vitamin E which as effective antioxidant. It protects your skin from pollutants and free radicals. Apart from being a good moisturizer, Vitamin E has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces inflammation and redness on your skin.

This soap is glycerin-based, making it a super moisturizer. Glycerin is used in many soaps because it’s a safe ingredient. This soap is suitable for vegans because the glycerin is derived from plant oils. This soap has a good lather because it contains Stearic Acid.

Proraso Shaving Soap with Bowl

Proraso shaving soap has been around for a long time, making it a trusted brand. This soap contains Coconut oil, which is a natural moisturizer. Coconut oil is light such that it can’t clog pores.

Proraso also contains Eucalyptus oil, an ingredient that has a lot of benefits to the skin. It’s an excellent anti-inflammatory making it effective in reducing skin redness. Eucalyptus oil is also an excellent antiseptic and antibacterial. It enables your skin to breath properly by unclogging pores.

Proraso contains Menthol that cools and soothes the skin, giving you that good feeling after shaving. Lastly, this soap has lactic acid that improves your skin tone and helps fight dark spots. It’s also paraben-free.

The Blades Grim Shaving Soap

This soap is the best when it comes to softness. Apart, from softness, Blades Grim comes with a smolder scent. The scent is derived from orange peels, mandarin, star anise, and coriander among other spices. The Tonka bean gives it the manly vanilla quality.

The soap produces a thick protective lather. The lather is slick, and you won’t worry about irritation or razor burns. The Stearic acid presents in this soap boost lathering and is a good moisturizer.

Finally, Blades Grime Soap has coconut oil that helps cleanse and hydrate your skin. It ensures that you have a clean, close, and smooth shave.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap

This quality soap comes with a reusable bowl, making it very convenient to use. It comes with a classic masculine scent that fades away slowly after using this soap.

The soap is made of natural ingredients including shea butter, sandalwood, coconut oil that boosts skin health. Coconut oil and shea butter contain vitamin A and E that improves skin softness. Coconut oil ensures that the razor glides smoothly. The soap has animal fat as the main component. It helps you have smooth skin after your shave.

The sandalwood scent is very masculine but also appeals to women and men. The fragrance is not aggressive and fades pleasantly. This soap offers a close shave throughout the process.

Soap Commander Shaving Soap

Soap Commander has gained popularity, especially in people who prefer wet shaving. The soap comes in a 6-ounce jar, meaning you will use it for a long time. It has a smooth and creamy lather, ensuring that you get a smooth shave.

This soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin because of its excellent moisturizing properties. It’s slick enough to protect you from razor burns.

Go for Soap Commander if you are a fan of artisan soaps. Although you need to pre-soak it, the results are amazing.

Henry Cavendish Shaving Puck

This soap contains Soy that is effective in reducing dark spots caused by sun or acne scars. Soy also softens your skin naturally to promote a closer shave.

Henry Cavendish has shea butter, which is a good moisturizer and anti-inflammatory. It protects you from redness, irritation, and dryness.

This soap comes with an exotic Himalayan scent containing Indian cedar and Blue Pine. The woody scent is complemented by cashmere musk to give it a masculine fragrance. The smell is also appealing, and ladies can wear it as cologne.

Henry Cavendish lasts long as compared to other mug shaving soaps. You can melt it in a mug before using it. The soap is free from toxic chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men

Sir Hares soap comes in a classy package. You can use the bowl as a shaving bowl. This soap creates an excellent lather, ensuring that you have a close and fresh shave. The clean, barbershop scent is refreshing and pleasant.

Tallow is the main component of this soap. You are assured of a smooth shave without irritations. The mango and shea butter are ideal for people with sensitive skin because of their moisturizing properties.

The soap is made from purely natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that may poison your delicate skin. Also, this soap doesn’t have synthetic preservatives. The price is also fair for quality soap like Sir Hare.

eShave Shaving Soap with Bowl

eShave shaving soap is a classy soap that comes with different assorted scents. It takes wet shaving to a different level.

eShave comes with three fragrances: Avocado oil, Lavender and Mandarin. All these scents are pleasant and masculine without overpowering qualities. The soap also produces fine leather to give you a smooth shave.

eShave comes in three different bowls: Gold, Nickel, and Gun Metal. The soap is paraben-free and doesn’t contain SLS or animal ingredients.

It contains vegetable glycerin that produces the wonderful lather. Use the soap with a hairbrush and warm water for a smooth shave. It leaves your skin fresh and hydrated courtesy of the avocado oil and shea butter present.

When it comes to skincare products, eShave is one of the best. When shipping, the items are stored in non-biodegradable packages to ensure that you get high-quality products. eShave lacks harsh chemicals making it suitable for guys with sensitive skin. You should consider this soap when shopping for a shaving soap.

What to Consider When Searching for the Best Shaving Soap

• Fat and Glycerin Content: The best shaving soaps are either made from fat or glycerin. Glycerin locks in water and boosts skin hydration. It also emolliates the skin, softening the beard, and moisturizing the skin. Glycerin also creates a barrier between the skin and the blade. Fat lubricates and protects your skin throughout the shaving process. It protects your skin from irritation. High fat or glycerin content ensures that the lather produced is of high quality. High-quality soaps are milled several times to improve the lather quality. It’s hard to know the fat or glycerin content in soap. You should read reviews from people who have used the product.

• Scent: Artificial fragrances are not suitable for sensitive skin. Soaps come with different scents, and it’s up to you to choose the one that feels good. Ensure that the smell is manly and musky.

best shaving soaps

• Allergens: Shaving soaps can cause allergies to people with sensitive skin. Make sure that the soap is allergen-free and doesn’t have any artificial fragrances and colors.

• Size: Mostly, the size of the soap doesn’t matter a lot. However, you don’t want to carry a large soap while traveling. The good thing is that shaving soaps come in different sizes. You won’t have a problem finding one that suits you.

• Aesthetics: Shaving soaps come in a bowl, bar, or even in wooden bowls. The packaging is an important aspect, and you should, therefore, choose one that appeals to your eyes. Some shaving soaps come with a handle. They are ideal for people who travel a lot.

• Price: Shaving soaps come with different price tags. Expensive soaps are made of high-quality ingredients that are good to your skin. However, you may find cheap shaving soaps that are of high quality. Just ensure that the soap suits your budget.

• Brand: It’s vital that you buy soaps from reputable brands. Famous brands have been around for long and are therefore known because they produce high-quality products. You can check online reviews to determine which brands are the best in the market.

What’s the Difference between Shaving Soap and Shaving cream?

Shaving soaps and shaving creams perform the same duty. However, there are some differences between the two.

• Lather: Shaving creams lather easily as compared to shaving soaps. The water content in shaving creams is high and therefore makes them lather quickly. However, shaving soaps produce a more luxurious lather than creams.

• Scent: Shaving creams typically contain an overpowering smell as compared to soaps. Some guys may find cream fragrances to be overwhelming. Overpowering scents may cause irritations, especially to people with sensitive skin. Shaving soaps produce a sweet scent that’s not overpowering. Go for a shaving soap if you don’t like strong scents.

• Hard water: Hard water can affect lathering processes. Shaving soaps don’t lather quickly in hard water. If you are using hard water, then it’s advisable that you use creams instead of water.

• Razor: People either use straight or safety blades to shave. Shaving creams are perfect for people who use safety razors because they provide more protection as compared to soaps. Soaps, on the other hand, are ideal for guys who use straight razors because they produce rich lather when compared to creams. The lather enables the blade to glide smoothly and efficiently.

• Durability: Although creams produce lather quickly, they don’t last for a long time when compared to soaps. Since soaps last longer, using them is cheaper than creams. Some soaps can last for several months.

Shaving can be a problem for people with sensitive skin. It can leave with irritated or redness after the shaving process. You can choose the mentioned soaps above if you are looking for the best soaps for sensitive skin.

You must ensure that the soap that you choose is made of natural ingredients. Artificial ingredients can trigger allergic reactions on the skin. Also, you should consider the scent of the shaving soap. The soap should have a sweet and masculine fragrance. However, the fragrance should not be overpowering.

While it’s vital to buy an excellent shaving soap, it’s also essential to buy the right nose trimmers. Nose hairs are common and can be annoying. The hair increase as we get old.

However, these hairs should not worry you because there are useful tools that can help you cut them. You should not use scissors because they can cause injuries.

Best nose trimmers will help you deal trim your nose hair comfortably. All you have to do is find the best trimmer.

Best Mustache and Beard Wax

Last Updated September 2019

Taking care of your beard and mustache is ordinarily a complicated undertaking given the many grooming products available. Luckily, you need not necessarily go it alone. Not when seasoned experts in the dual fields of beard and mustache wax like us do exist.

It is, on the whole, thicker than both the oil and the balm. The wax mostly confers some stronger holds of the beards. In so doing, it yields some cohesive shapes and is hence suitable for the styling of your hair.

Needless to point out, there are many such items on the market today. Finding the right one, against this backdrop, may hence not be really that simple. Yet again, we come into your rescue. Read through these reviews and buying guide for more information.

best beard waxes

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Beard and Mustache Wax


Waxes come in diverse colors and hues. It is hence important to pay attention to the color as well. The best color has to match well with your unique tastes and preferences. At the same time, it should also be compatible with the clothing you choose to put on.

Quality and Quantity of Ingredients

The quality and the quantity of the ingredients in use also count. Studies have deduced that more ingredients imply higher quality and vice versa. Further, the butter, natural oils, and beeswax are some of the ‘must have’ ingredients in a typical wax. Avoid those waxes that have synthetic ingredients like petroleum jelly.

Scented vs. Unscented

Depending on your own taste, you may have to choose between the scented and the unscented wax. Choose the scented if you do not have any allergies or want to add some elegance to your life. The unscented is the one for you in case you are predisposed to some respiratory illnesses or issues.


How firm does the wax hold on to your mustache or beard? A good wax has to be truly potent. This is to see to it that when applied, it does not drip or fall off unnecessarily. Apart from this, a good hold will also maintain your wax in place for an extended duration of time.

best wax for beards

Reasons to Use a Beard and Mustache Wax

There are three main reasons why people use the beard and mustache wax. These are highlighted and explained hereunder:


When the beard and mustache are both unkempt, it may be tricky for you to eat and talk normally. By use of this wax, it is possible for you to keep the hair out of your mouth. This allows you to talk, kiss, eat, and speak without any undue hindrance.


The wax helps you to style your beard well. It is in fact almost impossible for you to do so save for using this item. Your use of the wax hence helps you to obtain some glossy appearances which certainly enhance your own self-esteem.

Expedited Care and Maintenance

Lastly, you also get to care for and maintain your beard and mustache easily. When appropriately waxed, the beard strands stay tall, straight and alert. You will subsequently comb them easily whenever you absolutely have to.

Best Mustache and Beard Wax

#1: Stache Bomb Stache Wax Mustache Wax

This wax is homemade. It is inspired by Maine’s harsh winters. Use it to maintain your beard in the locked positions. Generally, this wax is softer than most others. You will find it easier to squeeze out from the can. In so doing, you will also spend less of your time to make use of it.

The wax goes beyond styling your beards. It also scents it. This is due to its citrusy and pine scent. When applied on the beard, it discharges some softer touch and excellent holds. Your hair will, therefore, stay firmly in place without any disruptions, no matter what.

Core Benefits

• Very easy to apply

• Exudes some awesome scent

• Available in some portable container

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Petroleum oil jelly

• Fragrance

#2: Canyouhandlebar All-Natural Secondary Mustache Wax

Is yours a flaccid mustache? If it is, you have probably already encountered tons of negative images. Also, your mustache must have dropped from time to time. To counter these issues, you require a wax that has awesome strength. This is to mean that it should be capable of maintaining your mustache in a firm position.

This wax contains a blend of all-natural beeswax and oil. The former is derived from Michigan bees. You require some patience and strength though to apply it. This stems from its extra-thick formulation which definitely does not spread really easily. On the whole, this wax contains many quality ingredients.

Core Benefits

• Firm enough to confer additional hold

• Contains only all-natural ingredients

• Exudes some natural scent

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Lanolin

• Castor oil

Coconut oil

• Shea butter

• Vitamin E

#3: Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky

For all practical purposes, this wax has the strongest hold. It is subsequently capable of taming the toughest mustache available. This notwithstanding, you still need not apply too much of the wax. Only a small amount in between your fingers is sufficient to accord you the hold you require.

Further to that, it also grips your hair hard, regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions. These include heat, humidity, and excess precipitation. Even though it appears darker, it also lightens up after it has already been applied. Lastly, it is also non-greasy and will hardly soil your fingers.

Core Benefits

• Yields some greater hold on your mustache

• Long-lasting and endures the test of time

• Handmade

Key Ingredients

• N/A

#4: Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Mustache Wax

The manufacturer of this wax takes matters men’s facial hair very seriously. It operates under the tag line ‘Grave before Shave.’ Unlike most other high-quality waxes of its kind, this one contains some synthetic ingredients as well. Chief of these is the petroleum jelly which exists to provide some extra hold.

It is also scented for added elegance. The scent is a combination of cigar and vanilla, both of which are hard to beat. Setting this wax apart from the others is the ease of spreading. It is dilute and requires less effort to handle unlike many other quality waxes of its kinds.

Core Benefits

• Contains a unique scent

• Has a pretty soft texture

• Does not look or feel waxy

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Tea tree oil

• Jojoba oil

Coconut oil

Essentials Oils

• Petroleum jelly

• Pine Sap

#5: Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

This Honest Amish is hailed as the oldest beard wax available. If you are intent on leveraging high quality, you know where to run to. In all, this beard is formulated to tame the wildest of a man’s beard. Indeed, many past users have equated it to the hair spray owing to its highly penetrative formulation.

All its ingredients are derived from nature. For this reason, it delivers some superior hold on your beard. This allows you to strike a balance between style and hold. At its core is the all-natural beeswax which provides the hold. Its styling superiority, on the other hand, comes from all-natural butter.

Core Benefits

• Very popular mustache and beard wax

• Tames the widest beard hairs

• Hand-made

• Simpler to spread through your beards

Key Ingredients

• Organic Oils

• Fruit Oils

• Nut oil

• Butters

• Beeswax

#6: Seven Points Beard Wax

During the growth of your beard, there come moments when the growth is simply out of hand. It becomes too vigorous to tame, keep in good shape or style. You cannot use the ordinary waxes at such time. The only one that is specially formulated like this one may come handy.

It has all-organic and all-natural styling wax. These two active ingredients deliver to you beard some awesome appearances regardless of their stages of growth. While at it, the wax also provides a good hold not to mention sparing your beard from appearing unnatural or stiff.

Core Benefits

• Yields some excellent hold which is also not very stiff

• Eliminates beardruff, itching, split ends and a host of hair issues

• Absolutely awesome for the beards

Key Ingredients

• Organic coconut oil

• Organic palm oil

• Organic jojoba wax

• Organic peach kernel oil

• Cocoa butter

• Avocado butter

• Palm-free vegetable glycerin

• Vitamin E

• Cedarwood

• Sandalwood

• Natural essential oils

#7: The Bearded Goon’s Ridiculously
Strong Beard and Handlebar Mustache Wax

Are you mostly concerned about the hold? If you are, this is the one we would recommend. In fact, you only need to apply it once and there you have it! The amount you apply shall last the entire day. It is also 100% natural. As such, it is devoid of any chemicals, parabens and artificial dyes.

By all accounts, this is one of the stiffest waxes for your beards. This being the case, it also suits your mustaches well. Due to its long lasting nature, it is
quite capable of lasting long and eliminating the need for constant re-application.

Core Benefits

• Produces ridiculously stronghold

• The all-natural formulation which translates to added safety

• Demands only one application per day

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

Coconut oil

• Shea butter

• Tree resin

• Essential oils

Do-It-Yourself Homemade Mustache Wax

Have some mustache that requires additional effort and cares? Wait not to purchase your wax from the shop. You too can make yours, right at the comfort of your home. We devote the last segment of our discussions to five of the best handmade waxes, you might consider manufacturing.

#1: Simply the Best Handmade Wax

In its simplest form, this is a combination of the beeswax and Vaseline. Some variants contain few droplets of scents and essential oils. To make it, simply mix Vaseline with beeswax and pour them on a pan.

Boil the mixture till it becomes liquid. Thereafter, introduce some essential oils in the mixture varying it in accordance with the amount. Drain this liquid in the tin can and let it cool down completely. It is now ready to apply.

#2: Mustache Wax: Oil and Beeswax

In case you lack too many complicated ingredients, this is the variant to set your eyes on. That is because it employs only the simple everyday ingredients like mustard oil and beeswax. To make it, mix the wax with oil and heat it thoroughly.

Be sure to equalize the proportions of both ingredients. In case the oil does not mix with the mustache well, consider reheating for better outcomes. Thereafter, pour the mixture into the can or tin where you intend to store the wax. Wait for some 7-8 minutes for it to harden.

#3. DIY Mustache Wax: the Cheap Way

Are you short on cash yet would wish to enjoy the selfsame great benefits of mustache wax? If you are, this is the formulation we would recommend. It requires almost no extra ingredients other than the beeswax and coconut oil.

Mix the two ingredients in 2:1 ratio i.e. two scoops of beeswax and one scoop of coconut oil. Place them both in a mixing bowl. Put the bowl on a double boiler or a stove to melt the wax. As the wax melts, stir it to achieve some uniform blend. Pour the resultant mixture into a container quickly before hardening.

#4: Homemade Mustache Wax

To formulate this wax, you require some three ingredients. These are the essential oils, beeswax, and coconut oil, respectively. Get hold of a mixing bowl and metal pot. Arrange them in a double boiler to melt the beeswax slowly.

Heat the double boiler to melt the wax. Introduce two scoops of coconut oil in the mixture. After the mixture has liquefied, pour it into some jar or tin. Cool the mixture for around 45 minutes to let it solidify.

#5: Mustache Wax: All Natural Ingredients

Mix coconut oil and beeswax in a glass jar and place it on the boiler or stove. This is to melt the wax completely. After the wax and the oil has mixed and melted, add some Vaseline to the mixture.

Mix well by stirring slowly. Pour the liquid into some container, jar, or tin. Cool the mixture for around one and a half hours. Your wax shall be ready in no time.

Well, you now know almost all about the mustache and beard wax, don’t you? You now have to go ahead and implement the insight you have gained. This can only happen if you look for a suitable wax on the basis of the considerations we have explained above.

Take the guesswork out of your search for the right wax. Simply start off with the ones we have identified and reviewed. They are by far the most reliable waxes on the market today. In them, you are most likely to gain the benefits and reliability you have been yearning for.

In case you get stuck along the way, hesitate not seeking our assistance. We know too well that finding the right wax may still not be easy even after going through the guidance above. You want many others to enjoy similar advantages, don’t you? Why not pass this information on to them too?

Best Bar Soap For Men

An effective cleanser is typically fundamental when it comes to a healthy skin-care routine whether you prefer a heavy-duty gel for cleaning tough makeup, a blemish-busting foam or a gentle, soothing cream. But with all the numerous options on the shelves of our bathrooms and the market, perhaps you are doing yourself an injustice by neglecting the modest bar soap.

The best cleansing soap for you is all about your preference. There’s no wrong or right answer, and it usually comes down to how and with what you would like to clean yourself, but there is a lot more to bar soaps than you think. This traditional bathroom soap comes in different colors, fragrances, and shapes, and after the modern developments for particular skin types, too.

best smelling bar soap for men

Nowadays, cleaning bars are packed with similar natural and skin-saving ingredients, just like your favorite go-to cleansers. Luckily, many men stand by the quality and natural bar soaps, which uniquely awaken their sense of adventure. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about bar soaps, including some of the best bar soaps for men you will find on the market.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bar Soap

The ideal soap bar for men is one which is an effective cleanser and one that meets all the individual requirements you may have for a product as well. Here are a few important factors you should keep in mind when looking for a bar soap that will best suit you.

• Your skin type

It is important to know your skin type before shopping for a bar soap for bathing. You should know whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Based on your skin type, you can look for bar soaps that best suit your skin. Avoid buying soaps with parabens and sulfates in them because these harsh ingredients can damage your skin. Itchiness and rashes are some of the results you will experience in the long run if you use harsh soaps.

• Type of bar soap

There are various types of bar soaps, including standard, handcrafted, and artisanal bar soaps. Your selection should switch between artisanal and handcrafted types instead of the standard ones. Chemical-ridden, heavily perfumed and mass-produced standard soaps are not recommended for skin use.

Alternatively, artisanal and handcrafted soaps are made utilizing high-quality elements, which include glycerin, essential oils, and many others. When making your purchase, you should look for men’s bar soap with damage-free and moisture-retaining ingredients.

• Scent

The scent of a cleansing product is another crucial factor when shopping for bar soaps for men. It makes the soap more pleasant to utilize and also helps in creating a base layer of a manly scent that’ll keep you smelling clean and fresh throughout the day even when your aftershave or cologne has worn off.

• Size

The bar size you select is important for a couple of reasons. The size of bar soap will determine how easy it will be to hold and also use it and will also determine how long the bar soap will last.

• Natural moisturizers

Regardless of how far science and technology advances, nothing can beat the numerous health benefits of nature’s abundance. When it comes to the moisturizing ingredients you should look for in a block of bar soap, remember that natural is always the best. Some of the most common natural moisturizers to look for are olive oil, mineral oils, argan oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, and avocado oil or extracts.

• Cost

Even if bar soaps are a bit pricey when compared to mass-produced bathing soaps, you should go for artisanal and handcrafted soaps with organic and natural ingredients. Always remember that your skin is more important than any other thing. Besides, you can look for packages that offer discounted deals.

Best Bar Soaps for Men

If you prefer using soap or would like to try this eco-friendly method of washing, we have selected the seven best bar soaps for men. All these soaps are budget-friendly and will not make your skin dry. Moreover, their non-feminine fragrances are suitable for men.

Duke Cannon Men’s Bar Soap

This particular bar soap has a strong peppermint fragrance which will seriously wake you up in the mornings. It is, therefore, suitable for any guy who struggles a lot in the mornings to get out of bed and take a cold shower before heading out for work.

The most evident feature of this bar of soap is the tingling effect it leaves behind after you have used it for the first time. It is more suitable to be used as body and hand wash. It offers you the feeling of a pretty deep cleanse accompanied by a cooling effect. The price is affordable, considering that you are getting a 10 oz — block of soap.

Dove Men Care Body and Face Bar

With this bar of soap, you don’t have to worry about any residue being left behind after taking a shower. That means you will not experience any horrible dryness or tight feeling afterward either. Dove Men Care is an incredibly creamy bar soap that lathers and easily works to ensure that you not only get clean, but you also remain moisturized throughout the day.

The scent of Dove Men Care is masculine without being overwhelming. It will blend pretty well with any cologne you might choose to use for the day. Again, since this soap bar is specifically designed for men, it means that it doesn’t hurt at all.

Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bar

Cetaphil cleansing bar is usually effective when it comes to cleaning and also killing bacteria. The main ingredient in this soap bar is triclosan, which is an antibacterial component, and it’s pretty effective in cleansing. The best thing about this soap bar is that it is not comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t block your skin pores, but it allows them to breathe and also feel fresh at all times.

Due to its antibacterial effect, Cetaphil cleansing bar is one of the best soap bars for men who would like to clean their hands without experiencing dryness. In fact, as a result of its moisturizing properties, this cleansing bar is ideal for dry and sensitive skin as well.

Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo Bar Soap

If you’ve sensitive skin and you prefer bar soaps to liquid alternatives, then you should try using Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo bar soap. This cleansing bar is one of the best soaps for men because it cleans pretty well, do not irritate, and it comes with a light masculine scent.

Since Mistral Sandalwood Bamboo is incredibly gentle, it has been designed with all the properties necessary to ensure that your skin remains wholly moisturized even during the winter months and other harsh weather conditions.

If you take around two showers per day, then this bar soap will last for around one month, which is quite a good duration of time considering that it is larger than other soaps and it comes in at an affordable price.

Baxter California Vitamin Cleansing Bar Soap

Baxter of California bar soap is a very noticeable cleansing product. Not only does it contain lime in the mixture, but it also comes with a bright green covering of lime in the middle of the soap bar. Besides, it also includes vitamins and pomegranate for extra measure.

Baxter of California bar soap is not the cheapest cleansing product you can find out there on the market, but it’s a pretty effective cleanser. The vitamins added in the soap are more than only a marketing tool, and they do work. The price to value for Baxter of California bar soap is ideal. It might pay to try it out to know if it does the trick.

Irish Spring Signature Exfoliating Bar

This bar soap is one of those cleansing products that you can trust when it comes to availability and performance. Once you try Irish Spring Exfoliating Bar for yourself, you will realize why it’s so popular among consumers.

It has a commonly masculine scent which is not too much intense, and the exfoliating factor does not hurt either. It’s gentle and will always leave your skin pretty smooth after every wash. Whether you’re using this bar of soap to make sure your body gets a great scrubbing or to soften rough hands, this is a bar soap that gives you a good lather and wonderful results as well.

Old Spice Zone – Swagger Scent

If you are one of those people who enjoy old-fashioned Old Spice products, then this cleansing bar is not different at all. This Swagger scented bar of soap is ideal for men who love the typical fragrance and lasting freshness as well.

The price of this bar of soap is relatively affordable, and it is more suitable for cleaning your body. If you have not tried any Old Spice products before, you can try their deodorant and realize how it smells. In general, the fragrances of the two products are incredibly similar, and the scented soap bar is made of a variety of great ingredients that give you a deep cleanse.

Body Cleansing – Bar Soaps vs. Body Wash

When you are selecting a cleansing product to wash your body, it is vital to make an informed decision. Since you already have an idea about body washes and bar soaps, it’s time to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each of them so that you can effortlessly select the one you would like to have on the shelf of your bathroom. We are going to compare these bath staples according to the main factors that we take into consideration when shopping for the ideal product.

• Skincare

Skincare is usually one of the main reasons why many individuals switch to preferred body washes. While most body washes are typically sold on their oil control and moisturizing benefits; nowadays, you can easily get soaps that boast of similar properties. So, this one is a tie between body washes and bar soaps.

• Hygiene

Some people argue that bar soaps can harbor bacteria on their surfaces, meaning that they can be unhygienic. However, research shows that if you rinse your soap bar between uses, it’s pretty unlikely to transfer any bacteria between users. Alternatively, body washes need a washcloth or loofah for cleaning, and this can become a major breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially if you do not clean them well more regularly.

• Lifespan

In most cases, a bar soap tends to last longer than a body wash. However, the usability of a bar soap tends to reduce towards the end of its lifespan. A bar soap’s size becomes incredibly small with use in the long run, which means you cannot use the bar to the fullest. On the flip side, you can efficiently exploit your body wash to the last drop by turning the container upside down.

• Convenience

The general ease of use for a cleansing product is a factor you cannot ignore before making a purchase. Bar soaps are incredibly easy to use since you only need to unwrap them and then bathe.

On the other hand, body wash needs some accessories like washcloths and loofahs before enjoying a bath. Again, bar soaps are pretty easy to carry when traveling when compared to body washes that have a high probability of bursting in your traveling bag.

In short, the cleansing product you settle on significantly depends on which of the categories discussed above are more important to you. All you should do is to know what you want, try both of them, and then follow your gut.

Bar soaps are fundamental when it comes to ensuring personal hygiene. This traditional and humble soap is also determined to stay around in spite of the many liquid soaps that have flooded the market today, increasingly becoming the popular selection among consumers. As we have seen earlier, bar soaps are incredibly overflowing with benefits. They are mixed with natural oils, butter and moisturizers to condition the skin and supplant lost moisture.

Bar soaps come in different sizes, shapes, and they smell incredible, which means they will effectively wash your skin and keep you fresh and clean throughout the day. With proper storage, soap bars can last for a month or even more, and some of the best can also work as facial cleansers. Get one of the best soap bars for men discussed above next time you are in the shower, and you might discover a new favorite.

Best Shaving Kits For Men

For far too long, men have relied on shaving foam and safety razor only to keep their beards short. However, there is a shift in the trend in modern times. These days, we do have the shaving kits. The kits contain more accessories and are definitely more effective in getting rid of excess hair.

Their use is a lot more convenient than the two items we have touched on. That is because each component handles unique tasks and thoroughly for that matter. It is also impossible for you to obtain long-lasting impacts without the use of a comprehensive kit.

best shaving kit bag for men

You definitely need some guidance to be able to make the right purchasing decision. We understand this fact only too well. That is why we have stepped in voluntarily to help you make the right choice. Read the discussions hereunder for more insight on the subject.

Pros and Cons of Buying Shaving Kits Compared to Buying Every Item Individually 


Limited Hassles

By purchasing a kit rather than individual items, you stand to enjoy some limited hassles. You do not have to leave your hair halfway to look for other items to complete it.

Overall Cheaper

It is no secret that bulk purchases are cheaper than individual ones. Your choice of the shaving kit is hence a suitable way of cutting down your shaving costs.

Saves Time

With all the items you require for shaving in your hands, you need not waste time while shaving. Instead, you spend the little time you have to do the best job possible.

Yields Better Outcomes

Definitely, a kit brings about better outcomes. That is because you get to handle individual chores as exactly as you would naturally have to.

Great for gifts

You may also use the shaving kit as a gift to your man. The items that constitute the kit are on the whole quite elegant to behold.

best shaving kit for men



A kit is generally bulkier to carry around compared to individual shaving items. You will confront some inconveniences as you travel around with yours.

Likelihoods of Redundancy

It may not always be that you will find all the items in the kit relevant to your shaving needs. This means that the chances of some items being redundant are just too high.

Requires some Expertise

You definitely require some expertise to handle and operate some items in a typical shaving kit. Your lack of such expertise may hence disparage you significantly.

What is in a Shaving Kit?

Aftershave Balm

To protect your skin from developing rashes, you want to apply an aftershave balm. This one overlays the shaved skin and shields it from direct contact with germs and other harmful external agents. It also speeds up the rate of healing after a shave.

Shaving Cream, Gel or Foam

Most shaving kits comprise the cream, gel, and foam, at the same time. This gives you room and freedom to select the exact one which closely mirrors your unique expectations. These items definitely make for some gentler and perfect skin outcomes.

Pre-shave Treatment

Before shaving, you must definitely prepare your skin for the subsequent role. You will find the pre-shave treatment a nice and worthy purchase indeed. Its role in preparing the skin for the shaving cannot at all be underestimated.


This forms the core of the entire shaving process. It is the razor that actually does the cutting of the hair into finer particles. Needless to say, the razor has to be sharp and preferably multiple in number.

Shaving Brush

After you are through with your shaving and before applying the aftershave, you must definitely get rid of the hair debris. You will employ the shaving brush for this role. It eliminates the minute chuff and debris well.

Lathering Products

Lastly, you will also want to lather your skin in preparation for the actual shaving. Yet again, you will find the lathering products handy at such times. They clean and raise the strands of hair to make them easier to cut through later.

Best Shaving Kits for Men

#1: Van der Hagen Luxury Shaving Kit

You need not necessarily go to a high-end barber shop and spend too much of your money to be able to accrue luxurious shaving outcomes. This kit is available for your luxurious shaving outcomes. This is mainly because of its luxurious lather which prepared and conditions your skin for smooth and close shaves.

As part of its luxurious shaving outcomes, this kit also lubricates your skin in such a way as to prevent razor burns, diminish nicks and cuts. All these are provided in a package that is way cheaper than those of your ordinary high-end barber shops.


• Boar bristle brush

• Best-selling luxury shave soap

• Acrylic brush stand

• Apothecary Mug

#2: Merkur Futur 4-piece Shaving Set

Looking to generate some styles as you shave your beard? Look no further than this particular set. It is indeed equipped with many tools and features intended for the same. Specifically, the fact that you may alter the angles of shaves is what makes it capable of doing just that.

Generally, also, the blades bring about some truly close shaves. They subsequently leave behind almost no hair strands and hence make your outcomes truly awesome. Given its beautiful appearance, you may also use the set to add some aesthetics to your room.


• Frosted glass shaving bowl

• Silvertip badger brushes

• Merkur Futur adjustable razor

• Satin-finished chrome shaving stand

#3: Parker 29R Safety Razor Shaver Set

Looking to surprise your male loved one this coming holiday? Think of this kit. It is beautifully crafted and is hence a great gift choice. This does not mean though that it cannot perform the standard chores as expected. Indeed, the kit is still a reliable companion for everything shaving.

Most of its cutting mechanisms are made of stainless steel. As such, they are firm, strong, durable, and very sharp. For this reason, they are more likely to yield you reliable shaving outcomes, all factors considered.


• Deluxe Black Badger bristle brush

• Chrome handle

• Stainless steel stand

• Silver-colored theme

• Chrome Plating

• Twist-to-open butterfly head

• Extra-long 100% black badger bristles

#4: Parker 96R Shaving Kit

Are you a frequent and regular shaver? If you are, this is the kit you have been looking for. On the whole, the kit is strong and durable. It is subsequently capable of enduring the most strenuous of circumstances of use. The company that makes it is also reputable for excellent customer service.

Over and above shaving your beard, this kit can also do a good job of enhancing the aesthetics of your toilet. This is mainly because of its chrome finishing which is truly great to behold.


• Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor

• C2PGSS chrome shave stand

• Pure badger brush

• Deluxe 100% pure badger bristle brush

• Black and chrome handle

#5: Merkur Shaving Kit

If you operate on ordinarily squeezed schedules, you want a comprehensive package. This Merkur shaving kit is manufactured for persons of your kinds. In all, it contains all those items and gears which you shall usually have to use for your shaving. These individual items also stand apart from the others.

They are durable, are accommodative of many relevant gears and are devoid of any synthetic preservatives. What’s more? The entire package is usable by both men and women alike. This makes the package great for whole family use.


• Chrome-plated safety razor

• Bowl

• Shaving soap

• Badger brush

• Stand for brush and razor

• 21 mm chrome handle

#6: Jack Black No. 2 Bump-free Shave System

Sometimes it is never enough to shave your hair only. You usually want to go ahead and eliminate those unsightly marks which arise after shaving. This is the kit to look up to. Other than that, it also conceals cuts and gets rid of any bumps. It has some unique parts and components.

Together, these features and items enable it to perform feats which are way beyond the scope of your ordinary shaving kit.


• Non-slip razor handle

• 2 replacement cartridges

• Daily face cleaner

• 5-blade stainless steel razor

• Supreme cream triple cushion

• Beard lube conditioning shave

• Bump fix razor and ingrown solution

#7: Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 Kit

This shaving kit is so called because it comprises the three most essential items for a perfect shaving outcome. The kit goes beyond merely getting rid of unwanted hair off your beard skin. It also exudes some luxury and comfort in so doing. This stems mainly from its healing and soothing powers.

Though great for almost all kinds of shaving outcomes, this kit is particularly suited for those close wet shaves. Its blades do not cut your skin.


• Hair shave brush

• Badger brush

• Aftershave Balm

• Shaving cream

• Sharp razor

#8: The Art of Shaving Full-Size Kit

As the name suggests, this kit is truly optimized for perfect shaves. That is because it contains all those items which may yield you the most desirable of outcomes. Further to merely getting rid of some unwanted hair off your beard, this kit also prepares your skin for the same.

For instance, it lathers, cleans, and moisturizes your skin as well. You are hence less likely to sustain those issues and problems which any other kinds of users do.


• After-shave balm

• 100% badger brush

• Shaving cream

• Pre-shave oil

• Moisturizing lotion

#9: Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Though pricey, this kit is perhaps the most comprehensive one on the market today. That is because it contains almost all items you would naturally want to find in a kit of this kind. You will find it suited for your use if you experience faster beard growth rates. The same applies to you if you shave frequently.

Other than merely trimming your hairs, this kit also slows down irritations and other undesirable issues which your beard may sustain. It also has some items which are lacking in most other kits of its kinds.


• Badger hair shave

• Safety razor

• Sandalwood shave soap

• Stainless steel shave bowl

• Alum block

#10: Bevel Shave System – Starter Kit

It is not uncommon for you to sustain some nasty razor bumps in the course of shaving your beards. Given the ghastly nature of these bumps, you want to avoid them completely. This Bevel shaving system is designed to help achieve that very role. It contains all the items and products that prevent this very eventuality.

Key among these are the priming oil, Aloe Vera and the triple action badger brush. These not only make for close shaves but also retain your moisture levels throughout the shaving session.


• Priming oil

• Safety razor

• Restoration balm

• Badger shave brush

• Shave cream

Learning about the shaving kits for men in and of itself is not enough. You have to surely make a purchase of at least one of them. It is in light of this that we now urge you to consider purchasing at least one we have identified and explained above.

To find the right one, consider your own expertise, expectations, and the unique circumstances which each kit is designed to tackle. In some instances, you might also have to bring in some technical expert to help you in going about the issue.

Do not wait till you need to shave your beard before purchasing one. That is because the kit may also apply and handle your pubic hair and other general grooming tasks? When do you plan to set out in purchasing your shaving kit? Let us know in the comment’s section hereunder!

Best Shaving Brushes

Shaving is typically an important part of every man’s skin-care routine. In the past shaving was more of a practice involving a complete set of tools required to get the job done correctly, and as modern conveniences came by shaving advanced as well, moving away from the old school barbering methods, and bringing forth a new era of disposable razors and aerosol shaving creams.

However, newer, easier, and faster does not always mean better, because some of the more traditional techniques might deliver better results, and be less harmful to people with sensitive facial skin. In general, shaving brushes are a good example of how lots of time tested methods are typically superior to most modern conveniences, and the goal is to make you have a great shaving experience.

best shave brush

In this post, we’ll assist you in finding the best shaving brushes for your needs and preferences, so read on to learn more about the benefits of including a shaving brush in your skin-care routine and factors to consider when shopping for one.

History of Shaving Brushes

Shave brushes have been in existence for a few hundred years, and its popularity has waned and soared over the years. However, in the recent past, we have seen an increase in the utilization of shaving brushes, with most men taking great interest in their appearances.

Generally, a shaving brush has either a plastic handle or a timber handle with some bristles which are knotted via the handle. These bristles are usually created from boar bristles or even the more expensive ones designed from badger hairs, which are usually softer and offers you a more luxurious shave.

Advantages of a Shaving Brush

Including a shaving brush in your care routine offers you various benefits, especially where your skin is concerned. Utilizing a suitable shaving brush leaves your skin well-conditioned and soft because it gently exfoliates your skin, in a non-abrasive and natural manner. Moreover, it opens your pores, and also results in less irritation on your face, minimizes razor burns, and reduces the probability of unappealing and painful ingrown hair.

best shaving brush

Things to Consider When You Are Purchasing a Shave Brush

Whether you are excited to jump into a wet-shaving using your first shaving brush, or you are considering upgrading from your previous one, it’s important to assess the factors involved in choosing the appropriate brush for your skin type and shaving needs, including:

• Type

The kind or type of hair the shaving brush features is usually the most important decision that you have to make when selecting the best shaving brush. There are four major types of bristles that you will most likely come across, which include synthetic hair, boar hair, horse hair, and badger hair.

Each of these types of bristles comes with their negatives and positives. But boar hair bristles are by far the most common and easy to get in supermarkets and drugstores. On the other hand, horsehair is gradually increasing its popularity on the market. As the name suggests, the brush has been made from the mane or the tail of a horse.

• Handle material and fitness

The handles of shaving brushes come in different sizes and weights as well. These variations are usually determined by the manufacturers. When selecting the handle size, you should consider the right size of your hand. You should be able to grip the handle of the brush comfortably. The handles are also made with different materials, including horn, metal, synthetic, and wood materials. Look for a handle with good attributes and longevity as well.

• Size

The size and shape of a shave brush is also another important aspect that you should consider. The dimensions of this product are calculated in millimeters, and they are normally divided into three parts; the height, loft, and knot.

In general, large shaving brushes are usually the best because they lather fast and also cover a big surface area. On the other hand, small ones tend to have more control when you are applying lather to your face.

• Shedding of Bristles

It is normal when your brush begins to shed some of the bristles in the first couple of days, but the shedding will soon stop. However, you might want to hasten this shedding process by cleaning your brush by combing it or using shampoo.

• Price

The important part about shaving brushes is the fact that you will always find one that will best suit your budget. However, even with the price variations, you should still prioritize the quality of the shaving brush.

Best Shaving Brushes

1. Parker Long Loft Pure Badger Bristle Shave Brush

This high-quality shave brush utilizes pure badger materials in a plush and relatively wide bristle head. This unique feature allows the brush to hold alot of water and generate an amazing lather buildup to provide you a relaxed shaving experience in a short time.

When you purchase this shave brush, you will get a free drip stand that enables your brush to dry fast and also preserve the bristles for a long time. With its modern horn handle, this shave brush stands out because of its classy look.

If you’re looking for a quality shave brush that’s below $50, you can’t go wrong with this one. Besides its high-quality safety razors, Parker brand also makes great shaving brushes, with the pure badger brush being the best proof of that. The brush comes with prime quality badger bristles with good lathering and good water retention capabilities. With an affordable price tag of $30 or even below, the Parker Pure Badger brush is a perfect budget option for all your shave brush needs.

2. FS Synthetic Hair Travel Shave Brush

This shaving brush is manufactured utilizing synthetic hair that’s as soft as animal’s hair and similar, but it’s relatively smaller, easy to use, maintain and travel with. That is made possible by its small loft, unlike the thicknesses of bigger and awkward shave brushes that are made with natural hairs.

The FS Travel Shaving Brush lathers pretty well and dries easily due to its synthetic fibers. The storage of this brush is also incredibly simple since it easy to position and also lock inside the strong metal case that comes with it.

Even though the brush has a smooth and comfortable-to-hold handle, it can slip quite easily when moist. Therefore, you can apply some alum on your hands to make the handle relatively sticky and also avoid any accidental slippages. The bristles of this shave might not be as good as the natural ones when it comes to holding moisture, but it usually dries out pretty quickly for storage when you are traveling.

The FS Travel shave brush is an excellent alternative for regular travelers because of its compact design and the synthetic fiber bristles which dry up fast to allow storage.

3. Edwin Jagger’s Large Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger is a renowned global pacesetter and leader in the distribution of high-quality wet-shaving products. Among the numerous badger hair shave products manufactured by Edwin, the Large Silvertip brush is the most esteemed when it comes to quality.

Its ebony handle and silvertip badger hair are made using cutting-edge technology utilizing polyester and crafted succinctly-picked materials. Its badger hair is also fine, natural, and high-quality yet flexible. Although the brush has a high absorption rate of hot water, it also evenly distributes it to your face to soften it and ensures your shaving and lathering is smooth and consistent.

If you want to have a gentle, soft, and luxurious shaving experience or an amazing lathering and pretty mild exfoliation or you have sensitive skin, then the Large Silvertip brush is your ideal option. This shave brush also features a plastic drip stand that’s beautifully-packaged in an Edwin Jagger case, with clear instructions on how to use and also care for it.

4. Frank Shaving Pur-Tech Synthetic Hair Shave Brush

Synthetic shave brushes have increased in popularity in the recent past. With synthetic shaving brushes, however, there are various factors that you should consider. One of the first things you will notice when you buy Frank shaving’s synthetic brush is its soft bristles. The bristles are just like animal hair brushes.

The brush is typically designed to be strong. It features a unique black handle that has a comfy fit regardless of your hand size. It works pretty well with shave soaps because it needs a lot of water. Apart from that, it also works well with shave creams as well.

Because synthetic brushes require relatively more water when compared to animal brushes, they require a short soaking time before whipping up a great lather. All you should do with a synthetic shave brush is wet them and then get on with your wet shaving.

In addition to offering rich lather, the Pur-Tech shave brush also spreads the lather evenly over your face. The bristles spread a reasonable amount of soap and shaving cream on your face providing a good amount of shaving foundation. In the end, your skin will feel pretty soft.

Frank Shaving is a brand that has built a reputable name for itself over the years. Although it is popularly known for producing this high-quality synthetic shaving brush, it also manufactures badger and boar hairs brushes. In short, this company is committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective products as well.

If you like synthetic products, then this brush is a perfect selection for you. It has a pretty solid construction and is also softer than many other synthetics. It provides you with an amazing lather which can easily rival the quality offered by animal hair shaving brushes.

5. Escali 100% Pure Badger Shave Brush

The Escali shaving brush is made from 100% pure badger hairs. There are no synthetic bristles in this brush. The badger hair does a wonderful job of preventing skin irritations and exfoliating the skin. If you have sensitive skin, then you will benefit a lot from this shave brush. However, you will have to couple it with high-quality razor and shaving cream or soap.

While not all synthetic bristles lead to skin irritations, they are normally weaker than the badger and boar bristles. As a result, they usually break easily. For badger hair, particularly the pure type, it’s pretty hard to beat when it comes to producing a creamy lather. The lather obtained from the Escali Pure Badger brush is incredibly rich and doesn’t take ages to generate.

It’s also worth mentioning that Escali shave brush features solid and well-designed construction. It comes with a 100% natural wood handle that fits comfortably and perfectly in your hand. Apart from this, and just like all other high-quality badger brushes, the bristles of the Escali shaving brush retain water perfectly. These bristles are not only incredibly absorbent but are also easy to clean after use.

How to Use a Shaving Brush

There are numerous reasons why one should use a shave brush. It raises your whiskers, softens your skin, provides an exceptionally lubricated area for your razor, and generates some amazing lather as well. Here’s a guide on how to utilize a shave brush properly.

• Wet your brush. Begin by running the shaving brush under warm water to easily saturate the bristles. That will prepare it to accept the soap or shaving cream. Shake off the excess water.

• Add soap or shaving cream. Place a small amount of shaving cream on the center of the bristles. If you are using a quality soap or cream, you don’t need to use a significant amount to produce an amazing lather when shaving.

• Work into lather. Utilizing circular motions ensure that you work the shaving brush around the area of your beard. Take your time and enjoy the scent of your shaving cream or soap because this is the most relaxing part of the shaving ritual.

• Shave

• Rinse your brush. Once you are done with shaving, you should run your brush under cold water. Utilize your fingers to separate all the bristles to remove soap out of the brush. Squeeze any excess water from your shave brush and place it back in its stand.

How to Care for a Shaving Brush

Once you have invested in a perfect shave brush, remember to maintain it properly. There is little use investing in a quality item if you damage the value through carelessness. The following are some useful tips to help you care for your shaving brush.

• Keep it dry – Always shake excess water and dry your shaving brush hanging upside down to avoid compromising the knot of the bristles.

• Be pretty gentle with it – Load your shaving brush properly and avoid mashing it into the soap.

• Don’t face lather – Face lathering wears the badger tips faster than lathering in a bowl or mug.

• Clean the brush regularly – Rinse all remaining cream or soap after every shave, and deep clean it every six to eight months using a mild detergent.

• Don’t get it too hot – Using water above 104 F/40 C can damage the ends of the brush and make them curl. Use the shaving brush in warm water at all times.

One of the most vital tools for all wet shavers is the shaving brush. A high-quality shaving brush can have a significant impact on how comfortable your face will feel every time you make some passes with a suitable razor. Whether you opt for a quality razor specifically designed for men or an electric shaver, a shave brush will considerably boost your shave and grooming routine.

Shaving brushes come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Regardless of the material or style you opt for in your shave brush, always try to select a trusted brand. That is because obscure imitation vendors might seem almost similar to more pricey counterparts, but the fakes will always degrade quicker and even cost you a lot more in the long run.

With proper maintenance and storage, shaving brushes can last for a pretty long time. Get one of the best shaving brushes discussed above the next time you are planning for a wet-shave, and you may discover one that suits your shaving needs and preferences.

Beard Growth Spray

Last Updated September 2019

Facial hair like a beard is, by all means, preferable for any man worth his salt. Unfortunately, not everyone has that natural inclination to grow full beard unaided. This is where the beard growth spray comes in. It basically accelerates the process of so doing.

The proceeding beard growth spray review and buying guide aim at shedding more light on this wonderful product. It endeavors to do that by exploring all the pertinent questions and issues surrounding the product.

beard growth spray

What is Beard Growth Spray?

For a start, a beard growth spray is an artificial product that is designed to stimulate the growth of facial hair. It comprises some unique formulation which enables it to do this. Apart from merely letting your beard grow rapidly, it may also thicken the hair.

In order for the spray to yield maximum impacts, you have to apply it regularly. This should happen each day. By so doing, you will be able to stimulate the growth of your hair while at the same time preventing any possible losses.

does beard growth spray work

Many sprays employ only natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils. These they mix in different ratios to enable the sprays to yield some varying outcomes. Even though the active ingredients may be employed on their own, they have to be mixed for best results.

Sadly, these beard growth sprays are not for everyone. You have to consult your doctor beforehand to ascertain whether they are for you. That is because they might inflict some adverse impacts when applied inappropriately.

Do Beard Growth Sprays Really Work?

Of course, they definitely work! However, their impacts vary greatly from person to person. That is due to the fact that our bodies possess unique chemistries and react to chemical differently as well. It is for this reason that you yet again have to consult your physician before employing one.

They are capable of stimulating the growth and thickness of hair mostly due to their ingredient formation. These sprays are packed with a combination of various minerals and vitamins which are noted to boost the growth of hair. Some of these nutrients confer health benefits to the whole body as well.

Other than hastening the growth of hair, these sprays also preserve the stature of the hair strands. They minimize the likelihoods of hair breakage primarily by strengthening these strands. This goes a long way in making your beard stronger and longer lasting. This is not to mention that they create an enabling environment for hair growth.

It is noteworthy that these sprays in and of themselves are not enough. For them to yield optimal outcomes, they have to be complemented by proper nutrition. You definitely have to eat well. You may also, at the advice and recommendation of your physician, take some supplements.

Lastly, some men will still not be able to grow their beards after using these sprays. The reason underlying this is pure genetics. Some men have been noted to contain lower testosterone levels which impede the growth of beards. Additionally, some men don’t just react to these sprays at all!

Beard Growth Spray Ingredients

The exact ingredients vary from one brand of beard growth spray to another. These variations notwithstanding, all sprays comprise some universal basic active ingredients. They are highlighted and explained below:

• Calcium – Calcium mainly slows down or prevents hair loss completely.

• Magnesium – Regulates the testosterone hormones and Dihydrotestosterone, both of which are essential for the growth of beards.

• Potassium – Produces Dihydrotestosterone which in turn stimulates facial hair growths.

• Sulfur – Promotes the growth of facial hair

• Vitamin A – Also promotes the hormones which are responsible for the growth of beards.

• Vitamin B – Stimulates the production of keratin which is responsible for the secretion of sebum that further enhances the growth of beards.

• Vitamin C – Protects the hair follicles, Dihydrotestosterone, and testosterone from being adversely affected by cortisol.

• Zinc – Boosts the speed of the development of hair by upping the production of thyroid hormones. It is these hormones that stimulate the subsequent growth of beards.

The Best Beard Growth Sprays

Needless to say, there are many beard growth sprays on the market today. Some two sprays, however, stand out as the most reliable. We have devoted this segment of our review to discussing them.

#1. Rain Lillie’s Organic Castor Growth Oil

Rain Lillie brand prides itself in making products that are effective at slowing hair loss. It derives most of its ingredients from the castor oil. Also, the brand uses a blend of many multivitamins and minerals. These work jointly to deliver more nutrition to your hair.

This particular spray works by increasing the flow of blood to your hair. In so doing, it gives your hair room to soak up as many nutrients as possible. Your use of the spray hence makes you look fuller and healthier on the whole.

Apart from being comprehensive, this spray is packed with tons of other benefits. The oil it uses as the primary ingredient is made with delicate care. It is on the whole undiluted, organic, and cold-pressed. Given that it is cold-pressed, it hardly comes into contact with the external environment during processing.

For this reason, it retains its nutritional values intact. Many past users have subsequently delivered favorable ratings and reviews for the product. They have particularly stated that the oil is not too greasy and is hence a reliable companion. Their hair has become thicker and shinier as a result of the use of this spray. You too are assured the same benefits.

#2. Maxx Beard Growth Spray

According to the accounts of many past users, Maxx Beard is mainly good at filling vacant patches and elongating the hair. The only catch here is that you have to give the spray some generous amount of time. That is because its effects are slower than those of many similar sprays out there.

Some users, however, decried that the spray irritates their skin. You should hence exercise some caution before setting out to use the spray. Just let your beard grow naturally for some time before launching out to use it.

Quite a number have also decried the harsh smell of this spray. Many claim it smells like gasoline yet is on the whole quite tolerable. If you do suffer from any allergies, you should be cautious with the manner in which you use this spray.

Just like every other spray, there is no guarantee that this one will work on your hair. You have to figure out your genetics and other natural dispositions. These will give you some pointers as to whether it is likely to work for you or not.

These shortcomings notwithstanding, the spray is still a good one to use. That is because it does have a higher success rate. Moreover, it is accompanied by a generous 100% customer satisfaction. Simply put, if you are dissatisfied with the outcomes, you return it for a full refund! Is that not a fair deal?

How Soon Will I See Results?

How soon you are more likely to see any significant results depends on a number of factors. These are the amount of the constituent element employed, the exact spray, and the ingredients utilized in constituting the spray. In most cases, you should expect to see meaningful outcomes in under two weeks.

For permanent and long-lasting outcomes though, you need to wait for 4-6 weeks. Also, some lifestyle issues have been noted to accelerate the pace of outcomes. Exercises, dieting, and adequate rest are the chief examples of these. You should hence also purpose to incorporate them in your beard growth regime.

Does Beard Growth Spray Irritate the Skin?

This again varies from individual to individual and the exact spray in question. Some sprays do irritate the skin yet others do not. The main reason to explain this is the fact that some sprays contain harsh chemicals. These sprays mostly comprise artificial ingredients which have higher levels of toxins.

Some men have also been noted to be more predisposed to the issue of an irritation than others. This predisposition is mainly due to allergic reactions due mostly to genetic courses. Further, some people are simply averse to the ingredients that make up the chemicals, no matter what.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beard Growth Spray


• Accelerates the pace of beard growth and development. You obtain desired ends faster than usual.

• Usable across many kinds of hairs. The pleasure of utmost convenience is hence yours to leverage.

• Requires almost no technical expertise to master and engage. These products come straightforward and ready to use.

• Tackles the root-causes of poor beard growth. In light of this, the spray delivers long-lasting outcomes.

• Approved by many relevant regulatory agencies for your overall safety.


• Imposes some irritations every now and then. This is certainly not good for you.

• May trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

• Mostly requires some aftershave which might be expensive

 FAQs about Beard Growth Sprays

Q1. Does the beard growth spray really work?

A. YES, it works! Many people have indeed witnessed positive outcomes from the beards. This does not, however, hold true for everyone. Quite a number have recorded almost no significant outcomes even after using them diligently.

Q2. Does testosterone really increase the rate of beard growth?

A. Not necessarily. All men have more or less similar levels of testosterone. It is how each individual reacts to this testosterone that makes all the difference. Those who grow beards faster are more responsive to these hormones on the whole.

Q3. How long does the beard enhancement truly last?

A. Mostly, it lasts only two to three weeks. You hence have to apply and re-apply it every now and then for the finest outcomes.

Q4. What is it in the beard sprays that actually stimulate the growth of beards?

A. The main component of a beard spray that makes it capable of stimulating the growth of beards is the folic acid and biotin supplements.

Q5. Do beards grow indefinitely?

A. NO! All strands of hair, the beard included, have some ‘terminal length.’ This is the maximum length they might possibly reach in your entire lifespan. After hitting this length, it basically stops growing.

Do Men Really Need Beard Growth Sprays

Speeds the Growth of Beards

By far the most significant benefit of these sprays is the fact that they speed up the pace of beard growth. This is to mean that they make the beard grow faster than they naturally would. You hence need not necessarily wait for too long to be able to enjoy the associated benefits.

Combats certain Skin Problems

Most sprays also have some curative benefits and values. In particular, the sprays can tackle acne and dandruff pretty well. You do not have to purchase too many hair care products with these sprays in your hands. This definitely brings down the costs of keeping your hair in the best shape and form.

Conditions the Beards

Some sprays even have that ability to condition the beards. They basically treat it in such a manner as to be able to stay fresh, strong, and alert for longer. This benefit yet again goes a long way in making you derive the most value for your money.

Contains some Fragrance

Lastly, some sprays contain fragrances. With regards to this, they enrich the smell of your beards in such a manner as to let them be fair to behold. This way, your beard will also be rich in the aroma for the others around you to relate to.

We now leave it to you to take the necessary course of action. We urge you to now go ahead and find the best beard spray for your use. Doing this is pretty simple. Just skim the many beard products we have on offer and acquire the best one.

Remember to consult your physician while at this. As we have stated severally in the article, people react differently to these sprays. You do not want to be on the receiving end, do you? All the best as you take the necessary first step to stimulate the growth of your hair.